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: Riot just needs to offer solo queue players incentive to play in dynamic queue, and they could offer both. It's the exact same thing they need to do to get people to queue as support to speed the queue along.
Usually i don't recommend people supporting, i've been a main support since season 2 and i can tell you, going support solo in dynamic queue it's the worst thing to do right now, i only get people who are not aware of what they're doing because they're new to the game (i have a decent mmr or so i think) but every time i go support i get instant game with silver and gold, even tough i'm at plat IV ATM... it's really annoying.
: If solo queue were available, I would never play dynamic queue. I know many others who are the same.... dynamic queue would instantly die because it is garbage.
question, why did we got dynamic queue in the first place?...
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: When did Lucian start doing true damage?
when they gave flat a-pen to the cunning skill tree
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: honestly, i gave it a few more matches to see what people are talking about, everything looks normal sized for me, i dont have to squint or nothing, im using a 17" laptop, but i do agree the hud is kinda big though, btw people need to get used to the new hud, im sure no one is gunna love something that isnt what it used to be, and yes the hud needs a lil tweeking, other than that i like it
new hud is bad and they should feel bad, seriously the problem is the resolution and the fucking sparkles... maybe you're not as susceptive as me to flashing but still it's really annoying, also it doesn't scale up with res imagine that same 17" hud you see on a bigger screen... you just can't see a shit
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: Getting real sick of this "flip of the coin" mentality
I think it's summer playerbase, plaged with a lot of childs but not enoght men :3{{champion:44}}
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