Hotarµ (NA)
: >Me calling someone bad somehow is complete toxicity and worth banning my account that i have spent a fortune on. You were warned multiple times that your behavior was problematic and in violation of the rules. A permanent suspension shouldn't have come as a surprise, especially given that your most recent reform card **specifically** said "_Any_ continued negativity will result in a permanent suspension." >How is this even legal? LOL Because of the [Terms of Use/Terms of Service]( you agreed to adhere to.
Yes well great. Glad they stole all my money. Nothin i can do about it i guess. Didn't even see the perma ban warning so whatever.
Pyrosan (NA)
: You spending an absurd amount of money doesn't make you immune to the rule, it became legal when you agreed to follow the summoners code when you first joined the game - which states your account is subject to be revoked from your control unless you can follow the rules. Post your chatlogs and the boards will judge if it's justified or not
Well they basically stole money then if i paid for something and then they take it away with no reimbursement
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