: balanced? hmm if this was patch 4.17 i would say my baby {{champion:76}} and although she is in a good state, i dont think she is the "most balanced" although she certaly is the most balnced "assassin" but for the whole game... hmm {{champion:161}} ?? maybe idk i havewnt played in almost 3 weeks and riot can mess stuff up so fast im not sure but it is certainly one of the mid lane mages. ( a role i used to love and mained back in season 3 and 4) as for the most forgotten? {{champion:421}} she was the champ who made me LOVE jungle, she was AMAZING on release albeit a bit OP but after the 2nd patch she was fine. it was the "pro play" that made riot gut more more than the ruination did to the shadow isles
Grab (NA)
: Kassadin would need a buff since walking through minion is half of his passive.
It really wouldn't have any negative affect on him.
: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't mages get MS boosts when they did stat rebalancing?
: Because a bunch of Mages always took Movement Speed runes, so that they could be faster. I sure as heck did with TF. They're also there for people who like to Sub-Rune into Sorcery. It's like how Precision, has a Tenacity rune. Or Domination, a CDR rune.
Pretty sure old MS Quints gave a lot more MS than current Celerity. Phase Rush is conditional and so is Nimbus Cloak (requires level 6 and is unavailable for certain champions)
: All the two of them have in common is mixed damage and being a hypercarry. Aside from that, really aren't similar at all. Stop with the conspiracy plots. It makes you look foolish.
Kai'sa has had high presence since release and her mini nerfs have proved to be ineffective in terms of reducing her professional play. They stated that they don't want champions that completely dominate professional play but if that were the case they would want to "see" other ADCs like Kog'Maw or Sivir. There has been minimal effort to push those (and other) into the professional seen. So I assume that it is to sell the champion. I am very tired of seeing Kai'sa in my games and in professional play.
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macspam (NA)
: these two champs may have high skill caps, but they also have some of the most free long range poke in the game
Free long range poke? Ryze is a short ranged battle mage.
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Eggbread (NA)
: What is the issue here? Is Kayn overpowered right now?
You didn't read the post. The issue is knock ups with slows.
: He's kinda right tbh. MOST of the time, you can't remove something from a champ, without giving them something in return. Obviously 2.5s knockup is an exaggeration.. but it probably would be a knockup around 2s you'd have to give him to make up for the 1.5s slow. or a 2s stun. don't forget theres 2 kinds of cc. hard and soft. hard is the knockup part, where you lost control of character completely. soft is the slow part, where you have control of your character with movement impaired.
You mean like nerfing Ryze W from 2s to 1.5s and not giving something in return? You don't always need to compensate, Riot has done this in the past and it has led to a multitude of problems. You must understand that a knock up is not only physically knocking up the champion but also a stun. During the stun, if the champion doesn't have cleanse or QSS, they are unable to flash out. Knockups are vastly superior in comparison to other CC's. That being said, the slow associated with it is unnecessary. Maybe you just don't know how to play the champion.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Well what do you want? 2.5s knockup, or 1s knockup + 1.5s slow? Pick one.
Pika Fox (NA)
: So a 2.5s knockup then.
You're absolutely insane to actually think that a 2.5s knock up is reasonable especially if knock ups don't have a way to be countered
Pika Fox (NA)
: Why do you think it follows into a slow?
He doesn't need it? He has a fucking dash. Both of those abilities are on low CD
Pika Fox (NA)
: Sure. Remove the slow, and add the duration to the knockup. 2.5s knockup for kayn
Why would you even consider a 2.5s knock up??
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Danjeng (NA)
: It's a pretty significant nerf tbh, but I agree that he'll still be picked anyway.
Saezio (EUNE)
: {{champion:113}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:13}} we know how you feel bro
Rock MD (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DiamondSeed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O2U1nKe2,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-12T19:38:53.490+0000) > > I would argue that roots are probably the worst source of CC in the game. Or one of the best if you're against a melee champion. It's still also much stronger than any slow besides maybe Thresh wall. And remember, if you outduel most champions anyway it doesn't really matter if they can still react and trade back into you, they're still gonna lose that fight. Post 2-3 items Ryze can duel most champions so that tends to happen. And outside of dueling situations, having that high CC duration just means he can stall you out even longer for his team to collapse and kill you. Ryze's root has always been problematic in almost every one of his iterations. I'm more apt to believe you're downplaying the skill rather than I'm exaggerating it.
>Or one of the best if you're against a melee champion. It's still also much stronger than any slow besides maybe Thresh wall. How is a root better than a stun, knock up/down/back, suppression versus melee? Maybe I should have clarified when I said CC because I meant hard CC. When I'm dueling a champion I hardly use EWQ since I favor DPS over locking them down for 2 seconds and waiting for my EQ to come up. QEQWQEQ is substantially more effective than QEWQEQ. EW is used to lock someone down or run away and if it doesn't work out it really doesn't matter. Ryze's root was problematic when he could cast it every 2-3s in his last iteration. All I am saying is that for me, 1.5 seconds won't do anything and for any competent professional player 1.5s is a negligible setback.
