: Hi there. I'm a Yi Main. Roast me.
-4 upvotes and 19 comments. I think that speaks for itself.
: The Reforging of Mordekaiser
*Apon spawning with homeguards* "Faster! Faster! Fas- *buff decays* dammit." I can only imagine all the in game metal references and interaction.
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: Rewards for old Honor are out
For my responce in the comments, the amount of honours you had doesn't mean if you got a crest of honour or not. Continuous honours is what determines a ribbon. That being said with icons in mind, it really should be closer to 500 total honours as a participation trophy. On that note, I'm certainly glad there's honour icons, but the gaps should be a lot larger, or even have more tiers. Statistically 22 of the 220 comments here will get at least one of the rarer icons. I'm really happy with what we have, the acknowledgement is pretty great on it's own but it's a lot less than what I was originally expecting them to be, icons for for summoners with a crest when it was retired. That's just my biased wishes though. A second look at the icons would something I'd like, but frankly it's your choice to do anything at all.
: >but for me now that the system is been reworked people are just going to assume that everyone wants some personal gain out of it. Why do people do anything? Hint: it's for their own personal gain (even when people donate to charity). Plenty of people are going to abuse the new system, for sure. They'll climb to Level 3 Honor and reap all the rewards, then go back to being toxic. Then they'll get banned. You want recognition for your sportsmanlike behavior? Keep being honorable and you'll get the new border ribbons and in-game emotes. When you think about it, requesting something that gives you recognition for being honorable is petty and arrogant. You should continue to be honorable regardless of the situation because_ it's the right thing to do_.
Oh yeah totally, it's just a little thank you from Riot for sticking with the old system woulda been cool too. The whole icon was just a suggestion cause that's what they normally do with this kinda situation. I'm just a bit flustered that this is what they ending up going with, which is smart, _just a tad annoying._
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SSmotzer (NA)
: World Breaker Taric
World breaker {{champion:48}} the only true pillar man.
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Yeah lol I own every Viktor skin. The last one he got was creator, and prototype when legacy awhile back. He really needs a new skin. I was kinda hoping he'd get the ultimate skin instead of Lux.
: Beekeeper Singed
Hell yeah these are wicked dude! I love the jar of honey as his potion!
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Aptest (EUW)
: @RIOT: going back to legacy
I actually just found this out today by messing around myself, look to where the legacy client / new client is installed, it should probably be somewhere like: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends . You can find the launcher for the old client in there. I've just shortcut it to my desktop. I haven't actually used it yet, but it seems to work. If you're looking for a fix it's probably that.
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: Champion and skin sale: 12.06 - 12.09
Im so angry god dammit, I've waited for project lucian to go on sale for 2 years now since i didn't have the rp on release, AND THE SECOND MY COMPUTER BREAKS AND I CAN'T BUY IT. KILL ME. I know it was on sale since of the list and shit but it pisses me off that it doesn't say exactly when, hell i coulda gave my account to my friend to buy it. UGHHHHH.
: What determines who gets skins is how much money Riot can make as a company. Would be cool to see ultimates be released bi-annually, but easch on costs millions between concept, design, coding, debugging, sound editing and voice work. Lux is popular and sells skins, Swain needs some form of proper update and Victor is more of a FotM champion whenever he can be strong. (I do love a good mad scientist, but when his key items are non-optimal he suffers hard)
yeah you pretty much summed it up right there. Bahh, I just wish they'd at least give him a chroma or something, he's such a cool idea that's being wasted.
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: Viktor needs a new skin
I actually have been rooting as Viktor as the next possible ultimate skin winner. He's so easy to work with. I'm imagining a neon 90's warrior kinda thing, either that, or a Saturday cartoon villain esc theme. Dude only has 3 skins, and one of them's legacy. He needs it.
Iageri (NA)
: I wonder how many memes can be made off this...
Tahm Kench buffs. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-arYBInnxBxo/V6QXbQ-SBlI/AAAAAAAAScE/D3F_72F7WqY3L3DgPtNA4zuUKg0J3ZExQCLcB/s320/PS3fp5t.gif
Hefill (NA)
: hahha! The very first thing I tried typing when it asked that question was "my friends" im glad im not the only one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2ttzxPb9hE
Lmao I listened to the remix on loop while making the gif actually, hahah.
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Arakadia (NA)
: Go ahead! You can use from mine atleast, but you should make sure with the guy above.
Oh yeah I'm perfectly fine with that, I'm more alive right now so I can talk grammatically correct lmao. Yeah go ahead, I'll probably make a post on mine later, although the more I'm thinking about the champion, they'll probably work better as a Vi skin. lmao.
