Lakrosin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dora Bora,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9xYUjl4E,comment-id=000600000001000100000000,timestamp=2017-07-29T18:39:49.369+0000) > > Is this murican winning? Like the trump brand of winning lmao. You believe whatever you want snowflake. Dude we get it. You are hard stuck Gold 5, sitting at the border of silver and gold, and taking out your insecurities on lower elos. Not everyone is hard stuck.
Sure, it's why my last 3 games had collectively 30 kills lmao
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: She actually have to go where the minions die to get the coins. Wich offer counterplayer to enemy team to zone her from coins or engage when she goes to catch gold. This item is fair and actually is more interactive than old coin.
yeah it's why even AP supports are running coin, cause it's so fair. It's so fair being 2k gold ahead of the enemy support while you sit back and have more sustain than any ADC could ever dream of by not even having to trade. Oh no you have to walk within 300 range of a creep, INTERACTION BOYZ
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: Coin basically removes the counterplay for passive supports
Meddler mains Janna. Let that sink in and you'll understand this entire seasons support itemization balance catastrophe.
10 fps (NA)
: And you guys wonder why Riot pays no attention to the boards. Because clearly, ex-platinum player knows more about balance than the people who actually make the game.
Funny because a large majority of the people in charge of Riot are in silver. I know you're young, but let me explain it to you now, there are no qualifications needed to work on game design. It's not a profession, you don't need to go to a certain school to study a certain subject to take a certain test and get a certain license like with accounting or dentistry. Just because someone works at Riot doesn't mean they're qualified to do shit.
awdaf (NA)
: 7.15 Patch notes were a lot of..... why?
What do you expect when there are no consequences for riot's balance team no matter what they do. Seriously, do you think mark marill knows or cares at all about balance lol? You think these people are at risk of getting fired? lmao. They could give fiora 800% true damage tomorrow and they would get pats on the back because they just sold another million soft core ahri skins.
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Eggbread (NA)
: It does damage and inflicts crowd control. Both of what will pop Malzahar passive.
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: Make Honor level progress visible?
And have you realize honor 3 is a myth? Lmao.
: > [{quoted}](name=xkillertenzo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LfdutIPh,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-22T20:25:09.880+0000) > > So I have a GTX 1060 which is a a 300 dollar GPU and LOL is only using 40%. Riot please fix this I need more then 180 FPS 1) The human eye cannot perceive a noticable difference beyond 60fps. 2) A GTX 1060 is simply overkill for League of Legends. 3) You are right about League using way too much RAM/CPU cycles... but there is a solution! - OPTIONS > GENERAL > "CLOSE CLIENT DURING GAME" You're welcome.
This retarded meme is completely false. The human eye doesn't see in frames per second, and even if we did and you could convert our sight into fps, it'd be in the thousands of frames per second.
: Why has Cho'gath not been hotfixed
Riot? Admit mistakes? Hahahahaha. If they didn't let this stew for at least one patch cycle and pretend like they're "gathering data" they wouldn't be called riot games. Notice how all their hotfixes are garbage? Like - 2 armor, or -2 ad. It's because they really do not want to admit broken shit that any silver could've seen coming got past them, they can't and won't admit their incompetence, which means they'll never improve as developers. Don't expect shit from Riot.
: Today I used my Soraka Ult to save my Carry from devastating burst damage just in time
hahahaha a soraka complaining about damage sure, some healing bullshit you don't even have to aim on a champion that doesn't even cs should totally be out healing draven's axes right? ahahahahahahahahahaha fucking support players, is there a larger group of degenerates in the world the saddest thing here is degenerates like meddler agree because he's so ass at supporting he can't fathom supporting without having heals with twice the bases of most ults tbh i'm surprised that during the support update he didn't make it so supports could cast their abilities from the grave, because being garbage at the game and dying shouldn't stop supports from supporting - meddler, head developer of tencent games
: Orianna potential nerf according to Meddler
so is pretending to be a chimp the new in now? wtf is ecksdee and why are all the special kids parroting it
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: Cho is like bordline completely broken and op
It's not Cho. It's stoneplate, this stupid as fuck item they thought would benefit the game. Take no damage, yeah, that's not going to be a problem for balance at all.
: "If we're going to be able to edit rune pages in champ select why do we need multiple?"
Yeah you keep shilling there, another 10 posts and Riot will depositing that 10 rp into your bank account. Keep up the good work.
: They are rewarding people that used money on runes so???
Wtf are you talking about and wtf does it have to do with what I just said. The answer is nothing, go white knight somewhere else.
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: I don't get what is so funny, I've never had any problems myself laning against them unless I got camped. This is because their range pretty much matches malz as well. also shows a 53% winrate vs ori and **59%** against syndra, but hey lets go ahead and listen to the gold 5 here laughing for no apparent reason :^)
I have no idea why you're talking shit when I got to a higher elo than you with only 40 malz games. Syndra can be outplayed but if you think Malz can do anything vs Ori you need to get out of rock bottom D5 before you talk to me again. May take you another 400 games but I got time.
