: > [{quoted}](name=DeathBurst,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jnu2RXAE,comment-id=000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-04T18:07:40.731+0000) > > "How little damage they have"? They have a 30% execute proc. Here's your bloody damage. let me sit here autoing this cannon for ages trying to get it low enough to execute meanwhile adc accidently one shots it and therefore you don't get the execute so you're behind more
Not exactly one shot... But In the early game (and more likely with a {{item:1038}} ), Cait can kill cannon before the ranged supp can execute it with headshot passive and a lucky crit. Jhin’s 4 shot can also kill cannon from roughly 35-40% health, it deals more damage based on missing health and it is also a guaranteed crit. There are probably more ADCs that can instantly kill the cannon before the 30% health threshold in the early game. In the late game, almost all ADCs can one-shot cannons. But that isn’t super important because the support won’t have much need to execute minions at that stage in the game. Just so you know: I agree with everything else that you said in this comment thread, except for this comment that I am replying to.
: ok mind if I kinda middle ground it and say rather than make cast speed scale with AS perhaps amp the damage of it slightly based off AS? Still gives time for it to be dodged and they won't have to worry about the casting animation fucking things up. As for the bar thing it might be a good idea if only cait can see said bar as well to help prevent clutter. Headshot while dealing nice damage isn't as big a deal to track like annie stun, or jhin shot 4.
A bar for Cait’s passive can actually be really helpful in any fight and especially If the Cait is fed. A fed Cait can instantly one shot a squishy if she has headshot and R. So having a bar would help people playing against Cait by letting them know to back off (when headshot is up) or to engage (when she has 0 stacks). And also looking at a bar below your character’s health/mana bar is much much easier that a small indicator at the bottom of your screen.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doge2020,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ezUgfUmu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-03T19:37:35.796+0000) > > Oooh you should make Designer Jhin the “anti” designer. He is the rival to the Supreme Designer Sol, both of their skins could be contrasting light and dark themes. > > A later addition to this skin line (because she just had a prestige skin lol) should be Supermodel {{champion:246}}. > To balance out the amount of regular models and supermodels, I think either Miss Fortune or {{champion:28}} should be a regular model instead of a Supermodel. Either that or you should add another regular Model skin to go along with the Supermodel Qiyana. Cool idea. I like the idea of "anti" designer. His could be kind of chaotic and such. I was definitely thinking {{champion:246}} when I made the post. I, personally, was thinking of her as a designer that seeks to rule the fashion world and usurp {{champion:202}} {{champion:114}} and {{champion:136}}. I was also thinking of "model" legendaries for {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}}. They would be named Runway Morgana and Runway Kayle. I think your suggestion of the balance act between models and supermodels is a good idea. I am thinking {{champion:28}} just because {{champion:21}} is signed into the high and mighty Sol Industries. :)
Yeah the new {{champion:246}} skin (especially the prestige edition) is the main reason why I think she would fit better as a SuperModel. To me, her entire character and personality is the same snobby, high class and “Admire me, look at how great I am” feeling that Draven embodies lol. To me she doesn’t feel like the type of champion that would be designing the clothes, I image she would be one of the famous models prancing on the runway lol
oChase (NA)
: You both do realize you can cleanse ignite right? Which in essence does in fact negate the summoner spell...{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
After looking it up... It looks like I was wrong lol. It does seem weird to me that you can cleanse a summoner spell like Ignite but atleast Ignite has a definite counter lol (I ain’t about to be one of those stuck up people that refuse to admit they were wrong even when the info is easy to find) I never really played with ignite or cleanse so I didn’t know about that interaction
5050BS (NA)
: He is missing the space from the end of the CD to the change in cost
Ah I see, thank you!
: Yuumi changes
One thing I am confused about with the E. Was the CD INCREASED to 100/115/130/145/160? Or was it changed to 12/11/10/9 CD? If the change was the former, then that is WAAAAY too long of a CD for a non-ultimate ability that is now single use.
: Fashionista Skinline?
Oooh you should make Designer Jhin the “anti” designer. He is the rival to the Supreme Designer Sol, both of their skins could be contrasting light and dark themes. A later addition to this skin line (because she just had a prestige skin lol) should be Supermodel {{champion:246}}. To balance out the amount of regular models and supermodels, I think either Miss Fortune or {{champion:28}} should be a regular model instead of a Supermodel. Either that or you should add another regular Model skin to go along with the Supermodel Qiyana.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Cleanse doesn't negate Ignite damage, are you serious?
I think he was thinking of Barrier rather than Cleanse lol EDIT: I’m dumb lol, I have never seen cleanse used against ignite and nobody has ever told me.
