: As if being in melee range is a big risk for the champ with a shit load of dashes and an ult that kicks anyone out of the fight?
> shit load of dashes I mean, if he uses Q to get in there, then he has exactly one dash, that might not even be up unless he's next to a minion/ally or has a ward.
: Probably something unpopular, but I feel like {{champion:141}}'s first clear is basically the same as {{champion:421}} but improved - His Q while not being an improved AA, has the same AoE and deals bonus damage to minions - HIs W is also AoE - His E heals him for a good amount
Kayn does have fairly good clear, as someone with an increasing amount of games on him. The real difference comes from his lack of mobility Pre-6, where Rek'Sai outclasses him on ganks.
Hayaishi (NA)
: why does shroud needs to give her back energy? Why is her E recast global? Why is shroud duration extended whenever she re-enters it? That champion has so much unnecessary power its ridiculous.
Because you can't put it on Q, and E is already rewarding enough. Every other Energy champion has a Energy refund somewhere in their kit. Putting it on her shroud, once again, rewards aggression, since you're now in a better spot to attack. Because it's actually hard to hit, and much easier to dodge, not to mention her time to kill still being much lower from her rework. Because it's meant to encourage it to be used *Offensively*, as opposed to a "I'll never die from ganks because I hold onto my shroud." By rewarding players for aggression, you actually create more periods in which you can take advantage of Akali, as they'll be using their safety tools aggresively (Like TF using his Gold Card, or Syndra using her knockback/Stun). But stuff like that is too hard to think of, when you can just bitch for nerfs, aye? CertainlyT makes extremely complex champs, that have a bunch of gears and cranks, to allow them to work in a way. Realistically, the real argument is, "Should these champs have to be so complex with needing X many parts just to function" not "This champ has too much power."
: why does akali need a speed boost
Because with out it, her shroud becomes a completely defensive ability, when it should be used equally for it's offensive aspects and it's defense. It has a speed boost, to allow her to get out and in of her Passive proc range. Get rid of it, and what's meant to be a power zone for Akali becomes way too counterplayable, since Folks would just walk away and you wouldn't even have a chance to do anything. Counterplay is fine. Too much makes a bad ability.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Yes, that's right. I think my intention was to say "There shouldn't be." Large established sports, whether played at amateur or professional level don't change the rules based on how good professionals are or how bad amateurs are. Rules of football aren't changed to make it fairer for Joe Bloggs playing Sunday league because Messi scored another hat-trick. And yet, I say this in the knowledge that we just had a World Cup where video refs were in charge and the Premier League have goal line technology, neither of which are available for Sunday league football, which is essentially what Riot do with Worlds Updates. My point is withdrawn.
> Rules of football aren't changed to make it fairer I mean, I think it'd be fairer to say that it isn't the rules being changed in this metaphor. It's what Players, (Football players/Champions) are viable picks to win Football games. Brought up/down to/from Tom Brady level.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Mercy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HYJYTxXB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-21T05:12:43.563+0000) > > It's almost like the game is balanced around us for a majority of the year, and these changes happen solely around this time for the sake of worlds. Have you been here the past 2 years?
I have, which is why I know that for most the year, the game resolves much more around us, than for competitive. I'm more than aware some things bleed through, such as the nerfing of Shen, but those are individual changes, while the rest of the patch is still primarily targeted at Casual/Non-LCS play. Hell, the reason we notice that the game is being balance around LCS, is because it *is* balanced for us the rest of the year. No one is complaining in December that they're balancing around LCS. Now, do you have a real argument to make, or ya gonna stick with that "you're just being blind" proxy?
: Changing the game around the 0.1% of the community (LC$) doesn't feel OK...
It's almost like the game is balanced around us for a majority of the year, and these changes happen solely around this time for the sake of worlds.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Akali needs to be nerfed into unviable tier until she gets another rework
> its kind of ridiculous when i have to say that the old, full point and click akali was more fun to play against and had more counterplay, but sadly its the truth. I mean, that's kinda your opinion though. I enjoy the fact that I don't insta lose when she hits Level 6, contrary to what you may believe.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Do you mean in how they play not quality? Messi would walk all over Tier 10 English football. Faker would walk all over Bronze 4. Football analogue would be to change the ball to a oval shaped ball so Messi can't use it as well, but then everyone can't use it as well just because Messi is so good with it. See Ryze. Yet some players would adapt to the new shaped ball and just become good again because they are good players. ... I've confused myself.
