: Is YOUR name OFFENSIVE???????
Do I get off the hook? I don't wanna get banned
Chronabis (EUNE)
: Aatrox Mains Community Post
I have read your manifesto and compliment the sincerity with which you speak, but I must respectfully disagree with you on many aspects. Aatrox was, for all intents and purposes, a stat check champion. If you had higher numbers than whoever you were facing you achieved victory which is not an incredibly enjoyable experience to play against. Champions like Jax are in a similar boat and I do believe should one day be changed. Furthermore drain tanks are, in my opinion, an abomination of a concept that can and should indeed be wiped from the face of the earth. Also, while I do entirely believe that there was at least one point in which Aatrox could be played in many playstyles, including AP, I find this point moot when you think about the fact that at one point Master Yi also had various playstyles, including AP, but now he doesn't and he isn't any worse for wear. Sometimes extreme versatility is not a good thing, and I am inclined to believe old Aatrox was really geared towards one style of play rather than multiple. Aatrox's core concept is also still alive, though lessened from a dark legend of war to an actual physical being. He still exists as an unstoppable creature of conflict and destruction that can destroy armies but now he actually has depth. Aatrox originally was truly shallow as a puddle. You give deeper meaning and symbolism to quotes and backstory where none exists. While you may see him as powerful and mysterious I saw a non-character of vague ideas and broad statements. God-King Darius is a skin and has a more in-depth attitude towards war than old Aatrox ever did. By contrast new Aatrox is still a being that lives from battle but now has a bit more complexity to him. He's been trapped in a sword for an unbearable amount of time and can only escape its suffocating confines by possessing and warping those who wield him, and even then it is a temporary feeling as their bodies will eventually rot and decay away, leaving him to suffer in silence once more. He's an Ascended corrupted by his prolonged exposure to the Void, he is slowly becoming the thing he spent his entire life fighting. And it shows. He resents what he has become but cannot be anything else now, he is too far gone. He feels that the only way to find peace is to make mankind suffer by his hand so that he may one day become all that stands on Runeterra. He is no longer a harbinger of war, but of oblivion. I think his new lore is at least somewhat more in depth than his previous one. To be fair to you and the other six who mained Aatrox on this planet before his rework, it must be incredibly frustrating to see your favorite champion warped until nothing you loved about the previous model remains. Though he may have been an unhealthy champion you loved him regardless and loved the feeling he gave off. I, nor anyone else, can pretend like your feelings do not matter when compared to the majority as such an idea dangerously refutes the emotions of the individual. But I do believe there are times when one must let go in some regard and relent to allow something better for all to pass through. It is important to make your voice heard so Riot in the future can hopefully tailor reworks to make as many people satisfied as possible, so my advice to you would be to advocate for other champion reworks. Old Aatrox is not coming back, but perhaps you could help Riot see the will of others when it comes to their mains being reworked. I hope you can one day adjust to new Aatrox, and if not well you always have the memories of the previous one.
: A Critique on Scathlocke/Lore Team's view on Good and Evil
I do believe that most things should be somewhat morally gray one way or the other, but there should be just outright bad guys. There should be those so evil they're comical like Veigar, who maybe should be the only one so cartoonishly evil that he comes back around to not being, and there should be ones who are regular kind of bad. Conquerors, those who crush all that oppose them beneath an iron boot. I'm picturing Mordekaiser here so when he gets his inevitable rework both plot wise and gameplay wise he shouldn't be redeeming. He should want to be the guy who rules everything, the guy who wants everyone to live beneath him while he sits on a black iron throne. I'm seeing a mixture of Darth Vader and Sauron here, maybe he has some kind of partially relatable backstory but the focus should be on his current self and the havoc he wrecked the first time around. There is a time and place for pretty black and white good and bad guys. They just can't be the majority.
: "Riot is becoming too disney" Riot: "Okay, have this gruesome Freljord story. :) "
They made Udyr into something I actually like and want to know more about. He seems older, more composed, more intelligent. I love it. And Volibear is terrifying and clearly very powerful, which makes me want to know more about the confrontation between him and Ornn.
: Kayle face needs some work
Oh no, Kayle didn't get out of Chernobyl in time
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
I guess I can kind of see what they were going for? In my mind they were going for a more Valkyrie style look, hence the distinct lack of large amounts of heavy armor and focus more on cloth. But if that is what they indeed wanted it didn't really work out well. She just doesn't look good and there's no softer or more eloquent way to phrase that. If they wanted more Valkyrie, which by the way I only really thought of as some kind of excuse, then why is the remaining armor still shimmering gold? Just feels off. And a smaller side note here, I dislike that her helmet is more open now. I liked it before, being closed and the inside darkened so you couldn't see her face. If I want to see Kayle's face I'll use Unmasked.
