Aionius (NA)
: Fiora or Camille?
if you like winning lane, fiora, if you like being flamed by the enemy team, camille
: China banned league???
china in general has always had a problems with these types of games, video game addiction is a pretty big and more problematic thing in china so it makes sense they would put some ridiculous law in place and get rid of primarily esports games, ironically right after one of their teams won worlds and the video game industry, specifically competitive games, being a good sized chunk of their income
vee42 (NA)
: Does AP Yi still works?
the answer to that is the same as to "does yi have an ap ratio on his q"
Anìmê (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iQVvaBN7,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-12-13T16:53:36.509+0000) > > lee support? lol and no i think the biggest hint i can give is this champion is a bitch Crap didnt see the support. Blitz because they mess with your jungle.
> [{quoted}](name=Anìmê,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iQVvaBN7,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-13T16:59:31.137+0000) > > Crap didnt see the support. Blitz because they mess with your jungle. blitz is annoying, but read it again me calling them a bitch is a GIANT hint
Anìmê (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iQVvaBN7,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-12-13T16:31:10.947+0000) > > the consistent gave it away its definitely janna, mine might be a bot harder though but it is a support > > 1.{{champion:5}} > > 2.{{champion:28}} > > 3.{{champion:35}} Zilean or Lee?
> [{quoted}](name=Anìmê,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iQVvaBN7,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-12-13T16:50:12.425+0000) > > Zilean or Lee? lee support? lol and no i think the biggest hint i can give is this champion is a bitch
: I like playing adc, who would be a good jg for me to learn with and try?
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oZmKFgzy,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-12-13T16:45:16.941+0000) > > no its not? an animation not fitting a hitbox isnt a bug its just bad design No... it's a bug. Animations are supposed to represent their hitboxes. Not sure what definition of bug you're trying to use that _doesn't_ include animation/hitbox interactions, but it's wrong.
dude just google what a bug is, his hitbox not fitting his animation isnt a big because its not an error of any kind in the coding and its not an unintended effect
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oZmKFgzy,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-13T16:35:39.930+0000) > > not a bug, just garbage hit boxes that dont fit the ability That's considered a bug, my dude. Especially when the hitbox is its own entire width to the side.
no its not? an animation not fitting a hitbox isnt a bug its just bad design
crazÿ (EUW)
: {{item:3504}} just 8% > 10% buff and adc champion they get critical chance at 20 min it`s balanced they should not nerf adc and supp
is that what people think this is? i dont want adcs or supports nerfed at all im very much on the adcs needing a buff side of things, im just pointing out theres a bit of risk if they buff champions like vayne and trist along with ardent because if stromrazor gets changed into a consistent crit item this type of meta might pop up
: Twitch QoL change suggestion
how is that QoL and not just a buff? timing your ult just as you get out of stealth is skill expression the game shouldnt hold peoples hands because they cant time it right
Neosphoros (EUNE)
: Game bug or cheat? Dravens ULT. How it could hit me when it was going back?
not a bug, just garbage hit boxes that dont fit the ability
: Reducing Assassin damage to Tanks and Juggernauts would improve the over-the-top feel of game damage
how are you gonna nerf only assassin dmg to only these champions then? not that assassins are even that amazing rn in fact most of them arent good at all currently unless they're in the jg
Anìmê (NA)
: Guess My Most Hated Champion...
the consistent gave it away its definitely janna, mine might be a bit harder though but it is a support 1.{{champion:5}} 2.{{champion:28}} 3.{{champion:35}}
: Post #9568 of people that don’t understand what made Ardent meta a thing. Hint: it wasn’t actually the ADCs
i never said it was the adcs, theyre buffing ardent along with quite a few adcs, if they get a good crit rush and come back into the meta a bit more that leads to more enchanters with ardent thats getting a decent buff and this type of meta could pop back up
: Don't forget the Yasuo buffs they tried to ship us a while back
honestly ill never forget that, they tried to add 100% more ad scaling to his ult like no one was gonna see that and think "HMMMMMMMM something here looks like a load of horseshit" but the point of this post i dont agree with
: BOTS, BOTS, and a lot of BOTS
bots have garbage mmr, literally win like 2 matches and they cease to exist and they DO deal with bots they do periodic sweeps that ban botted accounts as they can detect them
: Why change Shacos running animation?
