: Make Yasuo even harder to play with this rework?
Or why not make him a bit less fucking terrible and fun sucking to play against. Take the 1v5 mentality his kit promotes away and force him to work with his team and suddenly people stop hating facing it as well as hating having it oh their team
: Would this be an okay Yasuo rework?
I prefer the remove it from the game and pretend like it didn't happen option
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Death's dance shouldn't have the highest ad possible on an item.
It actually shouldn't exist. It completely destroys any chance at balance for more than a few already devatably overturned champions
radetari (EUNE)
: Sivir rework
I bet you have played so many games a sivir, seeing as you are such the expert on her flaws and how to "fix" them. Revolutionary ideas being thrown around here folks
: Getting Dodge Timer From Not Banning in Normal Draft
Pay some fucking attention to the game you accepted and quit wasting other peoples' time with long ques and dodges.
Herim (NA)
: Yasuo mains are cancerous.
If you play yasuo, you deserve to be flamed. At no point will anyone respect any "play" you make, and no one cares about whether you think it is fun. Yasuo is in a near perfect state of permaban at the moment, and every game without him slowly heals the cancer growing in the league community from his existence. The fact that whenever one champion gets through ban phase the game instantly becomes no fun for anyone should be a clear indicator that it needs some serious work.
: When you accidentally say pink ward instead of control ward
ˆˇˇ (NA)
: flame
nothing stops you from muting pings. Nothing. At all. Mute them, and their pings, and get over yourself. No one is going to get banned because you refuse to use a built in feature of the game
: permabanned account
When you are toxic to such an extent that it completely ruins the experience for other players, it is in Riots best interest to try to remove you from the playerbase. The loss of you, one player, is worth it to them to try to stop you from ruining the game for any multitude of other players who most likely also spend money on the game. Keep being toxic and being an ass, expect to continue getting banned. ciao
: looking for a good adc that actually knows what there doing
iiPlayii (NA)
: twitch...
Props to another "this thing won a game against me, nerf it please" thread. 10/10
: If its obvious your WAY better than your enemy
Tobyjgv (NA)
: Bots on twisted treeline :/
: What are your internet speeds
http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6359287627 Ping sits at 40 or 39 but the download speeds are fantastic
: Someone take 10 sec to cheer me up :(
: Responsibility
When toxic dickheads complain about getting banned <3
: Intentionally feeding
Yeah, it seems like the real problem people never actually get banned and are just free to do what they want. When someone intentionally feeds and I see no punish verification on my report ever, there is a problem.
khorney (NA)
: permabanned for playing J4 supp
there is no report option for "trolling" and if you were permabanned you would have been given documentation on the reasoning behind it, which you are reluctant to share. My guess is because you know it is YOUR fault for being toxic in chat and want to be able to whine on boards.
: I'm beginning to think that OTP'ing Karthus wasn't such a good idea...
dude I haven't played karthus since zhonyas ring
: Leona’s AD Beatdown
The number of people that will take this as "now it's ok to play AD Leona, lol so funny" is unfortunate.
: Regarding To Season End Rewards
rickyliu (NA)
Cya, enjoy your ban. You earned it, after all
MK7 R (NA)
: Season rewards
The fact that you got suspended tells me that you are exactly the kind of person who doesn't deserve rewards. I am tired of having to deal with people who are toxic as hell and/or trolls all the time. Enjoy your punishment
: Are there any non-adc champs getting a tweak or update in the preseason?
Most likely mordekaiser and tahm kench for sure, riot has already said they need some work
: Ranked Rewards?
You probably shouldn't have done whatever you did to get banned. Sorry, but not sorry, if you deserved a ban, you deserve all the negatives that come with it
Rioter Comments
: How do I win?
You just play. If I were you I would play a bit more ranked so you didn't bank all of your season on what you do at the very end
Atuko (NA)
: We should address the problems in bot games
The goal of the game is to play with other people, and the best practice is to actually play against other people. Once you have a basic understanding of the game, you won't learn too much more from bots anyways. Go play a normal and practice there.
: Need Members
I added you, waiting
quintinw (NA)
: Mordekaiser
For starters, I really don't think that he should go back to the way he was before, and I think that the latest rework on him really gave him a niche. Mordekaiser is, in his current state, an answer to the stale bot lane ADC/Support meta, which, in and of itself, is fine. However, I feel that they overtuned his abilities a tad, specifically his ability to duo lane without the same experience penalty as his lane opponents. There is something extremely obnoxious with the fact that I can be farming well and ahead, but still get outleveled by Morde and still lose lane. I also feel that the dragon ghost is a good idea, and it is very interesting, but need some work to balance the fact that a level 6 dragon can shred the low level enemy team and almost guarantee a tower early on. I don't think he needs to be reverted, but I think that his current state is definitely bade enough to warrant some sort of balbance tuning for sure.
: Phage/Black Cleaver problematic?
Yeah, this is actually something I have been thinking about recently too. It seems like Black Cleaver is in a place where it is so strong that there really is no other build choice for most of the bruiser champs. Since they replaced Brutalizer with Phage in the build path, the item has gotten significantly stronger and more popular, and I also think that this item itself is the cause of many calls of certain champions being "OP" when they are actually somewhat balanced.
: This is a new Low for solo queue.
Yeah, I agree, that's ridiculous, support ticket for sure
: Buh Bye everyone
I have been here since before Season 1, and I promise you, I have seen plenty of people just like OP who are the exact same as the people they complain about, but once what they do to others happens to them, they suddenly feel victimized and go complain on the forums. The fact that he would post screenshots of his games shows that he believes he had no part in the losses, and that score is all that matters in determining if you are doing the right thing to win the game. Toxicity only breeds toxicity in inherently toxic players, period.
Rioter Comments
: Sivir's Spell Shield
As a Sivir main, I happen to agree that this is a bit messed up. For things like morgana's pool it makes sense that it doesn't pop it, but for Nasus's new E chunk at the start it definitely should.
: Buh Bye everyone
Sounds like you didn't discover the amazing elusive mute button, which, when activated, suddenly stops people from being toxic to you. This just in, you got chat restricted because you flamed back, probably harder, or even overreacted because you were on tilt from playing poorly. But hey man, if you wanna go, go, ciao.
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Zhandx (NA)
: -10 points, even when I haven't played/left a ranked game in months
Do you people even try to figure things out before posting this stuff? Moreover why are you allowed to play ranked if you don't understand how it works
Zhandx (NA)
: -10 points, even when I haven't played/left a ranked game in months
Its crazy, almost like Riot implimented some crazy thing forever ago called decay, where when you dont play it makes you lose points over time
: Azir is the most unfun champion to play against.
{{champion:266}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:8}}
Rioter Comments
: How do I climb in today's meta??
This just in, the Meta is exactly the same today as it has been since season 1. The way people play IN the meta has changed.
Shiyos (NA)
: Need ADC Sub for Ranked 5's Silver - Gold team, add ig if interested.
: Does EVERYONE need to know what Kindred marks???
Also, the point is not to make a passive for % hp damage easy to obtain. There should always be counterplay
Cabigon (NA)
: I've been a Kindred Main since her release
You and every single other player that has played since she came out.
B0ssB0ss (NA)
: Riot is supporting the pussification of the world.
If you don't like it, quit. The league community will be the better for your ban anyways.
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