: 20 stack cho in aram?? Lol, most stacks ive gotten is 18 and I had almost 8000 life... Tibbers doesn't have 8000 life man but I suppose the analogy still works in comparison to the other units health pools. EDIT: I do agree though, tibbers is OP and set 2 so far hasn't been nearly as fun because of how unbalanced it is... There are just plain bad team comps atm and i've gotten beaten plenty of times with little synergy, seems like the 6-9 bonuses aren't worth it anymore compared to getting 3-5 3 trigger bonuses.
I was making an analogy based on how tanky it is in comparison to the damage output and health pools of available units. It is the single most tanky "unit" in TFT outside of a 6 piece warden set 3 star Malphite with double thornmail and warmogs, unless you have a maxed out tank shredder or at minimum 3 of your team on it, you're dead.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dormintian,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=aKMHfvrO,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-22T00:12:32.540+0000) > > Alright, everyone already knows about quite a few of these but I'm going to go ahead and list all the problems I'm seeing in TFT's current incarnation. > > 1) Olaf Glacial: His spell making him completely immune to CC for the remainder of the battle while giving him 100% attack speed increase and up to 50% life steal was a completely idiotic move on the one that decided to make him like that. He's a Tier 4 champion that is by far stronger than most Tier 5 champions and fits in with any comp that even has a splash of Glacial. Easy fix by making his Ragnarok only last for 6 seconds like it does outside TFT. That could be a possible fix yes or also just remove glacial from olaf. > 2) Zed Summons: His clones getting full access to his items is powerful enough as is, throwing on spatula items such as Mage Hat or Talisman of Light pushes him beyond insane. Easiest way to fix would be changing his clones to static summons such as Azir's that only attack when he does for set amount of physical damage. I agree with this completely. Zed with mage cap and another 2 items is just to overpowered especially since the clones copy items. Also easy fix make clones not summon other clones. Only zed since other summoners dont have their pets summon other pets. (maybe zed summons 2 clones instead of one ). > 3) Annie Tibbers: Tibbers even from a 1 star Annie has more health and damage than any base 3 star champion in the game. Combine this with literally any item that boosts her damage or mage cap, with the summoner health boost and you have a bigger meat shield than a 20 stacked Cho'gath with warmogs in ARAM. Easily fixed by adjusting health/damage to be closer to their non-TFT levels based on Annie level (Health 1200 / 2100 / 3000, Damage 75/100/150 for example). Well annie tibbers is just insane especially with mage cap this should not even be a thing in tft. > 4) Zyra Plants/Azir Sand Soldiers: These summons have no health and can't be damage, but are still targeted by spells and champions. This makes the game completely and utterly pointless if your champions run over to attack something they can't even hurt and just stand there like an idiot while they get torn to shreds. This is a bug caused by them being treated as summoned units in the targeting algorithms. This hasnt happend to me with zyra and azir soldiers my units never attacked them. The only annoying thing is they remain even after the summoner dies killing your whole team and gives the enemy win even with all champs dead. > 5) Stuns: There are far too many stuns with insanely long durations, Qiyana and Nautilus both have a stun that lasts for 3 seconds, Qiyana's hitting a 2 hex line, and then there's Malphite which hits with a massive AoE (I think the target hex and any adjacent hex is effected) and stuns for 2 seconds. I've lost count how many times I've seen someone throw Malphite in a mage comp with a mage's cap and watched him stun my entire team repeatedly until they're all dead. The duration of these stuns is the problem, 1.5 seconds should be the LONGEST duration stun and there should be no multi-target stuns that last more than 1 second. This is not a real problem since everyone can build the same champions so everyone has access to the stuns. > 6) Dodge items: The dodge mechanic is great and makes for a great defense against pure attack speed items/comps, however the only current counter to it is getting ocean online and relying on damaging spells. I watched a 1 star Jax with frozen fist and phantom dancer just stand there beating a 3 star Vayne with double infinity edge, hush and 9 piece light bonus online to death while the Vayne couldn't even touch him. Adding back the "attacks always hit" to Rapid Fire Cannon would help balance things out more so there