: Road to Pre-Season: Replays on the Horizon
First! Also, I'm glad you've reconsidered implementing replays. I look forward to using them! Hopefully back-patching or its functional equivalent sees development in the near future. I'd much rather keep replay files than video files.
: These are the things that I like about Akali and think they should stay for the Assassin Update
I don't know if your list was in order of priority, but I think the dashes and the spell vamp are the most important/unique aspects. I think her niche is to be the assassin that you can't generally escape, i.e. dashing away from her will do you no good. While the spell vamp is likely a major factor in her feast/famine issue, it also provides her a fair bit of uniqueness: what other AP assassin has that? I don't care much about her stealth. The energy cost is exorbitant at rank 1 in the skill and it is too easily countered. Ever since they took away the resists from it, I felt it's been lackluster.
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: Those are different people posting different opinions. Of course not everyone agrees. Here is the issue though. Because of this kind of thing, the devs are always receiving contradictory feedback on everything. This means that player outcry on pretty much ANYTHING is... well... easy to ignore. After all, a quick scan of the boards would likely find a bunch of people who LIKE the new lore/dynamic queue/Fiora's art/whatever. So the devs have real trouble figuring out what the fans of the game really want. Or worse... they don't bother. If they're going to get people griping for AND against every choice that they make, why listen to anyone but yourself and your co-workers? Riot becomes an echo chamber that makes things that IT wants and it takes MASSIVE revolt and objection for them to even consider that they might have messed up or put out something unpopular. The game is huge and successful and unless it cuts into their profits to dismiss them there isn't much reason to cater to fans. People will snap up whatever is put out. People will complain on the boards about everything. Riot just does what IT wants and filters everyone's feedback out unless it's excessive. Look at all the reviled reworks that have been put out. At the new queue and how hated it is, even by pro level players. They realized after the fact that they ruined some things too. Skarner got trashed and was reworked what... three times? And he's still kinda crap. Cassiopeia got reworked twice and is due another one. If they had listened to the fans back when those reworks were being worked on, perhaps some of this could have been avoided... but because they get so much negative feedback no matter WHAT they put out, it's hard to tell the good from the bad. So Skarner, Cass and Morde got trashed. Every patch... EVERY update... there are posts of "X is ruined forever" by over-reacting people on the boards. I'd love to blame Riot for trashing solo queue and some of my favorite champs, but in all honesty... I see why they don't really listen to fan opinions. It just blows to realize you have NO impact on the game, your opinions and words mean nothing and champions you love can be pulled away from you, gutted, re-built into hideous things you never want to play and then handed back to you with the devs saying "There... they're better now! You're welcome!". Makes it hard to get attached to ANYONE.
Indeed. Once you realize this (that you have no voice, that your favorite champions could be changed at any time, etc.), there are two things to do: 1. Stop buying RP. I'm not going to give Riot any more money when I don't trust them to take the game in the right direction. Why buy a skin for a favorite champion when either skin or champion could change drastically? 2. Don't fall in love with any champion. Adapt to the meta and play the OP flavors of the month. I recall when they had Voyboy on the Patch Rundown, and I realized this. Paraphrasing, Voyboy said: > Kind of the way League of Legends is, there is always going to be different metas. It's not about mastering one champion. It's not about mastering Akali or Ahri or something like that and becoming the best at that and winning Worlds or something. You've got to be playing a wide variety of champions. You've got to be able to adapt to different play styles, different changes. It's just a fluid game and you've got to be able to keep up. https://youtu.be/Tcwa5_r3MQM?t=11m2s Yeah, it's crazy cynical, and I really don't like being cynical. But that's just how I feel at the moment.
: I'm _really really really_ bothered by this as well. I've _never_ been on the League of Legends forums but I came here to post this comment just because of this skin's "updated" splash art. She looks absolutely **hideous** and I hope to god Riot sees this post and changes it back. This is the only skin I bought on Morgana and I love it to death but if this is how the splash is going to be, I'm going to demand a refund because of how stupid the splash looks now. The older one was more comical and has a story to it, _and_ has the buttons on her chest, which is what it looks like **in game**. I don't see _any_ improvement in the updated splash.
