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Razelth (NA)
: You're playing norms lol. I played against a team of 4 challengers in ARAM, but you don't see me making a post complaining about it. The matchmaking is far more lenient when it comes to non-ranked modes.
It's not only in norms. Got a Plat 4, Bunch of Gold 4-1 players in my ranked games. Not sure why. Once in a while I get an Iron 4???
: Love how rather than take the straightest clear path my champ diverts into and around my minions
Oh my GOD I can't even decide where to begin with pathing in this game. So an example is the other day (Left base side of map) I was walking up our jungle along river, you know right on the inside of the wall near the right side of raptors to avoid getting killed. Well, even though I clicked directly above me (right under our tower) when my character started walking there she randomly decided to back path and do a U-turn only to turn around again and then walk to turret. What the hell? Yes, it got me killed. There's no reason for it either, there were NO units nearby. There is nothing more annoying than when you can secure a kill and your own minions decide to doggy pile you and your character starts spazzing out on them because the game can't figure out how to just simply pat around them. UGH! Not gonna lie, I like League and I play it a lot. But the pathing in this game is hands down some of the worst I have actually seen before. A regular tilter.
: You guys ever have that one champion that you're really good with
Warwick. It's a snooze fest each game but if my team follows up it's a good chance for a win.
: Your client is tripping balls after that last maintenance.
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: Qiyana's design is probably the most boring design I've seen so far for a champion
Not even boring, it's just plain ugly. I cannot stand her hair or the contrast.
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: if you are winning a game and type "EZ" in chat
I type GG EZ to my teammates but that's not flaming when it's to them. If anything it makes them feel good since they won. It's like, well done boys.
: GROUNDBREAKING IDEA RIOT: Matchmaking queue "Quality / Time Slider"
Yes please, I'm so sick of that Iron 1 guy somehow being in my Silver 2 games.
It's really rough when you get a game in ranked where it's their first time on that champ. It's even worse when you're silver II and you get placed with a guy who is platinum 4, somehow manages to die 5x pre 8 mins and then proceeds to rage at the jungler who is still clearing and helping bot and rage quits. I hate going 14-4-13, getting 2 barons, 1 elder dragon and my team somehow still loses because they think it's more important to die taking my jungle camps instead of ending. I make mistakes like the next guys, but there are people who straight out just do not comprehend the game's mechanics, at all, in ranked all the time.
: they stated they still want Zac to primarily be a tank but help out those who want to go ap.
Ah okay, well that works for me. I was gonna say as a tank I wouldn't really feel the Q or W that much but my boyfriend plays AP Zac so the ult I think would work better for him. The only reason I like the one he currently has is because it's great for picking.
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: Can we do something about creep block
I can't even begin to tell you how many times my own minions cucked me. It's so stupid, I understand enemy unit collision but friendly makes no sense.
: ***
This. Yes. I also have my share of games where I play poorly, but when I get my team baron 3 fucking times there is no reason we should lose. Played a game as Trundle, took baron, team wouldn't do anything except kill my jungle camps so I went and solo'd 2 inhibs. We eventually won thank God but not before 35+ minutes.
Kelg (NA)
: I like elec better for the instagib
what about titanic or ravenous?
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: Shen Jungle build?
Ah okay, I mean... I don't clear camps any slower on him than I do Warwick. Warwick's damage unless building straight AP is very lackluster compared to how slow he stacks tanky stats. He was my first mastery 7 toon and I can see why he's only an E tier jungler. It's only Warwick's engage and CC that makes him viable imo. I've recently swapped him out for better options like Nunu who can steamroll everyone xD But I will give aftershock another go. So far I have won all my 1v1 scuttle duels with Shen so that's promising.
