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Mindzur (NA)
: Is Riot's balance team ever coming back from their vacation?
LoL should just take a good look at other mobas and elements of them that actually work at this point to save itself, and spend time on a major calibration and/or overhaul of Runes, Items, Summoner Spells, how the damage-healing correlation works so it's healthier, towers/structures, how the jungle works, how certain effects work, how to better define what certain classes should and shouldn't be doing mechanically, etc... but it's just too big of a job to make the game into what it could be because that's too much work for those who just want the $$$
: Worst part of team games? The "team". Any time you play a team game, unless you've got a good pre-made, you're exposing yourself to the odds of life; 80-90% of people are shit at everything, and League is no exception. I deal with this by ruining the experience for new petty little way of getting back at Riot for not doing more to stop smurfs/rreettaarrddss from ending up in my games.
Worst part of team games are probably just people like you. "On scale of 1-10 yer bad iof yer 1 an godz if 10 lolz the is no inbweten lolz"
: if you don't push or follow, you should not play the game
The LoL community ladies and gentlemen. People like you honestly deserve to have your time wasted. What a silly rant.
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: Janna and the bad Rito
Disengaging and kiting for days. How DARE any champion stop all that free damage from damagecreep players! She's too stronk.
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Akrid415 (NA)
: Why do people feed?
Matchmaking is garbage. The game is garbage.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Corrector1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hp7kwtkE,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-28T02:30:48.454+0000) > > Im not saying that extreme. Im saying from the special effects mages get they dont get much damage in comparison to adc burst. A adc is basically a AD mage that has never ending spells called autos. Yeah and because of that, they tend to lack the tools casters have like hard cc and utility, sure, there are some special cases but most of it is tied to ultimates or long cds. Sure, that arrow wielded gets sustained damage, but that mage has aoe stun and burst with longer range at that
: The problem is that people who are bad at the game can get deleted so fast, or loose a few and its nearly impossible for them to come back. If they just made it so it took longer to kill that would make this game much more fun. Not talking about the tank meta when tanks had insane damage.
^This. All this free damage from poorly balanced items and runes is ridiculous, no matter how many times someone says 'git gud'. In what world in any game is it okay to deal damage twice the amount of a champion's HP in 2 seconds or less?
Thilmer (EUW)
: Armour is bullshit
Armor is indeed useless. You can be a Naut with 200 Armor, a shield and 3000+ HP, and still fall in 5 seconds or less if two attack damagers are on you.
: Damage is too high. Damage items are too strong.
Riot doesn't listen because they want the game to be fast-paced and brain dead. There's also a "stop the damage is too high circle jerk" circle jerk out there that are in denial of the ridiculous damage to defense ratio, so watch out!
: List your picks for most annoying champions
Syrile (NA)
: I keep seeing these posts that Assassins are balanced....
Assassins shouldn't be able to 100-0 you in 2 seconds or less. There's too much damage! Assassins should be the cleanup/pick-off crew, not the make any squishy without five dashes completely useless crew. Some people have been brainwashed in thinking that 'staying out of range' is some sort of interactive healthy counterplay when in reality it just makes this game a crappy damagefest. "Stay out of range, cc, lolz" sort of doesn't work when assassins can dash flash dash to you and kill you before you can even hit a key.
: Do people really think there's too much damage in League right now?
: This Game Needs More CDR
...The votes down and some of the comments really just show how dumb the LoL community are as a whole. That's the problem with kids these days - they don't get sacarcasm, irony or context.
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: Has anyone else been getting AFKs practically every game?
: Just making sure. You know that 1 rage blade passive 2 kaisa out scale olaf. 3her passive scale with ap and does max healtg % damage
I like how you think that's okay. Who cares how it happened, it's not healthy period.
: New Conqueror is EXCEPTIONAL on Katarina
Fun for you, another piece of the bullshit damage/mobility/insert word here creep for others against you.
: This was by far one of the most painful Ranked games I've ever managed to win, practically a 2v5
Blame matchmaking. I don't think people 'want' to purposely be placed on teams where they get yelled at for not knowing anything all the time. In a perfect world people would point issues out in a civilized non-vulgar manner, and they will listen. This is the real world, so flamers/ragers deserve the karma and trolls purposely don't care to listen.
: Getting flamed 3 of your teammates because you died once early
Just /ignore all before every game. It solves a lot of problems. Then report the moron for griefing you.
: serious question does riot ever take silver gold and plat player's opinion seriously?
Arammus (EUW)
: i found the PERFECT way for champ designers to know if their design is unfun/broken
You know what would help even more? If the idiots in charge of champion creation actually played the game.
: Anyone got thoughts on the up coming support buffs?
Nobody likes when Enchanters do their job, and you know, heal/shield so that the ADC they are babysitting isn't blown up as fast as assassin mains would like.
: I dont fucking understand this company
More damage, quicker games, more lolimgoods, more skins, more money for Riot.
: When is Soraka going to be touched AT ALL?
