soopcan (NA)
: Thanks for this awesome Urgot rework
I always hated Swain, but after his rework I think I might be a Swain main, because that looks amazing. The abilities are more complex (compared to Old Swain), and his artwork/design look awesome too. Honestly can't think of a rework that failed, or was worse the original product.
: You have an entire year to level up your honor. It's still January....
> [{quoted}](name=zPOOPz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=NKjZ0sN3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-26T21:39:50.687+0000) > > You have an entire year to level up your honor. It's still January.... Ok but did they nerf the time it takes to level up? This seems much slower then before. I know someone who has alredy leveled up, a few times.
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: When you win you win. When you lose you lose.
Could it be that its because you are playing Jinx, who can snowball easily, and is hard to play from behind?
: ***
I carried for the first 20 minutes. Had all 10 of our kills at one point.
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: RITO PLEASE:New Loading Screen For 2018
: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Laughing Fish this is what I think about your throne {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I could name a few, like how fighters have been in the shitter for a long while now, and fervor champions are now restricted to only have grasp as their only good rune. Adcs are reaching powerspikes way too early, about 20 minutes, crit items are extremely cheap and offer way too much utility, lord Dominiks nullify tanks, mage supports dominating botlane because of the lack of mr There's also the lack of AP itemization and klepto ezreal, along with dark harvest being too feast or famine, mordekiasers never ending bugs, and towers being way too weak. I mean there are a lot of things going on right now.
Well I definitely have to disagree with the first part, but I can agree with most of what you said. But this guy is exaggerating the issues. There has always been balancing issues in League. There has never been a time when everything was perfect. Thats just how it is every season.
Barkley (NA)
: League is in a critically bad state right now.
You just said a bunch of things about how bad League is, without actually naming issues or answers to them. SO, basically this is just like every other post in the boards right now.
: I think it may be time to nerf duskblade again
There are some champs that I could understand getting Duskblade for the passive that would make sense (Rengar, Kha, Wukong etc), but when I see ADCs like Miss Fortune getting it and still doing a lot of damage I have to agree with you.
Mob Piru (NA)
: veigar seems really op
There is plenty of counter play, its just that people don't pick the right champions.
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: I'm not an ADC main, nor am i high in the competitive ladder, but IMO Jhin would be a good choice. He has a lot going for him and Press The Attack is better on him than a few other ADC's due to his already high damage and exceptional range. Also Ez is pretty great right now, but he might be nerfed pretty soon so watch out.
Yeah I was worried about using Ezreal because how dominant he is right now.
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: > "the popular opinion right now is that he is OP" In what world? I haven't seen a veigar, let alone a strong one since season 4
I am 13-2 with him right now in ranked this season. I get to about 1.2k AP per game if it lasts to 30 - 40 minutes. It gets so strong that I can almost kill someone just with Q. Usually everyone in the game that I play with just say how op he is and he needs to be nerfed.
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
Don't rework or nerf {{champion:45}} . I know the popular opinion right now is that he is OP but he really isn't. He is squishy and easily countered. I'd like it if you would just leave him how he is but just don't ruin him please. I have too many good skins of his that I don't want to go to waste.
: I love all those skins, and actually I've been thinking on different ones that others have mentioned (I've attached the pictures here), like: Mecha Zac (made out of mercury) Intergalactic Zac (based on Augmented Zac, but with a high tech ring around its neck) Melted Candy Zac. Lava (or Magma) Zac. Sand Zac (or some better name that that) Sea Monster Zac. Polution Zac (based on Storm Zac) Gentleman Zac (give him a suit, he wants one) Earthgoo Zac (based o Earthworm Jim) I don't wanna take credit for any of the skin pictures, nor some ideas because I didn't create them. I just wanna show you this incredible optins that I found adding to what The Imphamous has. ohh and don't forget jinx, elise, or Vel'koz. they also need new skins.
Love it! I have seen Gentelmen and Lava zac and I think they look amazin.g
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
I would ask for a estimated time but I am sure that would not be close either.
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
Their company might be bad but that doesn't make the game itself bad.
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
The least you could do is give us a update? No. Just leave us in the dark for 2 hours now. That is a great idea.
: I'm not sure about you, however I know that I am very satisfied with Riot Games and League of Legends. So there is a delay, I would rather it be done right once, then done wrong multiple times. I have been a customer for over five years, and if time permits, I will be a customer for five more to come.
To be honest I am not satisfied. Connection issues, uneven matchmaking, banning toxic players instead of AFK/Feeders, then there is this patch. This isn't even 4.20. That comes tomorrow! So once again we will have to wait 20 hours to play just a single game of this. I cannot think of another company that shuts down a server for the entire day do fix "issues".
: So many captain hindsights on the forums today. Easy to say what riot should have done. Wait and see if updates help lag and reconnect issues before complaining. If no changes or worse, then riot lol
They have never actually fixed lag issues so I doubt it will happen now.
Riot Ahab (EUW)
: Agreed. Tech stuff can shift and move but player trust is more important. We padded out the time we estimated for this maintenance by several hours, only to see issues arise and blow that extra time out of the water. Tech issues will come and go, but we need to get better at striking the balance of under-promising and over-delivering.
: > Went from 12 PM, 3PM, and now 4 PM. What are you doing Riot... Working hard to fix issues?