: I used to perma ban Pyke before but now I'll ban Senna especially if I get to pick later into the draft cuz then I can counter Pyke with Janna which is an old comfort pick for me. Also after I realized the new items actually killed my old build for ~~carry~~ Ashe support and even the runes didn't feel right anymore I was experimenting new ones and realized Ashe can mow her down pretty damn hard in lane, you just win those trades so hard; if she auto's you once and you auto her back you can just keep going and out trade her even through her stupid heals but then you might still end up in trouble if she ever lands that CC.
Considering that Senna is a squishy ranged support, damage or hook based supports like brand, thresh, blitz, pyke, Zyra or Sona might be good against Senna. I guess sustain supports like Janna, Soraka and Nami might also be good against her. I think one of the strategies that will soon develop for fighting Senna will be like Soraka, which is just kill her her before she can heal/shield her team (if it’s support Senna) or before she can kill your team (ADC or full damage senna lol). Her W needs to be treated like a Zilean Q, simply explained as “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME DON’T KEEP ON WALKING TOWARDS THE TEAM AND LET THE BOMB HIT ALL OF US!!!!” While it is slightly different, 1 zilean Q only deals damage and DOES NOT stun while Senna’s W deals damage and roots all enemy units in the radius of the initial target.
Hsofth (EUW)
: 1st point: "I don't like building him defensively" Yasuo can build defense, he just is so overloaded (Shield by moving and projectile wall with a larger hitbox than him) he doesn't need to and as a result doesn't. 2nd point: You have high MS, generate a shield while running and if you are using Q while running away get the threat of hard CC forcing the enemy to stop chasing efficiently or CCing them, escaping in either scenario 3rd point: Q might as well be ranged, W invalidates most ranged abilities, passive shield and E mobility counter most poke (Shield also doesn't give assists to anyone who damaged it but not the health) But of course you're a Yasuo main if you are defending him so you'll say something to pretend these arguments are invalid even though they are perfectly fine.
Well if you look at my match history you will see that I have never touched Yasuo in my entire time playing League. In fact I hate playing Yasuo lol. The reason I posted that comment is because Yasuo does have counters, and I wanted to challenge myself to put my bias aside and try to find ways that Yasuo can be countered. You and Voluug bring a few good points to the discussion, but it is clear to me where your bias is even based on how you worded that first point. 1. I agree that Yasuo CAN build defensive items, I disagree that his kit is as overloaded as you claim. A simple auto attack from a ranged champ procs the shield, then that champ can just wait for the shield to run out before that champ trades or engages. Remember that his W has a really long CD, if he uses it in a bad way/spot it allows the enemy team to engage and get an easy kill. and just so y’all know, the way that Senna’s auto attacks, Q and ult function allows her to bypass Yasuo’s Wind Wall to damage him. 2. I was talking about dashes and MS boosts only from his kit, not from items. Yasuo has no MS boosts in his kit and the only dash requires an enemy unit or jungle monster to work. Example: Yasuo is running from your team by running up river (scuttle hasn’t respawned yet). in the river Yasuo has no targets to dash off of besides the enemy champs, and it would be counter productive to run back to the people he is running from to dash off of them. 3. Q requires Yasuo to stack it up in melee range first, he opens himself up from some return damage. W has a long CD and even though it is good against most ranged champs, all of his melee counters can just walk up and beat his ass hard. A simple way that ranged champs can counter the windwall is by simply walking away. If Yasuo is in his windwall to defend himself from ranged champs then he would be in no position to chase. He would lose the safety of his windwall and he would open himself up to easy damage (and even get himself killed) if he decides to chase. Like I said before, enemy champs can easily bait the shield before they fight/engage.
Morglics (EUNE)
: so whats his disadvantage?
His kit requires him to be in the middle of the fight, and the only defensive items in his usual build is GA and sometimes Bloodthirster. So he is pretty easy to lock down and kill. He has a hard time running away from enemies without flash due to the fact that his E requires an enemy minion, jungle monster or enemy champ to use. Due to him being a melee champ, most ranged champs (and some melee champs) have an easy time fighting and poking him during lane. These are some of the disadvantages that I can think of right now but there is definitely more
: I thought I was the only one! When you recall your mana takes SO long to recharge like wtf!