its cool and all but god does it feel awful and clunky gameplay wise compared to the old one, at least dont add the walk to masked shaco plz it just doesnt go with the skin
Moody P (NA)
your pain must be unbearable
Rioter Comments
: i realize that you can't report someone over the internet..
send in a support ticket with your evidence and ask for a manual review
: GP needs a buff
actually, i havent played gp since i got m5 on him because after the crit item changes hes worthless and brings nothing to a team someone else cant just do better
: Community Policing
two wrongs dont make a right its a simple concept, sure you can "defend yourself" (which you can do by just muting them and reporting them after game) but do you know whats worse than one keyboard warrior ruining a match for everyone else? **TWO OF THEM** all it boils down to is having another toxic player
: Jax
i hyper carry got fed eary..... then hard carried? thats kinda the point of a hyper carry
: Could you PLEASE bring the full context or try to inform you before? They are doing this because a bunch of changes are coming along with this, they are changing things about the shroud that is actually pretty big: > "Testing some changes to akali shroud to give opponents more options to retaliate against her: > > -Slightly longer time delay before she stealths > > -Spells partially through their cast time will complete instead of cancel > > -Akali shows a "shimmer" of herself briefly after stealthing"
finally giving her stealth a delay? only took literally evenyone suggesting it for months for them to actually do it
: If you could delete one champion from the game, who would it be?
{{champion:122}} he get way too much free shit for existing and they still buffed him recently, because he needed more free armor pen
: If they were to make your suggested change(s) and give him tenacity (and possibly damage resist), the slow would be too much. It would become near impossible to kite him, which is his weakness.
honestly didnt realize thats what his comment ment lmao, ya itd definitely want the slow nerfed if he got those changes
: League is unplayable ATM
alright, see you in a month too
: "No One Fucking Cares"
maybe let people play how they want to in a **VIDEO GAME?** all the picks you listed can work perfectly fine in low elo hell lucian mid is actually a popular off meta pick that isnt bad by any means if you can play the champion at a decent level, your teams arent why you're silver you are and until you realize that and improve your own play your gonna continue being silver
: Proposing more buffs to his overloaded ult. lol
honestly just a band-aid idea, he needs a rework imo
Rioter Comments
: Everyone's a gangsta till the nexus start walkin
remember the first nexus blitz when one of them just wouldnt spawn and the other team would auto win, good times ive had a 40 min nexus blitz game stalled because i was in a premade and we just didnt attack the nexus lmao
: I am so tired of every single patch or hotfix resetting keybinds and changing the HUD
exactly, i play with my screen locked so my HUD size resetting actually can cripple my gameplay really hard with how much of the screen it uses up
Seen (NA)
: Name a champion who you think is a huge ball of stats.
: Is this a truly bannable offense or a false positive
its all in you quoting him, the bot hat handles reports just scans chat is doesnt actually look fo obvious things like the quotes you put around it, id send in a support ticket to see about getting it reduced to a chat restrict
: It's Riots solutation to everything. "JuSt AdD mOrE dAmAgE"
{{champion:113}} is underpowered and needs buffs? lets get rid of even MORE of her cc and give her more dmg, genius
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oNlG4IWV,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-12T15:24:13.578+0000) > > sry i wasnt aware he had dmg issues, it has nothing to do with how kite-able he is or anything /s if you wanna buff nasus give his ult tenacity and a small dmg reduction its really not that hard to give him buffs to FIX his problems and not just create more of them He's kite able? Lmao? 40% CDR and he can more a less perma slow a targets movement speed and AS.
not 1v1 kite-able, im talking about teamfights he doesnt even get to impact them because he gets cced to hell as a full melee range champ
: easy 450 ip champs to get an s- or above?
