: I was thinking if they bring the old back maybe make it so that he just store the dmg that everyone takes but no dmg reduction for teamates and at the end he uses that stored damage to damage the enemies and heal his team. Because then you could still kill his team while his ult is active but it still provides utility as well as the enemy being able to build greivous wounds to kneecap the healing. The two biggest issues i think with the suggestion would be that it would add too much power to maokai’s kit and force riot to take some power from other parts of his kit and players might still not like the fact that now if they dont kill mao’s team before the ult goes off its like a whole redemption for his team as well as a nuke and that probably wouldnt be fun to play against. So they could bring it back but fir the utility part idk if they could make it work without drastically shifting maokai’s power and his preception from the player base.
One way to fix the return damage to the enemy team is that only 50% or so of the stored damage is returned to enemies that are range of the ult. I think a good balance of this stored power is: Maybe 50% (or even 25% if that is too high) is used to damage the enemies 75% (or 65% if that is too high) is used to heal your team. I think that the heal % should be roughly 75% (or 65%) because grevious wounds is so readily available and it is an AOE. If the heal was targeted and/or global then the heal amount must be smaller because it is guaranteed to heal the target. But because it is an AOE (and only around Maokai), the heal is harder to land (his allies could accidentally walk out before the heal, or they could be pushed out/away by enemies. Sorry if this last paragraph was hard to process/understand. I tried to make it as simple and easy to understand as I could.
Aizo (NA)
: Hey! I'm a Grandmaster Maokai OTP and I have a few ideas how to make this champion more interesting
Honestly I don’t exactly like the change to the W, I think all of the changes together on it is rather overdoing it. I want to propose two possible changes, they take bits and pieces from your change. 1. The first option would still remove the targeted portion of the ability and it keeps the untargetability, the range is maybe increased but the root duration would decrease based on how far you travel (I’m thinking max duration of 2 sec and minimum of 1 sec) 2. This option keeps the targeted cast of twisted advance but there is a travel range added. This “travel range” defines how far maokai will chase the target before the ability ends, much like a dash. Idk about the untargetability, if you had to remove it then I think you should make it unstoppable. The idea that comes into my mind when thinking of this ability is like a giant force that can’t be stopped until it reaches its target/goal. (I know this idea sounds exactly like his current R, had to change my image up so I hopefully wouldn’t confuse you) In my opinion the devs made this idea real by making this ability untargetable, but I think we can achieve the same idea by making it unstoppable. This change will add counterplay by letting enemy players damage maokai, but the change keeps some of its former elements. I think that you should keep his W a targeted ability, in my opinion it’s good for a champion kit to have like one or two targeted abilities in it. I think having a lot of skill-shot abilities makes the champ harder to play for some people (tho it probably won’t be a problem for you lol) and unnecessarily increases the skill cap of a champ. Generally tanks had more simpler kits and are easier to learn/play, I think keeping the target portion will keep maokai in that range. Your changes certainly add more depth and are good, I just wanted to add my personal ideas to one of the changes.
: Odyssey Augments as runes
I think this would be fine, as long as the “runes” add more utility rather than damage. Example: if a target with {{champion:75}} Wither is hit with his Q, the champion is instead stunned for the rest of the wither duration. This example gives Nasus more things to play around, helps him stick to his target easier and it isn’t too powerful because the stun can easily be reduced with tenacity and a quicksilver.
: What do you seriously enjoy about League of Legends?
Mainly I don’t like the other PvP games (fuck fortnite), I want to play with my friends and I like having fun and BMing lol I have been playing lots of God of War 4 and The Witcher 3 the past few weeks.
: Jaggernauts and the Garen lie, Read
Shen’s spirit refuge lets him negate a large portion of Garen’s damage (his Q and E). Even with the rework Shen can easily duel Garen if he plays correctly. Akali can do the same with her E and W, she can pick and choose when to go in, she can bait and wait out Garen’s key fighting before re-engaging. Her Q and passive lets her poke from range and is extremely annoying during the early levels. For those three champs, after the rework Garen still needs to get to them and keep them in range of his E. And sadly they all have ways to avoid it. I have a feeling that they are still going to be annoying and hard to fight against after the rework.
: And his Passive. He gains alot of AD once its fully stacked.