One trick that I have seen people do to not wait in fountain so long. wait for your mana and/or health to fill up to roughly 8/10 of the bar, then simply walk to lane. It does depend on your champ’s mana regen, but for most champions by the time you get to lane your Health and Mana should be full
Durzaka (NA)
: Meh, i dont think its that busted. Any ADC with Hurricane melts waves. He pays for it by having TERRIBLE wave clear on any weapon that ISNT Infernum until he does get Hurricane. Seriously, without Infernum equipped, he may have the worst clear of all ADCs, or damn near close.
Yeah, while Jinx has access to her rockets all the time (when she has mana), Aphelios sometimes has access to Infernum. I think that is why Hurricane is even more valuable on him, to help make up for the lackluster waveclear on his other weapons. I guess the other reason is that the other weapons’ unique basic attacks also apply to the Hurricane “bolts”. For example: the gravitum slows 3 people and allows Aphelios to root 3 people after 1 basic attack instead of having to auto attack 3 people in a row.
: >The problem with the alternatives that you recommended is that they don’t have the reset theme of the comp. 'Ryze' Sorry, but i don't see how that fits the reset theme any better(if you look at OPs comp, it's about resets on kills, not things like ryze Q)
He made it seem more like any resets than just resets on kills. And if it is just reset on kills nothing in Urgot’s kit resets on kills. I think adding not kill reliant resets might be better so they can actually function instead of relying on snowballing to function.
rollz3 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HommeGoujon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tXgllOvY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-27T02:10:03.721+0000) > > Just tried him. He's very fun to play but it's gonna take some time for people to get used to him. Auto Q, W, Auto Q, W Yea really hard to grasp
It seems like he burns through mana easily. I wish Riot could add something in his kit that gives some mana back. For example: If the rifle Q kills an enemy, half of the mana cost is refunded. Something like this where the requirement to get the refund is kinda hard to get.
: Darius would suck in that comp. The huge thing about tris, kah, kata and even pike is that they have reseting mobillity, so they are all over the place. Darius however is one of the least mobile champs ever, he will have a very hard time keeping up with the rest and getting acces to anyone. And even if he does, kah+kata+pyke pop targets very quickly while darius does little till he has the passive stacked up, so targets would die befor darius really gets anything done. And unlike the others, he needs to get the killing blow for resets, not just an assist. I'm also not 100% sure about pyke. He sure can work, but like darius, he needs to land the execute for resets, and with kata and kah, chances are high that targets get popped to fast for him to benefit. Also, there are 3 other cleanup threats already, you don't need an support in that niche aswell. What you really want with that comp is someone who can set up the fight and get the resets started. Pyke sortof fits with the pick potential from Q, but i think thresh, leona and nauti are all better options for that. As for top, i think urgot is a nise fit, his ult can easily secure the first kill even from a high range to make sure the resets sttart going. He also offers some more frontline+controll potential than darius. Else some simple engage tanks would probably work well, like malph with his ult or a good orn. Another option would be to sololane Kah and pick either skarner or gragas as a jungler, skarner is amongst the best to secure the initial kill with his ult, while gragas with his E+flash+R also can do that, but with extra chaos from his split ult which helps at finding further kills with the resets.
I know it has been a while since this was posted lol The problem with the alternatives that you recommended is that they don’t have the reset theme of the comp. I think some good Alternatives that fit the comp would be Taric for support, or Irelia in top. To make the team less reliant on snowballing, Ryze would be a good pick for mid lane. Another plus is that his regular itemization would him tankier than most Katarina’s.
: > [{quoted}](name=KnightsKemplar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4XL9YoPE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-27T04:05:49.641+0000) > > He was never supposed to be mechanically challenging. He's supposed to be "big brain" because you have to account for changing variables throughout the game that you can only somewhat control. > > It's fine if you think that's *also* not true, but I don't see the point of trying to sell him as something that no one said he was. Infernum + {{item:3085}} EZ PZ trust me
My favorite part about aphelios’s interaction with Hurricane is that an auto attack only consumes one ammo. This gives aphelios WAAAYYY too much wave clear when paired up with Hurricane lol For other people: watch AnkleSpankin’s video of aphelios on YouTube, you don’t need to watch the entire video but towards the end of it (I would guess 25 min mark) he buys a hurricane and you get to see the Infernum and Hurricane interaction in-game. (To Captain- that last part was for those that didn’t see the interaction, it’s obvious you and I seen it lol)
: Unpopular opinion: Aphelios isnt as hard to play and master as riot thinks.
I agree with BigFBear’s comment. Riot’s comment of this champ being hard to play isn’t in a mechanical way, like Vayne or Riven, they mean he is hard to play mentally. The way his kit works makes you think a lot about what you do. He is still like other ADC’s in his “just right-click lol” but he requires lots more thinking about how he fights. In a recent video, AnkleSpankin mentioned that Aphelios makes him think more than other ADCs. He is challenging mentally not mechanically.
