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: Enemy Malzahar 3 Kills You 1/4/5 (Gragas Jungle) Enemy Nocturne 7/1/4 Enemy Lucian 8/3/3 Enemy Karma 3/0/12 And no one built QSS I think you have bigger issues than Malz
He dealt the most damage. Nocturne got fed off Malazhar flashing or ghosting at Viktor and them both ulting him. Cancerous PoS champ that I've loathed ever since I starting playing this game.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: And that comment shows that you are mad
S0kaX (EUNE)
: COUGH COUGH {{item:3075}} Aagainst any ad champion that destroys you COUGH COUGH
lol. when's the last time you saw any carry build thornmail?
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Translation: You played against a skilled Malzahar player, you didn't know how to play against one and you got stomped.
LOL the fact you just used "skilled" and malzahar in the same sentence. holy shit.
Breaku (NA)
: Not many champions have their ults countered by a single cheap item.
not many champions force other players to build an item that doesn't build into anything useful for them. I hear QSS is really really strong to build on Syndra, Lissandra, Orianna, any mage.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Translation: You fed a Malzahar and he stomped you and now you're mad.
nope. he literally takes zero skill and is insta-win lane lvl 6
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: {{champion:103}} - she's always good enough to be viable at just about every ELO but she's not OP at anything, she's safe if you don't go for kills, she's squishy so that if you try something and fail you'll die, she's got a weakness to CC, most of the power in her kit can be dodged, her charm costs a lot of mana so you can punish her for missing it, and she's got a good win rate but a low ban rate because most people know how to lane against her. Basically she's fun to play but she's not toxic to play against like some other champs.
lol. try something and fail you die. yeah maybe if you don't have her ult/flash up which gives her 4 dashes.
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: exactly right. and they also get their victims for at least 20 mins. if you try to escape them by leaving the game you also get punished. best game ever for trolls.
Or the real classic of when there is a troll duo who keeps you in there longer than 20 minutes because they refuse to ff.
Raoul (EUW)
: What do you expect? RIOT has a ban policy that doesnt punish trolls but rewards them by punishing those who snap against them. LoL is the ultimate paradise for trolls, not only are they not in any danger as long as they nice in chat, no they can even get people baned.
The sad truth. Be unbearable in game with your actions, picks, decisions, but as long as you say positive things in chat you're fine. Such a sad report system that witch hunts anyone who finally snaps at these SoB's but doesn't punish those who instigate.
yammuXD (EUW)
: yes shaco tank top is very great I have played it many times trust me, if we ever meet in a game I can show you, I mean sometimes it doesn't work and I might ACCIDENTALLY feed a bit but we should still try to play seriously and win right? you wanna duoQ sometimes? : ^) I mean being that negative really brings down the positive vibes of the league community, you should try to cheer up and play no matter what happens in the games, it's not about winning, it's about having fun as a team right!? I really don't like it when people like you try to bring me down with their toxic and negative attitutde when I am trying to do my best so I hope you will better yourself and get rid of that habit :/ Thanks in advance <3
You play on EUW. I'm thankful for this because I'm on NA. Feel free to play whatever you want as long as you're successful. Unfortunately in ranked, it's not about having fun, it's about winning. That is how the majority feels. Winning is fun. This game is competitive and due to it's competitive nature people get pissed off when they feel their chances of winning are being tampered with by trolls. Trolls that don't give a flying f**k about winning and losing so they'll feed, run it down mid, steal jg camps on purpose, take CS on purpose and as long as they say positive things in chat they won't get punished.
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: When you realize that there are not 4 letters in art
: Mad because bad? 232K Zyra support main and proud.
congrats you're cancer.
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: Then what the hell do you mean by your post? > [{quoted}](name=DontChaseBard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lL8wJuXI,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-17T08:29:23.919+0000) > > Just played a ranked game where I had a Silver 1 adc while the opposing team had a Plat 1 toplane. I&amp;#039;m Gold 1. What is this nonsense? This Silver 1 ADC basically outperformed the enemy Plat 4 ADC. And youre saying that its nonsense that he is in your game? For some reason youre trashing this Silver 1 ADC in your main post, then you come and say they played well. Again - this Silver 1 ADC did well, so why is it nonsense he is in your game?
holy shit you're actually fucking retarded. I was pointing out the large disparity in elo considering I'm Gold 1 and the game had anywhere from Silver 1 to Plat 1. I never trashed any specific player.
