: The Kinkou Order is all about keeping balance
You say that as if she wasn't already nightmare to balance before her rework
: "Removing the unstoppable on ornn is one of the WORST things you can do" - Scarra
I'll just tell it like I have told and spoken with others. Removing the unstoppable to Ornn's W does nothing about the issues many folk have with him, his damage. It takes away a form of skill expression with being able to tank hooks from the like of Nautilus or Blitz for his team, takes away tanking Zoe Sleep for an ally(assuming you apply it before the sleep proc and not on contact), and the biggest part I'd say.. Avoiding knock ups and displacements to get back in the fight faster than someone who would be. So let me just put what would be better nerfs I'd think from the time I've spent playing Ornn since his release. He quickly became one of my goto champs and my favored pick in the game, even with being relatively weak on release before the various buffs.(remember how he everyone considered him a troll pick back then?) First off is the one addressed with this patch. His R cooldown was far too low for the power it has and honestly expected it to be nerfed sooner than this. Though now that it has, will need to see how it plays out now, but I think it should be fine. Second, the Unstoppable aspect of W was perfectly fine. The flames are honestly fine as well, as they alone don't chunk(less someone is a potato and gets baked in the full duration). For people that say it should be current health, well, that's what it was before on his release and it did nothing unless the targets were full HP or near it.(part of the contribution to him being a troll pick on release until it changed) Low hp targets were practically safe around Ornn unless they got hit by what needs nerfs now. And that part which isn't fine and what should have been nerfed, instead of removing Unstoppable, is the **Brittle auto attack**. This is where a lot of Ornn's damage comes from. It's they key aspect of Ornn's kill pressure, especially post-6. If that bonus magic damage Ornn did when auto attacking a target with Brittle was nerfed, he'd be much less of a bully in lane and more in line with a CC team fighting tank as he's meant to be. Third, and this is only if the Brittle AA's magic damage is lowered and he's still a problem, then his W should be looked at some more. Be it the base shield or HP ratio. Lower either of those **or** nerf the cooldown in the early ranks, but still returns to his live cooldown at rank 5 at least so he still has some pressure in late game fights. ---------------------------- For those that don't want to read. Give back Unstoppable for skill expression among Ornn players. His R should already be relatively in line now with its nerf, need to see how it pans out for sure though. Lower the Brittle AA magic damage that chunks. Sometimes it does even more than the flames depending on how much an enemy sits in the flames, not to mention you can get 2 procs in quick succession when paired with R. If the Brittle AA nerf is not enough, lower the shielding(either base or the scaling) for more risk to Ornn or make his early W cooldowns longer duration. Not both at the same time. See how one goes then hit the other accordingly if still too strong. If, for some reason, he is still an issue even after those have been hit or tweaked. The next best thing I could suggest to go with those are to raise his mana costs on W and possibly Q as well if needed.
: If people like Shield Battery, would it be possible to turn it into a Resolve rune?
Do have a question. If such a thing was done, then wouldn't that essentially be giving a sort of {{champion:497}} passive for free? Sure you'd have to actually be out of combat, unlike Rakan's passive, but have the slight shield gain from CC. It'd essentially give him extra free shielding while other champs would also get said passive. I mean, imagine {{champion:12}} or {{champion:89}} with it. Folks already seem mad enough at tanky engage supports, not to mention said rune idea could just as easily be used for any position, particularly top and jungle I'd expect or a strong CC mid laner with dive potential ( {{champion:131}} or {{champion:157}} maybe?). Demolish isn't the best rune to have for the game's health as a whole, but this idea could also lead to other problems, potentially worse ones, as well while before it was just limited to supports(or ADCs) that bought the specific item.
: Whenever someone calls any champion that builds more than 1 defense item a "tank"
And don't forget what happens when they actually kill the true tank on your team by blowing everything on them. http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/848/955/aa5.gif
: When you win the game, but you know damn well you got carried
And you know the person that carried you is just sitting there in the results screen, watching you. http://i.imgur.com/381M2ez.gif
: Riot really DOES care about our memes!