: Yeah, as Doge mentioned, you lose some efficiency when multiple champs have to compete for the reset to be as effective as they should be. On top of that, then you have some other weaknesses. 1. This comp is nearly completely snowballing reliant, which means comebacks would be near impossible 2. Zero tanks, and darius doesn't legit count as a tank. It would rely entirely on pyke for teamfight initiation, and the only durability would come from a tanky darius build. 3. Zero mages/poke plus zero utility outside of pyke Q and Darius pull 4. It has pyke, and nobody wants to play against OR WITH that monstrosity 5. Other than pyke's busted ult, it's actually hard for more than one or two champs to TRULY snowball, because snowballing implies lots of kills plus at least decent CS. In most games, only one or two champs on a team can snowball because if say, kat and kha are getting lots of kills, then it means that other champs probably aren't getting lots of kills unless it's just an absolute romp, which usually happens more because of severe skills mismatches, luck, or severe comp mistmatches.
Ryze instead of Kat would be a good alternative for a mage. He has lots of waveclear, lots of damage, can build a tanky build fairly easily (still not as effective as an actual tank with a full tank build tho) and in some scenarios his ult could be used as an initiation. Cassiopeia could also work as another mage in the mid lane, I know that her E doesn’t technically reset but has like 0.25 or something CD, but there might be another reset thing in her kit that makes her viable. These two options for midlane should help the comp not be so snowball reliant and make comebacks easier. And the amount of health that Ryze and Cass get in their normal builds will offset the glasscannon builds of Kha, Trist and pyke (if pyke is played instead of taric) Taric would be a great replacement in the support role. His ult can help irelia/darius and kha’zix initiate a fight without instantly dying, and obviously his passive resets/reduces his Q cooldown Another reason for Irelia top instead of darius, she can initiate fights pretty easily with her R, she just needs her team to immediately back her up and she needs to land her E. And with her W, Irelia semi fills the tanky part of her team with one or two defensive items with steracks and titanic hydra.
Weensw (NA)
: Would this reset comp be a viable team? or is it just bad?
Idk about how Kat’s reset works but I know for certain that you shouldn’t have darius and pyke on the same team if you are basing it on ult/ability resets. Both darius and pyke’s Ults reset if they get a kill, so they would be racing each other to kill the enemy team faster. I would recommend Irelia as a good alternative to darius in the top lane, her Q resets from marks from her E and R
: Can someone clarify Senna’s E for me?
Untargetability is mainly useful against single-target attacks. Examples: Caitlyn auto attack, teemo’s Q AOE spells like Caitlyn’s Q or TF’s Q can still hit you while you are a wraith. And Seena’s E is a camouflage. Senna and allies in her E will be revealed by a revealing action: enemy champion moving close enough to Senna, a control ward, Quinn W, or abilities/effects that grant true sight like the Fountain and ignite (idk about ignite, haven’t heard any mention of the interaction and I haven’t seen any gameplay where a Senna or an ally was revealed by an Ignite) Don’t confuse camouflage with invisibility. {{champion:121}}’s R and Vayne’s R are good examples, their invisibility can’t be broken by simply walking near them, only the fountain and a small amount of other abilites/summoner spells can reveal them. The entire reason why the Boards got so worked up over Senna (before she was available on the PBE but after her abilities were announced) was because they confused camouflage, invisibility and untargetability lol.
Lampøst (NA)
: Jing, The Orchid's Bloom
One thing that I like is that you take the time to add special quotes for each ability. It adds a nice touch to the description and adds more to the character.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xavanic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cX3VkYEd,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-14T20:48:04.955+0000) > > garbage? some are, but look at malphite, you literally cant ignore his armor, naut is still a great one aswell with his powerful low CD shield, ornn is actually a decent lane bully, poppy is still and always will be relevant because of her W, galio is a great mid lane tank as he can bully most mages into submission, i see grag constantly rn because of predator gragas being a thing “Look at Malphite” the guy who’s currently going full ap? -.- Naut is a joke. Ornn is okay. Poppy? She’s okay. I guess. Assuming your opponent didn’t realize she built resistances and refused to build a black cleaver (oh wait they always do) and a void staff. Galio is a joke. Riot has gutted him so hard that he doesn’t even win into mages anymore.
Y’all forgot Mundo lol While he doesn’t have a lot of CC to fully be a tank. He definitely falls in the category of “unkillable fuckers that soak damage for their team and can keep an enemy champ in place for a while” He doesn’t have any hard CC, but the slow on his Q is large enough that it has the same effect when he targets an immobile champ.
