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: Reducing damage by 10% will just utterly break the game in every way.
The game **IS** utterly broken in every way.
: The "fallacies" of decreasing damage by 10%:
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: That's where % defensive buffs come in, tanks need items that are better the more defensive stats you have, so even juggernauts wont get as much use out of it (but still enough to consider buying)
%armor/MR would inevitably be too insane and scale too well with healing. %HP sounds nice though, so long as %HP abilities and items are kept in check at later levels.
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: A tank is suppose to be dying first, thats how you know he does his job well. You're suppose to soak, disrupt and control the enemy, if you're being ignored you didnt do your job. I dont think tanks should be able to stand in the middle of the enemy team for 5+ seconds reliably without spreading their CC apropriatly, which if they do, even now in this high damage meta, they can survive quite reliably.
Yeah well it'd be cool if they could stand in the middle of the enemy team for 5 seconds period
: Also cut the damage from tanks they gave them too much dmg. Give their defenses but cut some of their dmg they re tanks not damage dealers. I mean these ones {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:113}} have lots of dmg.
Hopefully a reduced HP scaling at higher levels on champ abilities and items like Titanic will keep most tanks/tanky champions in check; those tanks you listed in particular however were designed by Riot to just make kills happen. Maybe carries will start buying MR again once burst-per-second can't solve literally all of their problems?
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: "I have raised jungles, shaped lands and commanded rivers...."
Great, so can she command {{champion:223}} out of top lane?
: I knew GP was strong but holy shit.
: Kaisa nerfs where Riot?
Not to reduce its significance, but I feel like this is exact thread save the champion name is posted literally every patch.
: MMR needs to die. Placements need to die. What we need is an actual ELO system in which participants are well within 10% points of the highest or lowest performer. Fuck it if timers are made longer because of it. I can browse porn and jackoff while I wait if need be. I want to have fun in a videogame and 10+ losses in a row in a game is NOT fun!
And honestly: neither are 10+ undeserved wins in a row.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Is anyone taking this game / ranked seriously anymore?
I have to admit, while I'm enjoying actually making progress towards diamond/challenger for the first time, getting there right now is more of a long hike than it is a climb. Climbs involve struggle and are only as long as it takes for a person to get to the top. Hikes are just long no matter what. The soloQ ladder is now just a hike, where you'll get there eventually, don't worry - there's sub-50% WR people in challenger right now (LOL) - it's just a matter of time and general competence.
: A guide on how to stop getting autofilled support
Alternatively: 1.) main Top 2.) second Bot Never get bot, always get top. Always.
xAcidik (NA)
: Buff Towers
I agree, so long as it isn't their base and only their late scaling. They should remain relevant, but not in too much of an obnoxious fashion as literal anti-interaction machine guns.
Moody P (NA)
: Point and click hard CC is only a problem when its instantaneous. Fiddle fear, Malz R, Ryze W. Tarics old E was one of the healthiest CC spells in the game because of its slow speed to counterbalance its reliability
TBF Fiddle's first, last and only line of defense against most champions is that fear. Malz's CC on the other hand isn't affected by Tenacity and punishes people for existing near his team LUL
: Why is Lee sin in every single meta?
He's one of those "skill cap" champions. So he's always at least viable if you've mastered him. Key word "if". Most people haven't. Lol _Man, if only he were an Angery Short-haired Whamen with a Broken Sword..._
: They're trying to get into your head and screw with your mental. Which seems to work by the looks of it.
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: Tahm Kench in top lane is filthy
He really is. Give him an inch in lane and he'll take a mile. There's no interacting with him whatsoever, only pain.
: What the hells wrong with playing Eve, She IS definitely strong.
It's that plus the other 3 steps that's wrong with playing Eve. Omit steps 2-4 and you're gucci
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: It's insane to me that Diamond was so much easier to get than climbing out of silver.
tbf top lane is the Golden Snitch lane where it's irrelevant unless someone stomps it. If someone top gets denied at least they're still a meatshield for their team; if someone completely decimates toplane, however, the game might just be over like you said. That's moreso just how the game works sometimes, same as if both bot+jg/mid lose in general, not even in a completely stomped fashion; a fed hypercarry top would be hard-pressed to carry that.
: We still need a 4th keystone for Sorcery
People don't take Sorcery Keystones for the Keystones anyway; they take them for the runes. There are a lot of good standalone runes in Sorcery and the same goes for the other trees that don't have 4 Keystones. I think that's the point - for the trees picked for their keystones champions are given a bigger variety to pick from so that they can pick one that matters.