I think you are all missing another set of important factors. Jhin has _J4_ to his left, along with Karma to his right. Why Karma? Well, she is balance. Being in balance is another way of achieving _perfection._ Not only that, taking both of their spots into account creates 8(3+5). Therefore, Jhin is where he always dreamed. The center of perfection. The memes run deeper than you might think, eh?
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=SGT Dingle Berry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f48Ho3NM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-12T07:28:41.562+0000) > > Does he get XP/gold for ALL the krugs with his passive or just the original 2? id like to know this too, very important question. I wonder if he gets all the gold from the birds as well.
> [{quoted}](name=ChristmasEvelynn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f48Ho3NM,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-11-12T07:48:47.005+0000) > > id like to know this too, very important question. > > I wonder if he gets all the gold from the birds as well. Just did an edit to the post after testing. He doesn't get the full gold or experience from Krugs.
: Does he get XP/gold for ALL the krugs with his passive or just the original 2?
> [{quoted}](name=SGT Dingle Berry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f48Ho3NM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-12T07:28:41.562+0000) > > Does he get XP/gold for ALL the krugs with his passive or just the original 2? I'm honestly not sure. I hadn't even considered that either. Guess I'll do testing next time I get on then math it all up. This would be an insane nerf to Ivern as well, if this is also a thing. Nice thought.
Rioter Comments
: Game: A champion gets ONE little bug that completely breaks the game.
{{champion:83}} Ultimate has no cap on Mistwalkers. (Lady of the Mist can constantly pump out Mistwalkers from killed creeps/monsters without the old ones being replaced. Storm the gates.)
Fritterz (NA)
: Wait, I'm confused...
Wait, so we can only use Yorick's full kit in One-for-All now? There can only be 2 Graves in matches that aren't draft normally. RIP the Yorick dream of having 3 or more Graves outside of One-for-All. {{item:3070}}
: Wanna know why I'm so great at Morde?
I need more practice to compare to hue http://st.elohell.net/public/chill/38acd31fd436c4fb3bba6a6bae91c1ee.jpg
Most people seem to forget about someone. {{champion:44}} Why have just a {{champion:13}} and {{champion:20}} port in together when you can have all three and be _invulnerable._ With the three combined, the enemy team can't say no, as they say.
: How it feels when your main hard counters someone in lane
Then when the enemy team can't stop you once you get rolling https://45.media.tumblr.com/4204fe88265e7f3818db378fc2361760/tumblr_n5uqunhjdF1qiz3j8o1_500.gif
: When a friend asks you to never invite them again:
Knoyle (NA)
: What do you call a Yasuo who can solo Baron?
Ahhhhh.. Samurai Jack. One of the best shows ever made, in my opinion. It's a shame it never got a proper ending. Here's to hoping the supposed reboot/remake will be just as good as the original. Can only try to think and keep my hopes up. http://media0.giphy.com/media/b5P1T2WXk6Ot2/giphy.gif
: When you have so many notifications it takes you over 2 hours to reply to them all
Because your threads are always https://media.giphy.com/media/g2duCSMpmnwVG/giphy.gif
: Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Tis a silly place, the boards are.. But far more enjoyable when the Master Fish provides so much entertainment! http://stream1.gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs1/1721865_o.gif Perhaps there should be a Knights of the Round Aquarium some day. Though even without it, the Legend of the Laughing Fish shall always live on.
jQuery (EUNE)
: Have u seen this?
It.. Looks extremely snowball-y, honestly. I like the idea of it, but the one thing that has me confused his the tiny amount of ways into the jungle. Once a team takes one turret, the losing side automatically loses access to the jungle unless the winning side eases off in pressure to farm said jungle or are playing safe. I don't know. Just the entrances to the jungle being tied to center of the map and at the first turrets feel strange considering you can lose the jungle when you lose the first turret. Who needs a jungler when you can just steamroll and claim all of the jungle for your team rather than one designated position? It just feels awkward imagining something like ARAM's map, but a side path in the middle and the first turrets that are the only ways into a 'jungle' section. Granted, ARAM's map would be far more suited since you could make those paths at the second turret so you'd still have access rather than lose it with the first tower AND an inhib. Just feels too tiny and clustered together, but eh. Is just my thoughts. Still a cool idea regardless.