: Now he's free to abuse Dark Harvest as his go to again. He's still going to be that safe farming, looking to scale up, type adc. In low elo where I am, I could abuse Ezreal with Klepto simply because it shored up my piss poor cs as an adc. I only ever did well because I had a safe champion with extra gold flowing in. Depending on how his Q applies energized attacks, Fleet Footwork could be good. Comet also synergizes with him buying Iceborn Gauntlet so that one is a good candidate. Predator provides upfront damage so he could maybe use it to some effect. Glacial Augment could be viable if you decide to go Hextech GLP on Ezreal but he doesn't really need that. The other keystones either require too much ramp up time to be useful for Ezreal imo or flat out provide him no benefit.
Does his Q apply stacks of PTA? If it does then I think that would work too. He could proc PTA pretty easily with just a Q —> auto attack —> E. If his Q doesn’t then PTA could still be semi useful if the Ezreal does Auto attack —> E —> auto attack
Lampøst (NA)
: This is a nice add because that was my main idea! I wanted to make a champion that could out kite, with his dash spins and jab in his Q and his movement speed boost from combat. I genuinely like your idea of the refresh after 2 spells or hits! Thanks a lot for the help :). And yes I did think the E was a little different but I don't think he'd be played jungle with the rest of his kit anyhow, definitely a top or mid laner. However, changing it to a root or maybe even a fear ability would be pretty cool too, that way he can out kite someone with his passive and Q, and fear them the other way, exceeding his pathing, and forcing his opponent into a bad spot.
Yeah I don’t like the E because it would become useless if Dane decides to fight in the jungle instead of a lane. Even if he is played top/mid he will still fight in the jungle at some point. I honestly didn’t imagine him as a jungler, I was taking it from a top laner stance and I know from experience that a normal game will have all players fighting in the jungle (and other places nowhere near minions) 90% of the time. Btw that was not an actual statistic, it was exaggerated but it is true that a “good” game requires players to fight most of the time in the jungle.
Lampøst (NA)
: Dane, The Sun-Sword Bearer {Champ Concept}
Small note for the W: maybe change the wording from “Ability Damage” to “Magic Damage”. Magic Damage is a type of damage, and ability power increases that damage. I like how his passive helps him combat champions that can easily kite. And from the looks of it, that MS boost isn’t too strong. One small change that you can think about, “the duration of _Extrasensory_ _Metal_ is refreshed if Dane is damaged by two champion attacks (abilites and auto attacks) while the buff is active. The MS boost is lowered to 17.5% if the duration of _Exasensory Metal_ refreshes.” This change helps Dane fight champs that can permanently kite him. And also the ms boost from the passive would be 35% after it comes off of CD. So when the passive is activated the first time, it is 35%, and each time that it is refreshed the MS boost is instead 17.5%. looking at his E, I think that would be a good place to put in some form of hard CC for our buddy. I’m thinking of instead of this minion transformation (that is very awkward and also unavailable in jungle and river fights), the active damages and roots enemy units affected by “dark infusion”. Visually, a root might make the most sense but knockup or stun would also work. I don’t think that the current E is very good. it would only be useful in lane phase or late game, both are times where the teams would be in lanes or in each other’s bases. Your E loses all of its power when Dane fights in the jungle/river, so it needs to be changed. You can either change it to include neutral monsters, or the ability needs to be reworked completely. I personally think that my change is a good idea because it adds some nice CC into his kit, and it makes use of both his actual passive and the current E’s passive. Another idea: his Q can also spread the “dark infusion”. That way he has another way to get the root off if he can’t walk up to a target champ.
: Also it probably never affects ranked. Just normals fun.
Yeah it would be stupid for a quest like that to be used in ranked lol
: Smart Nasus players still work around this by tanking 3 early levels into E to gain farm and exp without risking death from lane bullies. Yes your stacks aren't great but at least you can buy items to be relevant and get some stack later. However this almost demands the rest of your team plays well and you are not required to do tons of damage as a carry by mid game.
But that also pushes the wave hard into the enemy laner. Which a nasus wants to avoid if he/she wishes to be relevant in mid and late game. It opens Nasus up to get ganked hard by the enemy jungler and it makes it harder for the ally jungler to gank the enemy laner.