: It pains me to see that League of Legends THE GAME is in a state of decline...
They've already made the foray into comics, and honestly I think they could pull the Warhammer gambit and continue making the game but also make books and comics. It could have a rocky start but I honestly believe it could work out in the long run. That way those story writers can work on things like novels and comics while the game developers focus on the game. They wouldn't get in each others way, if they do that now I mean.
: Riot, you're working yourselves deeper into a corner with skins.
After they released Final Boss Veigar I don't see any reason for them to put anything else out for him. Final Boss is the perfect skin for him in my opinion, and everything about it is just as it should be. The sound effects, the visuals, the voicelines. I'll never get another skin for him.
: New Teasers on the Demacia Universe site
Looks like whoever was chained up has broken out, or is in the process of it. And it appears they have not enjoyed being in custody. The only bit that is yet to be seen is if the person who was imprisoned deserved it or if the time of probable isolation and hatred drove them off the deep end.
Manxxom (NA)
: As a dark souls 3 player, can someone tell me how the heck I beat Pontiff first try and not Deacons?
Honestly couldn't tell you. On my first run through most bosses put me through the wringer but on my second playthrough most of them became a lot easier. Hope you have a fast attack weapon for the Nameless King, otherwise you're gonna be sad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cats Are Food,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ckV4XdNm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-27T20:24:54.126+0000) > > Imagine saying the "fun mode" is steadily becoming less about fun, and more about winning. Fun is subjective. Winning can be fun. Sounds like someone is salty, it's the only time try hard comes out as an insult. Jesus christ you are raising children while insulting people by calling them children. Guess I'll see them in lock up.
Winning can be fun sure, but it's possible to just screw around and have *both* sides have a good time. Also what was your last statement at all?
: circle jerking
Rioter Comments
Dr Dog (NA)
: so nasus, more dmg buffs really?
Soon The Plan will be complete
: 2018 Lore Tournament - 10th December: The Cage vs. The Shadow Door
The Shadow Door wins out for me due to it's ability to describe a nightmare well. Regular happenings that suddenly and without warning take a turn into absolute mind bending horror that defies all logic and reality. The Cage is very well written too and describes the suffocation of being in an overly tight space very nicely, but I do very much enjoy when dreams and nightmares are described well in a written medium, so my vote goes to The Shadow Door.
: Alright...so this is somehow punishable now?
If they wanted to remove the post I suppose you could argue one way or the other, but the ban? Going too far on that isn't it?
: Oh, my sweet summer child...
In before Riot Thanos snaps the entire fucking universe.
: While cool, it's a little hard to understand what's happening in the background. Naut and....something are fighting? Otherwise a very cool, stylish image!
Looks to me like he's crushing someone or something made of stone, so either Malphite or Galio.
: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :-) I'll be honest, it was inspired BY that magnificent piece of artwork. The moment I first saw that, last year, story ideas started whizzing around in my brain box...
It really is fantastic. It makes Kassadin out, in my opinion, to be an exhausted soul who wants more than anything to be reunited with his family again. But he can't, because he knows that as long as the Void threatens the land he cannot die. Or rather, give up. The story manages to perfectly describe the Void from the point of view of someone who was directly effected by it: an all consuming abyss whose very essence defies the world it seeks to devour. Kassadin comes off as tired, the kind of tired that only terrible loss and never-ending struggle can bring. And yet he keeps going, defying the Void. I like this story, I like it a lot.
: Hextech Sion should be redone or renamed.
While it could definitely benefit from an update, I'm not sure I want it to look quite like the other skins. The personality of some of Sion's skin line, specifically Mecha Zero Sion, imply that he was the first and more unstable of an eventually long line of creations. If they were to redo his Hextech skin I would want him to stay kind of fucked up and somewhat flesh based. They could run it as him being a first experiment where they were unsure of how successful artificially intelligent Hextech creations would be, so they used a man who got in some horrible accident. The result was Hextech Sion, a raging reanimated brute kept alive by technology and all of its added bonuses like strength and resilience but none of the controllable parts.
Rude Name (OCE)
: Veigar VU: What's Important?
His original reasoning for being "evil" was just that, to be evil. But in addition to that he also wanted to be powerful for the purpose of stopping all conflict in Runeterra by conquering all the city-states. I want him to still be hilariously, comically, impossible to take seriously, evil.