: Finally reached lvl 15! Time to get full use out my runes :D
wildfox99 (EUW)
: i just want to remind that 0.4 sec on {{champion:103}} E (an easily dodgable skillshot) made her win rate raise by about 5%,0.5 sec on a point click CC are actually huge for high elo this won't affect much his soloQ because in this time he can do his combo anyway,but in premade teams or pro play it's a really huge nerf since he have less catch potential,less peel and less escape from ganks
Ahri charm is VERY different than Ryze root. Ryze W doesn't invalidate enemy attacks, summoner spells, or item actives. Might I also add, that though E is an "easily dodgable skillshot" the projectile speed is decent that if you aren't actively reading their movements that it's very easy to land. Also, the buff to Ahri was an unnecessary buff to a decent champion but Ahri mains constantly beg for buffs. I have seen the Ahri subreddit and it is pathetic.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DiamondSeed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O2U1nKe2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-12T19:26:28.677+0000) > > > Also, from Scarra's match history he doesn't play Ryze so what does he know about .5s shaved off of W. you're totally right thanks for your insight, it's a bit unfortunate that Ryze will still struggle to find balance I think E+W snare duration was the right target of nerf but as you said 1.5 might be still too much maybe nerf the range from 700 to 600 instead of the duration again
No, I don't think it was the right nerf. I know what would be a more impactful nerf but I don't think that would be that great either.
Rock MD (NA)
: I think we all know what happens when you add/remove half a second to a CC. It's a lot more impactful than you'd think.
Seeing as you're an Ahri main, I understand what you're trying to say but Ahri charm is incredibly different than Ryze root. Ryze W doesn't invalidate enemy attacks, summoner spells, or item actives. I would argue that roots are probably the worst source of CC in the game. So no, half a second off Ryze W really doesn't do anything. Maybe you won't be able to escape as often but don't exaggerate.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 60% win rate over 100 ryze games very respectable win rate tho scarra said the nerf was huge guess we will have to see what happens to him in pro
Honestly, the only possible way for it to affect Ryze is the following; Laning phase: Maybe EWQ won't be enough time for Ryze to escape a gank/execute a gank but I don't think it will make a difference since .5s is hardly noticeable. Late game: only time I use EW is to peel for backline or dissuade someone from engage, so 1.5s may not be enough to peel or prevent engage. Otherwise the combo is ALWAYS QEQWQEQ. Also, from Scarra's match history he doesn't play Ryze so what does he know about .5s shaved off of W.
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: It would be...Assuming you had actually done it, and you actually had someone there to kill him as well. What you said was: >Jhin can auto someone that is in melee range of him and sprint away. There was no mention of actually locking him down anywhere in that. There was being in melee range, and there was Jhin running away. Nothing about sticking to him, nor about CCing him, or about *anything*.
I was playing Ryze with Seraphs, Sorc shoes, and Morello completed. I shouldn't have to have anyone help me.
: Remember when people knew that "locking down" doesn't mean simply being on top of them, and actually means that you have to have them *stunned, rooted, or knocked up* for a significant amount of time? Now people use "locking down" as simply being next to them as a melee, not actually having them CC'd at all.
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: For the love of low ranks: Find a Way to Nerf Zed
Easiest way to shut down Zed is to oppress him in the early game. Once he uses his W to harass, the jungler or someone needs to gank him. Since junglers in lower elo don't understand this he can freely spam W in lane.
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9Betrayer6 (EUNE)
: Is ryze so weak or I can't just play him well
I have a 60% win rate on Ryze. I'm Gold 4
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:26}}
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meowwow7 (NA)
: her q is her only skill shot, but if you are having a problem dealing with her due to her camo invest in some {{item:2055}} since it does reveal camo.
I am talking about the second part of her Q which resembles her old Q
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: it would be lovely if his sidelane power could get reduced. Im annoyed when i see Ryze defeating 90% of toplane duelists
I have lost to every Irelia and Renekton player any time I play top Ryze so I really don't know what you're talking about.
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MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Both Syn and Viktor needed buffs.
What about Galio? What about Azir? There is clearly bias. They want certain champions in pro-play.
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Solicitude (EUNE)
: >Perhaps you're not wave clearing properly, not managing your mana, and probably not even auto attacking. For the first few waves you really don't need to try to shove the wave. Match your laners push and harass them. I think this is a little poor, since im plat4, not bronze 5. I know quite well how to manipulate waves and how to farm. But, seriously, Ryze cant match waveclear with most midlaners unless he drains his mana early on. You know, there are champions that are weak early game and Ryze is one of them. When i started playing ranked this year and was in silver 3 it was very easy to "bypass" Ryze's early game and win the lane. Once you move up its way difficult to do it. Its because your enemy laner also knows how to push and harass you. Things most silvers dont know how to do properly. Maybe thats why you are winning. And, really, i got mastery 7 on Ryze, i know how to play him, his weaknesses and strengths very well. I dont need to be taught how to play Ryze or how to improve by a silver player.