: Shaco OP duskblade interaction ( He can proc it 2 times )
{{champion:83}} Can do the same. Only I don't recommend it. It doesn't particularly fit well with his typical build paths without sacrificing other things. Or least, that's how it is for me since I go {{item:3042}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3156}} + boots + beef item depending on enemy comp. It can still be a pretty silly thing to do though since your ghost, like with Shaco clone I'm assuming, can proc Duskblade even if it's on CD for yourself. Also I think {{champion:82}} can do the same, but only if the enemy ghost has Duskblade.
: The best part about the new Poppy W
Sadly, Poppy W won't mess with Yasuo as much as you might hope. Like most abilities, it only procs once per champ. So if you were to say, block a Yas dashing to a minion, he'll take damage and get a very slight CC, but he can just instantly start dashing again. It only blocks and damages once per W on each champ. Still, it is better than nothing. It could catch some aggressive players off-guard.
Chortle (NA)
: How I feel when I'm trying to catch Draven's blades
Is that a legendary Babaganoosh?! Gotta love MXC
: new projects are, zed, lucian, leona, fiora, and someone
I agree that it is {{champion:89}}(top right), {{champion:236}}(bottom right), {{champion:238}}(bottom left), {{champion:114}}(top left). For those thinking {{champion:11}}, none of the Memory Traces match him and the sixth weapon design does not match his. The closest weapon to his by design being {{champion:114}}'s, but the Memory Trace disproves it. Namely the "caught **orbiting** one vision" as a Fiora would do during her ult to hit all the weak points, but even the rest can be put to match her kit as well or her appearance as "dancing" through the battlefield in her elegant way to hit her enemy's weaknesses. The one in the top middle spot is what confuses me the most as well. The weapon design isn't exactly one like any champ currently uses. It looks essentially like a dual bladed end weapon, similar to {{champion:58}}'s(only not curved and two separate blades rather than connected the whole way). So it does make me wonder if this is more a hint to whoever the next champ may be and their potential first skin to go with their default(unless the weapon revealed is part of the default champ skin design).
Ain't nothin' like good ol' home cookin in the swamp. Won't you come on in? I'd greatly enjoy the company. I'll even be sure to leave a **_bite_** for you. Now ain't that swell of me?
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN: DocShocker Skin: Glacial Malphite Haven't heard of a thread like this. I'm surprised that someone would actually take the time, and money, to do something like this. It's just one of those few rare things that honestly could be nice if others could do. If I had the money for it, I'd try to do the same or least something similar that more than just myself could enjoy. Things just don't feel as fun or good if you can't enjoy whatever it is with others. It makes those great games where you get a fun time with not only your team, but the enemy as well. No matter who's winning, everyone is having fun and a good time either messing around or being competitive. Shame that those don't happen as often, but those things are still certainly memorable and special when they happen.
