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: Champion Mastery Q&A
If a champion gets a massive rework (such as Sion's rework), will the champion mastery refresh or stay the same as it was before the rework? For example, if I got to rank 5 champion mastery with Urgot, then he gets a rework that changes him up a ton, will my champion mastery reset?
Does better movement speed make the passage through Magical Journey faster or is there a set speed though the portal?
You guys probably encountered alot of bugs while making Bard. Are there any particularly weird/funny ones that you would like to share with us?
: Meet your nemesis (draft)
Jokes on you, I'm good at {{champion:6}}
: I absolutely love {{champion:102}} new splash. It looks absolutely epic in every way. From the magma dripping from her claws to the wings of her true form behind her. Which, I honestly don't think you need the entire Dragon form in a splash. I mean come on, you already know that she turns into one xD
I thought Riot was playing a joke on us about the new splash art... the links just show their old splash art. How did you find it?
: Patch 4.15 notes
So Shyvana and Vayne AREN'T getting updated splashes? Rito so troll
: A new aatrox skin would be nice :'-(..feels like im the only one who uses him
OMG I thought I was the only one... he has been my most favorite champ since he came out... everyone says he's bad because they don't know how to play him... :(


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