: i dont think that was that getting bad is what made him quit league, or getting trolled or something, what made him quit making league vids is riot not giving a fuk about him, cus he is promoting their game, he is a league youtuber and riot doesn't even thank him, there isn't a riot made event espacially for content creators in north america.
you say that and yet Dunkey had one of his video's shown on the world stage in front of millions of people. I totally see how you think Riot doesn't thank him when they put him on for tons of people to view....
: Looked into this bug today, should have a fix in for patch 5.19.
You will have a fix for 5.19? Why not hot fix that in for 5.18 so that it can be in the worlds patch? I do not think he would see much play at the world stage if he cannot R Q combo...
: How big is the reward system? I just had a party of me and 3 of my friends and It said 121 IP at the end of the game which was only about 30 minutes I believe. I read some where that it should of given me x8 more IP, but that isn't accurate, or maybe I read it wrong, because that could be anywhere around 600 - 700 IP. Which I would NOT complain about by the way.
You only have a CHANCE of getting the 8x rewards for a 3 man premade. You can get anywhere from no bonus up to 8x bonus. 121 ip after a 30 minute game is rather good since on average i believe you should only have gotte like 80-90 ip for a 30 minute game.
: I am very confused on how this works. Nowhere have I seen how they work. I am wondering If they stack with normal ip boosts, do they work with win of the day, and do your chances change if you win or lose? Also, I won a game and only got 27 "extra" ip... If the boosts are what they say they are then I should get 4x and not a fourth of what I originally earned. If anyone knows the answers it would be very appreciated. Thanks :)
You only have a CHANCE of getting the 4x bonus. That is the maximum jackpot you can earn for going into a duo queue. Most people will earn less then that. It looks like you got something like a 25% or 30% increase in ip. So you got a 1.3x boost. The 4x boost is supposed to be a rare occurence. Hope that helps.
Zaíphon (EUW)
: Seems like someone is a Rito Brainwashed Zombie lel. I guess you are happy with everything they throw at you. And defending it with the same quote over and over again "They do it for free, they dont have to do it at all bla bla bla". Atleast they could do it for once with no "GAMBLE CHANCES" for one week, would have been fair enough after all that happend. besides The spectatefaker "e-stalker" Stories or 2012 EUW server outrage with downtimes of nearly 24/7.
So by explaining what was actually written in their write up is classified as defending them.... They are also running an experiment, what would be the point of running the experiment if they are not going to be set to the values you want tested. That would completely nullify and results they got and make it worthless to run.
: This event not working properly. Only allows 2 person duo still. Fix please. edit: or is this apply to normals?
This applies in all queue types. Team Builder, SR, Ranked, TT, Dominion.
jars (NA)
: got +16 for being in a 5 person group, not 16x
It is not guatanteed to get 16x ip for queuing with 5 man premade. There is only a CHANCE of getting it. It is like going to a casino and playing the slots. Sometimes you win and get the mega jackpot( 16x ip), sometimes you get no jackpot, and sometimes you get smaller jackpots.
Zaíphon (EUW)
: Just finished a Game with 5 People (Full Reward of 5 People is 16x IP) and Won the Game, wanna know how much i got "Extra"? 8. Fucking 8IP. So when does: Won Game 99IP + Matched Game 18IP = 107IP x 16 = 8IP? Rito math Skillz LCS Incoming.
It is not guatanteed to get 16x ip for queuing with 5 man premade. There is only a CHANCE of getting it. It is like going to a casino and playing the slots. Sometimes you win and get the mega jackpot( 16x ip), sometimes you get no jackpot, and sometimes you get smaller jackpots (in your case you got +8% ip). Before questioning their math skillz you should question your reading comprehension skills.
Xandun (NA)
: Why the heck did they include a chance for no boost? What's the point if there is a chance you get nothing out of it? Get a party of 5 and then get nothing? That is such a rip off Riot.
How is that a rip off? If you get nothing then no harm was done since it turns into the current live system. It is either good or neutral. There is no chance of lose ip so no matter how you look at it you either come out ahead or exactly where you would have been without the system.
Fox kun (NA)
: If anyone has gotten party rewards please let me know.
I have seen people getting rewards. It happens but this is just like playing the slots at a casino (except you technically never lose here). You have a chance of getting the jackpot every time you play but you also have a chance for smaller rewards or no rewards at all.