Ah, the old "you're silver so you suck and I am plat so I know better." I offered advice and what you could have said was, "hey, I'm plat so I have a good grasp on these aspects of gaming so I think the issue stems from beyond that". I have played versus some really good silver/gold players, I have played during disadvantages, I have been incessantly camped and berated but I will continue to say it again and again, Ryze is too strong.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: >Ryze is arguably the strongest midlaner in terms of waveclear & roam potential (only outclassed by champions like ASol) Really? In what season? Because Ryze waveclear is so poor till you get close to {{item:3003}} and even then there are quite a few mid laners that can outpush you. Ryze can be a mid-late game team-fighting monster but he is really weak in early. In higher elos, until you get Tear + Lost chapter the enemy midlaner has managed to harass you or, even worse, get advantages elsewhere, while you try to clear the waves while preserving mana, which leave you behind. Unless you get jungle help early you are going to lose most of the times. I very much like Ryze. I used to play him until i got to around gold 1-2, where i started getting punished for it. Ryze is just even weaker now as the games are mostly won until 20mins and after that its only "closing". And you can see at what poor state Ryze is since his win rate is below 45% overall, one of the lowest, with his win rate only being higher above diamond 3, since players up there play more for objectives and the whole team knows how to play around Ryze. A couple of nerfs more than that and Ryze will become one of the weakest champions of all times if you account overall stats.
Honestly, I think your mentality is extremely poor. Perhaps you're not wave clearing properly, not managing your mana, and probably not even auto attacking. For the first few waves you really don't need to try to shove the wave. Match your laners push and harass them. It isn't the champion's fault that you're not strong at "20 minutes", it is your fault. Maybe you're not csing or roaming? Stop blaming everything on the champion because the more you do it the less likely you'll improve. I used to get mad that Ryze was "weak" but it is because I wasn't playing him properly.
: > This comment would make more sense if you weren't actually silver. i was plat last season and plat this season aswell till i didn't play and went back to gold 1. AWKWARD. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=just+a+whisper
AWKWARD, look at your main champions. Absolutely pathetic. You're probably the type of person to say that Master Yi and Tryndamere are weak too huh?
: Ryze is actually one of the worst mid laners right now LOL. And if you're thinking you can have your jglers first/second blue, well yah no shit you can't... unless they're energy based and even than they need it for level 6 if they haven't stole a enemy jungler camp. Also according to your op.gg you have only "carried" one game and lost the rest. Outside of normal's you're hot trash and Ryze is part of that reason 100%. Do you even watch anything on Ryze or any champion for that matter? Good luck in silver.
I haven't played ranked in a while because classes started again and I'm in my final year so I am pushing through. Ryze is arguably the strongest midlaner in terms of waveclear & roam potential (only outclassed by champions like ASol) It's insane how ignorant you are while being Silver 2. Maybe if you actually played Ryze and mastered his mechanics instead of playing AA based champions (Azir, Teemo, Draven) and burst champions (LB) then you'd understand how strong Ryze is but instead you're talking shit. Honestly, I could sweep the floor with you. You aren't shit.
: oh so you mean litterally just swap his abiltlys around Q W E? Silver logic.
This comment would make more sense if you weren't actually silver.
: Nerfing his Q and E might fix a few problems, but the core problem Ryze has is that his W is a point and click root with no situations where it's not available, excluding cooldown. Make his W a skillshot, and it'll drop his winrate a lot, but it'll fix the core underlying problem of him being a colossal pain in the ass to fight because of his W. Once that core underlying problem is fixed, he can be buffed and nerfed accordingly. I do want to congratulate you, though. It's not easy to actually *say* that you were wrong, especially about your main. So good job there, honestly. :3
I suggested in the past to make unempowered W a decent slow and empowered (E flux) W a root. W needs to be a decent slow to land EQ combo but also allow for the affected individual to respond to the debuff. I don't think W can ever be a skillshot so long as champions like Irelia and Yi (and other champions) exist. W needs to remain a lock down but it shouldn't be an ability to engage. W needs to be a powerful single unit lock down but it shouldn't eliminate the other champions ability to respond. If W is made to a point and click slow then we get rid of the problem of "instant rooting" someone which some may argue unfair. Applying E then W to extend the root projects to the enemy that he is being engaged on and will have time to react. What my solution is that there needs to be a delay on W or Q reset. Ryze needs to smoothly chain his abilities, not smash and expect results. This smooth execution o f abilities obviously needs to be rewarded so what I thought was that if you space out abilities with 1 or 1.5 second intervals [ON CHAMPIONS] then he could possibly get mana returned. Maybe this could be attached to his current passive. Thus Ryze would have to decide whether to quickly execute abilities to escape (and not get mana) or duel (while spacing out abilities) and get mana returned. I have plenty more ideas, maybe this isn't a good one.
: Does Zed needs a buff?
He needed to W as Zed second R went off. Just for the record, any healing/shielding/stasis needs to be used on second part of R since it can be mitigated.
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: You need to repeat algebra
Algebra? I'm in college and I've already taken both Calc courses + Statistics courses that I've needed to take. I really don't know what you're trying to say.
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