: An in-depth theory: Jax and Kai'Sa are connected.
Jax is not exactly from Shurima, he lived in Icathia which was once a sovereign nation that Shurima conquered. I suppose you could say he's Shurimian but I'm sure in lore he wouldn't appreciate that. Also I believe that Jax's current look is a double whammy of both the childhood illness making him physically deformed and also the Void making him uh, purple. While I don't believe he was corrupted in the sense that the Void got its hooks in him mentally, I do believe it is entirely possible that it warped him physically. Which is why he hides under his robes at all times. I also think it is entirely possible that Kai'Sa and Jax have crossed paths before, though I couldn't tell you if the meeting was an extended one or simply a short passing. Also no stop. In my mind Jax is very old and Kai'Sa is not. Thas not okay, the FBI are on the way.
: Stop fucking lying to us.
Man this post really uh, has no purpose to it does it?
: I'm actually HEAVILY disappointed in Riot when it comes to Enchanters as an entire concept
While this post has SOME well thought out points that I CAN agree with, I *disagree* with some of them. Furthermore, though it MAY upset you because this comment is more about your overuse of SINGLE all capital letter words and *single* words in italics, I must be honest and say it is kind of DIFFICULT to take some points seriously because it FEELS like you are putting *emphasis* on too many words. In the future, I would CUT back on this practice to make things *easier* to read. Or at the VERY least, make your perceived writing voice not seem *too* all the same.
: In mid lane, I think he is healthier. He mostly is just a counterpick against melee assassins there and most mages can deal pretty well with him with their range.
So, 96% of people who play Heimerdinger are just that, niche picks. However, if you play him right Heimerdinger is a pocket overpowered champion. I know it is really hard to believe, but it is true. His damage can reach hilarious levels.
: Season 9 is the last chance to stay relevant; League cannot afford another Colossal Cock Up Cascade!
Nice try buddy boy, but I have seen every episode of Zero Punctuation. You can't pull a Yahtzee reference over on me and expect nobody to notice. On the topic of the post I didn't actually read it, but you get a gold star regardless.
Rioter Comments
: Now that the video has been out a bit - here's how we went about making this one - we'd love feedback on it! We started as always with some ideation. We concluded the best thing about this new Nunu (or internally NewNu) was their friendship. So we wanted the video to really showcase that. We went through a bunch of variations of the script trying to really make a wholesome story which is the story essentially of a boy and his dog. Only in this case his dog is a giant intelligent Yeti. Once we had a script we were happy with (which is more or less what is in this video), we went about creating the custom animations in the beginning and end. We wanted them to really feel like this was just another conversation they'd have. We thought it would be fun if they were standing on a ledge in the Freljord overlooking SR (that part was later cut because it didn't make sense). Champion team animators really nailed the feelings we wanted, and then we just needed to make the environment feel like it belonged in game, but also was very much Freljordian as well. So we custom made the overlook, the trees, the background and the sky, much in the same way that we did the Irelia trailer, only this time we went WAY more ham. Now that we had our bookends, we had to really capture the gameplay. Hint at his old trolliness (blue buff steal), his ganks (poor Brand), his general supportiveness (with Ashe), and his Ult. The pace was such that we wanted to start it off with something familiar (his Q chomp) and end with something familiar (his ult) but include quick snippets of the rest of his kit throughout. The Voice actor was FANTASTIC with this, and really helped land Nunu into a space where he just felt innocent, and fun, and friendly, and imaginative. Willump voice actor is a lot of post processing, but also came out sorta understandable ;) All in all, we are pretty happy with the outcome of this piece. We feel like New Nunu is a great evolution of the character, the trailer does justice to both old and new Nunu, and hopefully will get people interested in trying out his new kit. What did you all think?
I know you already have had a lot of answers, but I want to give me two cents. This teaser, and specifically the beginning and end moments where Willump and Nunu talk to each other alone reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and Calvin and Hobbes. That sense of wonder in talking to something only a child could really understand. A stuffed bear or tiger a child believes can talk, but none of the adults do. They don't have the imagination, the wonder to see it as a child does. They just see a stuffed animal. Willump reminds me of the same. A regular adult wandering through the mountains stumbles across Willump, they'd be terrified. A massive four armed animal with a gaping maw standing over a fully grown adult would send anyone running. But Nunu is a child, he doesn't see a mythical beast of legend, he sees a friend. Someone he can talk to, make wishes with, wonder about the stars with. Willump doesn't talk really, but does that matter? Nunu can understand him when nobody else probably can, simply because he chooses to. I think you guys really hit it out of the ballpark with this teaser, and I hope the rest of Nunu's rework delivers.
