: Note: While having something like Razor Synapse installed is not illegal, using the macro functions to bind multiple commands to one button or key _is_. The famous example being Lee Sin: Using one key to drop a ward then immediately jump to it. That's not allowed, and if Riot discovers you doing it, they'll ban you. If you already know this, just ignore my post.
I already am aware of this, but thank you though.
: Just a hint.. never trust strangers on the internet who want you to download a third party application for a game. They wwant you to download it - they dont care about you or your account. They will tell you scripts are allowed if they think you naive enough.
I completely understand!
Chermorg (NA)
: First of all, let me address your logic which is very faulty: "I got banned for using a third party program that's not allowed, I'm pretty sure what it is, but let me just keep logging in with that program installed on my other accounts". Don't be surprised when every single account you played any games with gets banned if you don't rectify the problem. Secondly, I could see them issuing a ban for the LoLSkinsViewer. The person on Reddit is incorrect - Riot doesn't make a determination on every single application they see as to "good/no good". They look for key elements that signify an application is in violation of the Terms of Use, and an automated system flags most of the cases. Very rarely (such as high profile cases of Curse, Discord, etc) they will issue an official determination, but all other programs are "use at your own risk". Considering this program looks a lot like the client, it's possible that the developers used some of the client's files and/or access client files while the program is running. I don't have the time right now to look into the code to see if that's the case, but if it is, it's likely to be the culprit as Riot commonly flags any program which accesses "critical game/client files", i.e. anything necessary for the game/client to run properly.
I understand my logic is faulty to the core, but at the same time I do not wish to withhold or change any information to Riot themselves. Thank you for your time to respond as well as pointing out key information. Upvoting.
Rioter Comments
: Are you sure no one put any king of cc on him? You had plenty on your team to deal with him.
It happened even when I (the Zilean) was the only one near the teammate being ulted. So I'm sure.
Rioter Comments
: "Damage shielded"
I tried to suggest a damage mitigation but Riot didn't even bother to look. :C Both would be very useful imho.
: Silver 4, looking a support. Duo Grind.
Silver 5- Support main. Able to use Skype and or Curse. Available hours: Monday-Friday: 6:30am-2:00pm PST. Saturday-Sunday: OPEN to all. Preferred to be contacted via KiK or Text at least 30 minutes before playtime, rather than setting up a day in advance.
Dengeden (EUW)
: Vs champions, maybe.
Yes, but I like what Derpyon suggested: 50% effective vs monsters. And to counter it being taken advantage of if played in lane: Does not work vs minions.
: > [{quoted}](name=MuayThai Apachai,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PZAqUn3X,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-11T08:11:25.200+0000) > > I agree, I feel it's what added the cherry to their design. Or make it so it has 50% effect on monsters but has full effect on champs so his early game isnt so dominant
Seems like it would be acceptable.
: would love my heal back it doesn't need to be that strong but just should be back.
I agree, I feel it's what added the cherry to their design.
Rioter Comments
: Send your ticket as a question, like you did here....
Rioter Comments
: /Remake - Suggestion
Up voted. Going to post this in the alpha client thread when I get off work with linking the original post and giving full credits Great suggestion!
Mhihnj (EUW)
: {{champion:432}} _Uses ult to leave base_
{{champion:432}} _Uses E to freeze lane for 10 waves_
: He {{champion:432}} ulted through
Suuure, if Bard's E and R were swapped.. Oh god Bard would be an instant ban due to low CD on Stasus
: That's what I figured. Thanks! I think this post should be listened to, so I reposted a link to it. Have a good day!
Good looking, thank you for your help and support.
: Do you mean "damage mitigation"? Migration means the mass relocation of a group of living entities. I've wanted this for a while as well, and I'd also like a CC tally. (Number of times you've CC'd an enemy champion), and split self-healing and ally-healing.
I also added your suggestion to the OP.
: Do you mean "damage mitigation"? Migration means the mass relocation of a group of living entities. I've wanted this for a while as well, and I'd also like a CC tally. (Number of times you've CC'd an enemy champion), and split self-healing and ally-healing.
Have to love Auto-correct on a phone, yes that's what I meant. Also that's also a great idea!
