: Riot just 2 weeked banned me for my volibear game that I played in my recent.
Voli support definitely puts ur team in a bad spot, but Ashe looked like the bigger issue and I disagree with a 2 week ban
Hoosier1 (NA)
: Weekend Maintenance?
seriously. trying to get on and play for the first time in forever and the server is down saturday morning. rito does it again
Barso55 (NA)
: Purpose of mastery emote?
It's a flex/taunt. Toxic? maybe. Don't let a game get to you man..
: Why are champions like Zed immediately buffed the moment they fall out of favor?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: "Tristana support is troll"
Oh wow you outdamaged your ADC Thresh and beat an enemy Support J4. Im so impressed.
: So now when a {{champion:245}} ,{{champion:126}} ,{{champion:55}} ,{{champion:157}} ,{{champion:238}} , {{champion:105}} , or{{champion:91}} jumps on me as I'm playing pre 6 {{champion:268}} I have to bend over and accept it? Such a balance...
Have you never heard of the terms hyper-carry or counterplay?
: Server Lag?
Lost a ranked here too. they need to give loss forgiven for this
: Doesn't it have a 500 shield and also % increase of your AD the lower your health goes? So basically survive burst at 20% and destroy the attacker who's cooldowns are now down with your increased AD. I always preferred malmortius over mercurial unless I was against a click and stun ability like lissandra/annie/amumu/whatever
: No, the range of the turret extends past the wall, and Vayne's Condemn deals damage on hit, as well as applying a stack of her Silver Bolts, then deals extra damage when her target collides with terrain. Either way, both instances of damage would have occurred while both champions were within radius of the tower.
Have you ever tried to last hit a minion with Condemn? I'm pretty sure it doesn't do damage until they stop moving. IDK for sure because I haven't played her in awhile but regardless you're probably right about the ranges. I was just playing devil's advocate and trying to come up with any sort of possible explanation. The Vayne went in all HAM like she knew she was going to be safe. It might have just been because the Morg was coming in from behind but IDK. I've never seen it in game, and hopefully I never do and they fix it.
: I only just started playing League again recently after a long break. I've noticed many times where it seemed like an enemy champion tower dove me and was in range of the tower, with plenty of time for it to get off at least one shot, and then the champion gets away without being hit at all. I have also noticed times when a champion has already been hit by the tower, but then upon killing me or an ally, or just running away, the tower seems to stop targeting that champion far too soon. I thought that maybe I was just wrong or upset about how events played out, but after seeing this video it makes me think I might not be crazy. The fact that I never used to notice this when I played, but I noticed it now leads me to believe that it has something to do with the new Beta Summoner's Rift. It also seems to me that it may have something to do with the tower keeping focus on a previously targeted minion when it should not. I can't be sure of any of that, but just a few comments. Either way it has been very frustrating at times, and if there is a bug, I hope it gets attention and gets fixed soon. P.S. The way that Vayne dove in and didn't care at all leads me to believe they may even have suspected they wouldn't be targeted, because ordinarily standing there that long would probably get them killed.
I dont know about the other cases but maybe since EZ takes damage when he contacts the wall, he may have been technically out of range of the turret, causing it to not attack vayne even though she was clearly under (both champions must be in range of the turret). Just a thought. This would still be a bug but a more explainable one. My previous post. I thought the same thing which is why I think she rolled right towards the turret to hit him into that exact part of the wall. I think she knew that she would be safe.
: I will have to test this out with a friend later. I have only ever seen it switch immediately when the turret was looking for a new target when i was dealing damage, like after it had switched but before it had shot, or after it had shot the killing blow but before the blow connected. I am just recalling this from memory mind you. I will test this out tomorrow and see what happens if i get the chance, as I am genuinely interested now.
The turret is supposed to switch immediately (or nearly) when a champion is attacked. There is a slight delay if you walk in range and shoot them as the turret is shooting a minion and get out quick enough you can sometimes avoid getting hit by the turret.
: It's a bug. The attached screenshots show that both Vayne and Ezreal were clearly within the towers aggro radius. The left image is from the youtube video immediately after Vayne used her Condemn. The right image is from a custom match and clearly shows the tower's area of influence. Based on the image on the right, the tower should have switched targets to Vayne immediately after the Condemn.
I dont know about the other cases but maybe since EZ takes damage when he contacts the wall, he may have been technically out of range of the turret, causing it to not attack vayne even though she was clearly under (both champions must be in range of the turret). Just a thought. This would still be a bug but a more explainable one.
Dankerar (NA)
: Turrets don't attack enemy champs when they should. And this is happening very frequently, Riot plz
I dont know about the other cases but maybe since EZ takes damage when he contacts the wall, he may have been technically out of range of the turret, causing it to not attack vayne even though she was clearly under (both champions must be in range of the turret). Just a thought. This would still be a bug but a more explainable one.
ADC Bard (NA)
: blind pick is Instant Lock order not Call order put that in your head
> blind pick is Instant Lock order not Call order > > put that in your head ^this. Blind pick people don't care who called it first. If you want to just instalock go to blind pick but if you want to communicate do draft.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, that's very much a bug and an unfair experience. We've got a fix for that in testing at the moment, if it goes well that should be fixed in the next patch. If not, definitely the patch after.
Why is he not disabled in dominion? He ruins the game and was the sole reason we lost by 70 points!
: Assassin jayce was already a thing in high elo
: @Riot: You know I think you guys realy dropped the ball with Graves kit...
I agree, I love the design but on the same notes as you have mentioned, his Q should not have diminishing returns on multiple bullet hits.
