: 10 thoughts going into Week 5 - "CLG matches aren't the kind of thing you can learn on 10 ping or in-houses."
I know my name is troll but hear me out... Has Echo Fox considered trying to funnel Dardoch ? When he is able to play a carry other teams often must take the game from them or another lane fails their amazing duo (Huni and Dardoch). FeniX, is the epitome of a team player and as we've seen will do whatever it takes for the EF win. Pushing the mid tower and roaming bot to clean up/finish a masterful play brought NA their only win at Rift Rivals in the finals. With play makers to support, FeniX steps up and puts himself on the line to bait or finish the play. Brainstorming... Huni has the champion pool and skill level to be slotted virtually anywhere, EF can continue to use that in the draft phase and flex him top or bot. I think he needs to remain playing champs that allow him to carry to the win. We have seen other teams implore the funnel while still having at least one contingency, Huni can play plan A, B, C, you name it. "Slump" or not, Huni should never be underestimated. Dardoch on a carry. This player has grown so much and has said he will play whatever is in the meta and/or what's best for the team. Dardoch on Braum? *insert Michael Scott "No!" meme*. I repeat, Dardoch on a carry is what's best for the team. All this has been a no-brainer, here is the "storming" portion. Adrian, FeniX, and Feng. Get FeniX on Lulu and put him anywhere. He also has a solid mage champion pool and could work in a duo bot situation. Take your pick with Adrian or Feng in the mid funnel buddy role. Both of these players could also work well in tandem with whomever is put in bot with them. Every storm casts a little shade. Is Damonte a lessor version of Huni / Dardoch? His aggression is certainly an asset but can it be levied into a boon or will it remain a bane? (Personal opinion best for EF, FeniX > Damonte) I realize this is a roster comprised of two support mains. FeniX and Damonte on stage is ultimately better than that but maybe it could work for a new look at the funnel strat. With the flexibility of the current meta and the vast champion pool available to Echo Fox, I hope something like this is on their radar. I also have faith the organization does consider every player and strategy in their toolbox and accept my rightful place as just a big fan. Love and Respect.
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