: Its a rank difference, not an MMR difference. The reason you have a Silver is because that Silver player's MMR is higher than their actual rank. You seem to have this notion that because of your rank, you shouldnt be playing with those of lower rank no mater how good they perform. Shouldnt you be paired based on a player's skills and their performance instead of their rank? Looking at the game, that Silver 1 ADC did really well. In a losing game, that Silver 1 ADC did 46.5k damage compared to the enemy ADC, who was Plat 4 and did 48k damage. Your Silver 1 ADC almost doubled the damage from your Gold 1 midlaner. He also ended with the highest CS in the game, the highest gold in the game, and the highest kill participation in the game. Thats what matchmaking should do - pair up teams that would put up a good fight. And your Silver 1 ADC put up a good fight. _______________ It insulting to criticize a player based on their rank and not their performance. I mean, what if Gosu was doing one of his "Bronze to Diamond" streams? At some point, he is going to be in Silver 1. But by your logic, youre going to ignore how well he plays and says he shouldnt be matched in any of your games just because he is Silver 1.
Please go back and read. I said "the adc was NOT the reason why we lost the game. So your post with all the statistics on how well my adc are pointless. I'm aware he/she did well. I never put any blame on the adc
: Happened to me earlier while playing with friends.
the adc wasn't the reason why we lost the game, it's just kinda shitty that such a huge MMR difference is allowed to match up. whether that player is on my team or against me.
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Dynikus (NA)
: Interesting you would mention fizz, because after changing the numbers on his kit, his play rate and winrate plummeted.
they increased the CD on his troll pole, lowered his attack range, and other changes. ekko's kit is actually more overloaded than Fizz's tbh. he already needs a complete overhaul/rework. which is so sad
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: 3 tank ekko players downvoted.
Oh i'm sure. They love abusing their Tankko.
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: As a jungler main i feel you. Especially the "things change" part. What i usually do is after pinging "on my way" to bot lane and se an opportunity im mid for example i quickly re-ping "on my way" to midlane to show them that there's a change in plans.
jungle main as well
: Paragraphs man. Paragraphs
lol I was too busy venting to care about proper MLA structure/format
: Every game. welcome to league.... My issue is not the pub stomping. I can take a 5 randoms vs TSM smurf team thats fine. buts it when I get paired with groups. that is when I'd rather just take the dodge or AFK.
I take issue getting matched against a 5 man premade on comms. I do, however, hate getting matched up WITH a 4 man that is toxic as fuck to me and ruins my gaming experience when they don't do as well as they wish they had.
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: It is the being the teams bitch because I'm not doing what I want or enjoy. I'm just being a mobile ward bot for your enjoyment. Frankly doing something you dislike because someone else tells you to is the very definition of being the teams bitch. This isn't About win rates or winning it's abiut principle. Are you gonna go to a foreign country and force everyone to worship your god? No because that's imposing your will on others and it's the very opposite of what freedom is. Same thing in this gsme, let people choose what they wanna do. It's a damn video game let them have FUN playing it please. This is not LCS where everyone plays the same top tier champs and builds the same items every gsme. Just respect your teammates and allow them to enjoy the video game the eah they like. A supports job is not being a ward bot. They have a multitude of other responsibilities in the team. Just because YOU have an opinion in your head abiut what a support Should be, that's just what it is. Your opinion. You should respect other opinions too, just like I respect yours. Just my two cents cheers. Your way of playing support is certainly a viable playstyle and I respect that. But so is all the other hundreds of ways to play support. And not All of them includes building a sighstone
this is indeed a video game. a competitive one where you have Normal Draft, ARAM, Blind Pick, etc... (where you can choose to derp out all you want) and then Ranked Draft (where you should absolutely build to win/play to win). if you queue up with Support as one of your roles in Ranked Draft you better build Sightstone or just play one of the other 4 roles. it is not that hard.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DontChaseBard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y2zdst63,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-20T15:16:08.111+0000) > > yet IT DOESNT DO DAMAGE!! so mage &quot;supports&quot; don&#x27;t want to build it. ridiculous So honey, you build it.