: They're *buffing* Gnar?
had a winrate just above urgot
: It's okay {{champion:14}} , next time you'll get your rework.
Digezz (NA)
: Sion - The Unstoppable Zombie
I tweaked a lot of numbers. I gave him more AS to compensate for not having it on his Ulti. His AS now lands about halfway between Old Sion's no ulti and Old Sion's with ulti running. I changed his Q and E to flat HP costs because they are not healing specific so using them at full HP would hit urself too hard. His W and R I left as current HP that way the lower ur HP (when ur going to want to use them) the less it'll cost you. Timing is important with W and R. I lowered dmg on his E overall by changing around where the damage comes from. I have done a lot of number crunching and he was too strong at points and way to strong at others. This balances the move while still making it a max first "Bread and Butter" skill. I also removed the reset potential on his Q. It sounded cool and kind of fits the crazy zombie thing, but he is not an assassin. No resets for Sion.
Digezz (NA)
: Sion - The Unstoppable Zombie
So the ulti as of right now gives him an active decent lifesteal boost and a passive MS increase after level 6 that goes up as you rank the ulti up at lvl 11 and 16 that scales with missing HP (as you reach 0% HP you gain up to 50/100/150 flat MS. The W is silmilar-ish to hecs (I said this in my first comment opening the discussion). The difference is he doesn't heal based on dmg done in the area or from minions at all but instead it is based purely on the number of champions near him where it basically drains life. But yes, Hec's W was my inspiration and I wanted some non ulti survivability like his current kit poorly provides there (for AD builds at least).
: I like it except it is 43% of his current health for a rotation which can get realy heafty on cosf when toward the end of the game u have 5k+ in hp so u burn urself faster than the enemy does... static hp costs on something would be nice even vlad only has one % current hp ability and its on his escape... but as ot looks to mehe will have rediculous burst but no matter how much hp he has he will lose prolonged trades jusg because how much hp of yoir own u will burn and nerfed his ult from what it was... I mean hey ur ult was 100% life steal yeah lets make that 30% and cost 15% ur hp instead of mana I like the look of the kit except the costs though
Very good insight, I apparently had not number crunched well enough on the actual values that come out. As I look at it now, I am getting only (at most) 26% bonus lifesteal at level 6(runes dorans vamp), and 65% bonus lifesteal with a finished build (hydra BT runes). I will make some number tweaks later. Thank you.
: Well then make it they should make it something like Lucian's Q, a single target spell that can potentially miss if timed correctly.
You could but I want the jump to be able to aim at nothing for getaways and what-not
: > His Q gives him a much needed gap closer and a bit of soft CC with a potential stun. I'm honestly not sure about the ROFL reset potential but I thought of it so i threw it in to see what others thought. I like what you did with Sion here actually. It's a little bitter-sweet though because he's no longer a Fighter/Mage, BUT he does seem more of the blood thirsty maniac that everyone kind of wishes he was. To answer your question though. I thought a reset on the (Q) would be a little overpowered with his new kit, but the more I read over it the more Im starting to think it's actually a good idea. I like the health cost for skills mixed with his ability to heal. Nice work.
So the idea is it only works if they're running away or you come in late to a fight. His Q has a minimum cast range so you can't just hold onto it and last hit the person you're fighting face to face. It does allow for some maniacal tower dive jump in and outs. Also it has a bit of a wind up so the direct hit necessary for the reset would be even harder to pull off. I'm still not sold on it because it could make balancing a bit harder. Another problem could be people getting upset because they thought they had a direct hit and it wasnt quite. TL;DR I'm definitely not sold on it still.
: Sion rework?
> Sion rework? Riot has one in the works (Soon tm) This is just my take on what I think it should be. I doubt they have any real care for what anybody puts on here, especially now when they are hopefully closing in on raising his playrate above 2%.
Digezz (NA)
: Sion - The Unstoppable Zombie
**Overview:** The idea behind this is to make him very HP based. He still has passive HP gain throughout the game. He still has the Lifesteal component on his ultimate. He now has HP costs for all of his moves. He now has HP scaling on his Q W and E. **Logistically:** I rounded out most of his stats but the main reason I put them in is a small 5 MS buff and a sizable AS buff to compensate for the AS loss on his R. I honestly think that the scaling MR may need to go as he moves towards where I picture him. When I saw that Yi had scaling MR though I decided to leave it. His Q gives him a much needed gap closer and a bit of soft CC with a potential stun. The CC invulnerability seems overpowered but I picture him using it as an initiate most of the time. On the other hand it may give him an ungankable laning phase... His W is similar-ish to Hecarim's W. It's for a bit of survivability in the middle of everything and gives him a horror movie feel. His E fulfills the roll of Bread and Butter that I feel his old kit left out. It is a clear first upgrade with an AA reset which I personally love. His R is similar to his old one with the Lifesteal component but I left off the AS. I felt that he would gain more from a little extra MS to stick to his targets. **Thematically:** I love the image in my mind of his Q. That terrifying leap into a smack in the face with his E. Even more so I get CoD zombies images in my mind with low HP rank 3 ulti Sion running at you at nearly 550 MS.
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Wirb (NA)
: That would be like saying WW1 wasn't a World War because Antarctica and Switzerland weren't involved. lol Fnatic won when it was only NA and EU. Even though Asia was not part of league at the time it shouldn't take away from the fact that they won Season 1 fair and square. Nevertheless, they deserve a set of skins. Cheers {{item:3028}}{{item:3174}}
I agree that a win is win, but until a non-asian team wins a championship with Asia in the mix nobody will take NA/EU seriously.


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