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: Bronze supp looking for coach
hey id be glad to help all that i can i added you so whenever just message me :D
Bídoof (NA)
: Im not recruiting but id love to give you some tips Edit nvm you have like no games lol
> [{quoted}](name=LvI 1 Bidoof,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=QM2AOlPL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-03T01:14:25.760+0000) > > Im not recruiting but id love to give you some tips > > Edit nvm you have like no games lol true but the few i have i think i did pretty well
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: Instant replay software
: You're ___________ because you belong in __________.
@Guy Fox Teemo YOUR 100%speaking the truth have my upvote good sir
: Looking for adult players roughly 20-29 who are friendly.
Catsnake (NA)
: Clever, Handsome, Hilarious, Charismatic, and Humble Top/Jungle Main LF Duo or Pals for norms!
Hey ill play with you im a MID main by heart and secondary role is gonna be Support or top My main champs for mid are: {{champion:30}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} My main champs for supp are : {{champion:63}}{{champion:25}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:16}} My main champs for top are :{{champion:75}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:36}} and if anything else i can play my boy{{champion:30}} up there
: Looking to build a strong team! bronze/silver
Rank:Silver 3 last season havent done ranked yet this season IGN:Dont Smite Me Roles:MID/SUPP Champions: Karthus Oriana Brand Syndra EZ, Morgana Brand Raka Alistar Mic?:Yes When will you be available: Depends on when im working but will keep the team updated Skype?:Yes
paNORama (NA)
: RANKED 5'S Low Elo [Bronze-Silver] Needs More!!
IGN:Dont Smite Me Solo Rank: Silver 3 Age:21 Timezone:Central Main and Sub Role:Mid Supp Top 3 Champs:Karthus Brand Oriana, Morgana Alistar Thresh Skype (Y/N): Yes ShotCaller: Yes
Yässuø (NA)
: i'm looking for people to play with
hey i added you im down to play
: Almost forgot, put Role under recruitment form, thanks for overachieving, Dont Smite Me. :D
> [{quoted}](name=CNGY Roman,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=HGOfQQxf,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-11-18T04:01:59.680+0000) > > Almost forgot, put Role under recruitment form, thanks for overachieving, Dont Smite Me. :D No problem thought it was kind of important XD
: Crimson Galaxy Esports Recruiting Silver and Up
IGN: Dont Smite Me Skype: alexandervmagee Rank: Silver 3 Age: 20 Role:Mid Champs: Karthus Brand Ori
: Looking for people to play with, I'm new
hey i added you message me and we can play
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Atlas x (NA)
: iKeyBoardKnights (iKBK)
IGN : Dont Smite Me Role : Mid Champion Pool : Karthus Brand Ori [i play more just cant be asked to list them all] Strengths : Great Shot caller and Great map awareness Know my Champions Very well. Weaknesses : I tend to go and split push alot as Karthus beacuse his build is stupid expensive. Favorite Champions in General Karthus by a long shot. I love him beacuse i can help a team fight at dragon while contiuneing to put pressure down on the map or help a team fight in mid while i get another tower and can tp in after to help more his damage is out rageious and there is a part of me where i get to be like "it would be a REAL dick move if i were to ult right now ...*presses R*a real dick move..." and i just love that feeling i dont use my ult to KS but will use it to start a fight and turn the tides of a fight.
: Well JUST READ!!!
silver 3 Mid Main Karthus Brand Ori Have a mic and most Voip software would be willing to get whatever if i need to.
Kariizma (NA)
: LF A Top and Mid for My Season 6 Ranked 5s Team!!! If Interested add me on League or comment below!!
