: I am very interested in this topic. I'm an older gamer... I'm 33 years young. I have an extensive gaming history and I'd say I've earned my stripes... I've been playing games with other players before the internet was fully structured (remember local Bulletin Board Systems running MajorMUD or LOTRD anyone? ...I ran a Half-Ogre Thief FYI and these games had NO PICTURES.) We read all of the descriptions of what happened and typed our responses to it...but it was the fact that the players could type out messages to *each other* that made me fight and fight for my 2400 baud rate modem to dial into that house and hopefully catch one of their 12 lines available to login and play. As I grew, gaming grew, and changed, and I changed with it. I have a pretty extensive resume in online gaming...both PC and (don't tell anyone) console. I've got to say though, this is the first gaming community where I have felt totally out of place sometimes. The way that "teammates" talk to each other... the defeatist attitudes, the unwillingness to help, the "kill-steal" (how do you steal something that benefits a team? the team owns it, not any one person...), the culture of surrender that seems to plague this League, in my humble opinion, is really scary. Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion, (and don't get me wrong, I know better than most that this is just a game and I'm not all upset anytime some little kid calls me a name.. thats not what this post is about... lol...) What upsets me is that I am a teacher, and have taught 3-6th grade for the past 7 years... and I see this attitude leaking into real life. Especially the culture of surrender. I hate the games where one little thing swings the tide toward the opponent and instantly, 2 people are pinging /surrender whenever they can and have totally given up. It's as if people are afraid to lose... do they think that everyone wins all the time? I hate to see us getting away from appreciating a loss and learning from it (although it doesn't feel good necessarily... but that's how it is)...and moving toward just trying to insta-forget any bad experience in a game, immediately shift blame to whoever is considered the weakest link, divorce ourselves from any responsibility in the loss, and quit and restart. "Maybe this time I'll pull that dream-team where everyone is perfect and we'll win!" ...I dunno... I just would hate to see this become the norm in society... because I remember when we would fight to the death no matter what because the match wasn't over until the screen said defeat, and I remember when a team knew that it was only as strong as its weakest member, so rather than just say "X fed" (what's with that anyway? Since when is another player's skill being *good* verbalized as the weaker one doing something wrong...they didn't "feed"... it's called getting *beat*...it'll happen to you too one day and I'm sure you didnt do it on purpose...), say "Try this strategy, or whatever...) I guess my message here today is simply this: games weren't always like this folks. We're all gamers... we may fight against our own kind..but let's not resort to killing our own...
You've nailed the real problem with the community of LoL. People don't work as a team. And Lyte and his team have done nothing but reinforce that with their system, encouraging you to report players that play badly. Basically it's, "Don't support, report"
: I'm a little familiar with her, but she's pretty expensive. The last support I payed 6300 for was Nami. That's a lot of IP to save up.
Though she's not a passive support, Annie can still do it. She can also go mid.
: > My problem is I could play Nami or Sona bottom (have both), but I'm left down a champ I could take mid or top. I've got others, but I've played a lot of Soraka and I felt comfortable with her and taking her into any lane role. > > This is why the nerf really stung personally. She was one of the few champs I felt like I could play in any role or against an unknown matchup. I just don't have that same familiarity with many other champs ATM. If you want a versatile champ like that... {{champion:43}} can do it; Like {{champion:16}} , I've taken her in literally every role, lane and build (and most combinations thereof). If you want, add me in game, and I'll talk to you about her. Also, she's *supposed* to be on free week this week.
{{champion:117}} <- she is also good in any lane. But I think she's on Riot's radar for more nerfing.
: Thanks man. What do you mean get rid of other items and runes? I only proposed removing Brawler's Gloves, Cloak of Agility, and the crit runes. The rest of the items I did try to "translate" them. How would you translate the runes? So if PD is boring, do you think it should be removed? I actually think the double strike makes it a lot more interesting as an item because it changes how you play. It would become more than just a bundle of passive stats.
I would make crit runes be x% increase in auto attack damage. Which would probably make them bad in the early game but after you have certain amount of AD would start to give you more damage then just flat AD runes. I think PD is fine the way it is. It's not exciting but it's still good. Basically more powerful stat wise then Shiv but without lightning powers.
: Can we finally phase crit's RNGesus out of the game?
Awesome idea, I'm not into numbers so I won't talk about those, the concept is great. Basically convert the crit item stat into increased auto attack damage stat. But why get rid of the other items and runes? Why not just translate the numbers to something close to live? Also I think you should throw out the double strike passive, statikk shiv's lightning is enough to keep it interesting and PD has always been boring.
Kikirino (NA)
: Sick of being stuck in low Elo?
So when people tell you that you suck, you should listen to them because you probably do. Great advice, Diamond here I come!
: I'd accept making it non voluntary if I could make 100% reliable. Tryndamere's ultimate has a 0.5 second delay to activate after pressing the button. RIOT did this to diminish the discrepancy beteween players with high ping and low ping who play Tryndamere in the same patch that they reduced it by 1 second and made it so that you could cast it through any sort of cc. I'd just make it automatic to fix the discrepency between players with differing pings and remove the expectation from the Tryndamere player that he need to anticipate 0.5 seconds into the future what will happen to his health meter. It isn't a fair expectation given that he is balanced according to the notion that the player will execute the ultimate perfectly every time even though often even the most skilled Tryndamere players fail to predict the future correctly 100% of the time. I don't think that should be a condition in the game.
