: GAME MODE concept: Friendly Fire on.
Reading all the comments... We as a species really are our own worst enemies, aren't we?
: Your best D&D flavored skin idea
Goblin Slayer Mordekaiser
: I find it funny this is what you noticed first instead of the giraffe neck The picture is decent I'd say to make things clear, but the shoulders to neck proportion does scare me a little.
he actually looks like Orochimaru stole Taric's equipment
: The fiestas and rage that would happen. Varus accidentally ults his front line in the back and now his team is locked down to die.
This is actually the reason i made up this mode, because i've always wondered about all the possible problems and interactions that would happen with your team if you had to watch where you're shooting/exploding/using ults
: I would love it, if it werent for one caveat. People would play the mode just to kill their teammates and make them lose
Ah yes, that is always the problem. Which is why i think ARAM map would be a better map for it than summoner's rift. But also, it could just be part of the fun :D
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