You confused me as well. I simply mean, that Soccer is not balanced for two different play groups: Competitive and Casual. Even in Softball, rule changes affected the entire game, even the cutest 8 year olds who can't hit a ball for the life of them. So, realistically, there is only one playerbase: The Softball/Soccer playerbase. In League, however, you got the two different playerbases, which is where we balance differently depending on the time of the year, appealing to casual vs. Competitive mindsets.
Hibeki (NA)
: You literally just confirmed the placebo effect.
I'm aware. But it works both ways. Kai'sa could actually be a decently balanced character, with the only reason she's doing so well, is because of people's attitudes towards her, thinking she's broken. I'm more than aware of my attitude shift when playing against things like Heimer, and I'm sure that leaks into my ability to play against him. It's two sides of a coin, but it depends on what the starting place is.
Hibeki (NA)
: Winrate after patch is stupid source of effectie nerfs. Vladimir at one point had a big nerf which tanked his winrate, it wasnt until the next patch that riot said that despite it being in the patchnotes the nerf didnt actually go through. Nerfs and buffs in this game has a placebo effect. Nerfing a champ by 5 damage doesnt do shit but you still see winrates go down.
It can work the same way though. If someone has a mental attitude of seeing someone too strong, and sees them get nerfed, they may be more confident in plays against that champion, where they would've doubted their chances before.
: Buffing mid tier champions causes far more problems than buffing low tier champions. Mid tier champions shouldn't be getting nudged in any direction, other champions should be getting nudged towards the mid tier champions. If your concern is that master yi will be too strong in solo queue, you don't have to buff him. However, that doesn't mean you need to buff an already strong champion in place of yi. You can just nerf all of god tier champions and buff a few underpowered ones that will not destroy solo queue. Keep the mid tier champions untouched.
Once again, simply nerfing the strong champs isn't going to bring in the Mid Tiers, unless the reason they aren't picked is because "They're countered by the God-Tier champs". Mid-Tier means they're not played in Competitive, not that they're fine for competitive. So, we're really missing a spot inbetween God Tier and Mid Tier, Playable Tier.
: He said it on his twitter after someone said that if their strat is strong than every strat is strong: https://twitter.com/Mortdog/status/1042064876783329280
Oof, I didn't find that. That said, it being 'unfun' ain't the reason it was changed though. The reasoning is in the OPs Tweet chain, saying it was "Low Effort". Reading his tweet, it just seems like it was his opinion about what he finds fun.
: "A diverse meta's good, but not as important as interesting matches (better low diversity and exciting games than high diversity and slow, uneventful play repeatedly)" What the actual fuck is wrong with this idiot. I used to not like him, now i fking hate him. I don't even think hate is a stong enough word at this point to describe how much i despise the kind of complete idiot he is for fking up a game we all love. Riot used to litteraly have the opposite view point and now the game is dying because of a moron that can't balance for shit. There's a reason WoW died, and it's this guy. For the towers thing, they fking know and are laughing at us for it. Just listen to the new Kayn announcer, they fking rub it in our faces that towers are complete shit and they don't care. THEY KNOW AND THINK ITS FUNNY. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE.
> A diverse meta's good, but not as important as interesting matches (better low diversity and exciting games than high diversity and slow, uneventful play repeatedly You are aware that this is specifically towards LCS, yeah? Cause the rest of your post doesn't show that you are.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Mercy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wj2K4rrT,comment-id=000000010001,timestamp=2018-09-20T00:59:47.096+0000) > > \> nerfing god tier ones > \> people complaining about Riot nerfing Sejuani > > https://media.giphy.com/media/CaiVJuZGvR8HK/source.gif > > Ya'll realize that it's a mix of both yeah, based on the reasons they aren't picked? Simply nerfing the good folk, isn't going to make the others equally viable, if there is a reason the others aren't picked outside of "Countered by the strong folk". Why cares if people complain about sej nerfs? If it needs to be done, I would much prefer nerfs to buffs. Also, balancing shiuld never be a mix of nerfing god tier champions and buffing mid tier ones. It should be nerfing god tier champions and buffing underpowered ones. The mid tier champions should remain untouched as the rest of the lineup is brought in line.