And because of his passive, he can run phase rush and other MS/tank items to help him get to a ranged target, survive the kite, and keep up with them.
: Oh, thats a pretty good idea, So she gets blown apart and instead of knocked up she gets a 1 second stun that is decreased with her tenacity. That another good idea that will flow super well.
For me I think of sand as something that gets pushed around easily. so a wraith/golem not being able to get knocked airborne gives me the visual of a rock based wraith/golem rather than sand. I was also thinking a lot of wind when I gave that visual of being dispersed instead of knocked up. Of course any airborne CC that moves the target will still move Chira, but not so much. So Pyke’s Q for example would stun Chira but she wouldn’t be pull as much as another champ. That way those abilities are still viable to be used on Chira but just not as effective. Sorry if my rant like form of writing is confusing.
: @Riot, can we maybe buy little legend eggs with orange essence?
I also wouldn’t mind if we can buy skins for a large amount of OE. A lot of times I sit on a large amount of OE that I don’t spend because the skins I get I don’t want, I would like the option to spend OE for champ shards, skin shards or chests. The only issue with Riot that I can see on this proposal is that they can’t paywall and monetize the hell out of us to get the stuff we want.
: The only way eternals will have success
Short and precise. Best kind of Ted Talk
: Chira, The Sand Wraith
I saw the anti knockup part, and while I am really happy to finally see a counter to that form of CC I think that it is extremely powerful in certain/most scenarios. I suggest that the passive instead changes the CC form to a stun/root or other CC that can be reduced with tenacity. That way team comps with knock ups as their only CC aren’t countered so hard, and this passive flows nicely with her kit. as a visual idea, it’s like the knockup disperses Chira’s sand form and the stun is her recovering from that disperse. So the tenacity in a visual way is Chira recovering quicker/slower.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Reroll into random skin... Period.
At the same time can we also have the option to roll for a random skin for orange essence? Or just give more uses for orange essence. I have a shit ton of orange essence and I would like to use it lol
borger (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Egy0xKlO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-16T23:36:22.281+0000) > > What? Garen isn't being reworked because of his Yuumi synergy I'm just sayin man it's pretty crazy that they rework him right after a pro game of garen being picked bot lane
Many garen mains and most of the playerbase will agree that Garen was in need of a minirework. The villain mechanic is pretty bad to play with and against. In my opinion I think he would have had this rework even if garen wasn’t played bot in a single pro match
: Why do people always get surprised that I am going to report them for saying "gg ez"
They do it so much that it becomes a habit and they don’t think it is a problem, it’s the same thing with flaming, leaving games and other toxic behavior.
Radkliff (NA)
: I agree to a point, but the level people will dodge to is insane! I've waited a whole hour to play cause of dodgers, in the ended up autofilled and just played.
If people dodge in champ select for around 2-3 times in a single queue time then you should cancel the queue and wait for a little bit (could be a few seconds, a minute or two, or even an hour) before you start the Queue again. This will have you queue up against different people because usually people will play with and/or against each other in the game after a dodged game. Hopefully this tip can help you in the future to not have an hour long queue time with people constantly dodging.
Hoosier1 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EHwyMzFO,comment-id=00030002000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-14T17:09:50.914+0000) > > I have given you perfectly valid reasons whether yoy like it or not. > > Custom mode doesn't work if you don't have some friends on at the same time, does it? Yet Normal draft is there. So because you can't wait till friends are on and take the BS to custom mode, you would rather subject total strangers to BS instead of playing the game as it would normally be played? Whether YOU like it or not, I will report people who do this for negative attitude and if it warrants, inting. These players do not make the rules and when there is a perfectly good way to do whatever it is a player wishes to do and they don't use it, it tells me they could care less about anyone but themselves and that shows a very bad attitude. More people need to start reporting these players and maybe RIOT will open their eyes and start doing something about it.