: > [{quoted}](name=SirEnds,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AoIfIQdy,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-11-12T14:56:26.295+0000) > > what do you think she should build? definitely not the IE rush i seem to be witnessing at the moment she has a shield and 2 heals doesn't scale with atk speed and has anti crit scaling when people realize that the 200 ghouls dream isn't really attainable they will start building her right i'd imagine black cleaver being core after that probably ardent and athene to boost the healing of her R and Q as they both scale with AP and max out the cdr as well we don't have marksman support items and until we do have them i don't see her built full marksman might be wrong about the cleaver core but athene and ardent currently hold highest win rate items
For a support build I see that working, but lets say somebody takes Senna to the ADC spot. What do you think would be the most optimal build for ADC senna? From what I have seen in this discussion, lethality and Bork/on-hit might be the better build than crit
: > [{quoted}](name=FSRER,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EF0BiuZF,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-11-12T18:42:56.278+0000) > > Meh, both Toplane and Midlane has too much mobility for Jhin to play around, especially mid. It’s gonna be something stupid like 100ad on one item plus armor pen. He’s going to hit like a freight train.
I played a full lethality jhin game in a custom game with friends. My keystone was either Comet or Dark Harvest, but I think it was dark harvest. During that game (when I was fed as fuck with almost full build) two of my friends on the other team, Akali and Quinn (they were on the blue side of the map), walked into their jungle for a fight. I was in the small brush right above red buff where the sweeper plant is, they both walk in and from just one regular auto attack (not even a fourth shot) and my Q I instantly killed the Akali from roughly full health and the Q plus another auto attack killed the Quinn instantly.
XzMln (OCE)
: The only ADC i've ever seen not trolling go IBG is Ezreal?
IBG might work on Senna. the CDR, mana and spellblade passive can make her spam Q more during fights. And auto attacks low the CD of her q so she can spam it more. In theory it sounds like it can work but now somebody needs to test it lol
: ADC items against assassins
Maybe get the two armor shards from your runes when you see more than one assassin/AD champ locked in on the enemy team? On a squishy it isn’t going to help that much but it might do something. It does sacrifice some damage (depending on if your champ needs AS or not) but overall it might help you survive more if you also have a warden/enchanter as your support.
: That's way too much power for one of the Quest bonuses. That's absolutely insane.
To be fair, I think that quest happens at a point in the game where those bonuses don’t matter all that much. During the late game, if Senna completes the quest she is most likely already fed and her team is in their final push to end the game. And the opposite is same for Thresh, when he finishes the quest his team is most likely snowballing hard and there isn’t much that Senna and her team can do to stop it If that quest was available at the beginning of the game (like during lane phase) then I agree that is overpowered as fuck and needs to be taken out. But if it is just a late game quest then I don’t think it is that big/game breaking.
: I can see the idea behind forcing a new champ to not be ban-able, but I think it undermines the basic purpose of bans in the first place, and I think it doesn't really help the core reasons behind the surge of bans that always occur on a new release. People need to get comfortable with a new champion, need to figure out how they work, what they can pull off, where they're weak (unless it was {{champion:157}}, who was designed without weakness, heh) and they need time to experiment with the champion to do all that. Maybe 1-4-all isn't the best - maybe a similar mode where anyone can play anything, so you could have 3 sennas on a team if you wanted, for example, to preserve some of the interaction based experience people need with a new champion, idk.
What we need is a co-op version of the training mode. One that lets the players have access to all champions regardless of how many they actually own in their collections. Having a co-op training mode can help players get comfortable with playing as a champ, against a champ, or with a champ. And the neat tools from the training mode can allow the players to set up any specific scenario that they want to practice with
: > [{quoted}](name=Doge2020,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bg7zOp5F,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-06T18:53:18.547+0000) > > An idea to keep squishies from using this rune: > Give a small flat increase, I’m thinking of making this occurs only at the 10 min mark or for the first 2-3 time stamps. > Then later on in the game it switches to percent/flat increase based on the user’s max HP. > > Don’t have time to fully flesh out the math for this idea. but overall it is just making the resistance increase based on max HP, so tanks gain more use out of it while being less effective on squishies due to their low max hp. Wouldn't it just become a rune for those diver champs instead of tanks? I feel like {{champion:39}} would get a lot more out of this than say {{champion:54}} based on sheer HP built whereas the malphite would probably have less HP. Also sounds like infinite sion
If it was only a flat increase (and not based on max HP) then divers would certainly use this rune more because they can build more offensive items that don’t have a lot or any HP/resistances. But basing the rune on max HP would force divers and fighters to build defensive items, which lowers their power significantly. I think the idea I had with this rune was to primarily help the struggling tanks but it also helps the Divers, Juggernauts and other tanky melee champs that are behind and need to build defensively. A fed Irelia is going to be building mainly AD items to push her lead, such as a ravenous hydra. She wouldn’t normally be building a defensive item like Spirit Visage second item.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rax Reformed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bg7zOp5F,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-06T18:01:43.126+0000) > > I don't know, though. I think tank itemization needs to be looked into before buffing tank runes. You just run the risk of everyone running the good tank runes, and _everyone_ getting tankier across the board. I think we just need real, strong, affordable tank items that really give tanks some lasting power in a team fight again. Its true anyone can get the rune, but base the resists for conditioning isn't useful on its own... Conditioning has a %scaling off your resists which means the squishies wont really get any tankier unless they invest resistances. Tank itemization could work, but it's riskier and holds the same problem of everyone building tank items as well. But what if they don't? If my rune idea is super good, only for tanks, there is still that 10 minute window and there are still other runes that people can use to be relevant... But if your items become too good for tanks and nobody can't exploit it, then we risk ending up in a censar meta because DPS is the only true counter to the tank class and tanks provide cc for their teams, thus making adc the most valuable class by default.