Arakadia (NA)
: I started to create a concept and originally posted this to see if people would be interested and for the discussion. He is supposed to have "Doc. Ock" arms on his back kinda which would shoot out acids and his chemicals. I mixed some plague doctor in the kit too, to differentiate him from Singed. I'm not sure I like the arteficial limbs, but their his current weapon. This kit is WIP, so I can't actually say what role he is. I kinda want him to be a mage, kinda an ADC, and kinda a jungler. It looks like he's a ranged immobile jungler thats good at hit and running and wants to build AD attack speed items. Sometimes it says Chem is his name, but thats just a nickname/placeholder for chemist. Passive: To be created Q: Combustive Chemical/Corrosive Enzyme: Chem changes the substance used for his basic attacks. Each applies a stack of the substance for 4.5 seconds, which when mixed with the other substance causes a chemical reaction to occur. The same target cannot cause a chemicle reaction to occur within 15 seconds, however targets that were affected nearby can still start their own chemical reaction. Unique Passive: "Eureka!": Upon successfully starting a chemical reaction, Chem gains a burst of movement speed.m Combustive Chemical: Combustive Chemical attacks deal 10 magic damage on hit and apply a stack of Combustive Chemical. At 3-5 stacks, applying Corrosive Enzyme will consume the current stacks on to cause the target to take a large amount of physical damage based on the amount of stacks. Corrosive Enzyme: Corrosive Enzyme attacks slows enemies and attacks faster against enemies who have not been hit by Corrosive Enzyme for 7 seconds. At 3 stacks of Corrosive Enzyme, Chem can apply a stack of Combustive Chemicle to cause an extreme acidic breakdown. The original target, and all nearby targets, are slowed and an armor shred is applied for 2.65 seconds. All nearby targets are also applied a stack of Corrosive Enzyme. W: Outbreak: Chem takes cover and stealths for 3.75 seconds after a .5 second delay. For 4.25 seconds, Chem can reactivate this ability to send toxic fluids from him to the enemy champion. If the enemy leaves Chem's sight, the fluids will disappear. If the fluids reach the enemy, they're Infected. Upon stealthing after the .5 second delay, a global taunt is played to warn enemies. Infected: Enemies who are infected are damaged every second. They also acquire blisters. This damage does not enter them in combat. If an enemy champion that is Infected dies or is the target of a chemical reaction, the Infection is removed but their blisters pop, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies are damaged while also becoming Infected. This Infection can be cured in the following ways: Healing the health threshold that appears over an Infected Target through natural regeneration, healing abilities, life steal, etc. Recalling successfully Blisters popping (Note, abilities that heal are only half as effective to targets with the Infection. Targets also gain % grievous wounds which will increase in strength based on the targets life steal.) E: Mutate: All enemies that have Combustive Chemical, Corrosive Enzyme stacks, or the Infection within 950 units of Chem have their toxin mutate. Any stacks of Combustive Chemical or Corrosive Enzyme are doubled and for the next 4 seconds if any of these enemies' blisters pop, the pop will do double damage and still Infect nearby targets. R: Gaseous Mirage: Chem releases a large silver, smoky, foggy, cloud that drifts across the rift until reaching the end. The cloud deals no damage however enemies cannot see into the cloud. Enemies who enter the cloud can see all units inside the cloud, but cannot see anything (including from ally vision) outside the cloud. The cloud acts like fog of war. The cloud will move slower if an ally is not inside. Tell me what you think. I could incorperate your pressure passive sense I have no current passive and it would give him some damage which he lacks.
God dammit i had this whole thing typed out and i accidentally refreshed. fuck me anyway tldr cause im not typing all of my shit out again. I think the global warning on the w is a little too much, maybe a screen tint in a radius of them would work better. Plus i like the idea of their kit, and its really fucking unique compared to every other champion, just its so over loaded that it would be impossible to balance, and even harder when new items are added in the game. Anyway i made this whole really cool character design sheet, and my phone, usb, and scanner are being asses, so ill just draw it digitally really quick. But yeah this is how i imagined my character would look. I based them heavily off singed, JSRF (cause spray paint=gas) and elements of zaun culture and skeletons. the cylinders are supposed to expand when realising pressure, and her hands are heavily wrapped in bandages and soaked in chemicals, they light them on fire for extra auto burn and shit like that. I imagined them as a slow jungler with tons of burst, but most of their sustain coming through their cc and gold through their passive, which involves a something kinda like kindreds mark hunting down certain creatures to get a huge gold bonus. Their slow base speed is covered up by high mobility dashes when using their pressure in a spell. Im tired dont expect me to say anything fancy or grammatically correct, ill talk more about them later though and send you the boards post when i probably make it on them. they look really cool. ANYWAY HERES A SHITTY RUSHED DOODLE. Ill probably talk to you when im more alive. bah sorry im just not in a good mood. Oh yeah I forgot they totally have neon rollerblades but im too lazy to draw them. hah. anyway here, they look something like this http://prntscr.com/bhe52p
Arakadia (NA)
: Singed doesn't feel like the mad Chemist, more a hulking brute who uses drugs
Ayy 3 year Singed main here, and I completely agree. The whole mad chemist part falls into his (uncanon) lore. I do agree we need a Zaun champion that could pull off the chemist look better, or atleast a actually good VU. (None of that lazy retexturing shit. ) I actually fiddled with a few fun concepts based off the Mad Scientist skin line, where I infused elements of Plague doctors into both Singed and Ziggs, mostly because I was cosplaying Plauge Knight at the time. I guess the new Singed skin already did that though. Actually thinking about it, an alchemy champion would be really cool as a support. Their kit can have a lot of utility through their brews, passive gold income, and DPS and or burst damage from chemical bombs. Their kit can work a lot like Rumble's heat and work as gas pressure, the less you use abilities the more pressure builds up, super charging the next spell. Holy shit I think we struck gold. Pun intended.
