: Sorry but it's not even close to a Morg Q, Veigar Wall, Fiddle Fear Root is just a root. Not a Stun etc. And once she gets momentum, Qiyana's Q is also going to be considered extremely broken CC; It's an almost spammable root, in the same kit as a knockback, a stun, and 2 dashes. The duration is low, but it can be cast twice in tandem, and can be recast about 4 seconds later AGAIN. 3 1 second roots are FAR more destructive than any single root, because they all have the opportunity to stop an action, where a 1 3 second root only stops ONE action. That makes for up to 5 skill disrupters in a single kit.
I would argue that it is better than morg q (speed) and better than fiddle's fear (commented about why). However I agree with you about the veigar cage. However I think that veigar needs his e to become a champion. Late game the e is a monster and same with early but with his early game he needs e. How else would he be able to do against assassin's? If he had something like any of the other cc that you listed he would be an absolute early game monster if he had morgs q and hit that it would be disastrous if he hit that on an opponent. Same with fid's fear. Now that would be a Nerf to his late game that would be fine imo because it would give him an early foundation that is much stronger and so it does not matter. Now I do agree that veigar e is better it scales just like the rest of his abilities. I think the main problem people have with veig is that they don't punish him enough in the early game. Which is why I think his e's CD needs to be longer so if you counter pick him you have a longer time to punish him. This would make him unviable in higher elos where the jgler would help set him behind, but at the same time he already is already basically useless in high elo where they know how to play against him. It would just give lower elo players more time to punish him because in like bronze or something any veig with 3 or more braincells would do well enough in the early game and transfer that into the late game
: fiddle fear would like to have a word with you.
Well fiddle's fear is strong that I will agree however it is not to the point of being busted. Why? Because the range is so short and his combo is indeed annoying to play against but has its counters. But the main reason why neeko is a problem is because of she lands her e she wins the trade. Imagine you are in the mid lane right and you are playing your favorite mid laner against a neeko. All she has to do is just hit her e (which travels through minions) and q and maybe an auto attack then she can withdraw and win the trade. While it does leave a window for like Leblanc or something to go in, half the time she will just run away until her combo is up. And even if you were to punish her you would still tank lots of minion damage because of her early ability to push. She is not able to be punished enough to be hard. Now I think possible solutions to this would be increase Mana on q and e (mainly e) so the neeko player has a decision to make; shove the wave or go for harassment.

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