Why does EVERYONE champion have to be 'not boring'? EVERY single damn champion in the game can't be super interesting or intricate to use, it's just not going to happen. Just leave some fucking simplicity already. It's OKAY for some champions to seem boring.
Infernape (EUW)
: Yay point and click shields!
Yay point and click 1001010000 damage stacked auto attack procs!
: Riot Dodging Questions
They care enough to comb through all these concerns, pick the easiest/most redundant to respond to once every couple of weeks, and ignore anything else that is actually important.
crazÿ (EUW)
: i`m assassin when i try to kill adc support stop me and protect him this game it`s broken unbalanced XXXXXXXXXD {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
That's what they're supposed to do though. XD All that healing/shielding enchanter power goes out the window as the game goes on, and all the damage numbers fly around in overkill.
: Countering Assassins vs. Enchanter Supports
Sydney26 (EUW)
: Daily reminder ... state of the Game is disgusting
It's never gonna change man. No dev actually cares about anything people say on forums and boards. People will always deny there are so many balance issues (because it's really healthy for anyone to one-shot anyone else no matter how fed), people will always pull that 'lolz many people r saying thsame thing tht mnz echochamber' crap, and people will always come back to the game they should and try to leave only to come back with a sliver of hope that things would get better.
: The boards want damage reductions...
Remove bullshit items loaded in burst damage (or make them unique passives that can't stack), remove or fix keystones so they don't give extra free bullshit damage everywhere, and tone down champions with bullshit damage numbers for what they should be doing as a class. It wouldn't even be much of an issue if there wasn't so much early game lopsidedness where people do too much fucking damage and have too little of an HP pool or armor/magic resistance. Save that shit for the late game where things you know, have to actually have some sort of scaling. Not EVERY champion that shouldn't be good early game to begin with needs to be good early game.
: Imagine not building zhonas vs a fed assassin and then wondering why you got 1 shot
XD Yeah, because that Zhonas sure helps. It just delays the inevitable. Burst damage is TOO HIGH in relation to everything else.
: Keystones are the main reason the game is how it is, nerf them or remove them
Remove the stupid keystones, remove the stupid items in the shop.
: @Riot is a detailed post about Damage Creep, TTK, Snowball and Game Length too much to ask?
They might listen if everyone stops giving them money? Stop buying RP!
: A Response to Doublelift on a Constantly Evolving Game
Hint: Making a role more viable doesn't mean you have to nerf another role or two
Meddler (NA)
: I think we've changed the game too quickly over the first half of this year, in particular during the midseason period. We've pulled back on change per patch as a result and will be staying at lower change until the end of the year. Will also be avoiding spread out midseasons like we tried this time. Hope was that introducing change more gradually would make it easier to adjust and balance, with no individual patch feeling as large. What it instead did was leave a longer period of time feeling disrupted. How much we should change things, versus waiting for players to adapt, is a tough one. Agree it's sometimes the right call, and that we likely act too hastily. At the same time there are usually some things that are just clearly out of line enough that, even if it's possible to play around them, it makes the game worse by having to do so (champs who are overtuned, Ardent Censer when it was so meta defining etc). In those cases I think we should be acting quickly on things, even if it undercuts the potential for innovation and adaptability somewhat. What sort of examples are you thinking when you link rate of change and increased player requests for things that benefit their own play? Seeing some of that certainly with ADCs at present, but that feels pretty appropriate IMO given were, or still are, in rough spots. There are also players who'll argue vehemently that their role/champ needs massive buffs unless it's clearly the strongest in the game, not sure that's linked to rate of change though, given it seems to a constant from many who argue like that.
Can you just freaking stop the apologizing/explaining paragraphs and just fix the game already? More tower HP or damage/attack speed? Not getting one-shotted before you can even do the job of the role you're playing? Not having 'stay a screen and a half away or die lolz' as counterplay? Letting roles do their jobs?
: > Why not nerf support gold instead since they're the problem? You don't fucking understand funneling. It isn't support gold (they already have low gold), its support effectiveness. **Are you ignoring the fact that supports broken because you're a support main??** Unless you're bad at your job, I can only assume you're biased. > Even if we reduced the amount of gold supports were getting substantially (e.g. 500 less by 15:00) that doesn't address the core issue here that's making funneling powerful. #FUNNELING IS POWERFUL BECAUSE SUPPORT KITS ARE OVERTUNNED IN CC/SHIELDING AND THEY NEED **VERY LITTLE GOLD** TO OPERATE AT HIGH EFFECTIVENESS It's a common denominator question. Yi + Taric is strong. Yi alone sucks if he isn't being funneled by Taric. Anyone with Taric is strong. **Gee, I wonder who might b the problem!?** And then you nerf YI despite Taric being the problem. Do I sound pissed off? **I am.** You're older than me, have worked in this job longer than I have played, and yet you cannot or refuse to make the proper changes to solve the issue. That doesn't make logical sense.
Because supports having lots of heals/shields/cc 'supporting', hence 'supporting' again is an issue. Why do damage dealers 2-shot you in a second? That's overtuned


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