I hope, but really doubt, it will get changed back. Riot is rather unresponsive when it comes to art. There was an incredible reaction from the community during the Fiora update and Riot made only a few slight adjustments to the art (basically just put her bangs over an eye). This has gotten nowhere near the reaction. Also, I read that these new imported flashes are locked in. All we can hope is that Riot will make a new splash for her in light of posts such as this. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/gsx8OrEd-global-splash-update-incoming Anyway, welcome to the boards.
EMeta (NA)
: Suggestion: Make pro VoDs Searchable via champs used.
I've wanted this feature too. It would also be nice to include victory/defeat for a given champion. So you can see a winning game on a particular champion. Admittedly, that would spoil the game, but just slap a pop-up warning on the setting or something.
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Koharix (NA)
: Support Secondary new ranked lobby problem
I imagine this would be fairly complex to implement, but a decent solution: Every time you play in that queue, you get 5 points. You get 5 bonus points for winning. These collect over time. If one match, you want to play a particular role, you can offer up X points to try to get that role. If the match-making system gives you that role, then you pay those X points. No matter what happens though, you get the 5 points plus 5 bonus points if you win. Generally, if multiple people vie for the same role, then whoever is willing to pay the most gets it. Of course, the tricky part is that the matchmaking system has two goals: 1. Keep queue times low. 2. Minimize the variance in the price paid per role. So even if you might be willing to pay like 50 points, you still might be put into a game as your secondary role. But at least you'll get to keep your points and try again next time. What would be really cool is if when you go to queue up, instead of bidding points blindly, you got to see a distribution of prices for each role for the past 30 minutes. Or when you move the slider to 15, the client reports: "You are expected to get this role 70% of the time." When you move the slider to 40, it says "You are expected to get this role 92% of the time."
: Team Builder role icons: Distribution and future plans
I know I had some progress as a tank, but after playing a game as a tank, the client didn't give me a notification afterward like I expected. Is that part of the bug? If so, is there any way to tell how much progress we have toward each icon? Or do I just need to play 5 tank games to guarantee I get it?
Lavaniel (NA)
: So does that mean Riot is going to fix Fiora's goofy-ass walk?
At the moment, she's a perfect candidate for the Ministry of Silly Walks.
: Aaaand I still hate it. I hate her awful white onesie. I hate her goofy oversized shoulderpad. I hate her new lackluster cape when her old three-part one was amazing and distinct. I hate her goofy prance-walk. I hate her new voice over. I hate her Cruela DeVille face. I hate pretty much everything about her VU so much I tried to get all my Fiora skins refunded and got told by Riot to piss off. I hate her new kit and it's lazy "oh, just add % health true damage" and she'll be fine. I hate her new ult. Granted, her old one needed a change, but she should have an ult for finishing off an opponent in a DUEL, not a massive AoE heal. She's neither a mage nor a support, why does she have an AoE heal? Why not an execute or a massive debuff of some sort? If she had to have a heal why not make it a personal one with a stacking buff or something, so she can dispatch a foe and ride the rush of victory to glory as she runs riot across the enemy team with more fervor for every new person she drops? Why did Riot even post this thing? Are they trying to convince the nay-sayers to accept it now? I won't. Fiora was the third champ I've loved that Riot has thrown in a blender for no real reason and turned into something I loathe. First Cass (And if you want to talk failed reworks start with CASS, not Fiora... or is riot still refusing to discuss her at all?), then Skarner, then Fiora. If you wanted to change her BS ult, fine. It was pretty badly designed. But the overall pile of crap they turned her into will never appeal to me, and now that she's no longer OP and flavor of the month, no one else seems terribly interested in her either. Fiora's visuals were fine, and they didn't need a change... let alone an abandonment of what she was all about. This strikes me as some kind of self-comforting back patting about how "our ideas were good and our art was awesome but we just had a different vision of the character". No. The art was pretty universally REVILED. I refuse to believe that the art department saw that piece and said "This is what Fiora fans want, a 45 year old crone with the pointiest chin on earth". At what point has ANY character been improved by making them more ugly? I recall even seeing a response from a red a while