sure that sounds like a great idea. I say all ADC should just start building sightstone. and hey, while we're at it lets just let the supports take all the CS as well. you know what. fuck it. lets just role reversal it and make the support the carry and the marksmen start building utility items. lets see how many wins that playstyle gets
: You are the special sort of stain who chews out a support that gets killed by an ambush when they go to ward a bush, arent you?
nope. because I've been killed when going to ward a bush or defending a pink ward. I chew out a support that doesn't build a sightstone when asked nicely or when I see they're building deathcap over getting an item that literally helps in all ways possible EXCEPT DAMAGE
: Well sightstone is the most gold efficient investment in the game in terms utility and overall effectiveness when applied.
yet IT DOESNT DO DAMAGE!! so mage "supports" don't want to build it. ridiculous
: I personally do not enjoy being the teams bitch and being a ward dispenser. I play to have fun and enjoy the game. And for me that doesn't entail building ss. Id ask you to please respect my playstyle and allow me to enjoy this video game how I want. Thanks man again you're more than welcome to politely offer build suggestions to your teammates ie heh guys i think we should all build mercs. However please don't force anyone to do anything they don't wanna do. That's just not cool, especially in a video game. Let people enjoy the game the way they want :) Just my two cents. I respect and enjoy playing with supports that build SS and those that dont. I can enjoy the game despite what the other 9 players are doing, can you .
Quite frankly I don't enjoy getting ganked endlessly because the support i'm playing with refuses to build sightstone at any point in the game. Quite frankly it's not being the "team's bitch" because you're also helping yourself win. Wards do nothing but help your chances of winning. If your playstyle on support is to not build a sightstone then please stop queueing up with Support as a role and start queueing up as any of the other 4 roles.
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Lucifer (NA)
: Sometimes I opt out of building sightstone and just buy a lot of pink wards (or wait till later in the game if we're way ahead). Also from the tone of your OP, it sounds like you deserved your report, not the support who didn't itemize the way YOU wanted~ :3 If you want a sightstone so badly, buy one yourself.
yeah. make the person who is ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BUILD DAMAGE buy the sightstone and let you mage "support" morons build all the damages.
Shifune (NA)
: In all honesty, you don't need a sightstone until you are out of laning phase. Keeping bot lane warded is easily doable by rotating trinket wards with your adc. The sightstone doesn't do much until you are out of laning phase where you are trying to ward enemy jg, objectives, etc. If I'm playing a tank support, I'll rush sightstone because the health is good for them. My main is Zyra though, so I trypically rush a Rylai's then I build sightstone. I'm not a support main, but it is sad how many people think that if you don't rush a sightstone as your first item, you don't know how to play support. Yes, you should get a sightstone, but it doesn't have to be your first item.
you should be deepwarding the enemy jungle or up river during laning phase. buy a damn sightstone. you seriously rush a 3000 gold item before buying a sightstone? if you want to be that selfish queue up as mid. my god.
Niaphim (EUW)
: I just wish that these topics required at least one rank-5 support champion on OPs account. The number of people who don't understand how supports work (in this case - sighstone can be delayed for FQC or boots for example) is disturbing
Rank 5 Bard. buy a goddamn sightstone. it isn't your job to build damage. they even made sightstone build into a mage item. boo hoo it gives less AP. still gives you the extra 15 damage on spells/auto attack AND it gives 10% CD just like Frost Queen's Claim. there is literally zero excuse anymore to delay, or not buy at all, a sightstone.
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: > [{quoted}](name=DontChaseBard,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BUdaREnW,comment-id=0045,timestamp=2016-08-18T00:26:04.455+0000) > > Riot doesn&#x27;t give a shit about it&#x27;s players. They care only about the professional scene and how much money they make. They know they have an addictive product on their hands that is hard for the masses to just quit cold turkey and will just keep abusing us until the majority makes a concerted effort to fight back. This sounds kinda crazy to me. Maybe there is some truth but maybe there is some tin-foil hattiness here. I guess that's innate to most opinions.
There may be some exaggeration. but for the most part i'd bet a significant amount of money on myself being right. look how many people are displeased with Dynamic Queue STILL. they never had the balls to put out a poll asking people to vote on whether or not they wanted Solo Queue back because they knew what the numbers would look like. they ignored their community after having promised that Solo Queue was coming back and then after months they came out with a big ol' "Fuck you" in the form of "we will not be bringing Solo Queue back".
