: There isn't a mage that would get more damage from this than from Rabaddon's even as a first item. And once they are above 150 AP, Rabaddon's is just much stronger to build. I also don't see people building both this and morello, they would likely go either one or the other because more AP gives you more damage than the flat mpen. At any given point you can have an item that will give you more damage than this for less money. edit: How about now? (Edited the OP again, so that ranged champions are less inclined to buy it)
I think the main issue is that if you're speccing for maximum damage, which most mages want, this slots neatly in to help. It's now Sorcs + Morello + this + Rabs + Void. Reducing the AP helps but I think you're greatly undervaluing the strength of MPen
: True, edited the original post, reduced the health from 500 to 400 and added the +15 mpen from Oblivion Orb. Not sure how I messed that up.
Now it's busted in a different way. Mages can now build this + the other MPen items to reach 48 MPen, enough to freely do true damage on any squishy who doesn't specifically build MR. Immediate problems occur.
: AP bruiser OmniVamp / Movement speed item idea
You can't use Oblivion orb as part of the recipe. Riot makes sure items don't lose anything from upgrading, so the final item would have to have MPen if you wanna use Oblivion
: did anyone else get a random update today only to find that the patch notes didn't change at all?
That's not too uncommon between patches. If they don't send anything it's gonna be some kind of under the hood stuff, either patching some bugs, prepping for future patches, optimizing something, etc. There's a lot they can want to send out.
: [GAMEPLAY] Rek'Sai creates tunnel without travelling through it.
I can show you a clip on Twisted Treeline from 2 years ago of her doing the exact same shit. I have no idea how to reproduce it, and fuck is it annoying, but it's been around a while.
Sydney26 (EUW)
: @Riot it has been 1285 days since last Kindred Skin
: > [{quoted}](name=FioraWillCarry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mIzzAcY2,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-30T23:00:15.711+0000) > > Seems for a couple days now Lee Sin is in every single game. My games, games I see on various streams, friends' games. He is every where all of a sudden. Why the sudden surge in popularity? Did something happen to cause this that I'm not aware of? because lee sin has multiple %health damage attacks, along with strong mobility and plenty of option select for engages. lee can be down 3 levels, but if the enemy is low enough health he can still execute someone with a dive kick/r
I have no idea what you're talking about. He has none at all. His Q does increased damage as the opponent is low HP, but it does not actually scale off of the opponent's HP. If you have 10,000 HP, he won't suddenly do 2k or whatever. That got changed a while back. As for his ult, the kick back damage on secondary targets deals bonus damage based on the kicked target's bonus HP, but that's it. He has no other % HP anything.
: wait, it doesn't do damage to minions?
I believe it does, just not meaningful damage. It's pretty useless for clearing waves
SirEnds (NA)
: What is Your Favorite Champion Lore?
{{champion:421}} The way they portray her as an absolute unstoppable predator, the story that starts her with how fucking terrifying she is, I still absolutely adore it.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
{{champion:421}} She's gonna get nothing new ever. Including skins... She's gonna be forgotten completely.
: > [{quoted}](name=DorkunedAuras,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2NOxR8yz,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2019-11-06T20:53:46.336+0000) > > 40+ on Kha'Zix jungle. I can’t Kha’Zix to save my life, but that’s a crazy kill count bro. Jumping all over hogging all the kills I bet.
> [{quoted}](name=CominTowardsYa,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2NOxR8yz,comment-id=00160000,timestamp=2019-11-07T02:18:27.405+0000) > > I can’t Kha’Zix to save my life, but that’s a crazy kill count bro. Jumping all over hogging all the kills I bet. More accurately, no one else on my team was able to do anything. My team got hard wiped trying to take baron and I had a mad rampage in the enemy red buff area jungle, stealthing around 1v5 and picking bastards off. Got 3 before getting taken down.
: Riot's biggest blunder of World 2019.
You must be new to watching. Yes, Pantheon is a problem, but I've yet to see a Worlds that doesn't have a champion at 100% pick/ban, if not more than one. Fuck, Kassadin was 100% pick/ban for seasons, plural. I don't think Pantheon's going to stand out as anything particularly notable in the long term. If anything, the biggest issue was that picking ADC was "Kai'Sa, Xayah or just a mage or some shit idfk"
: The Most Kills you ever got in a game!