Rioter Comments
: >If you consider playing a game and losing a "waste of time" No, that's not it. Losing is fine, but there has to be a legitimate competition. I don't want to play a 4v5 on either side. I don't want to be the one who has lost a teammate, and I don't want to play against a team who is down a teammate. Both are unenjoyable. >a game is comprised of entertainment. The entertainment of this game is not inherent. The entertainment in this game is completely tied into competing against other players, and I can't do that if one side is just getting stomped by default. I can maybe enjoy the first 3-5 minutes of laning, but after that, the game is altered due to their lack of a player, they are at a disadvantage, and it stops being fun. It's similar to how I don't want to get matched against bronze players in my games, because those games are so uncompetitive that they aren't enjoyable. Even that's preferable to a 4v5 though. At least they had a chance. You're making a lot of assumptions about me off of almost nothing. That's just insulting. If you have a question about what I think, ask it, but don't just assert shit. And don't go spouting off shit about "being mature" to other people if you're going to write passive-aggreessive crap like "If it is, might I suggest playing a game of "Tik-Tak-Toe"? As most of the time the game will end in a draw, thus you did not lose." You can't tell me with a straight face that that was supposed to be anything other than insult.
There seems to be a misunderstanding here. What I wrote were my thoughts when people say things along the lines of "It's a waste of time". I deeply apologize if it seemed I was directing that towards you.
: > [{quoted}](name=MagikarpCantSwim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iLjNtFV9,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-07-03T17:53:23.704+0000) > > Allow me to throw in some quotes from the OP: > "all I want to do is to play a game" > "Please be mature." allow me to not give a damn about someone who prefers to have free wins/losses instead of fair matches
Instead of being rude and stubborn, care to explain your thoughts? A 4v5 is not a "free win/loss". It may be challenging, yes, but it is not impossible. I've won a game where it was a 3v5, sure it was hard, but it was enjoyable, and a learning experience.
: Most of us don't enjoy playing when we're a man down, so that's 20 minutes wasted as far as I'm concerned. If it starts off that unfair, it isn't fun.
You take time out of your day to play a game, a game is comprised of entertainment. You use this entertainment to either unwind, have fun, or in serious cases: you cannot put it down (Addiction). If you consider playing a game and losing a "waste of time", then why is it that you keep coming back, even after an hour long game only for it to end in a loss? Do you not actually enjoy playing? Or is winning the only enjoyment that you feel? If it is, might I suggest playing a game of "Tik-Tak-Toe"? As most of the time the game will end in a draw, thus you did not lose.
: I like the /remake option. It only took Riot 5 years to implement. Smites had it for a long time. If you have two d/c's you can surrender at like 2 or 5 minutes it's great.
And I respect your opinion. :)
: you wont hate it when you actually need it
I agree, but for Ranked purposes.
: oh noes! you didn't get your free win/loss due to a DC! whatever shall we do!?
Allow me to throw in some quotes from the OP: "all I want to do is to play a game" "Please be mature."
: Okay, you hate it but that doesn't seem reasonable simply because even with a 15 minute queue time: 35 minutes wasted time > 15 minutes wasted time.
Time enjoyed spending is not time wasted. So it's more: 20 minutes of time played + 15 minutes of wait > 17-18 minutes of wasted time.
: Why do you keep suggesting that he's a millennial when you're the one acting like one?
Please do not contribute to that person's inappropriate behavior. Just ignore said person as he/she has no value in any of our lives.
: Queue as fill
As someone who does that regularly, it can get quite repetitive. I wanted to play something other than Support (I main it, but I would like to expand my roles).
Jeddite (NA)
: $5 of RP says that within six months, this millennial dimwit is posting a similar thread crying about how after waiting-out a queue-dodge penalty, he gets into a game where one of his teammates never connects, but another teammate gives up first blood within 2 minutes, so /remake isn't an option -- and**_ "BOO HOO REMAKE IS BROKEN QQ QQ QQ DONT WANNA WAIT TO /FF AT 20 MINUTES."_**
Please act semi-mature. My topic was to address my opinion on /Remake, not to start a latter of negative responses.
Jeddite (NA)
: So your complaint is that after waiting-out the queue dodge penalty (which you consciously chose to do), you get into a 4v5 game and your team decides to /remake instead of potentially waiting-out 20 minutes to surrender? _**LOL MILLENNIALS LOL**_
Need to read, I was never on a penalty.
: ok. a lot of people love /remake.
I can understand that, even more so for Ranked, but when all you want to do is play a normal game to relax and have fun, /Remake can really screw you over after a long queue time.