IGN: Dont Smite Me Rank: Silver 3 [did my 10 games in the last week of the season] Top 5 Champs in TOP/MID (Either one):Karthus Brand Oriana Nasus Syndra What can you bring to a team environment:Great Map awareness and readyness to help anyone out when there strugling Can you shot-call: Yes [ this is more or less when im playing karthus as i pay the most attention when playing him] Speak fluent English??? Yes, Yes I do. Why do you want to be on a ranked team? To play with people who are not allways bickering and yelling at each other
Mento (NA)
: Incaranted - Lf Mid, Jung, and Supp for Season 6 Ranked Team
IGN: Dont Smite Me Age: 20 [21 dec 8th] Role: Mid Champ pool: Karthus Brand Ori Syndra Ziggs Xerath Cass [would be willing to learn how to lulu mid] Reason for trying out: Looking for people to actually work togeather with tired of teams where no one listens to each other. Rank at end of season 5: Silver 2 [Literaly played my 10 games at the end of the season and didnt try to climb] Previous team experience: I have joined a few other teams before but they end of with like one or two people leaveing then the rest leave What can you bring to the team: Im great with map awareness am allways looking for a way to help another lane. Pros (of you): I allmost allways never give up, I try to keep everyones moral high, Dont need jungler to baby sit my lane Cons (of you): I get agrivated when I loose a game when I think we should have won, Family requires me to stop anything im doing and help them at any given moment Do you rage?:I dont express my rage if thats what you mean. I wont say anything just sit there and pout i will be mad but nothing dramatic about it. Are you commited?:Yes I allways give 110 % to those willing to give me a chance to prove my self. Time Zone: Central Extra Info: I really am my best when i play Karthus even in a bad match up. I do find my self going to split push alot when i have TP and/or Ulti up as to help the team if there is a fight when im farming beacuse with karthus his build is Quite expensive so i tend to try to get gold anywhere i can often if my lane is pushed ill ask if i can take the junglers wraiths or wolves or take the enemys wraiths just to get that extra bit of gold. I hope you allow me the chance Thank you and have a Nice day.
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Gräphic (NA)
: Looking for a Graphic Designer, Website Designer! Free Upper Elite Esports
Laraso (NA)
: Why do people start W with Mordekaiser?
i can see the points mentioned above but IMO i always start E and max E i don't care if they have a ranged means of farming.. if they do there gonna push it right back anyway and if they try to stay near there minions ill cast my E out on them and hit them and the minions there going to either A: loose cs to the tower B: try to push even harder than me to keep the wave out of the tower C: try to tank your poke for cs Yes you might be pretty vulnerable when pushing hard like me but you can do what i do and its ez pz A: always be thinking that the jungler is right in that river bush waiting for you and think what jungler is it? 1: is it a jungler that is going to catch me out?example{{champion:77}} 2: is it a jungler that if they miss there engage arent going to do anything?{{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} 3: WARD. Its said everywhere for anything but you have no real means of escapes except flash, and a majority of the time its better to just fight them than run, if you can see the gank incomeing you dont need to worry about an udyr stun into syndra ulti i try to go for a pink and 2 greens when i can
: I used to play him a lot. I would build Tear and Sorc Shoes early. Final build now would be {{item:3003}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3135}} Other options are {{item:3116}} and {{item:3027}} , but I would build Rod shortly after Tear. I wonder how {{item:3151}} and {{item:3116}} would do on him... Anyway, you want Zhonya's pretty early because you want to flash into the middle of team fights with your AOE on, activate Zhonya's, then start popping your Q as they start to run away, then your R. You want to be right in the middle of team fights. Also, if you want to troll (and have fun) build spell vamp with full AP build. Super fun.
> [{quoted}](name=13ennetto,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=Ik0AoOXm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-04-20T17:54:38.236+0000) > I wonder how {{item:3151}} and {{item:3116}} would do on him... Ive tried it i really dont think its worth it compared to your average full ap build, but it is semi decent if you **NEED** to burn down multipule tanks during teamfights
: Zhonya's Hourglass or Rod of Ages for Karthus? (Mid)
I play karthus all the time here is my personal build for him \ **Summoner spells** {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:12}} What i personaly take every time, i like that im able to tp back to lane quickly if i need to early game and then split push and provide pressure with my R for a team fight and then tp in if im needed. {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:3}} i will take this on arams but i dont usually take this ive seen others take it and it works wonders for them but just not my style. __________________________________ **Starting items** {{item:1056}} {{item:2010}} x2 ---------------------------------------------------------------- **Core Items** {{item:3027}}or{{item:3003}} or both {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3157}} _______________________________________________ **Situational items** if you picked both for rod of ages and archangels ignore this {{item:3285}} or {{item:3116}} or {{item:3041}} or {{item:3001}} {{item:3285}}The only reason i like ludens echo is honestly its a bonus 120 ap and its just more ap to stack for the 1000ap dream {{item:3116}} I think rylais is probably the best gold value wise on karthus beacuse its only 20 ap less than ludens and gives another 400 health so your a bit healthier On top of all that you get a slow so if you can get a Q off single target you get the full slowing effect (otherwise you only get the 15% slow still good though) if you use your wall of pain(W) to slow to start then get a few Q's up with them you can turn on defile (E) to keep them slowed while you hammer away with your Q. {{item:3041}} only get this if your goal is to only survive the whole game ( prolly would pick this up first if your gonna get it) if you can get it to 20 stacks and get the 15%cdr it will be fantastic for your ult being up even more often. {{item:3157}} Id only get this if they are like all AP or magic damage champs (like a corki adc an ap support ap mid and an ap top) it gives you some MR which is nice and it reduces there MR so you can hit them a bit more probbably if you doing like a sucide karthus it would be more helpful dont know if you get this effect in his passive though
: i agree with this, only add that if you're against a risky AD lane opponent (Zed, Yasuo, etc) you can also start {{item:1029}} {{item:2003}} x5 and build {{item:3191}} ASAP. If you're playing Morde top, i also heavily recommend building one tank item.