: just played two games with groups of 5 and got 5+ ip...
You are not guaranteed to get the jackpot every time you play with more people. You will most the time get smaller bonus rewards. They said they want the jackpot to be a rare occurrence not something you get every 10 games. Sounds like you got something like a 5% increase in earned ip for your game, assuming you won about 100 normal ip (that is the average win value).
Adayin (NA)
: 45 min game, 5 party members, +32 bonus IP. Thats a good 16x.
They never said that you get 16x ip for every game you play in a 5 man premade. They said you have a CHANCE of getting a 16x bonus with a 5 man. It is just like playing the slots at a casino, sometimes you win the jackpot (16x ip), sometimes you win nothing (0 ip), and sometimes you win smaller rewards (1.3x ip etc.) Based on the fact you got +32 and generally for a win you normally only get around 100 ip or so, that mean you got a bonus of +30% ip for the win roughly.
Yer1kk (NA)
: Well, we just had a game of 3 ppl party, and we did not get rewards that we soppose to.
You do not always get the rewards just for playing with more people. You have a chance of earning more rewards but it is not guaranteed to get it every time.
: oh so its not 16 times more ip its just 16.....
It is 16 times more ip but as the thread says, it is only a CHANCE to get the 16x jackpot. It is like playing the slots at a casino, you do not win the jackpot every time you put money in. Sometimes you win a tiny jackpot and sometimes you win absolutely nothing.
: Funny How i played litterally 20 games with my friends and didn't get a single ip boost. Every game my party was full of 5. This is a rip off event.
Considering this event just came out, I am surprised you were able to play 20 games within two hours...
: I won a game duoing with someone and only got 91 ip... it only gave me 4 extra ip, not multiplied by 4. {{champion:32}}
If you actually read what it says then you would know you only have a CHANCE of getting a 4x with a duo partner. You may also get 0 bonus ip. based on what you said you basically just got a 5% boost in ip for that game.
Wybenk (NA)
: Support: the role that nobody talks about (not even Riot)
> [{quoted}](name=KGB N0m3rcY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bEP3kiA4,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-01T01:04:05.902+0000) > 1. NEW ITEMS- holy crap I can`t emphasize this enough. > You`d argue that supports have a reasonable amount of buildpaths but do they really? Ancient Coin hasn`t seen much competitive play lately (although the rise of Veigar might change that- thanks GE Tigers). Targon is fairly solid, and most people build just Frost Fang and let it sit like that (or sometimes not even bother to upgrade it) BECAUSE OF 2 > Idk why you would say that ancient coin does not see much competitive play when it is always picked in at least 20% of the games played every week (actual values: 20%, 30%, 25%, 20%, 25%, 20% per week in NA LCS) Sure it may not be the 33% that would be optimal showing that each option is completely even but that is still rather close to the optimal value for the three. Not to mention Ancient coin is the most fully upgraded trinket of all three compared by the amount purchased by the amount fully upgraded.
: Forced Bans on LCS
ADC is probably one of the most diverse roles that league has atm. So far this year we have seen: Jinx Sivir Caitlyn Corki Kog maw Tristana Graves Ezreal Kalista Vayne Lucian Draven 12/18 of the classified ADC have actually seen play in the LCS. I think that is rather decent, and once you pull in the global stats it actually rises a little bit from people in Korea playing a few of the obscure ADC's every once in a while. The jungle role needs the most attention and hopefully with large number of tank junglers getting buffs next patch we will be able to see a bit larger variety of champions in the jungle. We also at least got to see a Viktor and Hecarim get played today. Hopefully riot can help bring more champions to the front lines, but i honestly think the ADC role is the healthiest of all the roles.
: Issue with DJ Sona Voiceover (very hard to understand with additional VO filtering)
I love playing support and was seriously thinking about getting this ultimate skin, but after hearing the VO i will 100% not be getting the skin. This is an ultimate skin and seems pointless that you cannot even understand her VO lines. We get all these new champions that have VO lines for items or VO lines with different champions in the game and yet we have to shell out $20 for a skin and cannot even understand her VO lines. Riot Galatta said it sounds better with the music but I disagree, I enjoy listening to my champions voice and hearing what they have to say, I do not want to spend $20 on a skin just to turn off one complete feature of the skin because it sounds terrible (even when paired with the music).