: You could fix the RNG nature of Tryndamere's passive by giving him the treatment you gave his Wife
Honestly, I'd find that to be a more consistently scary Tryndamere haha. Rather than hoping he doesn't crit, now you have to keep in mind that more rage would always equal more damage rather than a chance at more damage. His build path would probly stay the same, or even more stacked in crit chance cause that would total into more damage. I guess maybe builds like {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} then whatever else you want. Whatever boots for defense then you can use the last two slots for either more damage with like {{item:3142}} or a mix with {{item:3072}} or just flat defensive items. His normal AAs now still can hurt when going full AD/AS/Crit, but really it's when those Crits hit that hurt. If he does get changed, he'd have his naturally growing crit chance and whatever other crit items he builds to make his AAs ALWAYS hurt more with each one rather than every one that happens to crit. Honestly, I would still like to see it happen. I'd like to see just what he could do with much better sustained damage than spontaneous insane damage. He can make much better use of the crit change and going full crit/AS/AD than Ashe mainly due to his ult being as it is lol. Just what I'd think, anyways
: I used to do a E>W>E>Q with the old ad malph and was able to do full clear no pots every time. (i was running flat ARMOR, and 10% attackspeed+7+4 ad from runes/masteries). The potless was acheived with waiting for his passive every camp. I can still do a full clear with the new malph, but i just feel the AD was much faster and effecient. Whats your rune setup now? I was thinking 15% scaling CDR, 10 AP ,scaling MR, flat armor and 15% attack speed. I also was thinkgin 9/21/0, with AP and 3.75% cdr, so ill get 37.75% at level 18 with FH
I don't really have any set pages since still trying to gather runes and hopefully get a rune page whenever the 2-for-1 deal comes up eventually. Also not all of the ones on the page I use are Tier 3, but most are aside from 6 Glyphs and my three Quints. Mag Resist 5.2 Scaling Mag Resist 2.3 Scaling Mana gen 2.3 Phys Dmg 8.5 AS% 3.5% Armor 7 MS% 2.3% CDR% 2.50% That's what the stats are for the page I use. Will probly have more refined pages once I get more since this is just my general physical/jungler page, but it works well enough for me now. Masteries are 0/21/9, but might try out 9/21/0 eventually. Wanted the 9 in Utility for the Buff duration and it feels like it helps me. The extra MS, flat mana now, and Summoner CDR probly helps a bit too. Can probly do without it, but need to tinker around and find out for myself. I never got to try out a more AD oriented Malph, but I can see how it could possibly clear faster with how the W worked before. Even with this setup, it was easy to see back then how better damage was all-around when W was active. Honestly, it just makes me sad they didn't keep the damage types as they used to be so AD Malph wouldn't be hurt as badly while still changing the Active/Passive.
: Undocumented W AOE radius changes on Malphite
Yeah, I had made a post asking about if it was just me or a change that wasn't noted in the patch log about a day or two after it came out. Aside from the damage type change and the how it splashes to other creeps, the new W is much better. Sure, can't really do AD Malph anymore, but the W change helped his first clear drastically(except the W splash now being harder to use completely. Even without a leash, he can clear all camps before first back. With the old W, he was barely able to do it(with the setup I had, at least). If I had a good leash, I can get all camps with just a Smite at Gromp and Red. With no leash, it was really iffy if I could get Krugs without a third smie since I head there last. Now he stays pretty healthy even without a leash to where I don't even need that third smite anymore. My path is E>W>E>Q for the first clear(but rarely use Q to save mana for E or W). The route is Gromp(Smite), Blue, Wolves, Red(Smite), Raptors, Krugs. E max'd, then Q, then W. As said before, Krugs used to be real iffy on whether a third Smite was needed or not depending on leash, but now can get them easily without even needing a leash. Sadly, can't exactly use full potential of W for Red or all Raptors less you do some creep manipulation for the splash(and Blue, but not nearly as bad as Red or Raptors), but the passive resistance makes up for it and still does good damage while active. Even still, you can get by without the splash hitting everything thanks to the passive now making us tankier at all times rather than a short duration. Poor AD Malph though. I never got a chance to try him.
Rioter Comments
: I wish they would. Thats one of the reasons I don't like playing ranked. I don't like getting forced out of my lane by a troll, and I don't like being forced into supporting, and then getting yelled at all game for doing badly... I'm a terrible support.
Sadly a Ranked Team Builder won't fix this. Trolls can still get on just to fill a role even with the intention of trolling. Just no way around that regardless. Only thing different would be they'd need to choose convincing champs/role combinations to make it look like they are actually trying, even if their goal is to troll. Still, even with that small chance, the thing that is most certain is you're playing into a match up/enemy team comp blind until the game is loading. The downside of actual Team Builder sadly. You can get a team comp you're comfy with, but no idea if the enemy comp can or can't deal with yours to varying degrees and/or dupe champs lol. Don't get me wrong, I love Team Builder. Play it more than Blind or Normal Draft. Just the matching/games can feel so wishy-washy from one to the next because, well, they're blind games going into aside from what your team is haha. Still inspires you to try and play to overcome whatever it is, but there are also some players out there that can get demotivated pretty fast too. Is a risk, but what can you do about it? Least you know you get to play what you wanted so there's that.