: [Client] URF Declartion of a champion without a lock count as a dodge
: As much as i hate conqueror and the state of tanks, BUT bruisers ALWAYS have been counters to tanks. The difference is in how they countered them Back in the day, bruisers had the sustaiend damage to take them down, while haveing tankiness/sustain them self so the low dps from tanks would be mostly ignored. This allowed them to easily win in the sidelane or clean them up at the end of a teamfight. However, they were vulnerable to backline dps if locked down by the tank, so in a direct teamfight the tank would have the upper hand, and while they won the long fights against them, they did need their time to do so. Now Bruisers just pop tanks if they are fed while have enough utillity to basically do a tanks job with more threat on the backline, and tanks no longer really live longer against the opposing backline, so bruiser now not only counter tanks in the sidelane and in cleanup fights, but also are on pair if not superior at full teamfights. Also, they reach the critical mass to take over sidelanes alot faster than in days of old... Also, i wouldn't call adc a direct counter to tanks, things are a bit more complex. Yes, adc are the highest dps and thus most dangerous. But they also tend to be glasscannons and their dps drops alot if they get disrupted. I rarlly lost 1v1 as a tank vs adc unless he had a clear lead on me. It's all about the dynamocs in teamfights. If the tank has to use his combo on another target, the adc can free hit and melt, but if the tank can keep his CDs up, the ADC has to be very carefull to not get his ass locked down paired with some solid damage. Playing adc in S2, i usualy was more afraid of a maokai walking at me than a Xin. Xin i could disengage and kite with most champs i played, Mao woul lock me down and then his team would follow up and blow me up. Sure, alone he was less of a threat then xin, but that is rather irelevant most of the time. again, i do agree that tanks are in a horrible spot atm, and conqueror sure doesn't make things better, but bruisers always have been counters to tanks in a way, and while adc usually are what takes down tanks, i wouldn't see them as strict counters as they are also quite vulnerable to the CC+burst that tanks can provide.
Thank you for shutting down the central flawed premise OP puts up.
: > [{quoted}](name=DorkunedAuras,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=rE2yUZE2,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2019-09-28T22:53:46.579+0000) > > ok, but they're still people too. No one wants to hear your toxic abuse. Bottling up anger isn't healthy, but maybe learn to handle your anger in a more productive way instead of flaming. Well said. These people just want to excuse their actions and make their bad behavior seem good somehow. They're misconstruing bad for good, rather than fixing their own issues. They can't handle personal accountability.
I'm glad someone has the balls to say it. If you're flaming, stop fucking playing League. You're sacrificing the fun of 9 other people in exchange for you feeling a little better? Guess what. You're a petulant little brat. Get the fuck out of multiplayer games and go do something solo so the only way to release your rage is to break all your stuff. I don't know why so many people don't get that.
: its not to help them play better, its to help me feel better. bottled up anger is not healthy
ok, but they're still people too. No one wants to hear your toxic abuse. Bottling up anger isn't healthy, but maybe learn to handle your anger in a more productive way instead of flaming.
: They are secretly doritos thats why they have no salsa. And there will be a sponsorship like LV. Fritolay is actually a subsidary under Pepsi. It's mega-corp after all like Mastercard. ...I'm joking but still one can dream.
> [{quoted}](name=Craft Zeppelin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eE397g4g,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-25T07:03:05.467+0000) > > They are secretly doritos thats why they have no salsa. > And there will be a sponsorship like LV. Fritolay is actually a subsidary under Pepsi. It's mega-corp after all like Mastercard. > > ...I'm joking but still one can dream. Definitely not any of the nacho flavoured as you can tell from the colour, probably Cool Ranch if I had to guess.
: are these things intentional on Rek'sai? if so please tell us riot
So the thing is that if you spam right click while you're AAing, it'll go at the proper AS. It's dumb and jank as fuck, but it does work. That's probably why Riot feels this is low enough priority to not fix right now.
: Idc what champ you are even if it's a 100% HP champ vs 5 50% HP champs with no ults. That champ should not be able to beat them unless extremely extremely fed.
No ults along with a lot of meaningful cooldowns still ticking down. Not to mention summoners.
: Just had a game where the enemy Jax killed my entire team for a pentakill by himself when he was late to the fight and we killed the rest of his team with no problems. It was hilarious but also crushing.
I'm pretty sure the term is cleanup. Y'all burned all of your ults on his team so the big cooldowns weren't there to stop Jax, so he could go to town and kill y'all's already dented HP bars.
: Problem is players wants to punish zed for tank's terrible decision making. (they sit there 1v1'ing zed until zed gets them low then when he kills them they cry that he "1 shot them" despite them fighting him for over 15 seconds.