> [{quoted}](name=Merxamers,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=ysH1wmLx,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-04-06T17:51:43.117+0000) > > i agree with this, only add that if you're against a risky AD lane opponent (Zed, Yasuo, etc) you can also start {{item:1029}} {{item:2003}} x5 and build {{item:3191}} ASAP. If you're playing Morde top, i also heavily recommend building one tank item. I could see that but i personaly would never do it
: Mordekaiser
I allways go glass cannon on him the recent changes really didn't effect him a lot. the only thing that really got changed was he got like a blood boil with his W. makeing it worth putting on another member of your team thats gonna go in for example {{champion:84}} . if you want an idea of what i build on him this is what i go for. || starting item {{item:1054}}{{item:2003}} (if they are heavy single target harass){{item:1052}} {{item:2003}}(your confident) ||First Item {{item:3152}} or {{item:3146}} (either way get {{item:3145}} First ) ||Core {{item:3020}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3089}}Optional ({{item:3285}} ) || last item is really preference {{item:3100}} <- i like this if they have a champ that's gonna jump on top of you because if there alone and Single target Q gonna hurt {{item:3116}} can be good gives you a slow more AP and some health witch is nice {{item:3151}} is also pretty good if they have a tanky team and you need to burn them down {{item:3001}} pretty decent if you need a Mr item and it works ever more in your favor as you need to be close to deal damage to them. || thats all the items i can think of || summoner spells {{summoner:4}} You have no escapes... let that sink in {{summoner:14}} i take this beacuse once you hit 6 or even before then a flash E ignite ulti wombo combo usually will kill them. ||
: thinking of getting Morde, advice plz
I love playing Morde and the recent change was really good for him as he got a little mobility. When i play him i play him Mid mainly or Top ocasionaly. this is what i Build Starting items{{item:1054}} if they are going to be doing single target damage to you often or {{item:1052}} Core:{{item:3145}} Allways get this pref on first back(then you have a choice between{{item:3152}} and{{item:3146}} both are viable choices i usually go Wota beacuse its cheaper and 10%cdr but gun blade gives you a bit more ad and life steal for autos so its still good )Next i usually go for {{item:3157}} beacuse it gives me a decent amount of ap and defenceive bonuses(if im up against ap and dont really need it for def bounes {{item:3089}} ) Other items i build:{{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3116}} Personaly havent tried {{item:3285}} yet but i feel like it would be a great item on Morde General tips: So When playing morde try to keep your sheild up not just spamming your skills and have everything on cooldown i personaly Max E then W or q depending on what i want at the time will add more when i get home
Xenohaz (NA)
: Question about Yorick
Id have to agree With what everyone has said here playing nasus really makes laneing against yorick easy and i can see where gragus would have alot of issues with yorick, you try to belly slam in and he drops a goul quickly and stops you half way threw, would be really annyoing
Altkee (NA)
: Looking for great leaders!
Hi there, I will send you an e-mail as soon as i get home.