Rioter Comments
: 【MAD】League of Legends - Anime Style「take a shot」Music Video
: I dont understand why everyone on here is crying? i am a support main and get S+,S and S- nearly every game i win. It's simple, support your team, get your adc fed, ward and dont die unnecessarily. There you go mystery solved!
Getting your team's ADC fed does not consist of being a support, the one and only goal a support has in a game is to "Maximize your teams gold income, while decreasing the enemy's". This consists but not limited to: Vision, ganks, freezing lane when a teammate is not present (or is), creating pressure (Both in lane, and out), Pinging/typing MIAs (Not just for your lane), Paying attention to both your team's HP/MP/cooldowns and the others, and map awareness (Knowing where the other team's Jungler is/knowing which champion used which spells etc.) Please do not claim the support role is "Simple", much like a Jungler, you have more to pay attention to than a 'laner'. I apologize for putting you on blast, but "It's simple, support your team, get your adc fed, ward and dont die unnecessarily" stood out to me and I felt the urge to correct a common mistake with player's beliefs of the support role.
: He doesn't want people to think he's a hipster so he's super lowkey about his vaping habit. But if you saw his collection you'd be hella jelly: his most prized pen has four built-in heat settings and the battery is mad fresh like 100 full heat cycles between recharges. Graves don't play
Unsure if from the east coast or west coast of the United states, as you used slang from both regions.
: All it says is that I haven't posted anything which well is a bit of a lie. I'm on a mac if that interferes with anything, using safari since I'm too lazy to download chrome.
I just viewed yours and it appears you are right, no topics, no comments, nothing. I would make a new post, stating this issue about their webpage. Since this is on their web-domain, your computer ISO, and browser cannot effect it. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
: How do I review my previous Threads and discussions
In the upper right hand corner, you'll see your summoner name, left click it to bring out the drop-box. From there left click [Boards Profile]. *Edit: Forgot some more information: Underneath [Summoner's name]'s Profile, you'll see three options, left click "Their discussions" to view your topics.
Rioter Comments
: League of Lyrics
{{champion:35}} "Alright Soraka, it's time to step back, Call me 'the Demon Jester' of the jungle, And proper skill is what you lack. I've been roaming to bot, Just to see what you've got, And quite frankly, I'm impressed.. 'Naut'! Woohoohoo, That's all you'll hear, When I Q to vanish, Then just re-appear, Behind your back with a shiv in hand, Watch as you fall as it lands. You want to heal Garen? Go ahead and try it! I'm the soul of my team, And you're in the middle of my 'RIOT' So get off my map, and stay in your crypt! Sell all your items, and don't re-equip! If I catch you here, just one more time, It's only going to be your ass on the line!"
: Increased Ping/Latency/ Random and frequent ping spikes.
My past few games, everyone on both teams had a ping of 300-500. Riot needs to fix this issue, and in the mean time, give out loss prevention AND disable ranked until the problem is resolved.
Khorodax (EUW)
: QSS /Fizz Ult Bug
It removes disables, not his ult or Ignite, if you looked you weren't slowed anymore.
: Why would you do that in the first place
I do it if they deny me siege minions when I have relic shield stacks. One I let it slide, if it happens more than once, It's a war for CS, I should not have to suffer due to the ADC lacking awareness to his/her teammate(s).
: Explain This Plz Guys
This has already been stated at least 100 times before you, just scroll down to see if your bug has already been listed before posting. It'll help Riot manage the reports much easier. Riot is aware of the issue.
Rioter Comments
: Why it was like that in the first place is a good question, why it's still like that now is because there wouldn't really be any point in doing it. They could give mages base AP and AP per level but they'd just lower ratios/item AP across the board in exchange. It's easier to just use items to balance AP numbers.
You would also have to add more MR items/ buff them, which would make the king of MR (Galio) extremely strong, which he already is the strongest AP tank in the game. It's great the way it is now.
FrankerX (EUW)
: Can you report someone who doesnt take the role he got picked for?
Not sure if it can reported. If it can be then I would say under "Unsportsmanlike", and for the cause type: "Grieving: [Enter full description]"
Erdrik (NA)
: Ah. Right. My bad, I misread that.
It happens to the best of us, don't beat yourself up about it. So please remove your edited message. :)
Erdrik (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jack Be Nimble,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JkqVs7AA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-27T07:08:57.716+0000) > > False reports _**are**_ punishable. Riot don't play that way. I think you mean aren't? EDIT: I was dumb.
Miscommunication: I meant sending a false report is punishable.
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