: > because people should pick around their teammate's bans and not the other way around. Nope. That is exactly the opposite of how draft pick is set up. We pick around the bans, because the **bans come first**. > Either way you're expecting other people to play the strategic counter picking metagame Yeah, nobody does any strategic counterpicking. I very rarely ban a teammate's pick. But if I've seen Caitlyn in a game on either team for 10 matches in a row, I'm banning that bitch if I feel like it - because bans come first in draft pick.
bro... but It was ranked... Like, in normals it's still an asshole move, but in ranked... It feels like they were asking to lose.
: They don't pick what you play as. They pick what champion they don't want to see. In draft pick, it goes BAN PHASE then PICK PHASE. Your pick intention is not a phase, and it's a guarantee of NOTHING. If this bothers you, your choice is to play blind pick. Pick intention is meaningless, and I encourage you to not use it. You'd avoid a lot of these bad feelings.
ok, well lemme dumb it down for you then: why would you ban a champion that your ally has signalled you they want to pick? It just makes no sense, all you're doing is tilting your teammate and forcing them to play a champion they weren't planning to play. It's like, why would you be an asshole when you can super easily just not be one?
: Don't pick the champion I want to ban. In draft pick, bans come first. It's not anyone else's problem that you're a one-trick. For your own sake, you should expand your champion pool.
The thing is, I showed that I wanted to go Orianna before ban phase, and since when is it someone else choice to pick who you want to play as?
: Just don't ban your teammate's picks ever. Off meta is stronger than tilted meta.
First of all, what a great motto to live by, and second of all, I was going Ori mid, it's not even off meta :C I'm so tilted rn
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: In m last 20 aram games I was 17 times on red side
I'm pretty sure it's 50/50 and you just got lucky/unlucky, nothing to do with matchmaking
Lexy123 (EUNE)
: I am permabanning Blitzcranck now.
Idk, I kind of like this change cause I think Blitz could really use some love, besides, the problem was never the range of the q, but hitting the skill shot in the first place xd
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: Ekko. No matter how bad he fucks up, he just can’t die.
I actually hate that ult so much omg
: You can give Taliyah AOE Q back without increasing WAVECLEAR much.
: The champ that is the bane of your existence?
I always just autoban Zed because I can almost never win a Zed lane xd
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: It's a middle finger.
: TFW I finally kill Kled after 3 re-mounts.
I don't get it ;_; please explain?
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: Finished 20 games with no enemy Teemo. Decides to play Garen after 3 months...
I upvote cause u actually have proof unlike 10000 other people trying to desperately relate with their audience. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: except there is. just left click on him. boggles my mind that somebody has difficulty understanding this.
K but i'd just like it to be more apparent you know?
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Ayzev (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eOHGhQPhag
This is very helpfull
: Get 4 kills
This is a Jihn thread now.
Onecimus (NA)
A comment that feeds into the circle jerk of hate towards that thing everyone is so angry about without adding any insight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{sticker:sg-shisa}} - don't forget these things
Ernie (NA)
: Every single streamer quit / moved to Fortnite or other games
It's a cycle, new people join as others fade away... I'm sure there are a bunch of great streamers waiting to be discovered.
: It's because ya'll are using links to website, not the image. https://i.imgur.com/S0enMu4.png https://i.imgur.com/h7X1Bdb.png EDIT: Seems like the image doesn't work either, tho.
I found this funnier than the actual post lmao
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TheFortex (EUNE)
: new item idea
so, your bag takes a space of inventory... to make a new space for inventory?
Bultz (NA)
: I'm kind of offended by this whole issue with Kai'sa shirt being so low
: So you think Champion with Global are cool huh well that's not happening lol
zhonyia's and banshee's new op!
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: |Game] Counter Before a Red Post
Elisheva (NA)
: {{champion:6}} top {{champion:421}} jungle {{champion:161}} middle {{champion:12}} support {{champion:96}} adc
> [{quoted}](name=Elisheva,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fXE6cgtF,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-03-19T14:57:46.796+0000) > > {{champion:6}} top > {{champion:421}} jungle > {{champion:161}} middle > {{champion:12}} support > {{champion:96}} adc thats a cow
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Vizulix (NA)
: How the Hell do I get out of Bronze
: It depends. Did you do a lot of damage? Damage is worth more than kills. If you have a lot of kills, but not a lot of damage, your skill may still be low. How long was the game? Time itself is a factor on grading. In the case of CS, you have to go above and beyond. Most mid laners usually have around 220 CS by the 20 minute mark or so. Did you contribute to objectives? Turrets, barons, dragons... these all have assist icons for a reason. And one final thing and usually the biggest contributor: Wards. Warding also contributes to your score. A lot. How many wards you placed and spotted an enemy champion with them, how many wards you spotted and destroyed, and how many control wards you placed. Control wards especially are helpful for grades, because it seems almost nobody places the damn things but supports. Make sure to spend the 75 gold now and then for a control ward. Not only will it severely help your grade, it will help your team as well. They are especially handy when you put them in a spot early game that nobody checks but passes by. Sometimes I buy a control ward on the first back and place it into a bush and it spots an enemy jungler or enemy roamer every few minutes, yet sometimes the game can reach the 20 minute mark and it's _still there._ Lots of easy free vision score.
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Weaver Ruin (EUNE)
: The Forgotten Ice Queen
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LeAzir (NA)
: Safety should come at the cost of damage
At this point, any Trist nerf will make me happy
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: What specifically about her is bad? She has poke through a wave, an escape/gapclosing, hard unbridgeable cc or free hourglass that heals, plus she can get hourglass, and a form of self peel along with free harass passive. She's not the worst right now.
Liss has everything in her kit to make her complete, it's just that her stats are lower compared to other mages because of power creep.
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