isn't one overpowering element. > That jaxx thing is impossible for me to believe since a lvl 3 with 2 hits would just kill a lvl 1 jaxx. But i agree with the frozen fist thing since it seems kinda of broken for me (even with the new patch nerf) > And last but certainly not least... > > 7) RNGesus: I get that RNG was decided to be an element in the game regardless of it being a horrible idea for a game that is supposed to be based on tactics, but currently the RNG system is so horrid you can either win with no idea of what you're doing or lose while attempting to make a sure thing work. I've lost count how many times I went from winning every match up until Wolves only to get knocked out in 8th place because RNG decided I didn't need anything that goes with my comp I'd already invested heavily in. I've had multiple games where I barely had anything drop in Wolves and Raptors both (including gold) and literally gotten 50+ gold worth of rerolls giving me nothing that goes together, let alone going with my build. Countless times have I started building something from Stage 1-1 only to have someone start building the same thing in Stage 3-X, finish it out and get all perfect items before knocking me out. As for those that want to say "Stop complaining and get good" or "Stop trying to follow strategies you red on Reddit" crap, I don't read Reddit and I build different in every game based on what I've been given to work with and what everyone else is working with, and have been playing since day 1 of live server beta (including some on PBE). RNG has been the primary component in winning or losing since the very beginning and is only worse with the reduced number of champions in each tier and the gold orb drops. Also getting fully built items in Carousel and Dragon/Herald stages with no chance to break them down means you have to pray those items would at least be useful in your comp. I don't know how many times I've seen Dragon/Herald with a spatula item that has absolutely no use in my comp (warden's mail/frozen mallet while building blademaster/desert, talisman of light while building mage, etc.). > I dont know if this is rng or by design. Since i have seen a lost of people (including myself) complain about the items they get from drops being absolutely unusable (like you said "(warden's mail/frozen mallet while building blademaster/desert, talisman of light while building mage, etc.)."). I dont think i have see so much negative rng to give people every time the items they have no use for not to mention even in carousel the completed items sometime are items that noone builds. > I know there is a weight value applied to champions for the selection bar based on level, if that value was also modified based on the number of origin/class for each on the field and your sideline it would reduce RNG massively for whether or not you can finish your build, and adding the ability to break down a fully built item to it's base components would allow you to turn those useless items into something potentially useful, as well as giving a workaround for a bug I've noticed where it showed me picking up an intended item but actually grabbed an item beside it when I went to put it on a champion (has happened 4 times, primarily if hit with a lag spike right as you grab an item, shows the item you wanted but code switches to an item you passed over when placing and swaps). Allowing us to pull items from a champion's inventory and move it without selling the champion as well as breaking down the item would actually help bring more skill into the game, say that rageblade you threw on one champion would be more useful on a champion you just got out/leveled up now than it was then, or that infinity edge is now a hindrance because of people building phantom dancers, pull it off and move it or break it down to build something else. Even if this function costs gold to unequip and break down it would be well worth it. I agree. A very good option to get back the items and remake them from their components for the different comps you make. Or at least a maximum of lets say 2 items per game that you can remake so that it wont be abused by eveyone.
The Jax vs Vayne actually happened, if I could have saved a replay I would have and posted it, Vayne using double infinity edge with a hush had 65% chance to crit, had 9 piece light bonus online (Light Lux + Janna with Talisman of Light) and his Jax had a phantom dancer which makes him completely dodge all crits plus a frozen fist which gives him a 20% chance to dodge all her other attacks, plus his spell which makes him dodge all basic attacks for 2 seconds when he casts and a base attack speed of 0.8. I sat there and watched the fight for 20 seconds while she failed to hit a single time and he just kept pounding away on her until she was dead.