Buffing underpowered champs into Competitive level leads to the chance that they run too powerful in SoloQ, since you need to buff them *a lot* to bring them into the right levels. Example: Yi. Mid Tiers are champions who have the possibility of reaching Competitive, but just need a nudge in the right direction. Once again, this is not simple. You need to understand why the champion is not seen in Competitive, not just classify them into three "Underpowered, Mid and God Tiers." Some can't be brought to Competitive level without altering them in a major way. Mid Tiers, don't need that much to push them over the line.
: Meddler claimed that Wukong will receive some sustain due to his nerfs. Where is it?
> so something like sustained damage, tankiness, regen etc) He never said he *will* recieve sustain. He said he might recieve something like the buffs he listed.
: What kinda annoys me is how he says the strat is "unfun" which I disagreed with, since when can someone define what's fun or not, I enjoyed the strat a lot and find that if that's their "excuse" its an awful one
I control'd F the thread, nowhere in it does he say that it's unfun. https://i.gyazo.com/e81884bca3c4b592f3d964c0f23d04f6.png He said it requires low effort. Which is a huge difference.
Mrunique (NA)
: It's a strat not even hurting other players, you play it your way we play ours, we are here for rewards too, but we just don't get it because may be we don't have enough players to form a 5 so we cannot win. We don't judge your play style so why would you judge us? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
\> It's a strat not even hurting other players, you play it your way we play ours \> we are here for rewards too, These two statements do not go together. If you want to play the game in whatever way you want, regardless of effectiveness, than there shouldn't be rewards attached, because then the gamemode is purely *for fun*. There's no reason to nerf anything, because the purpose is to not receive something of value. If you want a gamemode to feature rewards, than balance starts to become an issue. Too easy a strategy, and what should be a meaningful gate to getting loot, becomes not meaningful enough. So you'd either need to rebalance the gamemode around the strategy, or balance the strategy around the gamemode.
: > [{quoted}](name=Corrupt Bliss,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oFnGXwZa,comment-id=001600000001,timestamp=2018-09-19T18:53:34.497+0000) > > That's like saying you're going to sit on a ladder adjacent to the basketball hoop in a game. Your teammates pass you the balls, you push it in, and you're done. > > WOW! Amazing strategy! > > It's unfair. No one wants to play that way, it degrades the hard effort put in by others to actually become competent in the game. I'm not judging you, I'm judging your strategy. My first time completing onslaught I had two randoms. Most of my friends are Gold and below, and most of my friends will not be able to complete onslaught because they lack the skill to do it. We've talked about it, but they don't whine and say "GG Riot took my free skins" Funny that you said that because Riot gave us the ladder basically. The augments are buffs, and players found a combination, and now the faults is on us? That's not how it works, you talk like that because you never went further into the missions or even tried the Ziggs strat. There's much to see but you just refused to look at it. Pity.
> Funny that you said that because Riot gave us the ladder basically They gave everyone ladders, but some aren't as Tall as the Ziggs ladder, so It's only fair that it's shortened to match the other ladders. PvE balance is not a new thing, just because it's not "unfair" against another human player, doesn't mean it's right to just leave a strat that's too effective. Once again, look at Warframe, things like God-Mode Hysteria Valkyr. Being able to infinitely stay invincible was something that DE put in the game. And then they fixed it, because it was too effective in winning and gathering loot. A strat existing that makes it too easy to beat an existing challenge, that has a huge reward to it, is something that *should* be appropriately balanced for.
: The fact that they are even buffing mid tier champions instead of nerfing god tier ones shows a huge problem in their philosophy
\> nerfing god tier ones \> people complaining about Riot nerfing Sejuani https://media.giphy.com/media/CaiVJuZGvR8HK/source.gif Ya'll realize that it's a mix of both yeah, based on the reasons they aren't picked? Simply nerfing the good folk, isn't going to make the others equally viable, if there is a reason the others aren't picked outside of "Countered by the strong folk".
