: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:27}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:238}} All around asshole.
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RedPhase (NA)
: Client freezes my computer seconds after i log on
I'm glad it's not just me. I've ran my virus scanner, which showed nothing wrong, and have also uninstalled/reinstalled with no luck.
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Phil Fly (NA)
: We write a letter to Riot, one word at a time. At 100 posts, I write the letter and send it.
: Describe a champions playstyle in the most boring way possible.
{{champion:67}} You roll around and click things. {{champion:19}} You run around and press R on things. {{champion:99}} You just fire laser beams and stuff. {{champion:119}} You throw axes by clicking things, then try and catch the axes...that's pretty much it. {{champion:1}} If you know how to count to four, you know how to play Annie.
: I would, yes. You have every right to be upset by this. I'm just saying that your frustration is exactly why he likely did it to begin with.
Oh, yeah. Maybe. But like I said before, we were winning, communicating, doing everything a good team does. Then, after he pushed mid lane down, he wanted to push bot. As support, I was going to help him, since I figured someone would come to try and kill him. Didn't take cs or anything, and he just started throwing a tantrum. I don't know, it makes no sense to me.
: To answer the question in the title: Because it upset you.
> [{quoted}](name=Rock Rockburgh,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=e5jnkbhP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-01-31T18:15:24.652+0000) > > To answer the question in the title: Because it upset you. You wouldn't be a little upset that a guy is purposely throwing a game over possibly the most immature and childish reason? Imagine if it was your series or something, an important game, and then someone like that decides that because the support is doing their job, he's going to throw a tantrum and afk or feed. Tell me that would not anger you.
: OKAY, I'm sick of this playing as a support;
At least your Zed didn't throw the game because you didn't let him push a lane alone.
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: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
I think alot of you are forgetting that Morgana is also a mid champ...so technically a mid-champ is getting a Victorious skin. Figured I'd point that out.


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