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Paceboy (NA)
: Price of Skins
Wait for a blue essence emporium like what is happening now! Buy chromas before it's too late!
: Orange Essence
Yeah, I own just about all the skins purchasable and rare alike. I am a collector if you will. I want a way to purchase things with the orange essence as well. I just feel as though I have, 4 permanent skin shards of skins I already own? What do I do with them? What re-rolling them like normal skin shard needing 3? Looking for more ways to use the orange essence would be great! I just wanna collect all emotes that I can!
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Jasonxhx (NA)
: You're absolutely correct. I have a good job and always loved League. I spend money on skins and have collected an army of them. A few months ago they changed my mind and I will never spend another dollar supporting this company. Their client messed up and double gifted a friend 2 good mystery skins for his birthday, when I wanted to gift just one. That's an extra 790RP. I contacted support and they said the only way I could get a refund is if my friend: - hadn't used the skins yet - created his own support ticket with my ticket number in the subject giving riot permission to remove the skins from his account. First of all, he already used both skins right away. Second, fuck that I'm not asking my friend go through all that just to refund my birthday present. I asked them to look at my account and see I had spent $200+ on the game in the last month, had never been punished for any kind of bad behavior, always achieved lvl 5 honor, and have been playing since season 3. They told me that because they robbed me of so much of their expensive imaginary money (that only works in THEIR digital store) that they couldn't refund me any amount or help me out at all. No sorry. No partial refund. No nothing.
This also happened to me I send to a player I didn't know and don't play with instead of my friend. Turns out i had to message the mistaken player whom I gifted and tell them to give a support ticket? I don't know how I sent to this player either. Ends up never contacting the support and there went my RP. Makes no sense to me.
: Learn More: Trials Pass
Can we have something else in the prestige point shop? I understand the skins but can we add like a ward? Or possibly loot for say 20 prestige points? I own all the prestige skins now and every skin but that dark star cho gath.. I want maybe an icon or emote? More more more!
: Support local nonprofits with Dark Star Cho’Gath
: New ways to earn Prestige Points
Can you let me unlock the dark star cho gath skin lol I own every skin that is available and all the rarest skins other then 09 cs riven. I was deployed when the cho gath skin was released.
: Final Call: Golden Spatula Club
So I own just about every skin actually every skin but the cho skin, and cs riven and few victorious skins. What is the point of getting this? I just want the icon honestly. I guess a extra reroll isn't bad. All I have to do is reroll my skin shards to get new skins that are released just did so for the valentines ones. An icon for 1250 rp is kinda meh to me. What can I do?
: Medieval Twitch & Grey Warwick Honor 5 Chromas
I've had these skins since release long ago where is anything special about these rewards from getting people to play?
: Thresh Skin from worlds
You might not have the championship thresh skin just the chroma.
: How can i find the right champion for me?
I recommend just trying a few out in aram get a feel for champs slowly.
: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
This might not be a bug however I wanted to see if it could be a suggestion. For the store loot "Winter Wonder Pack" buying that and receiving the "Hungwy" poro icon I believe should be like all other poro icons; able to be shown in snowdown and in nexus blitz.
: Your Shop Returns
I'm afraid to click my shop. I own almost every skin just not the newest few. Will I even see any skins? Who knows find out next time on League of Draven!


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