LynXerf (EUW)
: Balancing the game for Worlds
They do this, because the game isn't balanced for Pro Play 100% of the year, unlike Soccer, where there is no difference between Pro-play and Casual play 100% of the year, which you seem to forget despite using the Soccer example up above.
: This reminds me of the " Sejuani has had her time in the spotlight" Qoute from a few years back. It seems like there is definite favouritism. When you nerf every melee champ that's doing well. Like shit this might have been Yorick only chance at a Challenger skin. If not for the excluded because last year's was a Toplaner. Just getting tired of seeing the same old shit. Vayne buffs every world's. You really need to get your priorities straightened out
> This reminds me of the " Sejuani has had her time in the spotlight" Qoute from a few years back. How? There is literally nothing in what he says that reference anything back to the old Sejuani quote.
: The Recent Ziggs Augment Nerf
Two things. One: Considering how the prize for beating the two Aug quest is up to 5- 6 skin shards at Max, I think it's pretty reasonable to go about nerfing too easy strats in order to keep the accomplishment meaningful. Were there no prizes that meaningful behind the quests, I doubt this'd be an issue. Second: You're acting like Balance has never been a thing in PvE gamemodes. There's balance in the enemies, and balance in the players. Warframe has multiple examples of strats nerfed because they made the game too easy. God Mode Valkyr, Always Invincible Trinity, Mesa on her High Noon. Those builds were fun, but they killed any challenges the game has to offer, especially when you're actively playing for Rare Loot.
: My forecast prediction for Worlds Patch 8.19
I mean, they don't watch Sejuani to not be seen at all. They just don't want to see her pick and banned.
: >how to farm upvotes on boards >shit talk the boards
> How to Farm Upvotes on Boards > Counter-talk the shit talk on the boards
Blackii7 (NA)
: Onslaught is pretty fun tbh, if not for a few bugs and (HELLISH) missions it would've been perfect.
All thing's considered, the missions aren't hard just to be hard either. The fact that you can get an Odyssey gem from the 2 Aug quest is pretty nice, and I think worth the challenge. At the same time, these missions are very appealing to those who love to Theory Craft, figuring out what builds are the best to beat it the easiest. The rest of the community, easily gets to piggyback on those theory crafters, so I think it's fair to require a fair bit of challenge in order to get such a prize. Just my opinion though.
Rioter Comments
: Can't agree more, you see so many people getting to the V'th division spot then just stop playing ranks or stopped caring. If Riot gives out more distinguishable rewards, maybe people WILL NOT stop caring about their game performance once they reach V'th division and continue to play ranks, therefore NOT ONLY increases the amount of daily ranked players, BUT ALSO game balance overall, since people wont just mess around after reaching V'th division.
You think we get to Gold 5 just for the Borders? Pffttt, no, we get to Gold 5 so we get the skins.
: People think these "Make CT design PvE content" posts aren't insanely insulting somehow
Such a perfectly balanced Upvote/Downvote scale. I'm tempted to leave it that way. Though seriously, I agree with this, just not in the hyperbole you are making with your first example. I just couldn't put my thoughts into words, so I haven't commented on it.
: Pretty sure old MS Quints gave a lot more MS than current Celerity. Phase Rush is conditional and so is Nimbus Cloak (requires level 6 and is unavailable for certain champions)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't mages get MS boosts when they did stat rebalancing?
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Mercy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IHnH55yM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-15T05:16:58.311+0000) > > Because a bunch of Mages always took Movement Speed runes, so that they could be faster. I sure as heck did with TF. They're also there for people who like to Sub-Rune into Sorcery. It's like how Precision, has a Tenacity rune. Or Domination, a CDR rune. That doesn't explain why there are so many. Your comparison would only work if 1 in 3 was tenacity in precision or 1 in 3 was cdr for domination. Heck, even that second one's a stretch since cdr actually helps you do more damage over the span of a game unlike movespeed which has nothing to do with "ability enhancement and resource manipulation".