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Vyrem (EUW)
: As a jungler you have probably the most impactful rol and you'll see this always, sometimes you'll get blamed without reason, sometimes you'll be doing bad, but it doesn't matter, there is not much I can do for help you with that frustration,that feeling, i know it, one thing i like to do is when i get tilted for a few games in a row, let's see 2 very bad games, or mpaybe 3 bad games or somethuing like that, i like to stop playing, play piano for a while or what an anime or a tv show, maybe a streamer (sometimes this even make me wanna play and tryhard more to try to win). It is hard to hold against people blaming you and kind of harassing you, it's not something exclusive of the jungler, trust me, as a laner even fi you didnt feed your laner but it gets strong or roams and get kills or anything, you'll get blamed too, also probably sometimes you thought people was blaming you and they were not, i found this pretty usual. Once, i was telling my jungler something that they could do to make a play and get some profit out of it, not saying anything offensive, not blaming him ofr anything, jsut trying to help, and he got it as something personal and got ultra salty, when actually i just wanted to win the game, try to think 2 times what the guy who wrote anything to you is trying to say before taking a reaction, some things can be taken in a way that the one who said them didn't even considered.
I've played every lane but as a jungle I do get blamed the most. Sometimes I get blamed for "Never ganking my lane" when I literally got them 3 early kills. It just sucks how you're always at fault, even if you aren't at fault xD it's made me a really aggressive person lol
: Patch 9.7 or how to keep making the game unfun for everyone involved
I'll be honest, I don't get the Garen buff. But personally I already think he's an obnoxious braindead champ and doesn't need any more. All my games with a Garen up until Silver 2 with a Garen have been decided by said Garen. If the Garen is good he single handedly destroys the enemy team and ensures a win. He's hard as hell to catch with the champs I play, super tanky so even if I get on him I don't do enough damage to kill him before he makes it somewhere safe etc etc. Personally, I'd love to see a re-work on him. And why isn't Riven being nerfed?? She literally has everything in her kit and it makes a good Riven impossible to deal with. A Riven running Triumph has so much healing per champ takedown on top of how much CC and shielding she has that she goes from 1 hit left to almost full health pentakilling a team like it's nothing. She has far too much mobility, shielding, cc, and damage combined in her kit.
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: How to talk like a Yasuo main
I've lost numerous games where Yasuo was just trash talking the enemy team and lobbing his giant e peen everywhere while dying trying to 1v5 the entire time instead of actually being useful.
: it is either A: rng or B: the first item in their build that can be upgraded honestly, they need to go back to the old version of that part of his passive, where each player can choose what they want to upgrade. forcing ornn players to have to track down each team mate at varying levels is tedious, since you need them to be in a set range and I think hold still (thus making them a target)
Couldn't agree more. What's even more annoying is when they won't hold still long enough to let me upgrade them in a safe spot so then when a teamfight breaks out and I'm clicking everywhere it keeps trying to make me upgrade them instead.
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: So I had a Wukong and a Vi support in my past two games. Thanks positional matchmaking.
What I don't get is how come autofill even exists in ranked? People pick specific roles because it's what they're good at or are familiar with... If you take a jungle main and throw him into a support role just to make queues faster then you might be dooming the rest of that team. It always feels unfair to them and whenever I get autofilled to middle or something I feel really bad because I know I'm not good at it and can't hold my lane.
: Why isn't Skarner played that much?
If I see my node being taken I don't take it back until I know the area is safe or I've ganked in it. So far I've been able to win all early duels and I don't even rely on the nodes, it gives attack speed and movement speed but if I am ganking in lane it doesn't always do me any good. You can't exactly track him all game unless the nodes are constantly being contested... And that's if it's only being contested by me and I'm within vision range. Teammates can also activate them and when they take it it doesn't show where I am. The saddest part is I realize most people don't even pay attention to the map and miss out on opportunities to get me xD. Clearing camps early 5x faster than the enemy makes all the difference, you get gold faster, level faster, scale faster and can gank quicker. On top of that if you can clear your camps quick and get the hell out or are able to keep full health when doing your camps (which he can do, courtesy of lifesteal and his W) you're less likely to be bullied by an enemy jungler coming to check your jungle. If you are good with his E you can easily secure kills without needing your ult. I duo with my boyfriend and he wards the buff I'm not at since he top lanes, so if I know an enemy is at my red/blue I go to theirs and take it instead. I don't know, to me he feels really good. Also, I'm excited for those changes, that will be nice!