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GankLord (NA)
: Runes reforged was the beginning of the end (opinion)
The end of champion uniqueness, sure. You know the real reason the Irelia, Akali, Aatrox reworks had to be heavily watered down/reverted in some fashion? Runes Reforged scaled so hard on them that it made them downright oppressive at every stage of the game. RR amplified everyone's strengths so much that it straight-up gave them no weakness. Conqueror is the poster child for this, as was pre-nerf Klepto.
: For 800 gold you can build Executioner's Calling against Vladimir!
Let's be real: Vladimir is not hard to bully in lane. Like, at all. He's like the AP version of Nasus, with a key difference in that he's bad at splitpushing but amazing in teamfights. It's really his opponent in lane who is at fault for Vlad carrying games.
Dynikus (NA)
: So you hate him because he's skillshot based? Do you hate basically every midlaner too then? Or like, probably 90% of the roster?
> [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8L4BEo7a,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-20T19:11:55.030+0000) > > So you hate him because he's skillshot based? Do you hate basically every midlaner too then? Or like, probably 90% of the roster? Only the ones that also don't have CC in any way, shape or form whatsoever except for the on-hit (again, skillshot-based) slow from a single armor item.
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: Hashinshin complaining that Bruisers do no damage to Tanks and that Tanks are weak against Mages
To clarify: Bruisers don't do damage to tanks that are stacking finished armor items **MIDGAME** without items like Wit's or Sunfire, none of which bruisers want to build in the first place because they aren't ranged and they aren't tanks. BC alleviates this only a little. Both in early game when items aren't finished and lategame when 3+ items are, Bruisers have the upper hand because of the synergy of their items and the value of arpen. Even then, however, teammates being added to the picture changes a lot about the matchup as well since tanks have lots of AoE CC and don't die easily while bruisers can potentially nuke a squishy enemy teammate. It's just balance at work. Just don't focus the tank stacking armor as a bruiser - leave that to mages if they want - and the tank's time to shine is midgame but at any other point in time they hit like a wet noodle. It really is that simple.
: What champs do you actually find fun anymore?
Rune builds that aren't completely all-in on one strategy. A la: Comet Renekton or Hail of Blades Kennen. They sound silly but I'm shooting for Diamond from Gold this month with them and have had a lot of success so far. IGN: FCJAAAAGOOOO Both kits focus on the macro game over dominating lane with all-ins, and both kits scale fairly well thanks to their non-Keystone runes. Renekton with Celerity+Nimbus Cloak is pretty sweet; Kennen being both a ranged carry and a reliable CC bot with Ultimate Hunter and Bone Plating+Overgrowth is great as well. Their stuns are fun too and feel really rewarding to play around when you aren't trying to also be your team's top dps. The downside of these types of builds is that they can't 1v9, but that's a moot effort considering **the game's often over when 2+ other teammates hard feed**. I ask you all this - why bother trying to hypercarry with non-hypercarries when teamwork is always more valuable?
: Can someone please tell me why they find this meta fun?
As much as I enjoy top lane, I just played 2 games where neither of my existence mattered. One where my mid ragequit and one where the enemy team had a Yuumi.
radetari (EUNE)
: How to win botlane 101: Practice Ezreal Get a support Yuumi Poke to oblivion while being healed for every poke they do to you ????????? Profit
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Critty92 (EUNE)
: Dont hate the champion, hate the players
The only time i've seen her do well is with hypercarries. Not one hypercarry. Not a mage and a marksman. HypercarrIES. A team of 2+ hypercarries is literally the only scenario where I can imagine her **EVER **being remotely useful, in her current state.
: If we had AP bruiser items, Diana wouldn't be building full burst mage items
Diana is one of those champions that SHOULD be extremely sticky in fights, but everyone builds pure damage on her instead because why not in this meta. The whole point of her kit is to have a ton of sustained damage and stickiness to targets, making her all-ins powerful. So the argument behind getting tanky AP items like RoA then is why not get Gunblade instead so that she has 15% healing? And at that point why get healing at all on her when one can build raw damage instead and start nuking squishies? Mages have an inherent problem right now in that they just don't have a reason not to just play around getting fed off of squishy champions. Diana is but one of many of those mages. If Riot makes AP Bruiser items, that will make these characters' intended builds a lot more viable while all-in builds might only dabble in those items occasionally. Some champions might need nerfs then, but they'll be pretty well deserved by then most would think. **Riot just needs to get to work on an AP item rework sometime soon so that mages in general are less gimmicky.**
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yuumi Thoughts
Aftershock Kappa
: It's not a bug just a lesser known feature of the league movement system. League has soft caps that if you go over you get less from your move speed items. With Base + Mobility Boots you have 445 raw movespeed which is above the 415 cap but below the 490 cap. This means your move speed is actually (445* .8) + 83, the 439 you see in game.
