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: Dividers for yours post
Commenting for Later
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: our time together was brief but memorable
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Calad,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iIqqKxoe,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-02-08T01:59:27.556+0000) > > our time together was brief but memorable See ya at 1000
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: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Me once I heard Santa Fish was doing this again:
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: Downvoting you because im sick of all the annoying varus posts, riot isn't gonna change it so stop literally making the same exact post as every single other person.
If you might've read the actual post in its entirety, you would've noticed that I'm not asking for a reversion to Varus's old lore. I actually go forth to encourage them to stick with their decision, but use this experience to reflect on future decisions.
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: My favourite thing with the 2016 one was Most deaths to "twitch" Most killed "twitch"
I had the exact same thing! Most deaths to "Yasuo" Most killed "Yasuo" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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Talon12 (OCE)
: From points 1-4 * More often than not, the first wards of the game for a jungler are for safety reasons, such as when trying to clear red buff, they ward the bushes to avoid being surprised, and ward the bushes of the lanes they gank so they know if the enemy jungle is coming to counter gank. After the first back, grabbing a control ward if you can is always good, using it to either get vision over the river, to help out a laner/nullify wards when you gank or help get early drag on champs like warwick. You should try to keep a control ward to the outermost strech of a bush when warding, as this makes it A) harder to hit, as most people tend to try stand on the edge of the bush to kill control wards. B) it provides the largest vision arc of all the possibilities. C) its counted as an object, so you get the added bonus of messing around with a person who tries to walk into the bush, as they get in the bush then stuck on that ward, so they cant get vision of it, but due top the ward being your own, you have vision of the bush and can easily auto path around. As a bonus though, you can actually make a solid wall with teammates in some bushes using vision wards, which trap an enemy, its funny, sadly though you can also trap yourself, but its a lot harder to do to yourself, because again you have auto pathing, they need to be placed around you by the team to trap you, you cant just walk into it. * The sweeper trinket is best on champs who enjoy ganking often, as it allows you to slip past wards into the lane, though this only works if you don't stop to attack the wards, as this will reveal you, though if you simply walk past the wards, you will remain undetected unless someone is looking on the screen (not minimap) at the bush, as when you use the sweeper on the wards, it appears on the minimap as if nothing has happened, allowing you to just waltz on by. * Trackers knife is pretty much a nunu/lee thing, though it is very useful as a substitution to the warding trinket if you get a sweeper, plus the other smites are more in favour of duelists than tanks, so taking extra wards can't hurt very much, the only benefit of blue smite is the slow, which a cc packing tank only uses as a niche extra, while red just helps duelists last longer in fights, so trackers knife is best suited on those cc heavy/invading champs rather than the fight seeking ones. A plus side of tracks though is you wont accidentally smite the enemy jungler when having a smite fight for drag. AKA, trackers is just a healthy option for people who don't need the cc or durability of the other smites, and also wish to take the sweeper trinket. Trackers can also be couples with the warding trinket though, this allows you to keep a large majority of the map warded at all times, allowing you to help keep vision over top, mid and objectives, helping prevent allied lanes safe from enemy ganks. A lot of enemy junglers struggle to survive when all the lanes and objectives are warded well, helping prevent non-intentional feeding of enemies as they struggle to gangbang. As such, the added vision of the trackers knife can prove invaluable to you and your team. As well as the smite remaining unmodified (as previously stated, easier to smite grab for drag and stuff), you are able to save smites solely for the jungle, increasing clear speed and availability, as you won't be smiting enemies during your gank bot lane, you can right up go and kill drag. * Base it on the situation and practice, striking up some conversation with the enemy jungle usually relaxes them a little and sometimes they even help out.
Wow! Thanks for the really clear reply!
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Wuks (NA)
: Star Guardian: Invasion | Looking for Group Megathread
Summoner Name/Region: DoctMagnus NA Rank: Silver Preferred Role(s): Dont care Missions Needed: All Preferred Time (include timezone): 10pm - 3am CDT Preferred method of communication (if applicable): Discord or Skype is fine
: Arcade Poro Creation
That's super cute!