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BigFBear (EUW)
: Yeah or one team 55% winrate or more the other team all negative winrate. Or one team has one (or even TWO!) 75%+ wr Smurfs. S9 is so fun! Like Lottery is fun!
Oh man nothing worse than a Yasuo smurf xD
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: Illaoi’s ult is horrid (and ways to fix that)
I stopped playing Illaoi after her nerf. She is very easy to kite and get out of range of, dodging her e is easy. At least for me, just hold still until they use it and move slightly out of the way. Originally she was great for team fights because she had so much lifesteal she could ult into an enemy team on baron and wipe them all out spamming her Q, she was my first pentakill character. Now I feel like I can't heal enough to justify her mana use and less oppressive damage compared to other champs like Kled and Darius. Especially since you can literally just walk away from her, that's something I always hated was people literally being able to just walk away from me and I actually used to run exhaust on her to get that extra slow and damage reduction. Since her nerfs I honestly haven't had a hard time fighting a single Illaoi. I also just get CC'd to hell now whenever I do try to fight in a group. These are just my personal views on her so take it with a grain of salt but in all honesty I really miss playing her.
: Nerf Riven
She's super tilting to fight. Leaps everywhere and when you do hit her you just get stunned and then she gets a shield immediately after and constantly escapes with 1 hit left because of it.
: I'm also on my last S for mastery 7, and honestly, I have no clue. Some of my best games as WW have come and gone since trying without an S rank. The only factor I can't account for is the way the sun shines through my fucking window at midday. The mastery system is nonsense. The way I hold my fucking mouth open has no bearings on these stats, but it might as fucking well, from what I've seen. No tokens from ARAM or unowned champs is like a deal-breaking travesty where-in I lose all investment whatsoever.
Oh no joke, I finally got my last S... I got a worse score than the other matches including on creeps. The only thing different this time is I took 2 inhibs solo and 4 towers with other teammates. I don't typically go for towers as WW unless we have time for sure since he's god awful at it.
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: How is Riven balanced?
Y'all wanna complain about Riven but she's actually hard to play. What about braindead Darius who can literally put his stacks on everyone and gets infinite executes and who can also heal back to full from nothing?
: How on EARTH do you get an S as WW???
On a side note, I played him top and got a good score. Another S- also just played him sup and got 5-0-9 77 creep. I guess creeps don't count for support role but I was too short on assists lol. Got an A+
: How on EARTH do you get an S as WW???
I will say, I am getting a lot better at him than I was previously. This has been good experience in being careful about recklessly going in.
: If I had to guess I'd say it was probably your CS score. You had 177 CS in a 35 minutes game, around 5 CS a minute. I feel like WW is pretty to get S's on personally. I got mastery 7 on him pretty quickly and I hardly ever jungle. Just try to improve your farming and you'll probably get there.
> [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7A3Yvwca,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-19T20:51:50.586+0000) > > If I had to guess I'd say it was probably your CS score. > You had 177 CS in a 35 minutes game, around 5 CS a minute. > I feel like WW is pretty to get S's on personally. I got mastery 7 on him pretty quickly and I hardly ever jungle. > Just try to improve your farming and you'll probably get there. I feel like that's a good amount of creep for jungle though... I don't want to sit and farm minions in lane the whole game. I like to be very active with ganking and most of that game was just fighting other players the whole time. It's frustrating to need an ADC's amount of creep for an S. But like I said, I did worse the other day on him overall and still somehow got an S? >_> go figure? We could have ended the game much sooner but everyone was running around for kills lol :P
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: Trolls in rank game is a huge issue!!!
Got into my promos to get out of Bronze, 1st game mid lane did absolutely nothing, didn't follow lane just scratched his balls the whole time. 2nd game, Thresh quit literally about 5 minutes into game never came back. 3rd game top lane inted. Like actually inted. Pinged them numerous times and they fed the hell out of jungle and top lane. It's games like this that make it impossible to get anywhere. Our Thresh had no reason to actually leave, he just said bye and left. I'm getting to the point where I am openly raging at people in chat and it doesn't feel good but it is so frustrating when people intentionally screw their teams. If you die trying well hey at least you tried.