: Replace "none" ban with "pass" to another teammate
IMO it really isn't a coinflip but, depending on team comp, either Vayne or Yasuo really, really need to be banned, even in the highest echelons of play. So enabling someone else to do that instead of not banning at all would be nice. Also Amumu is pretty insane. Just throwing that out there. He has like the opposite of Yuumi's WR in my games.
: This problem is mostly down to the way that top lane's meta works. Top Lane, if you look into it, has the highest number of champions who are "viable" in the lane (as in, even champions that aren't strong right now like Quinn or Maokai top etc). Not only that, but then look at the classes of champions that go into the lane: Divers, Fighters (Dunno the proper term here, i assume just "fighter, but basically i mean stuff like Jayce/Wukong, basically the slightly tankier assassin type stuff who build full damage), Tanks, Marksmen, Juggernauts, Various types of mages, and thats before we even get into the oddball champions like Teemo/Gangplank/Kayle. This mostly came about due to the way that league used to design champions less around a specific kit/role in mind, and more just with "lets see where it goes" type of mentality. You can see this if you look way back into things like the old versions of Maokai and gangplank for example, they weren't specifically designed for top lane in mind, just sorta designed a cool champion. Over time Riot's design philosophy would change. But this kinda left a lot of champions in a weird limbo state where "what the hell do i do with them" was a common response to where you were supposed to play them. Look at stuff like Jayce, the old Gangplank or even to something like Heimerdinger. In a player's mind, theyre clearly solo laners because theyre not adcs, they arent really great junglers, which leaves mid and top. Mid at the time was overrun with mages, before Zed's release heralded the return of assassins into the meta, so a lot of the time, these champions went unnoticed until someone figured out "Oh hey, every bruiser gets shit on by these guys. Why not take them top?" Traditionally, way back in season 1/2 or so, top lane was usually the 1v1 lane, primarily due to the lack of a rift herald and top side objectives at the time. Bruisers naturally excelled in this environment, and at the time, had much stronger early games relative to their lategames. Champions like the old Irelia and Shyvana were pretty good during this time, and as other lanes slowly got power crept, traditionally mid-centric champions like Kennen would phase into top lane as a lane bully, as range differencial was very rarely accounted for (and still isn't to this day). This is basically a really fancy way of saying that top lane is a clusterfuck. Theres champions that fulfill completely different roles in teams and have completely seperate win conditions and power curves, then when other lanes get powercrept with new releases, often times champions are relegated into top lane. (Some examples of champions designed for other lanes that became top laners due to power creep in their traditional roles: Old Akali, Old Kayle, Old Fiora (iirc she was designed for mid, someone correct me if im wrong), Old Urgot, Old Maokai, Heimerdinger, Viktor (specifically his tank build in s7/8), Lissandra (not currently, but in the past). Top lane of course isn't unique in this regard. This also happens a tonne with supports, especially with the addition of Season 4 and onward's gold generation items, some examples off the top of my head are Nautilus, Old Zyra, Post-Rework Malzahar (but before his voidlings got adjusted), Vel'koz, Xerath, Brand and perhaps my favorite example, Leona, tho she failed in her intended lane right away before getting relegated. Top lane is basically a conglomerate of balance nightmares. Every change that occurs to items, champions and runes, will likely affect top lane in addition to the lane its intended to affect. For a recent example, the fleet footwork buffs some time ago made Akali's top lane much stronger, while the buff was intended for ADCs. There's a great quote from a league player, who's name escapes me, but he's a famous top lane streamer. It was something along the lines of "Top lane is the only lane where a player can pick a champion to make you useless. Sure playing against Malzahar as (old) Katarina is hard, but you at least have a window of opportunity to do something for your team, in top lane, if you pick Jax or Darius and the opponent picks Kennen, its already over unless they don't understand gameplay fundamentals". Just my general thoughts on the matter. Its not really Riot's fault in particular, though they do tend to listen to a **CERTAIN** class of champions more than others when it comes to balance matters, they generally do a good job for everyone. The exception to this, in my personal opinion, is Top Lane's ranged champion problem. I still don't understand why the only lane where a champion like Darius is viable, why champions like Kennen, Ryze and Jayce are also allowed to be viable in the same lane, while riot continually looks for ways to remove hard counters from other lanes and