You can report them but it will do nothing, as long as the players trying new things are playing to the best of their abilities and are trying to win. There is nothing in the rules that say, “Players cannot try new champions or strategies in Normal Draft”. It is highly recommended to try a new champ in Bot games and Normals before going into ranked but there is nothing wrong with trying a champ in a Normal Game. Why should a Player keep on playing and finding ways to improve if the TOS does not let them expand their knowledge? Personally, I think the people that care about themselves are those that expect other people to bend to their wishes and expect their teammates to strictly play the meta. Even when the meta choice is not the best choice and the player is more comfortable with their own personal strategy/pick. And you are ranting that people should basically try hard in normals, FREAKING NORMALS! Normals is called that for a reason, it’s an area where players can experiment in a PvP scenario, they can practice for ranked and where they can try weird/wacky and fun stuff without hurting their own or anybody else’s ranks. If you want a lower chance of playing with people first timing champs or trying inefficient off-meta picks then play Ranked and let Normals be the casual area for those that want it
: I mean thats just not true. {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}}
I have a friend who mains Yi, he peaked at roughly Diamond 2-3 (maybe even Diamond 1) and is currently in Plat 2. He could most likely type a huge essay describing each jungle matchup early game and how each jungler can fuck Yi over lol
: Taric Sona?
The current cheese strat in bot. It takes advantage of two support income items and both of their healing to have little counterplay against it
uNhoLeee (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ELR9Wro4,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-13T09:33:10.906+0000) > > Tbh, I'd prefer it kept the healing and true damage conversion and dropped the stats. you want healing? fleet footwork. you want damage? press the attack. you want both? conqueror. (OkAY rloT.)
PTA increases damage dealt to a single target, Conq lets the user deal a portion of his/her damage as true damage. Those are two Very different ways of increasing damage. PTA damage can be reduced by resistances, and damage reduction. While true damage (from conq as the example) can’t be reduced from resistances or damage reduction. Grasp would be a better analogy: You want damage? The magic damage from the proc has that. You want healing? The proc also has that. And it increases the user’s health too
Guzergus (EUW)
: So essentially your response is 'deal with it, we won't change shit for now'? Also, the fact you didn't even bother to think about people such as OP is pretty bad as well. The decision to ship them without toggling was incorrect.
They thought about it, they had multiple discussions, they just didn’t have time while everybody was preparing to ship the event. Essentially they are saying “deal with it” but they are saying “deal with it for this one time and the next time we have this feature in the game we will accomidate for your condition”. The other option to shipping without the toggle would be to ship the event late which is likely worse than not having the toggle.
: Idea for Fiddlesticks Rework(WARNING: Spooky)
I don’t think his W should have that delay on cast, well that is what I thought the ability had when I read it. If not the W then I think the passive could be a little different, I like the idea that you have but it looks like it would be weird to use. Having to stand for 5 seconds to gain a buff seems counterintuitive to me. You can change it if you want though The only change I would make on it without fulling changing the passive is to lower the CD and allow it to activate after the channel of an ability (like R). My idea was rather hectic lol sorry if it was hard to understand
: does anyone know yummi's/teemo's due date?
I would guess that is would be in the 2nd next patch or the third one. So most likely 2 weeks to a month.
: How do you lane/counter against Nasus
In the early game let him auto attack the minions and have an uneven amount with his “side” having more minions. This will cause the lane to push towards you, when it gets past river try to trim the excess minions until you have roughly 4 Healthy caster minions. Position the 4 minions to be just outside of your tower so Nasus has to overextend to get minions (risking a gank/fight) or he has to play safe and miss a shit ton of CS and potential stacks. Poking him whenever he tries to walk up helps in this strat.
Barlinus (EUW)
: LF support youtubers/streamers to learn
Bunnyfufu I think I forgot how to actually spell his name, but Amphroo is how you spell it I think You can also go onto proguides for some good lessons on the game. Sadly you do have to spend some money if you want to instantly watch the lesson that you want I am also willing to help you on weekends in a voice call if you want. I am only on NA though, I don’t have an EUW account and it would be too laggy for me. my connection to the NA servers are shacky at best so an EUW account would be out of the question for me haha
: Lifesteal exists and it is widely available. ADCs just stand there while becoming a super lifesteal tank and outscalling the rest of the fed members on both teams.
Play ADC, build full lifesteal/crit with no defensive items. See what happens when a fed or behind Zed/other assassin jumps onto you when you are separated from your team. You will most likely die instantly without being able to lifesteal at all. The rare chance that you wouldn’t die instantly is if you are Ashe and instantly used R and ran away or the assassin was so behind that he dealt no damage to you
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=After3perma,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L5zMakLv,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-08T18:40:29.785+0000) > > ADC is literally the most braindead role in this game. Yeah, you're right... Except that you are wrong...