: Nerf that slow though, amirite?
as much as i absolutely hate his slow, he needs it to be even semi decent
Lilithh (NA)
: because ive gotten mass downvoted and told that its a learning experience :^)
getting one shot by a fed diamond player the second you see them, what a learning experience
Rioter Comments
: If someone feeds how do you determine its poor gameplay vs someone running down the middle. The answer is you can't. What happens if I had a person who trolled me and followed me everywhere and stole my jungle camp. I just went off and told him to screw himself etc (a lot of bad word being said). The bot will detect my negative behavior while he can't be detected essentially. Even if he had smite as a support it wont be detected as troll or anything. I'm not trying to defend my behavior its just hard to be postive or mute when everything i cares about just dies all because of other people selfish actions.
they can, deaths can be seen in a takedown map post game, a bad player will have decently spread out deaths whereas someone running it down will have all their deaths under the mid tower, people on the boards have actually been outted for inting off of this information and i had someone do the jg camp thing, send in a support ticket they will be banned within the month it just takes time for them to review a replay
: ive been banned for saying fuck this not directly targeting anyone
according to your logs an djinn it seems like you rage quit, multiple games. if you do stuff like that i honestly think you should catch a perma
: Thank god Tiamat is getting nerfed, I've been whining about that item yet nobody listened
a few abusers ruin items for everyone, we all know it takes too much work to just nerf the champions abusing it so why not screw over other people that actually need the item? genius
Bultz (NA)
: Hecarim needs a nerf
op? he isnt even A tier on any tier list and has around a 48% winrate, you got beat by him in nexus blitz its just a salt post
: Thats a pretty subjective viewpoint AND it looks like current rules haven't made you a better person, just a more subjectively critical one. What if you're the child for being so sensitive and entitled that it wasn't enough for you to mute when you saw someone typing things you disagreed with?
the "you're sensitive" argument is so overused, theres a difference between their words getting to me and not wanting a whiny keyboard warrior that types all game instead of playing ruining and throwing matches for other players in the future, if you have no self control and cant be an adult over a video game dont play a competitive game to begin with muting is a band-aid fix getting rid of the core problem (the player) is a much more effective way of not only getting rid of them and their attitude but also sending a msg to others, the simple fact being a dick can get you banned keeps MANY people in line
: Support taking their ADC out on a walk
in this meta? other way around man, supports are the dmg dealers in lane
: That last sentence is your opinion. The TOS is purposely vague so they can pile whatever phrases in as "toxic". I don't think we are going to agree fundamentally. You think its ok to control what people say even with a mute available and even though they are words and it is a game. Different standards at core. You've found a reason to not only determine how others should talk but anyone who doesn't fit your view is "a raging child that shouldn't be playing competitive". I find that hypocritical and lacking reasoning.
my view of a raging child is the same as most peoples, if your spouting blame, insults and other non helpful garbage with the sole purpose of trying to drag others down because you arent happy with how they're playing or your mad because your doing bad and blaming others for it then most people are going to see you as nothing more than a raging child and just mute, report and move on
: you're assuming everything is great with how it filters and bans, but its not. I would be more ok with IFS if it truly worked and made the rift better, but my experience and the experiences of many others (boards, youtube, my friends) show that it hasn't. I don't think the game has a better attitude just because the line on egregious language was drawn tighter. Worse attitudes on average in my opinion. Toxic is subjective too, can you explain how mute wasn't good enough? You have ping mute too right? Why was there another layer of subjective unassured punishment in addition to something you could've already handled yourself? And if you're thinking of the person who talks shit AND trolls, I guarantee you can still win the game if he was just typing upsetting things. You can't mute their in game actions. So which type of behavior would you desire less? Which would you rather see punished consistently? You can't say both - There's already a disparity between the two as far as enforcement.
why would i choose between what i want punished more when both are punished? toxic isnt subjective as much as it could be because of how well its outlined on the TOS and the fact that most people have common sense and can easily tell whats flame and what isnt, idc if i can mute i shouldnt have to take it upon myself to deal with raging children that shouldnt be playing a competitive game in the first place
: If Riot can't, then YOU can!
why wouldnt i report toxic players? makes no difference outside of toxic players just not being banned
Seen (NA)
: Normals Draft is what rank should've been.
i dont know what world you're living in where norms has even passable matchmaking rn but i wanna join you there
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