back when I asked why project Fiora had the three-part cape but all of her reworked models lost it. The response was "We felt it was a very distinctive and identifiable part of her visuals that we wanted to preserve". But it was removed from ALL her other skins? This just makes it seem like riot's artists and developers don't communicate with each other. Like the project got handed to some overworked artists who have no real background or interest in the character who made a GUESS at what they were all about and threw some art together... then once it was out there Riot refused to backpedal and admit that it was crap. I'm VERY sure this is the case with the Cass rework too. I'm not sold Riot. This post did nothing by bring back my sense of anger at a champion I loved enough to buy every skin for and how badly you mutilated her into something I want nothing to do with, then told me "tough break". Thanks. I hope you enjoyed your pat on the back and got enough positive feedback to convince yourselves the next time you bungle a rework that it's fine and the nay-sayers are just an outspoken minority. Edit: I have been informed that her VO didn't change. I was mistaken in that. I could have sworn she had a new line or two like Cass got post-rework, but I guess I'm wrong in that. Mistakes were made. I guess it just feels off now since those lines are coming out of Fifi McPrances now instead of Fiora. I'm also still pretty sure that the animation on her joke feels a ton more clumsy as she's florishing her sword around "drawing" in mid air. It feels lazy to me. I guess that's just my opinion, but I'll admit I was wrong about the VO thing. My bad.
Absolutely right. The ultimate AOE heal doesn't fit her theme. I think this was overlooked when she was redeveloped, and I'm glad you are bringing it up again. Also, the three part cape was cool. Pointy shoulder pads not so much.
Bruatar (NA)
: I'll always miss the old Fiora.. she had a strong presence to her, she was intimidating. People feared her. She was fun to play for people who liked assassination styles. I don't mind the new Fiora, she is better in some regards and worse in others. Her changes were 'healthy' for the game and gave her some utility. It sucked to see her go, but I've adjusted since I like Fiora as a character..However, I am still annoyed about the direction her art was pushed in. I used to really love all her skins, and now I honestly can't stand most of them. It's one thing to change a champions gameplay, But then to change the art too, it felt like too much. Didn't feel like it was the champion I used to play anymore. Was way too alienating for me. I also hate that horrendous walk she has now..It never stops annoying me. I don't even know how to describe it..It's like a deer or someone exaggerating their movement..Not sure why her walk had to be changed so drastically too.. I felt like her old walk was more defining as a champion..it looked like she was looking for a duel. Her walk looked swift/nimble and precise. Not someone who is frolicking through a forest. It just looks ridiculous now.
Agreed. Her walk animation is ridiculous. While I'm somewhat impressed that Riot decided to do a retrospective, I still look at her art change as a mistake. Riot now admits mistakes were made. However, they aren't going to fix these mistakes, only learn from them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AygQYm5A,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-11-23T19:53:50.395+0000) > > We have been looking at Akali somewhat recently, with the focus being on reworking her kit to both give her better counterplay and abilities that are more distinct from other assassins (her W's currently really unique, rest of the kit not as much). Conclusion we've come to is that there's cool stuff that can be done, but that it makes more sense to bundle Akali changes with work on other assassins whenever we can look at the class as a whole. That won't be for a while at least (definitely not preseason or early 2016, might be quite a bit later depending on which bits of work get prioritized). Her w is only really unique in that it's an invisible zone instead of a self applied invisibility. I always found her passive and ult to be more characteristic of her, as she likes to build both AD and AP. If you guys could somehow make her work as a hybrid assassin that keeps her W and R, I would really appreciate it. I really think there's a lot that can be done with her passive. What if instead of her AP giving her bonus damage on her autos, it instead added and increased/AD scaling on her abilities? And as for her W, what if we made it a zone that also interacted with her ultimate? I would honestly love to give you some of my time to help develop akali. It would be great if we could make a kit that leaves both akali mains and the general public satisfied. Furthermore, I've been an assassin main since early season 2, going so far as to try to play nearly any champion as an assassin (trust me assassin hecarim was legit).