Is Tyn balanced around using his ult perfectly? I think he's balance around his sustain in lane and relative safety that spin and his ult gives him while pushing. Of course late game his ult indeed gives him a huge amount of power. That aside, I would be worried that it would make him feel brain dead. Sure it feels bad to miss or misuse his ult. But it also feels good when you use it well. Will it still feel like an ultimate if it happens automatically? Will it just be a second passive with a cool down? Those are some concerns I have about making it automatic.
: Quality of life change: Tryndamere's ultimate automatically activates on taking lethal damage.
I disagree. I think that's part of playing Tryndamere. Also there could be times when you don't want to ult even if you would die.
: But here the difference between Tear and Essence Reaver. The Tear is cheap, meaning you'll get it when you need it. Essence Reaver is expensive, meaning by the time you get it, you'll also have levelled up quite a bit too, to the point where mana is a non-issue unless you're Swain or Anivia.
Though with Reaver you get a Vamp Scepter on your first back instead of a tear. That might be beneficial to certain characters that would rather have some damage to keep trading early, then get the tear and know that they'll lose in a straight up fight.
Cyluss (NA)
: Kog'Maw Balance, Yay or Nay?
I think Twitch is the main reason that Kog isn't picked. I don't want to see him changed with a lot of ADC item changes coming out soon. Not to mention Twitch is getting nerfed. I would wait until the dust settles on 4.10.
: Lifesteal nerfs and sustain supports
I don't think it will have enough impact early game enough to affect sustain supports. I think the nerfs were aimed toward late game.
: Which champion do you use the most?
{{champion:53}} And then the others {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:143}}
: This is not going to be done because of the LCS strat of banning out a single player. That's not to say they couldn't do this in soloQ (though I agree with Abiwon's [comment](http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/1BoQZg7V-riot-thoughts-on-increasing-of-free-week-champs?comment=00000000)), but in ranked 5's I think it should stay as-is.
Actually there was an interesting [thread](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3921957) over in GD that make a good suggestion for increasing the number of bans. Basically you start with two bans each then work the other 4 bans in between picks. So if your star players are in the first slot the max you can ban from them is two. It seems like it would make banning more strategic.
Marthian (NA)
: Suggestion: QoL change for Tribute passive on Spellthief's Edge and Frostfang
If you are going to do that I would suggest you do the same for Relic Shield. Using a charge on a plant or box is usually a big waste.
: Wanting A New Summoner Name. I want/need opinions!
BonerDonor You play so well that you give people erections.
: Wanting A New Summoner Name. I want/need opinions!
: A weird Astral Blessing idea I had.
An interest idea. Though I would be worried that Soraka would take Taric's place as Aura support champion. This would also mean that Soraka would build tanky to maximize the use of her aura. Not sure if I like that idea. I think it would be a powerful skill though.
: I may have worded my explanation of the Sightstone incorrectly, allow me to explain. I was recommending that there could possibly be an additional Sightstone-type item which, instead of dropping Stealth Wards, dropped Vision Wards. Perhaps the stone would retain three charges at max item upgrade and could be refreshed in the fountain. I hope that this clarifies my message, sorry for the confusion.
Yes that makes more sense. That has potential to be a powerful item. Though if was a "must buy" on supports it would be troubling to be burdened with getting two sight items.
tavison (NA)
: Add a level requirement to be able to comment
I'm against it. This isn't inviting to new players. Let's not make this place look elitist just to get rid of some bots. Let Riot deal with that.
: Vision Itemization and General Discussion
Sightstone doesn't need to grant more vision then it already does. I think the amount of vision teams have right now is good. Though I think Riot should explore some different vision options for trinkets. Right now {{item:3340}} and {{item:3341}} are the only viable trinkets. Scrying Orb doesn't do enough to compete with them and rather then buff numbers I would like to see it changed. My idea would be a trinket that lets you send out an orb of light that lasts 15 seconds grants vision and you can move around like you would Tibbers or a clone. That way you can scout out paths you are going to take or take two different routes to cover more of the map. The other idea would be a trinket that when active blacks out the minimap for the enemy team for 5 seconds. It would not deny actually vision from the team(like {{champion:56}} 's ult) but they would not be able to use the minimap to ascertain enemy and ally locations quickly. I think it would be a unique way to deny "vision" from an enemy team.
Nebuul (NA)
: Can there be an 10-20% discount for buying the free weekly champs?
The main problem is that new champions go into the free rotation a few weeks after they are released. Most people would just wait a few weeks to get the champion at a discount then buying them straight out. Now you could exclude new champions from this program and I think it would work.
Tamat (NA)
: [Work in Progress] Universal Rules
The first rule worries me. Recently events with LMQ joining LCS come to mind. A moderator could easily stretch this rule to delete any discussion disapproving of LMQ being Chinese. What is a "baseless complaint or contesting a private matter that isn't relevant to this community?" If someone is complaining that their ping is consistently higher on the east coast, is that grounds to remove it? I think people would say no, but I can easily see how a moderator could use the rule to remove it. Just my thoughts on it. There is large amounts of leeway for the moderators that enforce these rules, hopefully they want to foster honest and open conversation.
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