An idea to keep squishies from using this rune: Give a small flat increase, I’m thinking of making this occurs only at the 10 min mark or for the first 2-3 time stamps. Then later on in the game it switches to percent/flat increase based on the user’s max HP. Don’t have time to fully flesh out the math for this idea. but overall it is just making the resistance increase based on max HP, so tanks gain more use out of it while being less effective on squishies due to their low max hp.
: Alternatives to Runebook
I have one of the “pro-guides” programs (it’s either Overwolf or OP.GG) and I use the suggested runes and items. The runes and items I normally use are very similar to what the programs suggest so I find it helpful in case I forget what runes I normally run on a champion. Another way that isn’t using a 3rd party program is to just write it down on like pages or a word doc. From what you are asking, that type of program can either store rune pages and automatically change them for you in champ select (to me, this type of program might be considered hacks in Riot’s eyes) or it might simply display suggested runes that you manually change yourself in champ select. I would suggest either writing your common rune page setups in Pages/Word or use the OP.GG program.
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: How do I play aginst a AP malphite? He is too strong right now.
Don’t bunch up, spreading out decreases the impact of his ult due to lower amount of targets. Build magic resistances, if the malphite is fed enough then magic resistance isn’t going to matter that much on a squishy carry but it will help. If malphite goes full ap, he is very squishy. If he initiates a fight with his R like how a tank malphite would, (assuming that atleast one carry survived) he becomes an extremely easy target to pick off and burst down before the enemy team joins the fight. If you are playing mid/top (or even support) one champion I would recommend to counter malphite is Galio. Idk if his W still has it, but I believe that Galio’s W cannot be canceled by CC while it is charging.
: Can we have tryndamere's ult only work on champion/minion damage?
If you are bitching about trynd because he just shit on you in a recent game, maybe try play a champion with lots of CC and outplay potential. If you pick a champ with a bunch of CC, you can lock him down during his ult so he can’t take advantage of the undying effect and you can prevent him from running out of the tower during or after his ult and kill him. I would recommend Galio, Malphite, Maokai, and Darius. Nautilus is also an option if you want but I think Galio, Malphite and darius are the best options because they are very tanky and they have enough damage to survive in lane. The best way to fight Tryndamere during his ult is to CC him so he can’t get free damage during the ult duration.
Kazekiba (NA)
: because it's not even her statistically best, or most played, build path nor is it unhealthy for the game. "X killed me by using her Ultimate and E on me!" Okay congrats, that's what champion abilities are for. Shyvana's R is also stupidly hard to land and not always used as a direct attack. She's just a, viable, AP jungler. And doesn't work in pro play
And if she builds full ap she is way more squishy than her juggernaut or tank builds. Sure she hits like a truck but she also pops like a bubble if she is caught out. Shyvana building full AP forces her into a weird ranged spell caster position, she can’t get too close otherwise she dies but her only ranged ability is her E (which has roughly a 6 second CD at rank 5 with 40% CDR)
Galiö (NA)
: So I guess it would function more like a Garen passive more then the typical in combat/ out of combat functionality a bunch of other buffs and items have. Which is ok. Seems fun for ganks and for laning phase but seems like it'll be hard to track or utilize well during late game team fights. Either way its unique. Gives it's a trapper/counter-punch feel to me.
Yeah having it be in combat with anything like minions or jungle monsters would be stupid. Another idea to enforce the use of her passive more: take out the CD decrease per level but decrease the CD of the passive by a flat amount when an ally is hit with an ability.