: You realize that they've just pointed the blame at Juzza again, right? It doesn't help him or hinder just sits there looking for attention. This is good advice, don't get me wrong, but it is zero help to the guy who already had his account hacked.
exactly. just a whole bunch of "you should have multiple different passwords" "use a password manager". absolutely nothing about fixing the fact that his account was permanently banned for something he didn't do. this is like punishing someone for being the victim of a crime because you couldn't prove the criminal guilty.
Juzza (OCE)
: A reward for 6 years of League.
Riot doesn't give a shit about it's players. They care only about the professional scene and how much money they make. They know they have an addictive product on their hands that is hard for the masses to just quit cold turkey and will just keep abusing us until the majority makes a concerted effort to fight back.
: Newflash AP Ekko is superior to tank ekko in every way. There's nothing Tank ekko does that any other tank can't do better. You guys need to stop copying whatever some korean does and thinking it's good.
just simply not true or people wouldn't be abusing Trinity Force Ekko. the overall outcome on full AP Ekko might be better if you're able to get fed. the tank/bruiser build is much more reliable and safe while still being absolute cancer to squishies with the stick potential. phage movement speed and passive 3-hit movement speed=constantly having Ekko on top of you and nearly impossible to kill. and if you all focus Ekko then he uses his "get out of jail free card" (his ultimate) and resets a good porition of the damage while putting him out of harms way. there is nothing more cancerous than Tank Ekko that has 40% CD and a Guardian Angel. except maybe if he had a Zilean and Yorick on his team.
: Gragas's ult displacement is quite arguably more potent than a stun. You can catch someone out with it, split up the enemy team, or even force them on top of each other (to set up a combo). He also has other cc in his kit, so comparing his ult with Annie's ult+passive seems a bit inappropriate.
Gragas ult has more utility. Annie ult has a shit ton more damage and much more burst comes behind that flash+Tibbers. and just like with what you said about Gragas setting up combos, i'm pretty sure Annie's team will follow up her burst to pick up the scraps from whatever is left over.
: Ultimate change is a buff since now you should just wait and let them flash/dash, then ult from max range. More worth, if it burns their flash hahaha :DDD I hate the E change cause this will force me to renew my way to clear jungle.
I start W on Gragas when I jungle anyway. the CD is 8 seconds at rank 1 and it gives you damage reduction. when you start E the CD is 12 seconds (technically 9 because you're hitting targets). I take E second always and i'll still do so (especially with blue side start). I might just have to change my glyphs to the .83% CD to give me 7.5%. Meteos takes that currently when he uses Gragas. btw E was never a priority max for me because it was a static CD at 12 seconds. maxing only increased damage. maxing priority was always Q then W. It still will be. maybe throwing a 2nd point in E before completely maxing out W. we shall see.
Ratbert (NA)
: Because flash is actually a very valuable thing to force? If you're going to compare gragas ult to annie ult, then why aren't you bothered that Gragas basically has a janna ult with damage and a shorter cd right now?
what bothers me is that Gragas with a shorter ult CD still has a winrate 3% below your beloved Janna, Soraka, and Sona and you trying to use that comparison is laughable. i'm accepting and even suggesting other ways to nerf Gragas because I admitted he is too strong yet you're picking out his ult CD (never was even mentioned). I don't want his ult to have a .55 second cast time because it'll make him feel awful to use when trying to make split second plays during teamfights. they want to add a cast time that makes the window to ult someone back after using E nearly impossible unless that person has no escape. yet Annie is allowed to instantcast nuke/stun teams at range? I wouldn't even care if they added 10 or 20 seconds to Gragas ult CD. And yes I agree flash is actually a very valuable thing to force. most of the time when gragas is ulting someone back in a teamfight it's because he used flash+E to put himself in that position to get a carry.
: I also main gragas this season. But ultimately cool down is noticeably low. Riot wants him an early game champ. So he will be. No complaints. He's had his spotlight... again. But he will still be relevant just not picked all the dang time. So yay us
It's the ultimate nerf that I dislike. The minimum cast time increase to .55 seconds even when we're on top of a champion is a massive nerf to playmaking potential when we our E'ing ourselves into the enemy team or flash E'ing. The E stun is only 1 second so giving his R a minimum cast time of .55 seconds is over half the stun time. Even with the current R, I still occasionally have enemies flash out before getting knocked back. It's a bad/unnecessary nerf.
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