: When everyone is complaining about game balance but you actually enjoy the current meta
Things may be iffy right now, but things have clearly been bad before. I don't understand this idea that the game is worse now more than ever, I seem to recall a particular period when Devourer infinitely stacked and at that **golden game time** of forty five minutes was got to Master Yi was an unstoppable abomination of nature. Or Season 3 which was the assassin meta in which they reigned supreme and nobody could even do anything to them. Or tank metas where you don't even get to play the game. There are problems yeah but I feel they aren't things that can't be fixed. I personally believe that Zoe is a large problem that needs changing sooner rather than later, damage could be tuned down somewhat, and towers could be buffed. But it isn't the end of the world. Streamers and professionals complaining about how the game "isn't fun anymore" I think may actually be that most of these guys have been playing the game practically non-stop for years now, some more or less since the game started. I think a lot of them are more burned out than anything else, and are looking for what they believe their fans may see as a valid reason to leave the game or at the least take an extended break.
: Hi i am here to preach for my awesome new cult religion, Lusinism!
By order of the God Emperor's Holy Inquisition this post has been deemed heretical by the Ordo Hereticus. As such, you and all those who worship your cult shall be summarily purged along with all taints of Chaos that you have spread to neighboring worlds. May He have mercy on your soul.
333lom (EUNE)
: Regarding Kayle and Morgana
I see Kayle as less of a regular angel and more of a Valkyrie. I believe she should be a stern type of character and come off as cold. She should feel sorrow for the corrupted but ultimately purge them all regardless due to them being deemed "beyond redemption". For whatever reason you fell to darkness, no matter how mournful and depressing, you still fell to darkness. And that is an unforgivable act.
Kelg (NA)
: Whichever meta season 3 was
Please no. Not again. I still remember those horrible times.
: An Open Letter To Narrative: Kayle and Morgana
I think there needs to be careful consideration in regards to their new story as to not turn their story into something too similar to Renekton and Nasus or Leona and Diana. In the case of Renekton and Nasus, they were brothers who were great partners and allies until a tragic event that eventually lead Renekton to turn on and seek out Nasus for revenge in his madness. It also can't be Leona and Diana, with Diana committing a heinous act without realizing what she was doing at the time and fleeing rather than face the consequences and Leona going after her. I really want it to be a true "War in Heaven" type story. Morgana should be a fallen angel type character, someone who has somewhat been corrupted by dark magic. But her reasons for doing so should be in what she believes to be the best interests of others. I think Morgana should, at least originally, be compassionate and maybe sees her corruption as a last resort to help the people she cares about. Kayle on the other hand should be a warrior, less like a regular angel and more like a Valkyrie. Stern, rather standoffish if one doesn't know her, and always dedicated to her task at hand. She inevitably has to represent the "good guys", the ones not corrupted by dark magics. She should see Morgana's rebellion, whatever it is, as an ultimate betrayal and go after her with fire and fury. Kayle should more or less massacre anyone even remotely involved with Morgana's fall from grace but I also think she should feel sadness about her sister. However Kayle should be ultimately loyal to her orders and be totally willing to strike down Morgana if the chance presents itself. Both should believe they are in the right and be really blinded from the bad things they both do to achieve their end goals. I'm thinking like Paradise Lost with a little more empathy shown for Lucifer's side of the story.
: Well, I'm just done. It's been three fucking years since that colossal mess that was Morde's abomination of a class update, and all we've gotten were half hearted apologies and empty promises. That's it, I fucking quit.
Be honest with yourself sir, we both know that's a lie.
