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rujitra (NA)
: You must not watch a lot of Rioters streams. They stream as **humans**, not as Rioters. This means they will certainly offer their opinion on things when asked by their viewers. If they are saying something that is factual or official they make that clear. I'd also point out that "we" likely refers to the gameplay department. It has been proven (through player behavior staff posting here and players themselves who have had it happen to them) that the behavior department **does** manually review reports. Not all of them, of course, but those that need review
IAmTheLego (EUNE)
: 1- it's against the board rules to mention the name. It's considered name shaming (I think). 2- You need every advantage to win the game. This is League of Legends not Dragonball. You don't get rewarded for acting all Goku. You can report the player afterwards anyway. 3- Zed is already an unfair champion anyway. So you have the right to be unfair too. 4- please tell me you won the game...
yep we won! also removed the name
: Personally tired of the term "inting". UNLESS and UNTIL there's clear proof by the supposed and accused player that they are indeed "intentionally feeding" its just your opinion. They could actually just be getting shut down that game. also and off topic: Could EVERYONE in the WORLD please stop calling programs 'Apps.'? IT'S APPLICATION. thanks in advance. it seriously bugs me.
They were standing in the middle of the lane, and popped out some angry emotes when i refused to kill them. I feel like its inting if they're sitting in the middle of the lane and hoping they would get killed.
: i simply tell the enemy i am sorry about their inter and keep playing.
The april fools update made it impossible to do so.
: [Skin idea] Bloodmoon Trundle
We should get this in the eyes on Riot Employees. I feel like this is a very good idea, maybe for the next batch of bloodmoon skins. Very cool
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