: New free champion rotation: Draven, Janna, Thresh and more!
{{champion:84}} : low ELO destroyer {{champion:164}} : I still remember when she was first released...*shivers* {{champion:119}} : its DRAAAAAAAAVEN {{champion:36}} : just give him a rework already Riot {{champion:40}} : the OG peel queen {{champion:57}} : even fire and lighting cannot take down this tree {{champion:78}} : builds full tank then assassinates Adc {{champion:133}} : the bane upon the existence of melee toplaners {{champion:134}} : do I even need to talk about her ult ? {{champion:412}} : take my F.ing lantern {{champion:23}} : death defied {{champion:29}} : when he sprays you better pray {{champion:77}} : insert Trick2G joke here {{champion:19}} : when he smells your blood you better hug your tower and kiss it
: New free champion rotation: Singed, Kalista, Tahm Kench and more!
{{champion:63}} : underplayed in my opinion, I feel he is a sleeper OP {{champion:245}} : tower dives INTESIFIED!!! {{champion:429}} : remember supports, never trust your Kalistas {{champion:90}} : Litiral space aids {{champion:75}} : Stackes Accumulator 9000 {{champion:111}} : your typical big bro tank {{champion:421}} : used to be the terror of the jungle for a long time {{champion:27}} : never forget the first rule of LOL {{champion:15}} : that moment when she Ults her team and they come running at you {{champion:223}} : either he saves you when you most need it and you honor him or he trolls, deliver you to your death and you report him {{champion:48}} : an actual troll in game {{champion:106}} : oh... I just remembered this guy exists {{champion:238}} : incoming new shadow arts initiats (aka: Zed first timers) {{champion:143}} : the support with most dmg output
: I don't necessarily think so, I think it would be more of a "I really don't want to play against this". For example, as an ADC main, I hate playing against Yasuo the most, so I would have no trouble instabanning him. All they COULD gather against it is that there is at least one person on the enemy team, most likely the mid or top laner, who doesn't want to lane against yasuo. I think that with the current 10 ban system that is illustrated, it would be hard to tell what someone WANTED to play on the enemy team based off their bans.
I see maybe you are right
: I love the 10 ban system, but I think I would rework so you can see the bans as they roll through and still ban accordingly so you don't feel your ban is wasted. Examples: Blue team uses all 5 of their bans right off the bat. The purple team can still see who they banned so they can ban as well. Let's say that 3 people on blue and 1 person on purple auto bans, that takes those 4 champions away from the ban possibility and the 2 people on blue can still see the one ban on purple, and the 4 people on purple can still see the 3 bans on blue. Neither team bans at all because they wanted to play chicken. The two people who decided to ban Yasuo don't have to race for another ban, because you don't get dropped for not banning.
This can be a good solution but wouldn't revealing enemy ban give you a hint of what they wanna pick?
Kshaway (NA)
: Might as well say goodbye to these guys:{{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:99}}
and maybe also {{champion:51}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}}
: I understand that but I would rather have the longer draft than a confusing one. Why waste someones opportunity to ban because someone on the other team banned something as well. And in that case we would have 9 bans because 2 people banned the same thing all the way to a potential 5 bans because the same reason. I feel this just really silly.
I agree that wasted bans are not fun (read my other comments) but I don't think the Pro 10 bans are the way to do it. (if it is the only solution then I'm all for it)
: This is absolutely foolish and a mistake. I'm fine with bans at the same time, but let one side ban (so 5 bans), then the other side see it and they get their 5 bans. People are going to tilt off the face of the earth when their ban is wasted and going to be toxic. This is just absolutely not the right approach.
I don t think that's possible bans only show when both teams locked in their bans
: This means that there is the possibility that all five bans for each team are exactly the same. Which gives us a total of five bans (less than what we have now).
I agree with you but what if you have multiple Champs you don't like laning against and you banned the one that the enemy team banned? that would be a big waste.
: I feel like Riot is underestimating the ability of the current 10 ban system in competitive to bring it over to Live client. I feel like it could easily be implemented. It just wouldn't be as targeted as the Pros make it. It would have 100% less confusion in this case and you could easily ban the 5 champs you want depending on situation. Oh look the bottom two players havent picked either support or adc *bans 2 adc*. It really feels like we are getting this weird confusing mode of 10 bans because the player base isn't as smart or something?
they did it to cut down on the draft phase time.
: Lol love this. Except, won't it cause confusion if two players ban the same champ? Weird.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
not only that, but also bans would be wasted (a maximum of 5 bans wasted that is)
: Incoming 10 man Yasuo Ban.
I wish that was possible but one ban can be only duplicated once (I mean that would be funny)
Wendígo (NA)
: Bans really shouldn't be duplicated If you get a duplicate your ban is wasted and that feels bad
: Ban can duplicated across teams? I don't know about that one. I'd rather prefer if they didn't.
This means that there is the possibility that all five bans for each team are exactly the same. Which gives us a total of five bans (less than what we have now).
: 10 bans now live in Ranked
Ban can duplicated across teams? I don't know about that one. I'd rather prefer if they didn't.


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