: i have to say, as a player that is a rank 7 player on him, i don't have that much love for him anymore. His identitiy is too wildly different. And it really bothered me when they stated that this rework WASN'T FOR AATROX MAINS. meanwhile most reworks , {{champion:14}} being the only real big change i recall, keep the champions to some sort of simularity. And i find it even more annoying they changed him during the one time in his life post release nerfs that he was strong in the game and was seeing pro play for pete sake. But off the tangent. I don't really like the way they go about top laners anymore, they make every top laner some form of caster champ. I highly doubt they will ever make a melee AA based champion anymore, riot have shown they like the caster based champions. But it does bug me they had to waste 2 skills to make one functional ability... I get it they wanted it to be balanced, but come on... Another annoyance is that they took the old Q knockup, and mixed it with one of the most popular, including my own input on the old aatrox E, making the tip deal more damage, and mixing it into one ability, that is really weird when you think of a sword weilder. all in all i am unimpressed and wish they did something for the players instead of for the casuals... mobile so will edit more later
Well, Sion was probably the most drastic rework ever done on a champion to date but he is by no means the only champion to be changed for a wider audience of people. Galio was turned from a really weird anti-mage with a ultimate that required a flash to be effective into a good anti-magic damage tank who can protect allies. His personality, lore, and gameplay were changed quite a bit. Same goes for Poppy, who got a gameplay change, visual change, personality change, and lore change. The basic premise of Riot's reworks is to change most if not all while leaving a small core in-tact. However I think Riot saw Aatrox on the same level as Sion in that he needed nothing kept around from his old character. And while it is unfortunate that a small group of players had their hopes dashed over this rework I feel that as a whole the game benefited. New Aatrox is more approachable for newer players and even older players who never played the original Aatrox.
: It was season 3 where assassins ruled. Season 4 was a little bit of everything that favoured divers (fiora0=)
Sorry, I've been playing this game for a really long time and the past seasons kind of blur together to me.
: I miss Gameplay of season 4
Wasn't Season 4 the reign of assassins? Or was that Season 5? One of those two was when assassins were king for an entire season. And the variation in ratios on champions seems good on paper or looking back, but in reality these variable ratios were either completely vestigial or downright confusing. Why did Sion, seemingly a massive undead guy with an axe and an ultimate that gave him 100% lifesteal at level 3, also have large AP ratios? Why did Master Yi have such a massive AP ratio on his heal? And champion kits were simpler yes, but you seem to be remembering things much differently than I do. Irelia was the posterchild for nerfs for a very long time, Aatrox was a one dimensional drain tank, and Sion was uh, awful. You have to remember the good and the bad, otherwise you can't put things correctly into context. It's like people reminiscing fondly of the 50's, apparently forgetting the Korean War, the horrific racism and segregation, and the beginning of the Cold War.
: We are all garbage prove me wrong
: > [{quoted}](name=Doctor Dyment,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MybQOEdT,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-07-29T22:13:31.439+0000) > > League and DOTA, while ostensibly similar, have never really been comparable to me. DOTA feels different to me, and while Riot could certainly pick up pointers about various ideas from DOTA I feel that swiping their tank designs isn't really a great idea. For example, Tidehunter may have large play-making abilities but the duration of his crowd control can't carry over into League and stay balanced. Especially in its current state. League and DOTA are two separate branches of the same idea, so really I feel that ideas from one cannot completely transition into the other and be completely successful. I well know the huge differences between the games, what I'm saying is that League's tank designs are very tame. And part of that is they are/were weaker copies of Dota. Amumu to Tidehunter, Rammus to Sandking for example. They were designed to be more casual less punishing designs. But I really think League has evolved to a point where say-- they have designs that are so potent and exciting on the offense such as Zed, Lucian, or Azir, but their defensive designs are mostly just CC bots that don't feel like they have a really big impact and just spam and soak damage. The itemization is so efficient of health+armor items that they become far more about being unkillable than they do about actually making a play. (and when the itemization fails behind offense they become useless). Tank as in "damage soak" was never a design meant for this kind of action game; tank is a role for MMORPGS or turn based rpgs. Tanky characters that have insane crowd control though, many games got it right. Even Overwatch has some fantastic tanks like Zyra. But she's known for her high impact ultimate, not for being a brick. Nobody wants to just play a brick. I could compare League to any action game and the tanks just aren't exciting in league.
Now that I can understand. Making tanks more exciting for the general populace is a good idea to me, that makes more sense. With no sarcasm, what would be some suggestions from you that Riot could use to make tanks be more than damage soakers and CC machines?
Quinzley (EUNE)
: this board is part of the Imperium of Man
Commissar, I would like to see this city built up again. I would like to see towers and spires of gleaming white. I would like to see our men on parade routes, not tours of duty! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE EVERY CITY ON THIS PLANET, EVERY COLONY ON THIS BESOTTED, MISERABLE SYSTEM TURNED TO THE SERVICE AND INDUSTRY OF THE IMPERIUM IN THE EMPEROR'S NAME!
