: An actual yasuo fix.
Delete his shield. Fixed. He is unstoppable late game. He should be balanced with a weak early game. That shield allows him too much farming and trading early which makes no sense.
: Rengar
I think the only thing to do from now on is intentionally feeding the Rengar every game in protest until he's nerfed. There is no point in trying to play when he's this overpowered.
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: How is Riven balanced?
Because a shield that scales with more damage and cost zero mana is balanced on a champ that can full to zero almost anyone.
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: It's more we've seen enough people cry "false ban!" over the years with an *extremely* small percentage actually being false. At a certain point you have more trust in the system than you have in the random player who shows up with the exact same story. Post a replay of the game, or at least the match history link. It would go a long way towards convincing people. If that's too much to ask, then why bother posting here at all? Did you expect people to just instantly believe you?
> If that's too much to ask, then why bother posting here at all? Did you expect people to just instantly believe you? No, I expect people to believe their own eyes when they examine the screenshot. Hard to say I'm guilty of feeding when I have the highest gold, highest CS, highest kills. It is clear from the screenshot that the other players were too busy typing insults at me to have any score, hence my high deaths, hence their low everything. The fact that this screenshot is not enough evidence proves that you self-appointed forum guards don't really care either way. You will attack any post against the report system regardless.
: i find it weird i've had games were i die alot(and im talking over 10 deaths here) more then those on my team yet ive never been given a ban come to think of it the only "punishment" ive gotten from riot is some low priority que's for afking a couple games when my computer crashed or internet cut out. so i find it hard to believe that "you got trolled and died alot" resulted in a 2 week ban straight off. usually riot starts with a smaller punishment suggesting you have had this issue before
Always the benefit of the doubt for the report system because the system is so perfect, it has to be the player manipulating the screenshot somehow right.
Eedat (NA)
: You totally didnt int thats why you went out of the way to block the account name and post on a throw away level 15 account so nobody could check . I'm totally sure you did all that for no related reason. No relation at all. Yeah dude everyone believes you. I bet if you say it enough times the entire internet will be fooled by your trash tier lie. Good job on banning this guy Rito
Why should I relog every time I visit the forums when there is a "remember me" checkbox I can tick? Do you get paid for being a complete forum jerk? Does Riot gift you free skins every time you stick up for their trash witch-hunt report system? I'm just curious.
: Post your chat-log or screenshot of your penalty. Then the board will have a discussion with you.
And chat logs have exactly what to do with an intentionally feeding ban?
Eedat (NA)
: Yeah man really proving your point that you're an innocent bystander. I read your whole post. Pantheon will be punished for going afk. A support taking smite is not gonna be grounds for immediate punishment. You, however blatantly inted and then got punished for blatantly inting. You are complaining about the system not working when it worked and caught you lol. Post the account it was on. For all we know Pantheon went afk ***because you inted.*** Here's the rundown. You inted. You got punished for inting. Riot isnt going overturn it. You're not getting end of season rewards. No one here is going to have any sympathy for you inters. Nobody cares how salty you are. 99.9% of players are going to view your ban as a good thing.
Ya I "inted" on a squishy mage in a 2v1 lane, where one opponent was Leblanc, who only needs to press one button to get a kill. And somehow I still managed to get the most kills and highest damage to champions. Please pull your head out of your ass.
: You do realise Over half of them have negative winrates So I guess they are free lose?
> [{quoted}](name=LeBlanc Rose,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=x9ELctpY,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2018-10-05T02:55:46.952+0000) > > You do realise > Over half of them have negative winrates > So I guess they are free lose? You did go to school and learned what the word "negative" means right? You do realize that free-win champs are going to have more people trying to learn to play them, which drags their win rates down right?
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: In what fucking world is Zed balanced?
Just lower his fukcing range. He is supposed to be MELEE for fuck sakes.
5050BS (NA)
: I dont play Zed but when I do I press R and roll my face on the keyboard and get a kill
The sad thing is that {{item:3157}} doesn't actually counter Zed at all. It only delays you from dying.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: Jax 53% wr 20% pick rate 30% ban rate in diamond +
[https://ibb.co/h6Tf7U](https://ibb.co/h6Tf7U) Typical Jax game. He can easily 1v3 or 1v4 after a few items. You go near him and he instant stuns you, no setup required. He can sit back and farm without ever running out of mana, then stun jump you for 2/3 of your health. All Jax games are the same, yet he never gets nerfed. Apparently having a champion that can't lose games is fine. The second game in a row. Same champion: [https://ibb.co/jWFtSU](https://ibb.co/jWFtSU) Completely unplayable. Game is won at champion select. The funny thing is, it was a 4v5 game. The Yi was afk. Doesn't matter, they have a Jax. Jax counts as three champions by himself.
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: Why do i feel handicaped while playing my favorite champion?
The overpowered champs are ruining the game and no one cares because people love exploiting the badly balanced ones rather than speaking against them.
: What in the flying fuck is wrong with the damage in this game???
Zed is supposed to get at least one kill every two minutes or all Zed players will rage quit and play other, better games. Working as intended. Landing spells on you shouldn't be required to get free kills and make the shitty Zed players happy.
: I think you clicked the wrong portraits. Did you mean {{champion:63}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} ?
I'm sure you could add a couple more like {{champion:77}}.
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: Looking at most of your games, you appeared to have done a reasonable amount of damage overall. With the obvious exception being your 1/17/0 game, where you clearly ran down mid like a troll.
Reasonable damage huh? Let's see, a glass cannon with no sustain and very limited mobility getting severely out damaged by champs with way higher mobility, sustain, and survivability. Seems reasonable to me, if I was playing in one of your coop vs ai games.
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