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: Popstar Nami
Incoming Popstar Yorick, who summons groupies to attack his foes.
: A goodbye letter
So long, and thanks for all the fish
: [Kit Concept, Melee Troll Shaman Support] Wuden: The Totemic
What if his passive was kind of like old Yorick's? He could gain attack and resistances based on how many totems he had up?
: "Brad" Bard
Since original chimes are already can-shaped, make them cans of craggy ice.
: So now that there's a Pug'Maw skin...
Before I actually clicked on the thread, I thought it was a suggestion for Collie'Maw. Pronounced: KALI MAA!!!! [](
: Favorite Champion
I absolutely love {{champion:83}} . In fact, this is probably the rework they've done the best on. I love hordes of little ghouls, hitting people with a very big shovel, and people forgetting that said shovel heals you! The only thing I don't like is that his W can be nearly useless, given how many movement abilities there are in this game now. I'm pretty sure {{champion:157}} and {{champion:58}} get their procs on it too. Favorite champ is {{champion:432}} because he is the epitome of chill Most hyped champion? {{champion:240}} I haven't been playing long, and this guy reminds me of the stories my brother and I would make up when we were kids. The first champ I bought was {{champion:9}} , but I think {{champion:37}} was my first true "main." I was in a garage band at the time, and I liked that there was a music champ. BONUS! I got the pentakill skin soon after buying her.
: Guess your main!!
1. Everyone I knew is dead. How are things with you? 2. Summon: Girlfriend 3. Used to live on a nice island, then some king came along and screwed it up.
nami tf (NA)
: The next three children you'll have are named after your highest mastery champs
Zilean - I guess he could go by Z, and that might be ok. Sona - Not that odd sounding, compared to some names I've heard. (I mean, in all honesty, Eleanor is a weird name) Bard - I'm sorry kid
: Hilarious Translations of League Champions from the Japanese Sites
: I've spent the last two minutes trying to think who even has an active on their passive, and a passive on their q, let alone has all of that...Azir and Kindred are the only two I can think of with an activatable passive...
{{champion:26}} Activatable passive, and also, IMPOSSIBLE TO DODGE OR BREAK THE TETHER!!! BROKEN!
: Can we in the very least TALK about Darius?
1. Personally, I kind of enjoy seeing an enemy Darius top. I suit up with my favorite top laner {{champion:83}} and prepare to engage in a chess game of avoiding everything he does, to the best of my ability, and set up so that when a fight is initiated, It's a 4 or 5 v 1. Does the lane become a lot more work? Yes, but that can be fun of its own sort.
: Zilean basketball theme
As a Zilean main, YES PLEASE. I would spend many many dollars for this!!!!
: Stupidest way to dogde a game
My cat once jumped on top of my tower. Right on the power button.
: Tell everyone how to beat your main.
Fellow {{champion:26}} main here, and I'll add a few more ways to really grind my gears. His bomb hitboxes are VERY GENEROUS, so the best bet is to keep moving at all times (as with almost any champion). When he lands a bomb on you, you can use it to screw up his ADC's farm, if your minions are low already. Watch for the yellow Rewind activation. At early levels, the CD is very high. If you're like me, it stays high late into the game, because I personally max E second. No Rewind, no stun. No healing abilities and a squishy nature mean poke is very dangerous to him.