Jrud (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Grand ChalIenge,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2Otru37f,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-02T03:22:36.664+0000) > > I havnt seen a taric all season lol that's because I'm the only one that plays him.
I do find it pretty annoying when I gotta back off because I no longer have enough mana for proper combos or fights, but I think I'm pretty conscientious about when and how to use my mana though, so it's never a huge problem.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!) Congrats Dude :D Take an upvote
: The story of how I found my main
{{champion:19}} Friends: Hey you should try jungling for once, see if you like it. Me: Who do I play?? Friends: Eh just go with Warwick he's a good starter to learn how to jungle with and then you can move onto someone else, like Rengar or someone. (30 Straight Warwick Games Later) Friends: Right? (100k Mastery) Friends: Please... Woof Woof {{champion:19}}
: Why did you main your champ?
Dontay15 (NA)
: Ascension
: You should see my reverse mundo skin, where hes a big cleaver throwing mundos.
: Aatrox is a drain tank, and Riot can't handle them. Look at their past history with drain tanks: * They all but deleted Warwick. * They nerfed Olaf so hard that for a couple years if a champion got crushed in the patch notes it was said that they "got Olaf'd". * Aatrox has never been a big deal even back when he debuted. * Graves is an _accidental_ ranged drain tank and that's so wrong it can't be put into words to do it justice. * Xin is so delicate with his balance that any small change could instantly take him into OP or UP territory. * The healthiest "drain tank" we have currently is probably Irelia, but she focuses on other things and only dabbles in being a drain tank. Riot is probably going to try a solution with the upcoming WW rework. If it succeeds in being healthy and makes drain tanking easier to balance, they'll probably spread it to Aatrox and the other drain tanks in some form. Sounds like a good plan, except CertainlyT is the one doing the rework and that guy couldn't make something healthy if he was a chef at Whole Foods. CerT is known for a lot of things, but "easy to balance" and "healthy to play against" are not among them. In fact, it's the opposite. If I were an Aatrox fan, I would be paying very close attention to the upcoming Warwick rework. For better or worse.
That feel when you're a {{champion:19}} main and your waiting... Waiting for who knows.
: PSA: if you cry to your jungler to gank an Akali you are legally obligated to have a pink ready
Nah mate just {{champion:19}} Who needs pinks when they cant move :)
: {{champion:26}} (Level 7) {{champion:37}} (Level 6) {{champion:43}} (Level 6) Favorite position: Support Least favorite position: Jungle NOTE: > A. I have terrible wifi so people like {{champion:64}} that need fast reflexes will cause me great suffering. B. I refuse to play AD midlaners because I prefer not being human garbage.
{{champion:19}} He is slow jungler for bad wifi peoples like us
: 1: Syndra (Level 7) 2: Swain (Level 6) 3: LeBlanc (Level 5) Fav: Mid. Hate: Everything else, so I play midlaners when I'm forced toplane (Swain, Lissandra...).
: Jhin (lvl 7) Soraka (lvl 5) Jinx (lvl 5) Pref adc/mid/support The hardest for me would be top.. pls no lul And I actually need to learn a new jungler.. but still pls no
: The Champ Master Challenge
1. {{champion:19}} Level 7 (114.4k) 2. {{champion:86}} Level 6 (29.6k) 3. {{champion:110}} Level 5 (48.9k) Fav: Jungler/Top Hate: Mid
: Champion mains, who do you hate laning vs the most?
As a {{champion:19}} main the most annoying champs to see are: {{champion:26}} {{champion:154}} {{item:3140}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:44}} {{item:3140}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:203}} {{item:3140}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:34}} {{item:3140}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:25}} {{item:3140}} {{summoner:1}} {{item:3140}} {{champion:83}} {{item:3140}} You know because... It's not like {{champion:19}} heavily relies on his ultimate to properly gank and do anything honestly... Right?
Sadly, you can only have one bonus at a time. Waiting 24 hours will not gain you another bonus, so play to your hearts content :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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