My comparison would only work if it were my only example. However, the fact remains that mages always have wanted MS boosts. Celerity is the replacement for our quints. Riverwalker is designed to help roamers, which plenty of Midlaners do. And Nimbus is great with BattleMages, or people who don't rely on long CD rotations. There are plenty of choices, because some are better for different mages in the large variety we have of them. Sure it ain't whatever flavor they wrote for Sorcery, but they are there because they're most appreciated by users of that tree.
: I don't see the word "mobility" in "Empowered abilities and resource manipulation", can you?
Because a bunch of Mages always took Movement Speed runes, so that they could be faster. I sure as heck did with TF. They're also there for people who like to Sub-Rune into Sorcery. It's like how Precision, has a Tenacity rune. Or Domination, a CDR rune.
: > [{quoted}](name=LaughsInTeemo,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Jj6ULKw7,comment-id=00340000,timestamp=2018-09-14T18:08:07.174+0000) > > Old karma was so good, I miss her theme and how she used to actually relate to her theme. Yep. I mean her old theme and fans could have been amazing if done properly, but Riot decided her mantle of Decorum was a better option and they didn't even do a good job on it. Riot NureroCat is working on Karma right now and she said she asked Meddler if she can have a VFX artist to maybe bring back Karma's fans, but I have a feeling Meddler shot it down. Meddler doesn't particularly like the Karma community or the champion. I've had several conversations with Meddler and Reav3, who are not promoted into new positions, and they have both explicitly shown no interest in making Karma a better champion. It's a shame but it is the truth. The main problem they have with Karma right now is the new players like Karma who just sits in the back and plays a shield bot. They like Karma as a support and don't want her out of the role at all. The old players before her relaunch liked Karma has a mage and she had a better identity and kit that fit a mage, as opposed to what she has now. Before the relaunch Karma was played more top and midlane than the support role. Riot NueroCat is probably having a very hard time trying to find a balance between what new players like vs what old players want. Old players want most of her old kit back and the fans. New players can care less about any opinion that isn't a champion that sits in the back like and presses R+E. The same is Riot Game Developers created this friction and had the past 5 years to fix it, but they wasted time on champions like Ryze, Lux, Ahri and many others. At the end of the day, the blame falls on Developers like Meddler, Reav3s and RicklessAbbandon who is no longer with the company.
> but I have a feeling Meddler shot it down If such a thing did happen, there's plenty more reasons than just "they don't like her". VFX artists aren't just laying around, waiting to be used. They're working on other projects, reworks, champions, so you'd need to justify putting those other projects behind slightly in order to get assets for Karma changes. So now it becomes a problem of "What project is more deserving". Are Drastic VGU changes more deserving of the VFX artist's time, than a champion whose technically still playable all things considered, and looks fine (for the most part, I know she's got some unfinished animations). Concering the last part, Ryze has been a constant problem of gameplay, which breaks him into OP or useless depending on his version. That alone puts him in a branch above Karma, whose gameplay is still 'Balanced' even if it's lacking. Ahri didn't have any major ability changes, they just shifted things around in her kit. I don't even know what the Lux example is about, cause likewise, just balance changes. Karma's major problem, is that she looks good enough, and is balanced good enough in the game as opposed to more Broken/Binary/Flawed designs/ that she can't breach the priority list. She lacks thematic satisfaction, but as we see with Shen, that's not exactly a huge enough concern to be pushed into Priority.
QMighty (NA)
: Reav3 said otherwise... https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/38E5AMu9-quick-gameplay-thoughts-august-29?comment=0024000000020000 Suspicious...
> This always shifts and changes of course, this is just our current thinking Ya missed a line.
: @RIOT Can we at least get an explanation as to why the decision was made regarding the Sona emote?
I dunno. I'd imagine cause Sona is a music maker, which is a content creator, she was deemed thematically appropriate.