: support is the easiest role in the game "keep vision on X" I have to keep vision of my lane, too. Warding isn't a hard thing to do, lmao. Stop repeating yourself just to make the list longer top lane I have to know how to manage my wave (you don't even need to touch CS outside of helping ADC farm under turret), I have to know how to lane against a champion on a per-game basis, I have to be careful of ganks, I have to zone my opponent from CS whenever I can while also trying not to set myself up for ganks, I have to keep up in CS if it's a bad matchup so I can be useful to my team past lane phase, I have to keep track of my enemy's Teleport so I can know when they'll attempt to TP gank, I have to know when to TP gank myself, all the while not having a second player who has my back for the first 20 minutes of the game. I've never abused my supports but you probably deserve it since 90% of you are the biggest professional victims I've ever seen
Couple things real quick. Yes, you do have to keep vision of your lane. In fact, your support would probably appreciate it. However, as a support, I often am required to keep vision on dragon, in the enemy tri-bush, and the river all at the same time, not to mention just using them to cover my behind whenever I'm roaming. Yes, you are responsible for managing your creep waves. Guess what! we have to worry about that too! Especially if our ADC is not quite grasping that concept. We have to make sure that our ADC (a COMPLETELY SEPARATE person) is even in a safe enough situation to farm his own creeps. Supports are also expected to harass, so the enemy ADC fails at the aforementioned endeavor. You do have to keep track of your opponent's very crucial TP summoner spell. In reality, the whole team should be aware of that. Not only do we also have to worry about ganks (just like you, except we're a juicier target because there are two kills to be had) we are facing an enemy support, who most likely has an array of CC. We have to know the cooldowns of not just 4 abilities + 2 summoner spells + items, but 8 abilities + 4 summoner spells + 2X items. Otherwise, we can very easily make a bad engage. This brings me to the one line that irked me the most: "a second player who has my back for the first 20 minutes of the game." Has my back? Unless we are duo-ing, we are forced to try and communicate with a player who probably isn't even in the same state as us! The whole lane long, we are not leaning on them, but RELYING on them to play well. We hope that they have the same level of aggressiveness, skill, experience, and drive as us. Every game you have to foster a good connection with this person if you want any chance of doing well. Having a teammate is a gamble. So yes, if you are duo-ing with a friend you can speak to vocally, and have played with before, then yes, support can be an easier role than a solo lane. But if you are a true support player and play solo queue, you are rolling the dice every champ select. No matter what the dice show, you are forced to make it work to the best of your ability, while simultaneously doing all those other support things. But rock on in top lane! Your TP ganks are appreciated.
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: Galio Should Be Loved
I play a decent amount of support Galio, and there is one thing I would especially love to see for him. Make his W castable on turrets. He's a gargoyle, let him protect a building!
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyaldan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4imvwB58,comment-id=0001000000040000,timestamp=2016-05-22T23:44:42.516+0000) > > there are no shit champs in urf {{champion:157}} {{champion:68}}
Rumble is actually pretty strong in URF. Everlasting flamespitter and scrap shield is pretty good, now that he doesn't get silenced. Even his turbo rockets or whatever seem to be always up. I went 32/8/X essentially by facerolling QWE.
: Who would you guys say the most evil/demonic champion/skin is?
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Meeks011 (NA)
: You could pretty much reply this to every suggestion. > Replay mode From what I've heard, dota has something like this > Split gold of AFKs among teammates From what I've heard, dota has something like this > Give Elise webs and controllable spiders From what I've heard, dota has something like this > Make a necromancer champion From what I've heard, dota has something like this > I wanted Wolf and Lamb to be two separate characters both under my control From what I've heard, dota has something like this > Better tutorial From what I've heard, dota has something like this
"Make a necromancer champion" {{champion:83}} Punk, I'm already here.
Bârd (NA)
: Lets make towers fucking terrifying.
In the interest of trying to kill two birds with one stone, can we have Galio's W - Bulwark be able to be cast on turrets? It's even flavorful because he's, you know, a gargoyle.
: How long does it take to update the patch.... been sitting 3 hours scanning files
At that point, I just closed the client and tried again. Once you get >9000 files, it'll never stop.
: you're not suppose to roam as a support anyway....{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} unless your team is like 4 lvls ahead of the enemy
In my experience as a support main, you roam in 4 instances 1: Both enemy bot laners are dead 2: Enemy ADC is dead. 3: ADC has gone to base, and enemies are low 4: Your ADC is a world-class goof and has pushed like crazy without waiting for you.
: It's time for a Fiddlesticks rework
My buddies and I actually had a discussion about this this morning. I used to main Fiddlesticks jungle, but there's really no point anymore. My friends and I agreed that Riot is keeping him low because of his kit. He has a fear, a silence, AND a drain. On any other champion, doesn't that sound a little strong? We also agreed that taking away the stacking silence was a bad plan, as that ability is fairly useless without it. In my opinion, lower the sky-high mana costs.
: He didn't recieve a lot of changes but the itematisation still helps him kinda. {{item:1402}} is a pretty ok item on him and he also kinda benefits from the {{item:3157}} changes. Even {{item:3001}} is kinda ok on him.
That is a large amount of "kinda."
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