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: Was this chat ban deserved?
you typed so much holy shit. Some of the things you did are morally wrong too. sitting in fountain? chat restriction well deserved.
: perma banned
ive literally got L9 (a group of toxic elo boosters and inters) in a bunch of my games. I'm in diamond dude, hardstuck d5. just do not say a fucking word to them. and the fact it even got to the extent of you getting permabanned is kinda absurd if you think about it from your point of view not just mine. It is really REALLY hard to get banned in league. Just don't say anything, report, and move on. I've lost my d4 promos so many times because of L9. and I can't dodge every time.
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: Man I've been bouncing between Plat 2 and 4 since I got here. Some games are rock solid, and then some games I feel like I'm playing with boosted bronzies
Same dude omg its like 1 tricking doesn't work anymore.
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: Patch 8.12 notes
Strigina (EUNE)
: Looking at your experiences over time, those 15 seconds were lasting surprisingly long. I mean, you received no experiences between minute 12 and 16.
Ok I'll admit I forgot when I exactly ''dced'' I just remember I was standing in a bush and it all disconnected. Also, 15 might not be as an accurate number as I intended it to be, might by 45-50 seconds.
Arammus (EUW)
: did you lose connection between 1:31 and 3:00 ingame time? if so then this is the great "remake" feature from riot. and since riot stated many times they dont refund LP no matter the case, you gotta deal with it sry
No I dced for 15 seconds at the 14 minute mark it was mid game the lee sin was level 11 and I was level 9 it was way beyond the remake period. I was about to gank bot lane and I stopped moving and fully dced had to reboot client then get back in game.
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