: How exactly am I bashing him? Even if he does believe everything he says about this game. How exactly is making a reference to it insulting in anyway. Or dispariging his character. Can it be funny? Sure. Is it in poor taste? Maybe. Is it bashing? Please fuck off before you start accusing me of things I haven't done. Also see prior post. > [{quoted}](name=Automated Riven,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GfpHFmxU,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-09-12T03:59:30.118+0000) > > Not really making fun of him. I seriously expect him to show up and post it. However. Take into consideration that even if it is in poor taste. The reason it's funny is because it's true.
All in all, you're strawmanning. You're disregarding what his actual opinion may be, and throwing an argument in his mouth. If it was just "I can't wait for Pikafox to respond to this", than it'd be better, but you're actively assuming what he's going to say. It's the same as saying "I can't wait for Trump to say that this'll benefit the middle class, meanwhile it won't." It's bashing, plain and simple. I've seen Pikafox, and I know he has some unpopular opinions. But I think you're simplifying it to a point where it *is* bashing.
: Inb4 pika fox shows up to tell everyone that dying in > three seconds is making the game better. -_- Also how did you live for three seconds?
I don't care who ya got a grudge with, don't go bashing people. I never liked Rubick when he was around, but I never went around pre-preemptively bashing what he has to say, when he hasn't said anything yet.
: I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. Basically, I'm saying that, although Doom Bots isn't fun to some people and is fun to others (kinda like Dark Souls), Invasion was a boring cs simulator that all the weaboos _pretended_ to like.
That's called an opinion. Also, ya lost any credibility by calling people weaboos. So congrats on that.
: Each to their own. But I'm pretty sure we can _both_ agree that the teeth-grinding difficulty and excitement-inducing payoff of Doom Bots is more fun than hitting yourself over the head with your own keyboard to complete some anime-inspired event filled with so much sparkles you feel the urge to vomit. Fending off dark souls level foes until you exorcise a 50-foot devil > finally shoveling away the last piece of glorified cs while dressed in a schoolgirl outfit
/ > says *to each their own* / > goes on to say that Doombots is still better cuz 'muh anime' Don't like anime, no big deal, plenty don't. Plenty do. As ya said, itsa matter of preference. No ">" nessecary.
: You know how to do a fun PvE mode? Doom Bots. You know how to make tons of money with a boring PvE mode? Put Jinx in it and watch her fangirls throw cash at you.
I didn't like Doombots. I didn't find the swarm of shit they threw at you 24/7, especially if they had an Udyr, any fun at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JFYzA0No,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-12T03:46:39.997+0000) > > you cant become the villain by killing garen. > > they removed that 2 weeks after the juggernaut update. only kills against his allies count towards the villainy passive. If I’ve killed Garen a bunch, it stands to reason that I’ll likely be doing the same to his allies. And given how top lane works, there’s still going to be points where I’m confronted with dealing with him. And regardless, it doesn’t matter who becomes the villain under any circumstance, that is a terrible mechanic no matter what.
> There’s nothing quite like stomping him in lane only for you to become the villain I mean, maybe include that in your OP then.
: I don't disagree really. Jinx is just a well-rounded likeable enough character for it in imo. I think the rest of the crew could of been replaced no problem, but I'm not complaining. {{champion:157}} = {{champion:164}} {{champion:54}} = {{champion:223}} {{champion:37}} = {{champion:43}} ( I'm glad they didn't put Karma in THAT outfit tho lmao) {{champion:115}} = {{champion:74}} Kayn I guess could been swapped out for any other generic assassin.
Ain't no assassin got the bang like Kayn though.
: Is anyone a little surprised that Kayn is getting a Legendary?
What Meta says, Kayn's intrinsic nature of having 3 forms limits a lot of his skin potential. I was personally hoping for a Project Skin, but this is fantastic.
: Because with the old one she could be revealed, was significantly smaller, lasted significantly less time and didn't make her invisible to turrets. You can't play around it reliably because the invisible field is so dam big and lasts so dam long that you can't figure out where she is unless she reveals herself. You're long dead by the time you find her
I mean, if you're gonna look at her old W, you need to look at the rest of her kit too. Her Old Kit had way more upfront damage than current Akali, much more that couldn't be avoided, which is why she gets more time. Don't act like new Akali has the same Time to Kill as Old Akali.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Why does it feel like all Jinx skins are the same?