I know I've seen a clip of a full build Amumu trying to run past a Zed for... reasons (I don't know what they were, pretty sure it was valid though) and Zed didn't want him to. Full combo, dump everything, and Amumu's HP bar barely budges. He just keeps going as if Zed wasn't even there. It was hilarious.
: One thing i learned over the years of maining top: toplane is for masochists
Can confirm as a Top/Jg main, I get to play both parts of the Sadomasochistic relationship.
: It probably will i did the math on level 18 zed and his full combo will do around 5.2k dmg where as most champs (with cc in their kits) will hit around 3.8k-4.2k. Zed has more dmg than most burst mid laners, but what people tend to throw out is 1. he has 0 hard cc 2. his dmg drops significantly if he misses 1 or especially 2 shurikens. Zed's late game dmg (without applying resistances looks somewhat like this) Full Combo 3 shurikens land = 5.2k dmg full combo 2 shurikens land = 3.8-4k dmg full combo 1 shurken land = 2.8k dmg Which means if zed is only actually landing the shuriken from himself and neither of the shurikens from his shadows his dmg is actually less than other burst champions as well as not having any hard cc to make him somewhat useful. In these combos its assumed zed's Q hit nothing else before the target because his Qs also have the drop of 10% less dmg over anything hit up to 40% less dmg. Which would drop zed's dmg even more to around 2.2k. Overall people tend to exaggerate what Zed can do when they face zed players who utilize the champion in his strong points they call him "op" whereas its the player playing well and not the champion being busted. Much like an ahri who lands 90% of her charms. Players dont say ahri is busted for one shotting me after landing charm they say "well you couldve played better by dodging her charms".
Also, fun fact, 5.2k is absolutely not enough to 100-0 any self-respecting tank at full build. They'll have easily 4k HP, so as long as they have more than (I'm spitballing off the top of my head) 30 armour after all Zed's penetration, they'll be fine. Since, obviously, they'll have way more, Zed's not killing them solo.
: LOL ma boi. Finally people calling this guy out on his false statements. He goes around saying "false" on posts and making false claims when someone pulls out the stats and math, you never hear from him again LOL. "basically any zed at level 6 will kill both amumu and sejuani with an half assed ult, MISSED Q, MISSED E, CANCELLED AUTO ATTACK, ignite ult base damage and electrocute." "You took my exaggerations of saying he missed everything way too seriously. If he hits one auto, ignite and ult base damage alone would proc electrocute." Literally the same day he made both these statements LOL. Feels nice as hell to see this honestly man good job and thank you for displaying the math and being extra generous to show absurdly wild his accusations are.
I'm super tempted to see what happens if Zed does an optimal combo. Triple Shuriken, E, 2 Autos, passive proc, Electrocute, ult amp, everything. See if that can kill an Amumu or Sej with all their defensive buffs.
: Why didnt you respond to the guy anymore when he proved you wrong? Dont you think he deserves at least a thank you for putting in the time to write a post and do the math to enlighten you on a false idea you had?
Because he's not being enlightened. He's not going to yield his opinions based on what I did. He's just going to keep going forwards with his own false perceptions.
: What if Aftershock was based on the user's % resistances?
It used to work that way. The problem was that certain champions (_COUGH_ {{champion:33}} _COUGH_) abused the hell out of it. Unfortunately, flat has its own issues.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
Hey Meddler, I'm curious what y'all think about Yuumi now that you've seen her out for a bit? I know she's super unexplored space, but do you think she's healthy? If you want my personal take, I think she's a new Kalista, fundamentally flawed and requires massive work to be reasonable, but I want your take.
: For Xin Zhao, could you please not make utility buffs on a champion that used to be a carry duelist at the lvl of Jax? Reduce his early strength a tiny bit and push his lategame a lot instead. Staph! Yuumi and Catfish are already dead :( Also looking forward for some light cassiopeia buffs. Can definitely be satisfying to watch her in pro play too.
Yuumi is very, very much not dead. She is a frustrating plague that requires massive work to be ok to play with.