Nasus is the most brain dead role in the game lol. Only if you play him wrong haha
: Nah just build lifesteal and stand there right clicking while having more healing than Aatrox and Vlad combined.
Lifesteal is only effective in drawn out fights. If a zed jumps onto you and bursts you instantly, no amount of lifesteal is going to save you because you can’t auto attack him in time to lifesteal. ADC’s have items like GA and Phantom Dancer to survive the actual burst, then they can get to the lifesteal part.
: What if we made black shield only able to target Morgana?
I think it would be a good idea to still keep her potential to use black shield on an ally. But I agree maybe not in the current iteration. I had a couple of ideas. 1st idea: maybe during her ult, morg can cast it on herself to transfer a weaker version of black shield to an ally(s), a single use spell shield that breaks on the first spell hit instead of all spells for the duration. 2nd idea: lvl 1-5 has black shield only be cast on herself, lvls 6-10 lets her cast spell shield on an ally but it is only for one spell and there is no magic shield on the ally, lvls 11-15 black shield used on an ally gives a small magic shield/longer “duration” before spell shield breaks (on an ally it absorbs multiple spells instead of one) after lvl 16 idk lol Goals with changes: still keep the safety of the black shield, but make it less meaningful early on and overall weaker but make it more powerful and game changing later on in the game. Morg can still perform the same role as before and overall function the same way, she just has restrictions that encourage a late game focused team. It also gives the enemy team more chances to get a lead early on without getting fully cucked by a morg black shield on the ADC stopping the blitz hook.
ßlameMyADC (EUNE)
: How often do you guys encounter toxicity in your games?
I haven’t played in a while, finals coming up lol, but when I was playing consistently it was roughly 25-50% of the time. I have a bad memory so idk exactly how often
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: thank you for you feedback, I will take it into consideration. Also this is actually second iteration of his kit. first was done in a hurry and was considerably weaker and less fleshed out than this.
No problem mate. I might even make my own version and share it with you lol I forgot how fun it is to create new champion concepts
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: he is supposed to be niche / counter pick after all. Antimage in every sense of that word. So yes he is supposed to be performing not so well vs AD and other manaless champs
Honestly I think an anti-caster rather than anti-mage would be a better choice. Most mages are arguably weak ATM and a lot of the time AD casters deal more damage. You could change the secondary passive to gain damage reduction when hit with an enemy spell (and increase it if the spell deals magic damage). You change what you want though and I think this is a very solid concept, I am just throwing this idea out there to play around with
: if you lost mid lane to a garen, then thats on you. garen doesnt even do well against mages because of the constant poke and their superior waveclear pushing him in, giving them time to roam around the map and snowballing the game while he just sits there grabbing the couple cs he can get. hes more of a counterpick to ad assassins in the mid lane. i know riste played garen mid lane two seasons ago into a lot of matchups including mages, but he did so by getting constantly pushed in and forfeiting cs just to survive until he could do something midgame where he won purely off macro play. currently that doesnt work.
And riste knows his champ like the back of his hand. He can play garen in the midlane consistently because he knows a lot about his champ to play out any matchup
: Where is K/DA Irelia, she is a dancer?
Well K/DA is more of a pop and singing group rather than a dance troupe but I can see a potential K/DA Irelia skin fitting in this skin line
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: [Champion concept] Rhovan, Captain of the Mageseekers
I like the direction of the champion, I just think that you shouldn’t have so many “does extra stuff to mana users” effects because that makes him less effective against manaless champs. I think the anti-spell parts are very good though. I like the aggressive kit that he has and even though he has a dash it is rather situational. EDIT: I just saw the note that said he is equal/underperforming when against manaless/non-mana users
: > [{quoted}](name=Doge2020,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=tEEbltLv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-06T20:04:03.212+0000) > > It might be interesting to also have his passive herbs spawn in bushes. That way he doesn’t have to roam far away from his ADC (I’m assuming he is a support) during the laning phase. Oh, I completely forgot to mention his desired role. I had originally created this with the intention of making a Support Jungler, hence the Q passive to help his clear.