make them into soft counters (such as w/ the QSS nerf vs Zed R or the changes to tenacity stacking), it almost feels like everyone else isn't allowed to have true hard counters but top lane. I think a lot of the issue comes down to riot often forgetting about top lane's conglomerate nature, and attempting to conform every one of the vast categories in top lane into one specific build or role. Conqueror is a pretty great example of this, for Bruisers. I think people are too quick to forget that Bruisers didn't have an actual keystone until conqueror ~~dont even try to @ me about Press the Attack either, thats far from a viable option on 90% of the current conqueror users~~ came. It was so bad that champions like Tryndamere and Xin Zhao were using Electrocute. Conquerour was basically a "catch all" rune for Bruisers, since it needed to fulfill the widest group of champions, thus the rune is basically fucked from the get go. Its a grab bag of effects, from damage stacking to tank killing to sustain, it does so many things because the category of "bruiser" is so vast that the champions in that category want different things. A champion like Jax might want the stacking damage, where as a champion like Aatrox might want the sustain, while also needing the tank killing in most cases. This basically forces the rune into a state where its a jack of all trades, novice of all, and making it's strongest abusers seem like the "average" performance of the rune (see Riven), while other champions using it like Aatrox or Darius aren't nearly as abusive with it overall, and thus forcing Riot to take measures in making items and other options for Bruisers less powerful. Its too late now to change conqueror's mechanics just on its own, since you'd create another major meta shift. Honestly it'd require a Class Update tier rework to the entirity of the Bruiser/Diver class/items/runes. The dream would be that runes would be split up, one sustain rune, one damage stacking rune and one tank killing rune (kinda like how ADCs get to have Fleet, Lethal and Press among others...), but so many balance changes have already been made because of Conqueror's impact on the lane that its too late to do anything minor. I suspect we'll see more slow nerfs to Conqueror and buffs to Tanks until top lane becomes League of Tanks again. Hell even at MSI you can see the lack of Conqueror present already, and thats before 9.10. Honestly theres no solution to Top Lane, if Riot wants to keep top lane as the "wild card" lane it is today, with everything ranging from Ryze to Jax to Kayle, then nothing is going to fix it. The only hope is that Riot focuses in on the classes they want top lane to be for (based on player population, that'd likely be Tanks and Bruisers), then balance around that, and move champions who aren't in that category into other lanes, but doing that would be such a massive hassle that it's never going to happen. Its sad, since theres a tonne of champions that will never function in other lanes seriously, just due to how theyre structured. The RIP list, for champions forever stuck in top lane (for high elo/competitive at least): {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:83}} Apologies for this being so rambly and long. Not too good with the whole "eloquence" thing.
To be fair, the lane being an amalgam of completely different champions is what I love about the lane right now. You can go there and - so long as you're prepared to survive toplane - play whatever you want for your team, whether it be a hypercarry, frontline or even support. Most top laners can opt their builds towards being one role or another instead as well, which is pretty sweet as they can provide whatever their team may need. Even some of the stronger marksmen can go there, so long as they make sure to stay effective lategame despite not having their own support. Some people think that's awful but others think it's great like I do. It's just not a lane for everyone.
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: Riot: Lets remove counter play
I like how all the comments are just a reply to this comment
: This is why I don't like facing Vayne
Unless you're playing something equally as hypercarry, or as someone who can actually lock her down in teamfights: ya she OP. It really is a matter of letting her teamfight or not.
hoganftw (NA)
: Top lane is for masochists.
Ah, you're forgetting an important category: sadists.
: There's a board for ranting.
What if I'm being sarcastic about me ranting, Yasuo main or not?
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meepsson (EUNE)
: Yasuo
The dumbest thing about his kit is his virtually unlimited dashes through enemy creep waves. He gets so many free kills simply because he exists in a lane.
mack9112 (NA)
: Your account is unranked with the last time you played season 6...
> [{quoted}](name=mack9112,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LlgjZ7eY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-14T00:01:55.041+0000) > > Your account is unranked with the last time you played season 6... One can be the owner of more than 1 account.
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