: Riot is planning on buffing artillery mages which haven't been seen much recently, and is also the exact class that malzahar is weak against. When people finally catch on, his winrate should settle. Not to mention he's an excellent pick vs the meta midlaners which are currently ori, syndra, kass, and ahri (but she's always meta anyway).
ahahahahaah you think malz is good against ori AND syndra hahahahahahahahaha
FireThornzZ (EUNE)
: PSA: Yasuo is not a god-tier champion.
So when can we start calling the "yasuo hate is just a meme guys you're too stupid to actually know what you don't like trust me" meme a meme? I know riot is incredibly stupid but to have one of them actually come out and say on reddit that the yasuo hate is just a meme and totally not the fact that this hyper mobile bullshit can also block most ults with a regular ability makes me sad for the future of this game. lol teemo. Teemo was hated for the longest time because he was an incredibly annoying piece of shit that has been left behind purely because of power creep. Hating on teemo on forums is a joke born from actual hatred for the champion before certainlyT was hired and showed the world what a truly incompetent dev could produce. But sure we can pretend people calling teemo the devil = yasuo is fine you just don't know what you hate.
Schenix (NA)
: Don't need to look at Orianna directly, she's actually incredibly balanced [didn't the boards literally vote her among the most balanced champions a small while ago too?] and almost always affected by meta. Syndra however, is certainly a large variable to scale down. 3 AoE skills with high damage, single target nuke ultimate, and that same ult rewards your damage for missing your other skills just as well as not. She needs power shifted around. That being said, I honestly think itemization needs to be overhauled. The game was practically finished midway through S5, there was nothing left to do to it but minor balance changes here and there. But you know, League has to stay at least semi-fresh. Let's either stick to a meta in mind and balance it over, or bring it back to the state of second nerf cinderhulk meta where things were all fine and happy is the best thing I can come up with. These changes should be fine other than Ekko and Ziggs in granting diversity though. But just that it seems temporary and like a small band-aid to what the aim is.
The boards are retarded, Ori is the best mage in the game right now and her E needs to be nerfed.
GigaPube (OCE)
: >Stop trying to force shit into worlds holy shit >"im so sick of champion X always being meta" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Why nerf champions when you should buff them i dont understand this mentality it generally doesnt makes any sense. It would increase diversity because more champions would be viable. Whats the point of nerfing champions to make it so even less champions are viable? More viable means more use which means more chooses which means more diversity, you dont just nerf champions because you dont like playing against them.
What's so fucking hard to understand. There are obviously less stronger champions than weaker ones. What are you gonna do do? Nerf the handful of problematic champions or buff every champion? What's so hard to understand about this.
: Why is it okay for matchmaking to give me team mates who can't carry their own weight??
winning is for asians in the west as long as you don't say naughty words riot doesn't care
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: Buffing just for pro play?
Esports is the worst thing to happen to this game. You know what happens when Xerath is "in meta"? He crowds out every other mage in the game because of his sheer range advantage. You know what's interesting about laning vs Ekko? Absolutely nothing. He Qs the wave. That's it. That's all he does from lvl 1 onwards. And then killing him post 6 is impossible because of his ult BUT HE'S GREAT IN ESPORTS CAUSE WOW SUCH MOBILITY MUCH FLASH. TF needs help lmao? He's one of a handful of champions you can consistently climb to high elo with in every single season in any meta simply because of how much utility he has. The only reason he would need a buff right now is to force pros to pick him in competitive.
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: Riot, we need a pants item.
Historically pants have mattered the least when it came to armor options
: Riot is all about listening to player requests, but still won't disable new champs in ranked
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Nasus buff on PBE and possible outcomes of it
Right now his biggest problems are he is absolutely worthless pre sheen (post sheen he becomes a glorified pantheon, where the stat checking makes or breaks the game) and he doesn't itemize %arpen The changes probably alleviates some of the latter so you'll probably see a spike in winrate. Thing is Nasus has never been a well designed champion so I don't know why Riot's buffing him at all. It'd be like then buffing Pantheon or Akali because?????
: Morellonomicon is overloaded
Which core item isn't. The sad fact is without morello's mages would have some of the shittiest itemization in the game.
: The State of Janna 2017
Meddler mains Janna and his role in life is that of a woman so don't expect her to ever require skill or leave the support role.
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: Look! Twitch is at 30% HP
Too bad Riot's replay system is complete garbage else I'd upload a clip of a twitch getting bursted down to 10% hp then within one second was back to full with half his hp worth of shields on him. I guess Riot would call this dynamic gameplay. 100 - 0 the adc or lose the fight.
: So why was Death's Dance buffed exactly?
Cause it was meddler's baby and no one was building it so better make it broken to make him feel better about himself
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Eedat (NA)
: I dont understand why people dislike Zed so much
Zed isn't hated because of his ult Zed is hated because he's manaless and has better poke than most mages from 3+ on wards, usually taking 35% of your hp with a combo + thunderlords
: learn how to fight him lol its not hard I take it you watch the video they made about Arrow and decide this needs to be bitched about?
Maybe that's something you would do but I don't watch lol vids And it's always a treat when a low elo tells other people what's hard and what's not
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