I agree for the most part. While the W is unique, I don't think it really defines Akali. I think her two most important characteristics are: 1. Multiple dashes that reset on kill/assist - This makes her an incredible counter to high mobility champions and one of the few champions you can't just Flash to escape. 2. Spellvamp. I like being able to take fights that look bad prima facie, but being able to heal up based on the damage done. It makes for some wonderfully surprising turnarounds.
: I miss the AP...
There are 19 champions that don't use mana. There are 9 that don't use AP. Perhaps Riot should've made Sheen build out of an Amp Tome only.
: sheen change reasoning doesn't add up
There are 19 champions that don't use mana. There are 8 champions that don't use AP. If Riot really wanted fewer champions to be forced to buy a wasted stat, they should've made Sheen build from a Amp Tome alone.
: You are already making every ADC op af
I don't like the Sheen changes either. Most champions have an AP ratio somewhere in their kit. However, there are plenty of champions who buy Trinity Force or would like to buy Trinity Force and are manaless: Rek'sai, Shyvanna, etc.. In fact, I remember them giving Rek'sai a better AP ratio just to make Trinity Force viable on her. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/4q7zYFAK-reksai-qa-completed?comment=000e If anything, I'd like to see Sheen build from an Amp Tome and drop the sapphire crystal. But hey, I'm an Akali player, and this would make Lich Bane a much more attractive purchase. (I think the Gunblade changes are going to hurt her a bit. Spellvamp is better than lifesteal on her, and she made good use of the old active.)
: Impure Shots promoted early-mid game advantage, and allowed to go through tanks mid game with her hybrid damage, (_even if the magic damage was very small when starting out_). It also felt very good to use and allowed the player to figure out which target to focus and gain stacks on, (_a small stacking indicator would've been nice though_), and gave a great advantage over long duels/long term poking. What I don't understand is why switch between targets? It makes no sense. As an ADC you are supposed to focus a single target at a time for maximum damage output, which Impure Shots encouraged. Love Tap **doesn't even achieve their goal** of making her a "_wombo combo ADC_" which she already is. Just imagine this between Impure Shots/Love Tap ---- Scenario - {{champion:222}} and {{champion:267}} are in range of a {{champion:21}} and {{champion:37}} . The {{champion:267}} missed her bubble and the heal is now on cooldown. **Impure Shots** - Focus on Jinx, (like 99.9% of other ADC's). **Love Tap** - Auto Jinx > Nami > Jinx > Nami > Jinx > Nami > Jinx > etc?! Unless it deals absurd amount of damage, there is no reason for even attempting this unless there is an awkwardly enemy-placed team fight. In my opinion, with the recent ultimate buff, (_+10%/17.5%/25% of BONUS attack damage_), she is more than fine to be properly named as the wombo-combo ADC. Personally, none of these changes are necessary, (_morally talking about Strut and Love Tap_), and the newly added PBE ultimate buff could be even broken, but balancing it out as if it were overpowered could strengthen her role as the wombo-combo ADC. A side note - Strut could be abused early by any average Miss Fortune player against a Thresh, Blitz, Leona, etc. I'm not able to find the numbers of the W Strut change they have now, but it if they nerf the amount of movement speed she can gain, they **_need_** to buff it later in the game. Also, it seems they _**could've**_, (not saying they certainly DID), removed Impure Shots because of Corki becoming the "magic damage ADC". _Boy_, if I found that out.
I don't like the passive because it promotes typically bad play: not focusing a single target. It reminds me of Ashe's old passive, when she was rewarded for not attacking. Yes, there are some situations where you have to rapidly switch targets. They are uncommon. Yes, this awkward passive could be compensated with numbers on it or elsewhere in the kit. But it's still wonky. Kalista's passive, on the other hand, promotes good ADC mechanics: orb-walking. Riot said as much when they introduced Kalista. I'd suggest keeping the old Strut passive over Love Taps.
LankPants (OCE)
: They did the exact same thing to Sej too, but the thing about Riot is that they're really bad at admitting they're ever wrong.