I like Speedweebs explanation of it. How else would you make a skin, that doesn't have new VO, that doesn't get completely overblown by this girl laughing over how she loves blowing stuff up.
: An Argument for Making All Champions and Skins available in Practice Tool
No, no it'd definitely lose them money. Being able to try a skin for free, and then realize you didn't like it *that* much, deciding not to buy it then loses Riot money, say, had you not been able to try it, and bought it, only realizing afterwards it's not up to par. Same goes with Champions, you see a champ who interests you in concept, but doesn't function as well in theory, once again, you've avoided wasting money on something you might've bought otherwise. Sure, there'll be some cases where you're right, but overall, being able to scout out risky purchases/impulse purchases, will lose them money in the long run. Don't think it's even nessecary anywoo, amount of Champion and Skin spotlights that are out there anyways.
: Remove Akali's stun from her ultimate.
If it's an execute ability, does it matter when it stuns you :Thinkthonk:
: > [{quoted}](name=Fasmodey,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Wfzb4Ksa,comment-id=00000001000000010000,timestamp=2018-09-08T12:55:26.562+0000) > > Who says brute-force can't defeat magic? Don't tell me Ryze can force shield a meteor, or a nuclear bomb, aka brute-forces. > > You underestimate brute-force a lot. He could stand against Xerath, he surely can survive Ryze. I mean, it is pretty possible Renekton can break Ryze's rune prison even with bare hands, he is one of the most powerful melee combat being of Runeterra. He can defeat even Nasus. > > People underestimate Renekton just because he doesn't use magic, forgetting he is magical in the first place. You know... he is not your average crocodile. There's no evidence that brute force can break arcane energy (it also doesn't make sense). Standing against Xerath at his weakest and with the help of Nasus who has magic. Renekton didn't fought Xerath in the tomb he was being corrupted by him (showing he is vulnerable to mind control therefore magic ). About the meteor part, it REALLY depends on the speed and size of the meteor. And a nuclear bomb is not brute force, it produces energy. Renekton's brute force does not.
Brute Force is kinetic energy. You'd need to have more/the same amount of magic energy to deflect something physical coming at you. So if you create a weak shield, or simply don't have enough magic energy to create a powerful shield, than Kinetic energy would win and break through the magic shield.
: Ok, can we talk about Zyra's plants and how big of a joke they are compared to literally every other pet (yes, even Ivern's rock Daisy has a better AI than Zyra's plants and doesn't die from 1 hit)? Compare Zyra's plants to Heimer's turrets, both of these champions are balanced and completely made up around their pets (Zyra's plants and Heimer's turrets), Heimer's turrets last forever unless killed, they also resist AoE abilites, resist DoT damage, have a bigger HP bar, take multiple MELEE and ranged attacks to die and have better AI, they also scale really well with AP, like unbelievably good. Now, we have Zyra's plants, they last for 8 seconds (if you're lucky), they literally have no AI and can't even auto-target enemies unless you attack them (unlike Malzahar's minions, Heimer's turrets', Ivernn's Daisy and Annie's Tibbers), they also can't attack Dragons and Baron (every other pet literally can attack dragon's and baron), they take damage from AoE abilities, they scale awfully with AP, they can literally be 2-shot by basic attacks (1-shot my melee basic attacks) and 1 shot by DoT attacks, also, on-hit attacks kill them instantly (Orianna's passive, MF's passive), they also have awful base damage. Please, do something about this, revert the plant's nerf and make them act like every other actual functioning pet, also, give them some hp/tankiness for god's sake.
I mean, if we're talking about similarities, we also need to talk about differences. Heimer doesn't get to place his turrets from range, he exists only to Zone melee. His Ult turret is the only one that slows, as opposed to Zyra's Snare-Plants, and her Plants by far have a higher range than Heimers. Heimer requires set up time for his turrets, to establish a zone of control, which doesn't work when your team wants to push forward, while Zyra has her Plants up and ready any time. Jus' sayin.
: Theory: Daniel Z Klein was fired long ago but Rioters use his account to troll the community.
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