: > [{quoted}](name=DorkunedAuras,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9aQpcEVx,comment-id=0008000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-12T03:32:33.418+0000) > > No, a complete rework. A champion who hard counters as hard as she does has no place in this game as is. Who and what does she hard counter? There are things kalista is punished for that other adc's do that kalista can't do and as someone who plays her i may know a thing or two about her. 1: Her passive she is only able to use 90% of her AD. Its basically attack move orb walking and other adc's can do it freely. 2: She cannot cancel an auto once it starts the windup. So if you wanted to Auto something then realized oh no i'm getting clap you can't do anything about it. 3: she only has 2 abilitys she can use in combat without having to rely on another player. 4: Half of her kit is on another player and if that player is bad or refuses to work with you (which i'v had many times) you become useless. 5: All her damage is tied into her E and in long fights she is easily out damage by other adc's 6: If she attacks a target and she loses vision because the flash over wall or into bush her auto attack fails
I want you to pick a juggernaut and attempt to reach Kalista. Assuming she's at all competent on her champ, it's NEVER going to happen. Like, they're supposed to be vulnerable to kiting, that's a class thing, but kitebot 9000 takes it way too far. That's the biggest fundamental issue. Like, let's say a Garen runs into a lone ADC in a side lane. There's no backup coming, someone has to die. It all comes down to "How much damage can the ADC do to Garen before he can reach them". For most, it's a good amount as they kite backwards, but he will reach them eventually, assuming he survives that long.. Kalista's amount is infinite, since her kiting is so good he just can't begin to reach her.
: > [{quoted}](name=J Eevo,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9aQpcEVx,comment-id=00080000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-11T16:22:48.299+0000) > > Nobody else does though, sorry. tons of people want their once favorite champion to be viable again. I know yourprincess wants her to be viable again as do I. Shes punished to hard as of rn. Not a complete rework but some QoL changes are needed
No, a complete rework. A champion who hard counters as hard as she does has no place in this game as is.
: Another fun fact, kalista got hard nerfed because she had too much and also saw competitive play while kai'sa seem to have too much and also saw a LOT of competitive play and is still good.
Kalista is an entirely different problem from any other champion and comparing her to them is absurd
: That's what I noticed in the tornament of power. The longer it goes the stronger goku gets.
Vegeta loves to go on and on about Saiyan's special properties as warrior race. They improve over the course of a battle. They're naturally gifted at it. Stuff like that. Goku needed ~~many hours~~ 40 minutes to get fully ramped up and ready for MUI, just like Vegeta needed time for SSBE and the Universe 6 Saiyans needed time to reach SSJ2, then uncontrollable roid mode, then controllable roid mode, etc. It's a Saiyan property to make writer's jobs so much easier.
Cpt Gay (EUW)
: TFT: Knights blocking full mf ability dmg
I believe the way it works is that MF works is that it does a ton of damage in tiny increments that the Knight's damage reduction applies to each bit of. What's 25 - 30 = ? It doesn't matter how many hits MF ult does, it's 0 all the same.
Keiaga (NA)
: As in Knights vow? Check again because you cant stack knights vow on the same target
: What role would/do you main? And which champion would you main? ParT 2
So that's why you started sending messages in that 4 year old thread. Well, my original point still stands, even after these years. {{champion:421}} JG main, though I'm not a one-trick like I was back then.
: you wanna know why Goku won vs Jiren? (DBZ Super)
Given the way they talk about Saiyan's specialness... This is disturbingly accurate
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: You took my exaggerations of saying he missed everything way too seriously. If he hits one auto, ignite and ult base damage alone would proc electrocute. And missing E is pretty much impossible unless you are seriously bad. Bottom line, your odds of living out of a proper zed ult as a level 6 tank jungler(zed would be level 8 by then if he's just slightly winning lane, 7 if not) Are closer to 0 than to 100. It's enough that he hits some of his spells and you're dead, he doesn't even need to hit a full combo. if he's a head by 1 or 2 kills, you can say goodbye to your health bar no matter even if you spent on your gold on armor up until level 6
I can start doing more math to prove you wrong. Would you like to continue being proven ignorant?