: Could be choose your role, then champion?
Still runs into issues. If you choose your role and champion, as in normal team builder. You'd be going into a Ranked game without any information of the enemy team comp. If you're willing to take that risk, then go for it. Even just going from choosing role pref then it takes you, and your team, into Draft to play against an enemy team.. Would you really trust all of your team members to stick with their role prefs they decided? I mean, even in Ranked Draft and even Normal Draft, there are people that are stubborn on what they want to where if they don't get it, the troll or do other silly things. None of those are solved by adding a simple role pref process before going into the actual draft, sadly. That still leaves the full process in the hands of the players as things already are, not the system/game. If you get some good players that really will stick to their roll, even if the enemy picks a champ they don't like going into, then you just have some respectable teammates and not something helped brought about by the system aside from declaring their role before hand. Long story short, going into a game blind is a risk solely up to you. If you are willing to take the risk, then go for it. If the process is just for you to say your roll before going into a game, hope that your team stays to their choices and doesn't get mad if the enemy picks a champ they don't like going against and start throwing a fit lol. Either way is a gamble, honestly.
: So when Is teambuilder hitting ranked?
Honestly, I can't really see Team Builder working out for Ranked. For one thing, Ranked Draft is there for the bans before game and the non-mirror matches that you would see in say Normal Blind Pick/Team Builder. So if you want Team Builder so you can play this specific champ in this specific spot in Ranked, go for it.. Just be prepared going into an enemy team blind and possible mirror matches/dupe champs in diff roles. Another thing/rumor I had heard was Ranked Team Builder would only allow you to select role/lane, then when everything is settled, it'd put your team and enemy team pretty much just into Ranked Draft. Which it sounds nice, but then what was the point? Not everyone will want to stick to the role they chose. Ex. Someone picks wanting to go mid, get into draft and enemy team picks their mid champ, your mid laner suddenly doesn't want to go there because they don't want to face said enemy mid champ. Pretty much it's just a fancy way of saying you'd rather play this role before getting into the Draft, but not forced to stay in that role within the Draft itself(because luckily there's no way to lock certain champs into roles by Rito's definition of what role any champ should play, even if you'd rather play them elsewhere)... I just don't really see it working unless you're willing to take the risk going into a game without any information of enemy team until the game is starting since what would be the point of just having a fancy way to call out a role/position before a Draft where things can change within the Draft itself?
Ataraxas (NA)
: Making talon's E stackable? (Twice)
Hmm.. As much as I would like something to help spice up his kit, this might be a tad too much unless the CD between casts is something reasonable in length. We don't want him to end up as an even unhealthier {{champion:55}} where he wouldn't need resets to jump around, right? I mean, it'd be obvious that it can't be a spam ability to where you can E someone, then E to the adc/apc to nuke em. Would make things much harder to react than even Zed used to be. It'd also make him much harder to pin down. Oh, he just killed the carry and ult'd, get ready to kill him.. Then they unload as he reappears, but he just jumps someone else then runs or deals a good chunk of damage to them as well. So no going like Vel'koz W where he can toss em out back to back kinda so there'd be counterplay. Another ex. would be Talon jumps in, enemy flashes, Talon jumps on them again. On the other side, it can make playing as Talon a bit more fulfilling to pull off something like Zed, but with more risk. Zed can toss a shadow to mess with enemies' heads and wonder if he'll go there or not. Talon would literally poof in then can poof to someone else. It can play mind games of who the Talon is really targeting in a fight, but also adds a bit more survivability to him if he can chain two jumps into his combo properly to avoid reflexes from the enemy. It'd just be something interesting to have, but difficult to implement into his kit without lowering something else for his newly added mobility. For me, it'd just have to be something to both see and experience in the game itself before saying if it'd be good or bad for him.
Musc4t (EUNE)
: firewall error ?!
