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: Is league currently dead?
Riot doesn't care what players who aren't Challenger or Master want. Even then, they don't care. They ruined a game that used to be fun. All you get now is trash players who don't care, don't know the game and are just plain toxic. You try to climb and what happens? You end up losing more and more because of these stupid meta changes. Adcs dont even carry anymore is a perfect example of why this game is dying. Hopefully more people realize that and maybe, just maybe Riot will know the screwed up a game that used to be fun.
: Buff health and the game will be perfectly balanced
This game has been ruined this season. I don't think I've seen as many players who throw, feed, or are just plain stupid. Adcs dont even carry anymore either. They ruined Aatrox against people's concerns. Now they're reworking Akali? Riot doesn't listen to its players, they only care what Riot employees want to see. Plenty of streamers have said this game has gone downhill and i only see it going down more. Not just this, but what about when you actually try to climb, what happens more often than not? You get screwed. You try to duo and you just get players who literally have no idea how to play when you do. I main mid and adc and support on occasion and what happens? The role i don't go gets filled by a stupid player and ends up feeding and being toxic. What used to be a fun game.. Just flat out isn't anymore. Thanks for nothing, Riot. I honestly hope more people quit playing this dying game because maybe, just maybe Riot will notice that they ruined it.
: Team Totality Recruiting Looking for dedicated/competitive people (Bronze Players)
IGN: Jah Rewl Rank: Bronze 2 (200+ wins) Position: ADC (main) Mid (backup) 5 best champs: MF, Draven, Lucian, Graves, Ahri and Jhin (kda wise)
: What ADCs do you use? http://www.auplod.com/u/ulaopd785ed.png
I main MF, Lucian, Draven, Jhin and Graves.
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