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I slightly disagree, because i used to get oneshot playing tank junglers like amumu sejuani at level 6, where you barely got enough gold to buy some meaningful armor/mr. basically any zed at level 6 will kill both amumu and sejuani with an half assed ult, missed q, missed e, cancelled auto attack, ignite ult base damage and electrocute. So, i don't find that tanky. Tanks should have much much better base stats for the early game until they can actually buy some resistances
You should show us a clip of a tanky jungler getting 100-0ed by a Zed who fucks up that badly. I doubt they'd even meaningfully notice the damage. For reference, Here's the damage calcs. I will assume for best possible chance that Zed has already finished his Serrated Dirk and Amumu and Sejuani have just a Ruby crystal (and jungle item which gives no stats), on their way towards their Cinderhulk. I'll also do my best to add runes for damage + tankiness. On Zed's side, Death mark does 100% tAD + 25% damage dealt during mark duration. So how much is 25%? It's gotta be a lot given that Zed only has 112.2 (76.4 base + 25 from Dirk + 10.8 from runes) AD to start the Death Mark. I'll be extremely generous and add all of Ignite's 170 true damage into Death Mark's damage amp, even though only 3 seconds of the 5 second DoT would normally apply. So our total damage is up to 170 true + 144.7 Physical damage. But wait, I hear you say, Electrocute is busted. Well 1, it wouldn't even proc in this instance. Not enough triggers given that everything missed. But, like I did with ignite, I'll give this calculation the best possible chance. Somehow, the game bugged and Electrocute went off _AND_ got added to the Death Mark damage. What's that look like? Well, Electrocute does 74.12 base + 14.32 scaling damage for a total of 88.44 physical damage, a total of 110.55 when accounting for Death Mark's ramp. So that's the damage total. 170 True Damage + 255.25 Physical damage. Even ignoring resistances, This would not kill a level 1 Anivia/Yuumi (Tied with the lowest base HP at 480). Suffice to say, this would NEVER kill a level 6 tank. But ok, maybe he hit his E. That's pretty hard to screw up with his ult. How much would that do? Level 1 Zed E is 70 + 28.64 scaling, total of 98.64 physical damage * 1.25 for Death Mark amp gets you 123.3 damage. New Total: 170 True, 378.55 Physical. Now, would that kill a level 1 Lux (Champion with, as best as I can tell, the lowest Effective HP at level 1)? Well, Lux has 11.39 armour, accounting for Dirk's Lethality, which means her effective HP is (490 * 1.1139 =) 545.811. 545.811 - 378.55 = 167.261 HP remaining. Ignite DoT would kill (Yes, I need to convert back because this is effective HP against physical and ignite is true damage, but it kills either way). Barely. I'm not even going to bother doing the math for your precious tanks. They'd be fine. And this calculations were EXTREMELY generous. If I went based solely on your parameters, that Zed combo wouldn't 100-0 literally anyone in the game. To anyone who read this, thank you for your time.
: Cute, we love a portrait <3 {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Wow ok, 4 year old post response. For the record, Rek'Sai is still my main, I am a jungle main, top secondary. What's this about loving a portrait?
BigFBear (EUW)
: Who else enjoys "League of 15 Champs" as much as me this season?
Here's the problem with all this bitching. There's nothing anyone can do about it. People play champs they want to play. That's it. Back when some of those champs were quite weak, people were still playing them, because they're fun. Lee Sin's pick rate has always been high because he's extremely fun to play. Yasuo's been at 44% win rate before, where it's a definite bad move to ever pick him, and his pick rate was still astoundingly high. That's it. Players pick what they want.
killier (NA)
_cries in {{champion:421}}_ ... wait, she has no eyes, which means no tear ducts...
: yuumi is fantastic, best support in the game. there is no teamcomp she does not fit into. you cant really "see" her power. requires balls to execute correctly. do not get goofied by her emote spam.
I'm not as filled with hate towards Yuumi as some of the people in this thread, but I'm not sure why she requires balls to play, given that she's literally untargettable for most of the game.
Bârd (NA)
: Instead of nerfing Healers into the dirt in ARAM, just buff baseline sustain.
I absolutely hate this idea. I play ARAM for bloody murderfests, and this would do a lot to stymie those, ESPECIALLY the fountain regen. If you lose most of you HP, the solution is to make a suicide play and make the most of your remaining life, then respawn with fresh items. That's the nature of the gamemode.
Levıathan (EUNE)
: How Riot can make a cash grab that people can actually enjoy.
Do you know how much fucking money I'd pay for a fucking Kled announcer? THINK ABOUT HOW AMAZING THAT WOULD BE!
: You're only allowed to play one champion for the rest of your life.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Ahri is no way a counter to Rammus , she can't even damage him lol
Rammus is helpless to approach her, given that Charm cancels Powerball. Not to mention the kiting. Her true damage Q return can also do notable damage to him.
: New female Frontline champ?
{{champion:421}}? Everyone forgets about her
: What's Pyke's pick/ban rate in LCS?
That's not that comparable for this discussion. Pro games are always way less bloody than soloQ. Which means fewer opportunities for Pyke to make mad bank with his ult
: You might have refereed to them as doubles.
While yes, I did primarily refer to them as doubles, I wasn't unaware of the term float. I should've gotten it regardless.
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