: Who's your ship?
We all watch all chat here, :p Butttt mine is Lulu x Veigar. :>
Bobo113 (NA)
: Justicarma.
YES. Also comeon, Arclight Veigar, let's be real here.
: Perfect Champion for a Darkstar Skin
I was thinking Veigar considering his qwe abilities are based off of names of things in space, and he'll fit the role perfectly, but holy shit Galio could use a huge face lift.
3lancer (NA)
: My drawing of Maokai's Splash
Ohhhh I love the textures you used! Is that gouache or water colour? :>
Pÿrö (NA)
: We need a way to Honor -during- the game!
It takes forever to get honour ribbons nowadays too, it took me ages to get mine. +1 vote. I hope you make it to the front page! :>
: (Sees {{champion:37}} ) Ok ok... good (Sees {{champion:103}} , {{champion:89}} , {{champion:201}} , {{champion:51}} , {{champion:163}}, {{champion:75}} ) EXCUSE ME? WHAT IS THIS HERESY? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTyy_U5PsoxZipJPEhf_xmiOKyNGglwGO_s01KTwlxvbfLMmbqtjg with all that Light, your Justice is blind sir.
Actually Ahri seduces people and kills them for their essence so she can be more human. Although she's cute as shit so you got a point.
: The official list of Good Guys and bad Guys in this game:
Yes of course, Caitlyn is evil, a turtle who's only said less that 10 words is evil, Bard, the wandering fucking caretaker is evil, Leona, Braum, FUCKING GOAT BAE IS EVIL, but I agree Katarina a character who murders for fun is morally okay. Who made this list Gar- oh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVZ2vk3PYPE
: Who do you consider "League's Best Girl?"... i know what it makes me sound like but I'm curious...
I'm more of a Quinn/Lux man myself, but Leona is pretty cool too.
: Find Your Lunch Table: Which Champs Are Friends?
Can we do this with music and or TV shows? It would be funny to see all of the {{champion:68}} players watch Gurren Lagann.
: Check out this fantastic meme song
What is this 2010? Get with the real shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ7TmmyZnHI
Raoul (EUW)
: Ok, Boots of Swiftness are now a total joke...
The only thing that's slower than {{item:3009}} is Riot's balancing team slowly realising how much the fucked up.
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Aír (NA)
: Am I the only one who thinks in game Taliyah looks like a bird? Anyone? At all? ;_;
kinnda my point here lmao.
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Kensue (NA)
: ***
kinky. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Ionian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Poro,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=peqoNvNa,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-05-07T23:16:35.547+0000) > > Did you dodge everytime you didn't get ahri or 5 man premade? We were a premade of 5 Ahri mains.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70utG1L5bfU **_holy shit._**
: Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/422566661707332833/731AFF4057968ADB8900EFA1EC6F6CC43ED357A3/ Cyka blyat Laughing Fish, stealing all of our upvotes. That cheeki breeki.
: {{champion:27}} "What is this term 'nerf'? I know not it's meaning."
I think it's has to do with {{champion:27}} 's lore. (His lore isn't cannon. )
: I have only heard one person complain about Singed when I wasnt playing him... and that was a volli that for some reason it " was not wort the effort to fight him" and this singed rushed boots and had thunderlords...... Singed is only as broken as the enemy lets him be... or however suicidal the enemy is... Singed i usually hear more complaints for using him than "needing nerfs"
Shhh just don't let people hurt my baby, nor Rioter, or summoner.
1337JMAN (NA)
: Upvote For Mastery 5 BM
Wait, so this isn't a bug?! THEY JUST FLAT OUT REMOVED IT?! Dying from an outplay and then flashing your champion mastery is literally the funniest shit you can do. Fuck dude, I thought it was a bug. How am I supposed to play {{champion:27}} now!?
venombot (NA)
: Check out the summoner name on the buff bar ;)
: When you see a post saying your main needs to be nerfed
{{champion:27}} https://i.ytimg.com/vi/x-0pLiRP0JM/hqdefault.jpg
venombot (NA)
: ayyy lmao
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