Shyvana and Kayle's nerfs also need to be reconsidered in light of the devourer nerfs that followed.
: What the hell is with this sudden surge of True Damage?
Champions with true damage serve as counter-pick to damage-reduction tanks (Maokai) or resistance tanks (Shyvana). Ever watch a Vayne destroy an ulting Alistar? It's damn brutal. So while Riot is increasing the options to counter these types of tanks, they are removing grievous wounds, making regeneration and drain tanks (Volibear, Mundo, Swain) all the harder to counter-pick. What's up with that?
DHNinja (NA)
: @IronStylus on Fiora VU
I'll necro this thread. Me too.
: Why exactly is Vayne allowed to stomp in lane, and also be a hypercarry?
My problem with Vayne is that you have to play incredibly cautiously in bot lane once she hits 6. Because she will win any fight then. Or at least, not lose a fight. Also, you can't buy an Oracle's Lens until level 9, so that means investing in pink wards to counter her stealth. A while back, Riot buffed her AD ratio on her ultimate. That needs reverting.
: Please hotfix Nasus' Q Bug
Ah, so he is bugged! I was playing Nasus, get to late game with some 400-500 stacks, and try to Q a minion, and it doesn't die. Doesn't even lose half its health. Now I know why. But yeah, after two games, decided to stop playing him.
Penns (EUW)
: Mercy system?
Suppose I'm in a promotion series and duo with a friend. If the game starts going badly (perhaps as early as champ select), my friend AFKs and we try for mercy. True, my friend would lose a fair bit of LP, but it could be on an account besides his main account. Or, he could just be willing to sacrifice a loss in LP to save my series.
: @IronStylus "I'll mention it when I'm not as busy. So yeah, there's that."
I tried post-rework Fiora a few days ago. My first thought: "this walk is ridiculous." Why does she prance across the rift now? Also, bump.
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: Traditional Fiora Skin (PLZ)
Indeed. Fiora's old splash art was the best in the game. Her old model was awesome too, with the three-part semi-cape and the Demacia symbol. Also, I don't think any other champions sport white and gold. (Or is it blue and black? (yes, dumb meme))
: The real problem with the art team
Agreed. Traditional skins would alleviate a lot of the issues the community has with new artwork. As to the inconsistency with recent VU quality, I suspect that people in the art department are really hesitant to criticize a coworker's work, let alone recommend throwing it out. There needs to be a way for honest feedback to given without the artist taking it personally. Criticism should be sought internally within Riot, but outside the art department. Conceivably, outside the art department, no one knows who drew what, and so, the "I don't want to hurt X's feelings" won't be as much as an issue. Also, it would help if Riot was more willing to listen to community feedback while updates are on the PBE. A lot of the time, there's no change between PBE and live. (Yes, I know, Riot did change the bangs on Fiora, but only reluctantly. It shouldn't take an angry mob to make it happen.)
: Riot gave Fiora her bangs back in her splash
It's an improvement, for sure. It also looks like they took some of the oily sheen off her face too. Still, I think her original splash is/was one of the best in the game. The bright yellow background was unique and beautiful. The light interacted with her hair. I'll also miss the three-part semi-cape. All in all, this VU is entirely unnecessary and a downgrade in aesthetics.
: These seem to be getting taken down. Really dig the kind of catfish vibe he's got going on. Too often, water related characters are based on ocean related things, and completely forget about freshwater. I also liked how the story shifts from seeming to be from the perspective of the gambler to the perspective of the monster himself. Some discussion points: * Lore connections - {{champion:4}} , {{champion:28}} (possible, tenuous) * "Hunger" as motivation - is this explored space? {{champion:96}} * Is the "deal" a recurring thing? - He mentions needing 'men' (that is, plural), but he implies at the end that he has achieved his end. * Singing - Siren songs are a popular theme. Simply a story device, or does it point to in game abilities?
Yeah, between Cho (Carnivore / Feast) and Kog, it does seem like the hunger angle has been covered. I guess Cho only eats meat though, and Kog doesn't really eat anything. Hell, he vomits more than he eats. Maybe the Maw of the Void works opposite regular maws.
