Rahazlam (EUW)
: It's saying ive been perm banned for 3rd party?
lmao, Riot thanks you for your money!
: Support mains can't criticize others gameplay
Says the guy who went 1/14 on fiddlesticks support, lmao Why talk trash in a role you're completely terrible at?
: Do Magic Resist items even work or is it a joke?
"the fed assassin killed me, is it a bug?"
: If I get suspended I should not be able to bypass that with a second account.
OP is upset some nobody on Twitch is still playing a video game for eight year olds
: After coming back after years
Yeah who knew trying to make 5 ten year olds work together as a team would end up in name calling and bickering but guess it's actually not so surprising
: Riot is Forcing Me To Quit LOL After 7 Years!
Wow you are very upset that you can't get to gold. I'll let you know how the victorious skin feels to use :)
: Nightblue3, Fair Play, Bias, Riot, Etc.
You spent all that time writing about some nobody, interesting
archer66 (NA)
: Zyra NEW SKIN!?!?!
Asking for a skin on a champ that isn't Lux, Ahri, or Kaisa lmao
Rioter Comments
: Can we get the old Morgana with reworked visuals and voices?
Would it even be riot games without pointless buffs followed by debilitating nerfs?
: This client software is such a dumpster fire
I don't get this reddit circlejerk. The client sucks, we all know it, who cares?
: There is absolutely no counter to toxicity in this game. You can mute it but if you already saw the message the damage is done.
> [{quoted}](name=Warwick Main,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=m4ab28wZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-28T20:33:39.771+0000) > > There is absolutely no counter to toxicity in this game. You can mute it but if you already saw the message the damage is done. That's why I insta-mute all, and I don't want anyone to quote me and be like "but muh communication advantage!" because of all the time I've had people not muted not one single time did someone say something and me be like "hm yeah you know you're right my dude"
: Reddit at the Moment
Instead of furiously itching my grundle while pouting about some guys who got lucky, I'm going on with my day like a normal person
: 'Hey Boss, people seem to not like that we sexualize female champions so much...'
Imgartn (EUW)
: Riot, please stop making missions that require team cooperation and missions with different goals
You need to join that League Community discord channel, it made it super easy to find a party where everyone is on the same mission
: League is losing players
I see Fortnite ads too, I guess that game is also dying. Or dead. Or whatever claim you're making
: Stop allowing platinum players duo queue with gold players.
People only care about this when it works to their disadvantage How many times do you look up games where you destroy the other team and see you had a booster on your team? Oh right never because when you win it's because of skill and talent but when you lose it's because of duos
Murr Wurr (OCE)
: Riot I think you should ban the 'TriHard' emote for the LoL Twitch stream
Who knew putting 100,000 pimply virgins into a single chatroom would result in them trying to get attention however possible
: Ok I made a www.lolestports.com account but i still didnt complete the mission
Is there a way to get twitch/youtube chat watching from the client? It's surprisingly lame watching without the pointless banter every time the slightest mistake happens
: so I still have the question Why Was Old Urgot Removed?
Urgot getting deleted I do understand to an extent, but like Galio, I think the pre-rework version was at least fun even if it was hard to balance
Ache (NA)
: Name Ideas: Lux and Jinx main
: Did you know that if you're being camped it could be your fault?
If you get ganked a lot and don't die, then their jungle wasted a whole lot of time If you get ganked a lot and die, you made the jungle and top very easy
: How exactly is your client this fucking bad?
I remember one time they got called out for this on here and a rioter guy came in the thread and was hyper passive aggressive and said like "lol if u think u can do better apply and show us"
Rioter Comments
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: What do i need to do to carry those silvers?
You don't want to climb, you want to have fun and 1v9 with "muh carry champs" but complain when you can't If you wanted to climb, you'd pick one champion, play it endlessly, memorize cooldowns for all matchups, practice skill shots and combos in custom games, watch replays of yourself and what mistakes YOU (YOUUUUUUUUU) made But nah, come to a message board and ask what you need to do, when it's pretty obvious actually
WoOxêr (EUW)
: Odyssey Gem
I went with birdie, got latest SKT skins. I'll probably chunk them all. On my other account I'll probably go for Revel
Rioter Comments
ThePikol (EUNE)
: So rather than release Karthus emote they make a Jinx one that show the same thing? Why?
I agree, but I don't give the slightest crap about emotes because they are both pointless and absurdly overpriced
: ARAM-ARAMA event ruined ARAM
Huh I wonder what that events like but can't relate because it's not available in the region where the game is made but oh well haha
: I honestly preferred gaining BE by finishing each games like the old IP ways...
At least you get Camille shards instead of Garen shards like I get
: 14 day restriction
Wait you lose all your honor points from 1 chat restriction? Good thing I mute all every game
: First game after over a month and I get a troll.
Let's talk about your games where you went 1/8/2, and 1/7/1? So you're an int-er too?
: Riot needs to talk to us
I'm not sure what else needs to be said Balance team is silver, so they balance like silver. The only thing I'm surprised about is usually they are slaves to whatever Reddit demands, but this time they haven't (yet).
: I'm Done With League (Veteran Player Rant)
Wait, you're complaining about the quality of pre level 30 games? lol? You should know these games are terrible and pointless, and you should also know to spam 3v3 bot games to hit 30. But, you are clearly stubborn so that's on you. Bye
: Can We Not Make Kayle And Morgana Look Oversexualized In Their New VGUs?
: Miss Fortune: Should she get a rework? Should they bring back 'Impure Shots'?
Meh, she has a niche now. She just gets silly with the whole DH/Duskblade/Q thing
Rioter Comments
: "Vel, please learn to shut the fuck up next time or go play ranked."
: Should riot take survey which champions nerf and buff ? ? ?
Remember when reddit thought reworked Aatrox was going to be complete gutter trash and then he was pick/ban in LCS?
: How to prevent a perma Ban after 14 day
I"m not sure how bans/reports operate, since I've never gotten banned, but spamming bot games is a pretty easy way to not get reported and get honors.
: Bring Back The Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank Skin!
I was fine with both of them, and they are certainly better than some skins that have been released.
: After ranked losing streak just hopeless...
1. You play way too many champs in ranked 2. You could die less yourself, just having a 'posi k/d XDDDDD' isn't that great if you have 9+ deaths yourself But nah just keep blaming your team it's cool
LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
The fact that anything won besides this is mind boggling https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Di-YYMpUYAAkhnM.jpg:large
: Marc Merill this joke sucks
MMO market is super hard to tap into though. Not saying it wouldn't be good, but you need to somehow pull people from WoW and Fortnite and such, and good luck with that
: Looking for friends, must untiltable and minimally toxic. Discord required.
: Did you used to main an updated champion, who was it?
Not main, whenever I'd end up mid I'd play Galio
: Is Cringe a prerequisite for all league advertisements?
Seeing as you are not the target demographic, ok
: Im Quitting League (At Least For Now)
For point 3, when did you start playing? I started in season 4 and people were insufferable, things are fine now as far as text chat. People int and stuff, but they did that before anyway
: Champs to carry in lower elo
I got to gold playing Sona Just go full AP so you can not only one shot their ADC but give your team comical heals and shields
: Not reading patch note or knowing what the META is in ranked.
On average, you are more likely to have an opponent who hasn't read the patch notes (assuming you always do), therefore you would want people to not read patch notes since you would, over time, have a statistical advantage
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