: He sells. I actually think Zilean would have been a better choice for an experienced producer, but he doesn't sell as much.
Lolno. I get you're desperate for a Zilean skin, but he would stick out so badly in this skinline (old guy in a rap group of twenty-somethings) Glad he didn't get one.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Well. Riot finally stepped up their game. Malphite ROCKs. ######Except for splashes for reworks, but we are used for them to be terrible.
You're just bashing reworks for attention at this point lmao.
: i just like to point out blatant cash grabs like prestige chromas haven't bought a skin since uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh season 4(?) tho
I think we can all agree Prestiges are just cashins. Some of them look nice though, I'd want Irelia's if I played her.
: They will still buy it even if they complain 'coz they just have OCD to buy skins and chromas.
Lol yeah, classic League player irony.
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Srbonator (EUNE)
: Or how about Ornn gets his first skin?
Or how about you don't drag the x-needs-skin topic into an unrelated thread?
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