TheRakkun (EUW)
: Can we please make runes cheaper/free.
On a related note, I find that new players I try to get into this game get frustrated not having runes and feel stretched between buying runes and champions. What if Riot gave you a free rune every time you leveled up? When you level up and unlock a seal slot (yellow), then they give you a tier 3 armor seal. I'd suggest: Marks (red): Flat AD Seals (yellow): Flat Armor Glyphs (blue): Flat MR Quints (?): Flat health At least that way, everyone has at least one full rune page at level 30. If you want to specialize, then you have to pay. For those of us already level 30, then you get the runes free or equivalent IP (at your discretion? if you already own these specific runes?). Arguably, if I love playing mages, then AD Marks aren't very great. Hybrid Penetration Marks are more general. But I'm not sure if Riot would go for giving out Hybrid Pen Marks: I suspect that's a big IP sink for them. P.S. You can equip Tier 3 runes as a summoner less than level 20, you just can't buy them. At least, that was my experience when the Digital Collector's Pack came with Tier 3 runes.
: I really miss Soraka.
I liked the old kit more too. With her old kit, she could protect her ADC with a clutch heal and an armor buff. Despite having a lower cooldown, her current heal can't protect an ADC from getting bursted down. With the new Soraka, if a Zed/Talon attacks you and your ADC, at least one of you will die. (I guess if this is what I'm looking for, then I should play a support that has a shield, like Lulu.) I never really had a problem with "unfun" playing against Soraka: I just knew that healing was her gimmick, and she was lacking in CC as a result. Also, the new Starcall feels worthless in teamfights.
Ariaflux (NA)
: Any plans to give functionality to Akali's E?
Akali only surged in popularity (and ban popularity) because of the mana regen nerfs earlier in the season. Now that Athene's has been improved and mages are starting to come back(?), Riot should rethink the earlier nerfs. Also, without E detonating Mark of the Assassin, she feels clunky to play.
: Normal Games: is being nice too hard?
I think it's good if you type something like "New to jungling/Sejuani" at champ select or when the game loads at the fountain. That way, the rest of the team can lower their expectations and not rely on you so much to back up any big plays. I think some of the rage is due to the team not performing up to expectations: so just lower expectations. If someone complains about you playing a new champ, then just remind them it's normals. That said, there's no excuse for Naut's behavior. He should keep his rage to himself (like I do) and continue to contribute to the team when his surrender vote fails.
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Strayble (NA)
: Hardest champion to tower dive?
Hi, let me ult for a bunch of extra health, wither you so you can't do anything, and shred your armor so the tower hits even harder. {{champion:75}}
Skias (NA)
: Nasus and his Gameplay Pattern
I'm not sure I agree with the premise: that his lack of interactivity with his team or opponents is a bad thing. It's just his niche. That said, sometimes when I play Nasus, this comes back to bite me when the enemy top laner joins his team and forces 5v4s around the map. Now, if you accept the premise that he needs more interactivity, what if using Siphoning Strike on champions gave him 2 stacks (instead of 3 for a minion kill). It would encourage Nasus to fight the enemy top laner. He'd require a nerf elsewhere, maybe a reduction in his passive lifesteal? If you want to make his passive more interesting, you could reduce his lifesteal against minions.
: Yeah, we have feelings too! Especially when it comes to what it feels like to play as and against certain champs. I'm all seriousness though, I believe in the design team and don't envy their job. Trying to figure out how to balance 1 champ in an ecosystem of over 100. How we think about champ design and balance has changed a lot in the past few years, and that can make dealing with the balance of champs (especially older ones) really difficult. Doesn't stop me cringing everytime i queue against nidalee right now :)
Happy to see a Red chime in with their personal views on a champion. There should be more of this. (PS, I don't think Nidalee is that bad, but that's my take.)