: I never found League tanks all that exciting. Coming from Dota, there's this hero named Tidehunter, his ultimate Ravage was like this massive game changing ultimate. a massive aoe, fast moving, long duration stun with good damage. League champions never really were allowed to have anything with that much power into it. Playing Tidehunter hitting a good ultimate could turn a game... But he also had a great kit which let him lane safely, or even support due to having 2 decent debuffs. Really smooth character to play considering his age. In league, their version of Tidehunter is Amumu. Amumu is a pitiful version of Tidehunter - sorry to say, I like Amumu and all but his ult doesn't come close in terms of reward and risk. His abilities are so weak he couldn't survive a lane and had to jungle. Riot still doesn't really understand how to make a true tank initiator champion fun. You look at other games, for example dota they have Magnus, Tidehunter, Sandking, Earthshaker -- all very iconic strong designs. Even look at Smite they have gods like Aries, Athena, Fafnir, Khumba, super fun as well (tho I think Smite is pretty boring). League's tanks, the most exciting dude is Zac I guess. Everybody else, I don't want to say they are bad characters or they can't be fun but compared to what's out there, they fall way short as designs.
League and DOTA, while ostensibly similar, have never really been comparable to me. DOTA feels different to me, and while Riot could certainly pick up pointers about various ideas from DOTA I feel that swiping their tank designs isn't really a great idea. For example, Tidehunter may have large play-making abilities but the duration of his crowd control can't carry over into League and stay balanced. Especially in its current state. League and DOTA are two separate branches of the same idea, so really I feel that ideas from one cannot completely transition into the other and be completely successful.
: Who are your favorite champs what do you think they would do if they found a world rune?
{{champion:111}} Not sure he would even remember what a World Rune is, or if he did either use it to find his crew and discard it, or hold on to it as to keep it safe from everyone else.
LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
: The Memote contest was A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!
The Poppy one deserves some credit, it is rather well drawn. But yeah, not showing what everyone else made is kind of weird and makes their effort seem wasted.
: Since Darius isn't OP what are some melees that can consistently beat Darius pre 25 mins?
So, you didn't actually want suggestions. You didn't actually want helpful advice or people willing to give you tips. All you wanted to do was make a post to impotently complain about a champion you dislike and whenever someone brings up a possible solution to the problem you angrily bash it down because you would rather be upset than have a valid solution.
Jikker (NA)
: Happy 4th of July fellow Americans!
The one day a year we as Americans can put aside out political differences to celebrate the day we collectively decided to tell the British to fuck off. Happy 4th everyone, blow something up.
: Season 1 Veteran here; Riot has NEVER suceeded with the Assassin class.
Old men of League of Legends unite! You hit the nail on the head with this one I think, but I don't believe the balance for assassins is all Riot's fault. They're simply trying to make a class work that generally just doesn't. Assassins in games like MOBAs tend to feel either shitty to play as because they can't survive long enough to do their job or they feel shitty to play against because the opposite is true. If an assassin is doing his job that's someone else having approximately zero fun. I think the idea of assassins as a whole in MOBAs need a good long look and a restructuring. Into what, I can't say because I'm not a game designer and am under no obligation besides to voice my complaints anonymously online in hopes that some random yahoo will pay attention to me.
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doctor Dyment,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HP1ofwa1,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-01T05:00:50.670+0000) > > He's old as his model is terrible. His kit was kind of just a standard one back in the day, but now he is either way too counter-able or not good in the slightest. He just needs a rework really. or he is the most suppressive support in the game, sending out silences to multiple targets that really hurt thx to aery, having his instant cc against everything on his q and since he has spellthieve's he won't run out of mana.
I'm not saying he isn't a problem now, I'm saying that during his inception his kit was seen as perfectly normal. But now it just doesn't fit and needs a rework.
: Fiddlesticks is a stupid design
He's old as his model is terrible. His kit was kind of just a standard one back in the day, but now he is either way too counter-able or not good in the slightest. He just needs a rework really.
: Isn't it kind of sad that we'll never have a skeleton champion in the game?
Funny story, I have a friend who used to play a massive amount of Skeleton King in DOTA 2. When they changed him he had a full honest to god meltdown about it and now every time I want to make him upset I just mention how Wraith King is a cool character, even though I don't like him nearly as much as I liked Skeleton King. He flips out whenever it is mentioned, I love it.
Jackom1 (EUW)
: All this talk of the Void as the ultimate evil
I believe the idea is that while Mordekaiser could be a very present evil, the Void is more of an overhanging threat. Like, as if World War 2 was happening while a meteor was simultaneously heading towards Earth. The Axis are the obvious threat that needs to be dealt with soon, but the meteor can just wipe out the planet anyway.
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