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: > [{quoted}](name=Doofy The Yam,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Al3Q4nN2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-04T16:36:13.129+0000) > > So one time is cool, is that what youre trying to say? > > Lemme add to it, had a lot of trolls, inters, some hard some soft. This was the most blatant case. Am i making myself clear to you now? I think hes trying to point out the logical fallacy of you basing your opinion that trolls never get punished off of occassionally having a troll. Now that Prandine has shown you links to several trolls getting punished, do you still think its okay to troll? This tells me yes, it indeed is. Ive read most of the posts that the moderator submitted. Trolling still belongs on a spectrum, the ones banned are so blatantly trolling that they should be banned the very first game they did it. It might be riots system not detecting anivia having double digit deaths. Thats just my two cent, I really have no clue how it works.
: So...An Anivia trolled in a game. As far as you're aware, this is the only time she's trolled. How does this mean trolls never get punished?
So one time is cool, is that what youre trying to say? Lemme add to it, had a lot of trolls, inters, some hard some soft. This was the most blatant case. Am i making myself clear to you now?
: The game is now to tilt them and get them auto-banned by chat filter, not to play the actual game, and people who care about the actual game are the target Ded game
IDK why you getting downvoted for this, its completely true. If you say anything obvious, the chat filter will catch it immediately and ban you. But then you can be extremely toxic in every other way. "gg ez" = "gg was too simple"
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: > [{quoted}](name=0minous,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=OPFfPY2u,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-27T23:53:31.385+0000) > > You got frustrated by your teammates behaving unfairly, being afk and blaming/threatening you. And typed one innocent insult in the end in order to vent out your frustration? You had a valid natural human reaction to something bad that has happened to you in game? How dare you.. you are a monster. You are the most baddest toxic man alive. > > Jokes aside, it's really weird to have someone being perma banned for something like this, even banned in the first place. I would suggest to have this case manually checked and provide a proper punishment, if there is a punishment to give for this in the first place. Aren't people supposed to get muted for typing something offensive, rather than perma banned? I checked stats it doesn't seem like this player was inting or feeding either. Riot won't do anything, I'll give you exact thing they probably said because an almost exact situation happened to me. "I definitely get the frustration of a player deliberately ruining in your game, but that does not in any way change how its okay to use chat. I understand you don't agree with our community standards here and that's totally fine, but we do hold all players to those standards even if they disagree with them. If you have feedback about game or behavior systems that's cool, but player support doesn't handle things like making changes to the game - to pass that feedback on to those who do, the boards are your best bet." or "I know it really sucks to lose an account you obviously care a lot about. I take intentionally feeding and griefing very seriously and I will investigate the other players in your game and take action accordingly. Even if action is taken I will not be able to provide you with updates as that would be a breach in player privacy. Unfortunately, I don't really have the best of news for you but I will do my best to clarify your penalty and why you received it." Been playing since Season 2, 0 ragequits in ranked, have never griefed in ranked, nor have I ever said kys, racial slurs, or really nailed someone. Always shit like, damn wish i had a gank, watch map, why aren't you buying pinks then, etc. Meanwhile, 0/15 players literally running it down are still running it down. This is a guy my friend had on his team for instance,, player was never banned because bad games? You will have to click see more to see what I am referring to
Ive only been banned from defending myself. You just really arent allowed to say anything. And the other summoner who was just being a bitch to you all game? yeah no punishment whatsoever. Thats riots system
Nagake (EUNE)
: Perma banned for a single insult while being the one that was insulted all game
Thats completely on you and youre fault entirely. Youre not supposed to say ANYTHING at all. If you say anything youre just putting your account at risk. The truth of the matter is to just completely mute everyone because if you defend yourself at all, Riot will just ban you. They never ban the initiator of toxicity.
: chat restrictions, reporting, and suspensions.
No, there is NOTHING that can happen to you so long as you do not communicate. NEVER use chat and simply dont communicate for the rest of the game.
: UPDATE: I've been reading a lot of comments on other posts about how we should just mute all, never talk to other players, and suffer in silence. Including a quote that says [about Riot]: "all they care about is chat bans". I feel like this mentality is exactly what is cultivating an ever-cascading degradation of the community. Why are people being punished for standing up for themselves, while the people who are intentionally throwing games and blaming people around them seem to go unaffected? If we accept your solution to be quiet and just lump it, we become complicit bystanders in the behavior itself.
This is one of the truest statements alive. The whole game is just kids arguing and then running to big daddy riot for punishments. Punishments are rarely ever dealt fairly. It creates a sense of injustice and makes them more likely to soft int: which is completely unbannable since they have no idea if youre actually doing it or not
: This kind of behaviors are ruining ranked games.
Cant do anything about it. Dodge the game. Just dont have fun? Why even play league if youre trying to have fun
Kei143 (NA)
: What made you change your behavior (positively)
You just give it up. Its fucked up that you have to deal with it in the first place without immediately resorting to mute and mute ping. Thats just how the game and punishment works. I've only ever been banned becuz Ive defended myself. Thats dumb and a waste of time. Truth is i just care so much less about winning and the game. Just dont feel like trying hard. I can get into plat easily with music in the background and "mute all" To even try is to make yourself vulnerable so I really dont bother. I dont want my account to be perma banned again. So just give it up
Ludicrum (EUW)
: Badluck prematching with toxic peoples.. how do you guys go around it?
You just take the L bro. Mute all. The game innately doesnt want you to have fun.
: Exact problem with the league community
Well now that the feedback report system has created a vacuum where a lot of innocent players who are the target of toxicity get banned for saying anything back. Riot creates a culture where youre supposed to just take it and mute and move on. Now that soft inting exists, people can ACTUALLY troll instead of just saying something that was mean
: Blaming the jungler.
Thats not how the game works. Its simply your fault
: Is League even fun anymore? The current Meta and general state of the game is downright awful
League has been the worst game for a long time now. Its tribunal and punishment systems suck and cant detect toxic players. The meta is absolutely broken as well
: kai'sa in current game
You cant even punish players like that
Manning (NA)
: Why Am I getting chat restricted???????
The tribunal is really bad at picking out who deserves a ban and who does not
: Trolls don't get punished
I agree I was just randomly banned
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: Bullying becoming a large problem in League
The comments are very surprising. Should we not be banning the instigators in the beginning to prevent this from happening? Why dont I just be a hypocrite and do the same and get 3 friends to flame and report one guy. We'll never be banned because its only going to be one report while we have 4 against him. We're are advocating bad behavior while punishing those who have no voice
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