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: a letter from jg to laners
Jungle feels super rough to me now, I don't think I've ever done quite this poorly in jungle... I was in a game as Warwick, I made a huge effort to try and gank early with absolutely 0 help or followups from the lanes I went to. I went to bot lane, did my job, did the work and got flashes out of both of them and my support and adc were right there (adc being an ezreal) and instead of helping whatsoever they just walked away. Because of the time spent on a gank with no followup or reward the enemy jungler took my entire upper jungle, got fed by top lane and then I was flamed the entire game because I fell behind from trying to gank early. If I don't gank early then I get yelled at for that too. I enjoy jungle, but it's so darn hard to be happy in it right now. I get so tired of being flamed, it makes me salty and annoyed and then I start flaming others because I'm tilting. I just can't find a happy medium. I don't feel like jungle xp should keep getting nerfed, our entire purpose is to help support our teammates in their lanes and give them the advantage. If we are useless then people doing poor in lane will fall too far behind. I feel like jungle keeps getting nerfed because people complain that it's too strong when in reality they just aren't playing as carefully as they should. An example would be a top laner being right up under the enemy tower pestering the enemy top laner and then getting ganked and saying that jungle is op. You need to learn when to back off. Wards also help.
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: Simple suggestion to balance Ornn and allow him to be decent again.
I actually don't have a problem with Ornn anymore. I left top lane and went to Support with him and it works great... He was actually my first S+ and mastery 7 toon. Although I do understand the complaints with him... People love him as a toplaner and it would be nice to have the cooldown on his W reduced again so it's not 17 freakin' seconds anymore. I was tilted off the planet when they upped the cooldown because it forced me to give up on jungling with him.
: The current state of the Jungle (8.10)
You are getting a big ass thumbs up from me... I feel the same way. I was doing fine in jungle until this patch came out. I found that certain junglers just cannot keep up and compete early game. They need a bit more time to build and now the bullies like WW take massive advantage of that and counter jungle you so you not only lose scuttle but your own jungle as well. I fell so far behind and I couldn't even remotely catch up which led to me being unable to gank anyone since they were 3-4 levels ahead of me. My laners absolutely REFUSED to help me in the slightest yet flamed me the whole time, their lanes ran around like a bunch of crazy crack heads and were helping the enemy jungler keep me shut down the whole time. It was incredibly frustrating. I'm mad about these changes because if you play in a lane and if you play SMART, then the jungler can't gank you at level 3 and it shouldn't be a problem... There was no point in kicking junglers into the dirt like this it was unnecessary. It's a jungler's sole purpose of existence to help their team's struggling lanes. Going in and assisting as necessary to give their team the advantage. They were supposed to be a solo role that farmed the jungle and went to aid their team as needed and get jungle objectives... Now it's the opposite. For some junglers their role has been reversed or they've been made completely void. Now I rely on my teammates to help me build by basically babysitting my jungle with me when I'm on their side. I don't have problems with all junglers, Xin Xhao, WW, Jax, Jarvan... They all seem to be adapting fairly well but some of the others that I enjoyed like Rammus just take too long to get anywhere now. In essence, if you want to win jungle now you need to choose one of the few out of the limited amounts of jungle bullies available which takes away options and removes the fun aspect for me.
: I would like more plushies. {{champion:154}} I especially would like one of his passive blobs as a plushies! Oh, and we need an Urgot Juicer. Imagine it. An Urgot statue with a mechanism to harpoon an innocent orange, reeling it into his juicer-belly and the juice is coming out of his gun-arm! {{champion:6}} This time it won't be k!
> [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=G51GfXjI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-10T02:24:31.636+0000) > > I would like more plushies. > {{champion:154}} I especially would like one of his passive blobs as a plushies! > > Oh, and we need an Urgot Juicer. > Imagine it. An Urgot statue with a mechanism to harpoon an innocent orange, reeling it into his juicer-belly and the juice is coming out of his gun-arm! > {{champion:6}} This time it won't be k! Ahahah the Urgot idea cracks me up :P Zac would be awesome as well though.
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