Galiö (NA)
: Interesting but her passive seems anti synergistic with being in a duo lane. Since they would technically be in combat the entire laning phase and would only get her enhanced abilities when a jungler comes to gank. And even then you have to wait until they hot or be hit. Also her E makes her SO fast lol. How does her Q work? Like nidalee with a snare enhance or does it pass through minions and/or champions?
I would guess her passive isn’t just in combat with anything but specifically with enemy champions. So an ally that is constantly being poked down with enable Sara to get her passive off more.
Moody P (NA)
: How is Kennen not a t1 VGU candidate
Sorry that this is kinda off topic, but did you see one of the fan made Voli rework concepts in Concepts and Creations? Or did you move past your “Voli Rework” phase? [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/FEgvNHNf-what-i-would-like-from-the-volibear-rework-each-ability?comment=00040000) Here is the link to the Concept Incase you want to see it.
Lost R (NA)
: And that's why I hate first pick. I end up having to counterpick the entire fucking team because everyone wants to be the killfastest killfast of Killfastia and expects everyone else to play second banana to them. Meanwhile I'm over here hoping for an even halfway balanced team so I could continue mastering other champions so I don't fit in the same category as all these Yasuo OTPs and I'm actually versatile and adaptable. 24 Supports is not enough.
Yeah it’s annoying when I play ADC or top and I have to choose a different champion because my team decided to go full AP or full AD. And usually it happens when I want to play Jhin ADC and my team picks all AD champs so I am forced to decide between Kog, Kai’sa, or Varus to provide some magic damage on our team lol
Saezio (EUNE)
: Rene can't insta waveclear and be safe. It's one or the other. If you are spending E to insta waveclear you are playing pretty offensively by definition
He has Tiamat passive, the Tiamat active and his empowered Q to basically insta clear waves. I’ve cleared lots of waves with just empowered Q and Tiamat active alone lol. And I was just using Renekton as an example, from what I remember he is a melee champ that clears waves extremely fast. There might be times that he might not be able to but that is why it was just an example.
: Im sure immobil mele champ That u can counter by {{item:3076}} {{item:3047}} Is more Problematic Then the 14.5 % % max health true dmg on range champ every 3 basic attack While being half time invisble
Vayne is only a problem for tanks in the mid/late game when they actually fight her in teamfights and skirmishes. Vayne top is an extremely low pick rate tbh. I agree with MrFawknSunshine, Darius (and for me Teemo) are much bigger problems during the lane phase and have a much easier time beating the my ass early than the Vayne that is on the other side of the map.
: instead she has aoe akali shroud
More like visible Pyke W that also stealths allies
Lost R (NA)
: Or just pay attention to enemy locations and steal the jungler's shit when they aren't around to do anything about it. > It does not work if they're ahead since they will just poke you down under your turret then all in and kill you all if you're low health. Same with if you back out to go heal, they will just take the objectives anyway. And that's why I say that we need more than assassins and ADCs on the team. An AOE mage like Malzahar, Brand or Vel'Koz can defend a turret. A tank, if they have backup, can defend a turret. Yasuo can, kind of. Vayne can't.
In terms of who can or can’t defend a turret. I think most of it boils down to the waveclear capabilities of the champion. Somebody like a renekton or illaoi can defend a turret much easier than a nasus (for example) because the former two can nearly insta clear the wave with Tiamat and their AOE spells. Meanwhile Nasus only has E to clear waves, and that deals nearly no damage if he isn’t full AP or not fully maxed yet. It’s the same for ranged champs, A brand/Anivia can defend a turret much easier than say a Sona or Vayne. (Not using you to specifically talk about you Lost R, using it in context of the reader) If you think that you are going to have to defend your base a lot during the game, then it is a good idea to lock in an ADC/Mage/Fighter or whatever that can clear waves easily. But don’t outright troll lol
: then she isn't untargetable.
She is untargetable, but she can still be hit by skillshots and Senna and her allies in her E are revealed when an enemy is near. To counter her E just simply have a malphite ult or other tank/fighter engage and you can click on her again.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doge2020,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0BAHpZNN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-29T20:07:15.326+0000) > > Her auto attacks are definitely ranged, the big ass cannon gives it away immediately. If you need more convincing, her main role will be ADC and all of the ADC’s are ranged (Yasuo doesn’t count, he is just a mid laner that is played bot a few times). Yas, Trynd, and Yi are all ADCs. ADC =/= Marksman. An ADC is merely anyone who builds primarily AD with a strong hyper steroid in their kit augmenting their basic attack DPS. Jax also fits this, but is hybrid.
Oops yeah I meant Marksman. Sorry for the mix up
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