Oh I didn’t see the monster effect lol my bad
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: I'm not really trying to be negative here but I'm not the type to thank supports for doing their job And I find it dumb when a support gets tilted because I didn't thank them after all , they are picking Healing/Shielding champions , That's their Job , why am I supposed to thank them for shielding me? After all they don't thank me when I do a good play or tank enough damage or do a good Aoe Damage or something It's their role to do shielding and healing , thanking them for the only thing they are supposed to do feels like it's a pity role tbh Just my opinion.
I usually thank them in scenarios where I would have died if the support didn’t shield/heal me, so I thank him/her to show appreciation in making the choice to help me if I can win us the fight or game. Sure it is their job when they pick those supports but they can also actively choose to NOT heal or shield you if you are being toxic to them and harassing/flaming them, and they wouldn’t be trolling, they would just be assisting the team in other areas besides being a shield/heal bot for the toxic player.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurorade,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=qkI8EWWc,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-06T11:34:22.901+0000) > > What would Kled say? > > I can only imagine him cussing people out. “DAMMIT! Skaarl here shields us better than yer good for nothin’ daffodil and daisy spells ever could! Ya hear me?! *Skaarl mouths off* I KNOW IT’S HELPFUL, DAMNIT! QUIT RUNNIN’ YER MOUTH! MAKIN’ US SEEM APPRECIATIVE OR SOMETHIN’!”
This quote makes me want to learn coding and mod this into the game lol. (FYI I wouldn’t cause I suck with coding and I don’t want to get banned)
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT] Kaka, the Roaming Potion Master
It might be interesting to also have his passive herbs spawn in bushes. That way he doesn’t have to roam far away from his ADC (I’m assuming he is a support) during the laning phase.
: > [{quoted}](name=NaughtyWord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pROAves3,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-05-06T18:16:29.505+0000) > > That's why it is a team game. So you got a shit lane match up, happens all the time, this is why you could ask your team to consider this during champ select. Moreover, ask other Jax main's how they are dealing with Nasus. Maybe they have a trick up their sleeve that helps? I don't know. About half of them are winning against Nasus, so maybe set up a thread asking how to deal with Nasus as Jax. LITERALLY the only way to beat him is to get 2-3 kills on him early, rush tri, spear, and then qss for cancer wither that riot doesn't care about.
You can zone him early, deny him CS to get gold and stacks (especially stacks from cannon minions), you can ask your jungler and/or support to go a more CC based champ to lock down nasus while you guys fight him. You can build a bunch of mixed damage to make it harder for him to itemize against you and you can build tanky items to make it easier to fight him. There are legit 1000 ways to deal with nasus as jax or any other top laner. Accept that you lost this one and look at ways to get better instead of blaming other people or the fed champion. You could get electrocute and constantly jump on nasus during the early game with easy trades with Q and E to bully him out of lane. Just make sure you don’t put yourself in a bad spot by overextending with no wards or knowledge about the jungler/midlaner’s position.
: Bilgewater vs Stuff please. Maybe Shadow Isles.
Yeah we need more events that connect the lore to the actual game lol
Kazekiba (NA)
: Nah son Drakehound IS the champion, clearly. Toplane focused assassin. Preys on melees, breathes fire and everything.
That actually doesn’t sound that bad. It could be a jungler that gains benefits when near Darius or other noxious champs.
Goldglim (EUW)
: Ah, I had that thought too but must have forgotten during the process.
Goldglim (EUW)
: Tahm Kench - Old One, Deep Sea, Pirate Fanskin concepts.
The mouth of the pirate skin looks too close to a Chester Cat Tahm Kench skin to me. Maybe add a gold/silver tooth? People in that era tended to use “fake” teeth a lot and a gold/silver tooth can add a lot to the fantasy of the pirate skin lol
Aeoss (NA)
: Time and Its Child
For the alternative of the R. You should Change the wording from “freeze the game” to global suppression. Suppression is the one of the few types of CC that can’t be reduced through tenacity, airborne/knocked back is the other one (or two other non reduced CC’s if I am a dumbass) Suppression is easier for people to understand and it saves you some explaining on how this “freeze in time” works.