Same thing just happened to me bout 15 minutes ago. My game was just about over since they were about to rush our nexus, but the game just.. Froze. Timers and everything were still going, but all champs and units were frozen in place. I try to reconnect, but this keeps happening. It says the game is still live too, even when I search other players on diff sites that show if they are in an active game. It happened at about 47-ish min game time, but now the timer is at nearly 60 so I doubt the game is still going when we were about to lose. My client now just says the game has crashed with the reconnect button, but I can't do anything else except look at my friends list, even when closing and reloading the whole client.
: I CAN'T HELP IT http://img.pandawhale.com/49352-Terry-Crews-upvote-gif-E9ZK.gif
: When you bring an Ally back to life with Yorick's ult.
http://img.pandawhale.com/89952-master-strokes-beard-gif-Kill-bdei.gif Please share more of your wisdom with us
: > [{quoted}](name=Auryiel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4vJwUnMg,comment-id=000600010000,timestamp=2015-05-04T23:03:49.548+0000) > > Mages... > > Laugh at tanks... > > Who build HP... > > Wat > > Mages are HORRIBLE at dealing with tanks, even with Liandry's (god this item is awful on all but like 3 mages). The best thing you can do as a mage versus a tank is either using your own tank to set up your own plays or make sure your AD carry lives. I main {{champion:161}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3135}}, works pretty well for tanks. It's really his CC that makes that viable more so than his damage, though.
You do know Vel does TRUE DAMAGE with his passive, yeah? Of course he's going to be more effective at melting tanks compared to someone like {{champion:101}} or {{champion:112}} lol Not saying Vel isn't a good choice(I personally really like Vel, specially as Support), but it's hard to argue using him as an example when he has a passive that literally helps him shred tanks compared to other mages.
: The First time you get attacked in lane
Meanwhile, that one guy is like http://i.imgur.com/1l2PG6R.gif"
: When you hit level 6 in lane
: When somebody posts a wall of gifs and they're not LaughingFish or Me
: When you know you've lost a teamfight, so you sacrifice one member so the rest may live.
And when you try to ask for help or to do something.. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4k9ofs7XI1qmry44o1_500.gif
: It looks like it's from Grim Adventure's of Billy and Mandy to me, based on the look of the animation and what happens in the gif itself.
: When Sejuani ganks your lane, and you get a kill
And the other lanes are like http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140424025448/avatar-emergency/images/8/83/Joker.gif ..While waiting for their own ganks, of course
: A smashing response! http://memeguy.com/photos/images/the-beauty-of-this-gif-is-smashing-17264.gif
Fredart (NA)
: Who's chuck norris?
One of his many accomplishments and all you should need to know
: When you have to carry your teammates, because they are too chicken.
: How it feels to be a tank against Vayne
That feeling when your team collapses on her after http://i.imgur.com/8BRpH7f.gif"
: Tristana went full blue??
Just be lucky she didn't do this!
: So true, I've been trying out champs that are pretty good but not popular. My top 3 right now are Cho'Gath, Thresh, and Amumu. Cho'Gath has a 1.8s cd rupture, and a 16s cd feast which reduces by half on minion kill. Pretty strong. Thresh has infinite hook combo if you can aim it right. Amumu is the most intensive, but hilarious if you pull it off right. If you mash w (despair) it's on a 0.2s cd and you can actually make it hit faster than every second. Pretty hilarious to play, you just go in and mash w and e as fast as you can after you ult!
Amumu does seem fun, but he can get countered easily by other champs. Still can be deadly though. I've only really played two champs in Urf. Cho'Gath being one of them and it's really fun. Easy to spam Rupture and silence. Plus chain Ruptures are amusing. Also Feasting everything is fun haha Other champ I've been playing, is Malz. Though you build him AD instead of AP. The damage is much more insane due to the horde of Voidlings you can spawn. Just remember that they ONLY scale with AD so getting something like BotRK or IE isn't as effective as say BC, since they proc it, LW, and a Maw, since it raises AD based on Malz HP which in turn raises Voidling AD. Just a BC and LW along will have 2-3 large Voidlings shredding through things like Amumu or Cho. Gotta kill the Voidling horde fast while dealing with Malz CC/spam or just outright nuke the Malz so all the Voidlings die.
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