I highly doubt it takes 20 hours to fix issues. They started it at 1 AM EST. I cannot think of a company that shuts down a server for a entire day just to do a patch.
: But this right here is why Riot doesn't say anything. Okay, the game is delayed? So what. That happens in life, and they are no different than we. All the League community ever wants is to know everything before its done and they get mad when they are told nothing. Now, a Rioter was trying to be nice to us, and we flame him down....its sad. I feel really bad for Riot, nothing will ever be good enough to sate our bloodlust.
Think of it at a business perspective. They produced a deadline on when it would be finished, post poned it several times, and is not giving us any info on when it would be done. Considering we are there customers technically, they are horrible with customer satisfactory.
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
Went from 12 PM, 3PM, and now 4 PM. What are you doing Riot...
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
: thought riot said making a skin would be hard?
I know right? 4 great ideas that the so far the community enjoys and even a Riot staff.
: These are AWESOME. If riot made banana spilt zac, i would instabuy that so hard. Legendary skin maybe? This thread needs a red post, these are so cool. Although i have been really hoping for him to get a pool party skin...{{item:3070}}
It just got a Red post and has a thousand views now! Zac finally getting some notice!
: You forgot his suit!
Wow that is a great idea! Did you make this yourself?
: Hell to the yes. I enjoy the hell out of Zac, but sadly he's not too good right now. He needs some skin love.
That is exactly what I said! Special Weapon is a lazy skin they made. IF they would make one of these into skins no doubt he would at least get some buffs from all the people that would play him.
BawsGG (NA)
: these are all wonderful ideas thanks for sharing! seriously great skins, i would definitely buy every single one, iffy about the snowman one tho
The art is decent but the idea is good. It would have more detail if it was made into a skin
Niwanee (NA)
: They can't just take a random artwork and make it into a skin, they would violate copy rights of the artists we don't even know who they are, since OP didn't mention that.
These are just ideas. And to be honest Pool Party Zac is sighted in the background of PP Renektons splash. For all we know this Pool Party Zac splash looks so good that it could possibly be made by Riot itself.
: Found some great Zac skins I thought the community should see
I would love to see what any Riot members think about it.
: Found some great Zac skins I thought the community should see
I am glad these skins are getting recognition. Maybe if Riot takes the idea of one of these skins Zac will be played more. I know I was going to buy Ziggs or Renekton for their pool party skins.
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: Getting tired with the community's behavior
Welp. Got a chat ban for it. What did I say...
: Udyr is not hard to master, And why the hell do you care what other people tell you man, Look i see it this way, You don't know them they don't know you, With that being said. They can call you w.e they want but if you sit there and pay attention to what they tell you, they will only make ur game exp worst, So mute them or just ignore them because, chances are you won't ever even meet them in RL, so why do u give 2 fucks what anyone in the internet tell you?? Thats how I do it, If someone talks shit to me im like W.e bruh you don't know me And i wont see your ass tomorrow. So this is what you need to do, Stop caring what anyone tells u in the internet, it's only making u sour and fuking up ur game experience and if i offended you in any way then guess what?? You Don't know me I don't know you but from what i read, U care what other people have to say about you, Just mute them play them game and move on. and you won't wont get a chat ban if you did not say anything, And i tell you from experience I been suspended 3 times. and not fof talking crap, and trust me i talk alot of shit in game especially to douchebags that call out players like you. in other words im THE DEFENDER OF NERDS hahaha. But yeah man. Dont worry about what any loser has to think about you. or are you that insecure??
It is not that I care about what they say its more on the lines of I would like to communicate with my teammates without them being annoying/insulting the team 24/7. And the main point of it was how I was getting reported for negative attitude for doing bad which in turn gives me a chat ban.
: [Highborn Kings] Diamond Tournament Team!
Name - Andrew IGN - The Imphamous Age - 17 Rank - B V (Is bad but never took ranked seriously at the beginning of my account creation Mic - Yes Role - Mage/Mid AD Link LoLking - Can you make practice? Yes Do you meet all requirements? All but one Champions: {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:99}} Side note: I know my LoLking stats and ranked might not be good but if you actually witnessed me play you would say otherwise.
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: Tips to be a better player.
Just one thing: the "Try to wait for us please. You can't 1v5 yet!." or "please wait for the team, lets not throw." part you were talking about. I would recommend not doing that because in my past experience of playing this just makes people more angry because they think you are being passive aggressive. Great set of tips. I will most definitely be using them all. Thanks!
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
After the last chat ban that lasted 36 games I have been more positive because of the frustration that comes out of not being able to communicate with your teammates the ENTIRE game. I am wondering how my chat has been since?
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: Viktor does not have a Legendary or Ultimate skin.
Ah my bad. But he does have some good skins already. Veigar skins are ok but the only ones that actually change the abilites are the Shamrock skin and Superb Villain Veigar (Which only changes his stun). Viktor has a skin that changes every ability . Creator Viktor I thought was legendary.
: I feel like it is going to be a mid/top laner that they give the skin to since sona has one (support) hecarim has one (jungle) and mf has one (adc) so out of your poll id say {{champion:45}} is the most likely
Also only 3 champions have 4 fingers (that I know of) which is in the teaser. Viktor Blitzcrank and Veigar. Viktor has a legendary/ultimate skin (I don't know which) and they already have Sona as the support of the Arcade teaser.
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