: Personally, as one of the few remaining Ashe players, I'd like an updated passive
What about a passive where she gets increased critical chance based on how close her target is? Say 5% crit chance at max range and 40% at point-blank? Of course the numbers could be tweaked. Could also make it scaling with level: make the point blank crit chance 20% L1-6, 30% L7-12, 40% L13-18. I'm thinking like Legolas from LOTR: if you try to melee him, he shoots you in the eye. One of Ashe's biggest weaknesses is getting jumped by a melee champion: she can't create a gap and her ult won't stun them for long at point blank. At least this way, if you jump Ashe, you'll eat a crit to the face. It would also create an interesting interplay between trying to stay safe at range and flashing in for extra crit chance.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Monotachi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JeTkxqIm,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-23T10:06:08.397+0000) > > Akali changes on PBE currently: > 1. Cresscent Slash no longer triggers Mark of the Assassin on targets. > 2. Shadow Dance range reduced from 800 to 700. > > I'm not complaining about the changes to Akali, she obviously needs changes, but I would like to know the reasonings behind the changes made to Akali and why these changes were specifically chosen. > > The main concerns for each of the change are as follows: > > **Cresscent Slash no longer triggers Mark of the Assassin on targets.** > > * Wouldn't this make Akali's kit feel clunky to play? Nothing ruins a champion than simply making them feel clunky. Not sure if nerfing numbers would of just been a better route if Riot thought proccing Mark of the Assassin with Crescent Slash was an issue. > > * It removes kit synergy with the rest of Akali's other spells. If it wasn't obvious, Crescent Slash is a 'filler' skill in Akali's kit. The skill itself is extremely underhwelming. Having Crescent Slash proc Mark of the Assassin atleast added synergy with the rest of her kit. Now with that gone, Crescent Slash feels really bad to use. > > ** Do you have any plans to add a skillful replacement for this removal? Something that would add gameplay and interaction, rather than just press E whenever Q is applied. > ** > > **Shadow Dance range reduced from 800 to 700.** > > * Everyone remembered what happened to Diana when they nerfed her ult range from 900 to 750? Range nerfs are rarely done because of how much of an impact they do to a champion's viability. > > * Plus nerfing her ult range won't solve her problems. If you outrange her right now, you will still outrange her after nerfs, if you cannot outrange her, she will still chase you down, so nothing has changed. > > It simply hurts Akali's strength, without adding any real weaknesses or new ways to counterplay her. This looks like a lazy nerf from Riot that doesn't addresses her core problems, one of them being her sustain. > > It would be appreciated if a red could explain why they chose these changes and not other better suited ones. I don't think the nerfs were justified at all, for one real reason dfg was removed. Which in turn is lowering her damage a lot removing a large amount of her burst. So champions like zed and talon will be the go to champions if people want to play assassins. In fact they may as well just delete the whole ap assassin sub class, as it stands. There's no use for them riot stated they don't want 100%-0 well that is what an assassin is and is meant for. If the assassin can't do his job he is dead, well in theory champions like leblanc, zed, fizz, and talon can more or less get away. Where as akali isn't getting out of that team fight if she doesn't kill the adc/midlaner. It's just that simple so she is the highest risk highest reward assassin. Her escape is basically her life steal/spell vamp passive. Katarina is another one that's kind an extreme she can however be more useful than akali, yet she has more counter play to here. Simply putting exhaust on her as soon as she ults pretty much stops her dead in her tracks. Come to think of it that's all an adc needs exhaust and maybe heal, but at last we only use flash where akali counter's people who take flash. Sigh how there is a lot of counter play to akali yet no one seems to use it. I am getting tired of the people complaining akali has no counter play when people are playing the game wrong against her. She is by far the most balanced assassin because, unlike everyone else she doesn't have an escape. And she also has counter play even if it's non meta counter plays. People just hate to adapt and rather than adapt they scream x is op nerf now! >:3
Agreed. Akali's reliable damage is balanced by the fact she has no reliable escapes. LB, Zed, Fizz, etc. can get out of a teamfight easily if necessary. Get exhausted? Just jump out. Even Katarina can Shun Po to friendly unit if she gets a reset after going in. Akali's only escapes are stealth (easily countered) and Shadow Dashing to an enemy minion / monster (which is available maybe 5% of the time). While she might not be as mechanically challenging as others, you have to exercise a bit more judgment when deciding when to go in.

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