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: Orb of Enlightenment Rest time
The time has been changed to 72 hour refresh and now gives 300xp (with 5 games played) instead of the 100xp (125xp with 5 games played) on a 24 hour refresh.
: lol you try designing a targetting algorithm that complex and allowing it to refresh every .5 or .25 seconds.
Very simple fix by adding a conditional if then statement in the code checking for attacks being made. If no attacks have been made in 250ms (0.25 seconds) check for status conditions preventing attack (stunned, disabled, etc.), yes? Do nothing, no? Select closest target with pathing available.
: A ***round*** is a single fight. A ***stage*** is all the fights before the circles at the top reset to the far left. You have the full stage to earn 20 gold *from your interest income only*. So if you manage to get +4 interest, you need 5 fights where you remain at +4 gold or higher.
If that was the case then I'd have it done 20 times over. Yet the mission is still incomplete. Almost every single game I hit 50 gold banked for maximum interest.
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: And Magic: The Gathering isn't actually magic.
Magic the Gathering actually IS "magic" in the game. Every single card you play except for lands are called spells. Lands generate mana which is in turn used to cast spells. The name makes sense based upon the actual terms inside the game and was intentionally made that way. If you're going to make references to something in attempt to make a comparison, at least do your research on the subject.
: Oh, well shit, if Sun Tzu said it, I guess I'm wrong. I also didn't know he spoke English. Again, this is not a "true tactical scenario". It's a draft game. And when multiple other people are leveling champs to level 3, of course you aren't going to see them, your opponents have taken them all. You've been cut, and you just need to start drafting something else. That's part of the strategy of the game: Knowing when to cut bait and when to fight over picks. You're just describing a basic function of everyone drawing from the same pool of picks, which is an inherent part of the game. And it isn't pure random chance, it's a matter of probability. Your choices and your opponents choices alter the probability of seeing any one pick. Yes, variance plays a role, but it isn't what you would define as a game of pure chance.
You seem to be missing the point. The name of the game is Teamfight "Tactics" which would imply a tactical game. Not a strategy game, not a draft pick game, not a card game. My suggestions are to make it what the name says it is.
: Okay, first, the words are synonyms. You want to assign a strict, personal meaning to "tactics" and "strategy", that's whatever. I'm not nitpicking your use of the term "RNG", so lets just cut each other a break. We both know what the other are talking about. Second, this is not a "tactical" game as how you define it. You can't hold it to the same standards. Third, in what way does this have a much higher reliance on RNG than blackjack?
“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” -Sun Tzu They are not synonyms at all. Strategy is something laid out broad for a long term end goal, tactics is the nitty gritty planning every detail in each step along the way. I am simply pointing out the difference between the two, as well as a few changes to help make it a true tactic game. And as far as RNG is concerned, in a true tactical scenario, the only RNG should be coming from individual abilities/buffs/items such as Yordle buff giving miss chance, Gunslinger and Blademaster extra attacks, etc. Whether or not a unit composition is available should not be completely reliant upon random chance, the rarer champions I can see them being harder to get. But when you get 4-5 of one champion as well as those that supplement it and then never see it again to finish out leveling it up, when multiple others are able to rank the same one up to 3 star, that is one of the biggest things I don't like.
: >Currently, TFT game mode requires no tactics Incorrect. This is like claiming poker has no tactics because it relies on RNG.
Strategy, yes, tactics, no. A true tactical game requires planning, studying and altering plans based on various situations, just like units on the battlefield. Tactics is gathering all information possible and formulating a plan to ensure the desired goal is met. Strategy is child's play by comparison. RNG should have minimal to no impact on a tactical game, where as this has much higher reliance on RNG than blackjack does.
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Terozu (NA)
: 65% cdr on a anti death spell is still amazing.
60% was the max possible, but i used it on all my spellcasters, Raka, Nami, Zil, Annie, etc.


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