Nynaeve (NA)
: https://vine.co/v/OTgiV5ujV7w
Vi started casting her ultimate before you started casting yours...
Tamat (NA)
: League of Legends Music: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
: "It pledged that never shall someone become his friend,"
Annie is what Tom was to myspace, friends with anyone.
: > [{quoted}](name=Katululicious,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=IOreapLP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-01-25T21:48:21.519+0000) > > I'd rather have more things to spend Ip on. I understand this, to someone who plays a few games every few days, but for Me and the people I play with - and many others - we are on almost everyday. So getting IP is nothing. LoL has the better of the in game point/gold systems out of the mobas who do it. Meaning you'd get ip relatively fast. Sure maybe price drop - which they've been doing - at a fast pace, but other then that a complete drop in pricing is unneeded from my perspective. I agree with you. There are some people maxing out ,but there are also more and more new people coming out. Riot can't control that ,but looking at 2010-2013 champions price ranges it is high. New people have to make a decision of runes or champions. I personally smurf have smurfed before. To get a champion that cost 48000 you have to play atleast 40 games. Assuming you don't have a ip boost. 20-40 games. I suck at math you can correct me if I am wrong ,but I only have time for like 1-2 games a day ,but I see your point. What about the new people? 2015 players and 2014? I am a 2010 player so yea.
20-40 games to get a champion is somehow bad? If like you said u only play 1-2 games a day that means that you are getting your 4800 for a new champion every ~30 days and since riot usually takes ~50 days to produce a champion then you are still gaining more ip faster than riot is producing their content. Especially since the total price of the champion pool only goes up by a maximum of 4800 ip per champion release and a minimum of 3000. People that are new to the game have access to tons of cheap content that can easily bring them into the game with quality champions. There are now 32 champions in the 6300 pricing pool and it used to be the largest pricing pool in league of legends. However, when Gnar was released 4800 because the pricing pool with the largest number of champions in it, and slowly the other pools will catch up to it as well and even overtake the 6300 pricing pool. We know this because the total number of 6300 champions will never exceed 32 since every time they add one champion to the pool they reduce the price of another champion in that same pool to the lower tiers. every third release they even reduce the pricing of TWO champions to make things even cheaper for people. So i do not feel bad for the people that are new to the game when they actually have it rather sweet compared to how the older users had it. Riot used to NEVER do pricing reductions and so we spent all our ip on all these expensive champions that are now dirt cheap.
: Thank you everyone for posting!
I have no idea what you are talking about here. Riot already reduces prices of older champions EVERY time they release a new champion. They reduce the price of the oldest 6300 champion to the 4800 pool which drops the price by 1500 ip. This in turn means that the total cost of all the champions in leave only goes up by 4800 every time a new champion is released instead of 6300. Not to mention every time Riot releases a third champion they in turn reduce 2 older champions prices, one from the 6300 tier and one from 4800 or less tier. which means that along with the 1500 price reduction on the 6300 champions they are reducing the total price of overall champions by another 900 for 1350 -> 450, 1800 for 3150 -> 1350, or another 1650 for 4800 -> 3150. That brings the total overall cost of champions being increased by either 3900 for the 450 change, 3000 for the 3150 change and 3150 for the 4800 change. So with all that in mind I have no idea how you can make these claims that they do not care and that they do not reduce the prices of their champions when they clearly do. Especially since their total champion pool cost is not going up by all that great of an amount. You comment about new players starting up in league but when the new champions are being produced at 6300 the people it actually only hurts are the long standing players while the people that are freshly starting are actually getting a better deal since they will be able to make use of the price reductions that riot does every champion release unlike an older player who may already own the champion and thus would be unable to make use of the new pricing of the champion.
: Easy Firewall Fix
Yeah this does not work. I do not have my windows firewall enabled and I have already tried reinstalling league. I have also tried turning my firewalls on in some hope that it would work =/.
Leggie (NA)
: Can matchmaking be changed so that you can't get matched with someone who you just played with?
You run into problems with this at high elo where it can take 30+ minutes to find a game and even when you find a game you are still with the same people you played with last time. If they implemented this then the high elo players would never be able to find game.


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