nasu010 (NA)
: Vince the blademancer
The W seems too similar to irelia W in my opinion. I have a suggestion: much like Xayah’s W, I think this ability should have a threshold of active swords to cast W, (around) 4 swords will form the shield while any extra swords will form the tornado. To prevent this ability from being too powerful, I recommend having this ability also scale with the number of active swords up to the threshold number. So if one sword is active then you only get 10% of current HP as a shield. Hold on when I think about it, if you add this scale in then it might be a good idea to change the shield amount to % max HP instead of current HP. Really like the design tho, good work!
nasu010 (NA)
: Nyxana The Cloud / Night bringer wip
I like the appearance of this champ. Having another fire/volcano based champion is good lol But some abilities seem to be extremely similar to other champs with the design. Q- this ability is fine, it might be better to have the close range portion stun instead of snare. This ability and her overall kit looks likes she wants the enemy close. a stun is just as effective as a snare but gives Zevah more protection and kiting potential because she can safely disengage when an enemy is stunned, but a snare/root gives the enemy an opportunity to deal damage. W (and passive with how they both synergize)- the design looks very similar to Singed’s Q. The main design similarity is that they both leave a trail of something and has DoT too. This champion does add something unique by slowing enemy’s caught in the trail, but this makes me think that this champ just runs around while dealing damage over time. SUGGESTION- instead of dealing damage over time, Zevah creates “spikes” on her hair that deals an initial strike of 60 magic damage, enemy units CC’d by Q and/or E also take 40 + (x% AP) per second during the CC. E is overall fine but 700 range does seem too big. Don’t know how far that is in game lol. I’m seeing a mix of concepts and ideas here. The Q and E (specifically the recast) makes her behave more like a battle mage, and a lot like swain, somebody who casts spells but also keeps the enemy nearby with CC that draws them close . But the W and passive seems more like a tank that runs around a fight dealing constant tick damage, singed comes to mind right? A good idea would be if her passive can be spread by her abilities too, this gives her much more control besides just running around, this also synergizes with my suggested change to W because you can use W as a combo finisher to deal massive AOE damage after spreading your passive around with Q, E and maybe R depending on what it is. Love the design! Just needs some fine tuning to really flush out the design and concept.
nasu010 (NA)
: you know now that you mention it wheres the shuriman support
Well almost any champ can be played support if you play correctly and have some luck sprinkled in. Xerath is the closest to an “actual” support if you are good enough with him. I also played nasus as a supp once lol
: Late game scaling ADCs, how is their early game?
{{champion:222}} the best crit based late game ADC out there. The early game for Jinx is rather weak up until she buys her BF sword or full IE. After IE though, she can easily snowball the game out of control with some kills. Her mini gun form of Q is very strong in short range duels and for taking objectives. The increased attack speed after auto attacking 3 times in mini-gun form lets her deal lots of sustain damage, and she can deal lots burst damage with constant crits and use of her R as an execute. She definitely scales hard when given the chance, but she can pop very quickly and can be near useless for her team throughout the game if she doesn’t have a lead and especially if she is behind her laner. There are more stuff I can possibly talk about with jinx but I don’t have the time right now and I can’t remember anything else of importance.
mxmx (NA)
: No more status for friends list? wtf. why even remove that i liked it
Riot didn’t remove it entirely, Riot disabled that function so the employees can fix the problem and so everybody knows that they are doing something about that technical problem
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kai Guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GPYVEzWl,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-02T16:25:15.261+0000) > > Y'all should bet a Skin on it. If Riven gets bugged somehow she may drop below 47% and i cant risk giving rito more money.
Just paypal each other
: Whats going on with ADC players?
ADC is starting to be my best role so... Don’t use my match history to argue with me, my latest Kindred game was me trying something out (in a normal game, I don’t want to harm people’s ranks if it goes wrong). But sadly I had to leave in the middle of the game because my brother wanted to play JumpForce on his computer with his friends. We are not account sharing btw, we are sharing the same computer but we have two completely different accounts. You should find an ADC player, like somebody you played with in a past game, or by looking on discord or something. Having somebody you consistently play with in bot lane will improve your chances of winning because you guys will be more coordinated, willing to do what the other person suggests, you two trust each other more and you fully know what your duo partner is capable of if y’all play enough games together.
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