: Mordekaiser Skin Proposition
yeah id love to see mordes E change to whatever mace he is holding at the time ( or guitar) that would make every cast so much more enjoyable. even if its only one skin that would get that i would buy it. i love morde (not to fond of the recent changes) but still thats one thing ive allways wanted to see. also haveing flames would be pretty sick or lightning would be pretty sick
: Creating a Team Silver/ Gold Need Top/Mid
Elo: Silver 4 season 4(didnt attempt to climb at all) Top 5 Mid Champs:(in order greatest to least)Karthus,Syndra,Mordekiser,Brand,Xerath,Oriana Top 5 Top Champs:(Confident in)Nassus,Mordekiser,Mundo(need a few warm up games)Gragus,Maoaki, Age:20 Timezone:Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00) I main mid and usually can take care of my self in lane i really have to avoid certain match ups with champs (Fiz at anygiven time is a plus but i can do allright against him just hate him,Akali as alot of my champs are really immobile and she just eats me, Katarina i need to avoid when i play champs such as Karthus or Morde though with morde i do allright cuz i have my sheild and i can burst her down ) i dont expect these to be bans persay beacuse i know there are higher priority targets.But i do like haveing last pick just to counter them a bit.If not ill be allright just not as good as i could have been. I love warding and love if a jungler could help me with a pink in the river on one side( i usually pink whatever side is closest to blue) that would help me out tremendously.
: Mordekaiser Skin Proposition
I very much agree, I love playing {{champion:82}} he is one of my favorite champions.{{champion:30}} being my favorite. i would love to see a new skin or a visual update. I feel like for {{champion:82}} though instead of the pale cyan color his would have to fit more of the dark piercing red color. Although that wouldn't fit much with the Shadow Isles theme i think that cyan isn't in {{champion:82}}'s color wheel you know?
: ADC in need of coaching.
Hey ill try to help you as much as i can if i dont get a chace to add you add me :D
The Gist (NA)
: Looking to play top for a team
hey i added you and look forward to playing with you
: Mid or Supp Looking to join fun people.
hey me and my friend who play togeather every night have been looking for more people to fill our rouster ill add you on league and mabey we can do a game tonight also just looked at some of your match history theres a few questionable builds there
Eversio (NA)
: Looking for cool people to play with.
: Need Help Bettering Odds with Support Morgana
i personaly think you shouldnt get a deathcap on support morgana unless it gets to that late point in the game i mained morg supp for the longest time and still is my goto pick for supp. i created a morg guide a while back still think its relevent
Meddler (NA)
: Current intent is that he'll still build AP and be based around his spells, but will live longer/kill slower.
so just having someone vanish in a cloud of damage and a Ghost appear. to be fair they have quite a while to get out of range of that cloud as morde has no built in cc or escapes any plans on buffing him mabey a slight movespeed buff on his w?
: Nashors tooth and kat
i mean its an interesting item choice but i would probably never build it on her and i don't see it being built on her. only way i could see it being semi decent would be if your ult or any of your abilities apply on hit effects
: how do I build sona!
i mean if you are too squishy and want to be a bit beefier your gonna loose some damage but the question is what are you dieing from ? if you need armor i like frozen heart for magic resist i like spirit vissage and and locket of iron salari
: How do I beat the Heimer?
if you get to pick into him i highly suggest playing syndra not only is she a hard counter for himerdonger i find her really fun to play as a champion and i also start with my W on her now. and beacuse i dont take magic resist runes i usually go chalice but you can also build morllos instead up to you
Pikapew (NA)
: LF3M For Serious Ranked 5's Team *Support / Mid / Top*
hey added you and him both in game Im a Mid laner was silver 4 last season but didnt play much ranked
CNY10000 (NA)
: These are of-course must-have items on my teemo. but what's else? I have 6 slots for items.
> [{quoted}](name=CNY10000,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=4EE5u3Aq,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-01-25T04:52:01.677+0000) > > These are of-course must-have items on my teemo. but what's else? I have 6 slots for items. i gave you 6 items
: Top laner looking for casual team
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KenRay71 (NA)
: Looking for people, Maybe A Team
hey i added you in game i love helping players get better and hey you could even help me learn a thing or two :D i added you in game feel free to message me at anytime and we can play :D also i hope you kick cancers ASS ive lost quite a few family members to cancer so i can see what it can do to if you keep kicking cancers ass ill make sure you bet better
CNY10000 (NA)
: Which item is better for Teemo? Void Staff, Liandry's Torment, Lich Bane
personaly i like this for my teemo builds each new line will be your next back {{item:1056}} +pots {{item:3020}}** {{item:3136}} {{item:3101}} >{{item:3108}}> {{item:3115}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3151}} this can be bought whenever but i really try to delay it i mean yea it makes your shrooms hurt like a bitch but if thats what your relying on for damage thats okay then i guess prolly {{item:3135}} would be better
: How to rework unusable summoner spells
i actually really like cv and how it works
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