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: Swain Rework Splash Art Fix (Rough Edit)
I like your version better. New Swain has too much hair. He should be balding more like his original version.
Fleiryn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Darrosh Jewfist,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AQKJhFaA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-03T04:21:14.190+0000) > > I mean hell, they could take Ahri and instead of a sexy Asian-inspired fox girl they could retcon her into a black-skinned Afro-wearing hyena girl instead. What's the difference? They're both half-animal seductresses right? Given how popular ahri is, that'd actually cause boards to explode
I think that was his point, he was being sarcastic/facetious with the "What's the difference?" question. The answer being is that it's a HUGE difference that everyone would immediately call out.
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: Do you think "GGEZ" should be a bannable offense?
: Why does Lucians dash mana cost go down
Kog'Maw E deals AoE damage in a massive line. It's an exceptionally powerful peeling tool on a champion that needs to be peeled. It's a lot more valuable power-wise than Lucian E. Lucian E is like a third of the distance of a flash and has a long CD unless he auto-attacks. It can seem overbearing on a fed Lucian, but a not-fed or starved Lucian can hardly use it to save himself without help from his team. Also, what Lucian even maxes E early on anyway? A lvl 9 Lucian, even when fed, is not going to have 0 mana cost on his E, so it's not like the ability is even abused in the first place.
Hatsuma (NA)
: Riot broke the cardinal rule of game design
Ironic you use a Magic: The Gathering designer considering the kind of absurd shenanigans they have pulled on their playerbase over the years ("Lol let's print this awesome card for this set, but oh shit! It's 2strong in legacy format! Better ban it from _all_ tournament play! Lul now let's do that over & over again so they keep buying the broken cards for legacy only for them to get banned after one tourney. Cha-ching, dolla dolla bill yall!")
: The Boards need to read this article by Riot's Tryndamere.
Surprise surprise, the boards are going on a rampage and mischaracterizing Riot? This is such a new phenomena, I wonder how the League community became so toxic so quickly.,c_fit,h_200,w_200/v1395991705/gjn81wvxqsq6yzcwubok.png
: Taliyah is CUTE!
: I feel like swain's facial features miss their mark. He should look a bit older, especially his hair and nose were better in the teased version imo.
But Swain in-game specifically drains people's health with his magic. So maybe he has a bit of sustained youth in him?
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: "better, faster, stronger, & moe' funner" He's about the same.... He is now completely immobile..... Reaaaly conditional now He's dismal to play now.
I didn't claim they had overwhelming success. I pointed out that they acknowledged & responded (a little) to people's concerns once the rework had made it's impact. On a side note, he's more mobile post-rework. He never had mobility pre-rework. He has always been conditional, with exception to when he was overpowered. He's always been dismal to play for people who aren't fans, considering he requires a certain temperament to tolerate his weaknesses.
: Really Draven, Really?
It's not incest, it's masturbation! Draven can literally go fuck himself now whenever someone is pissed off at him.
: i think the only reason Riot hasn't removed Ohmwrecker is that even they legitimately forgot it exists
Or maybe because they MUST have an item named Ohmwrecker in order to honor the man it's named after? That's apart of the deal of recruiting thousands of players to the game, he gets an item if he asked for it, period.
: Tree, the living ward
He should have QWER that are all vision based but do nothing else.
333 (EUNE)
: Riot, please don't become the new Jagex.
You're under the impression that the opinions on the boards are empirically representative of what is best for the game. This is almost never the case. Yes, people on the boards SOMETIMES make accurate predictions of what is and is not a bad decision. But the vast majority of the time, the boards are not representative of the majority of League of Legends players, let alone a good source for game balance. So, you're saying what you're saying under this impression that what you're talking about is actually taking place, when it isn't. Don't presume to lecture a successful business about what they are doing wrong, in your opinion, when the reality is that they do actually listen to statistics, surveys, and all-around warranted criticism. They want what is best for the game, therefore they want what is best for the players. Ever heard of a game called World of Warcraft? You know, a game more than a decade old that still uses a subscription method of payment in addition to 60$ for gaining access to a large sum of content? WoW has survived for this long despite the incessant, unrelenting tidal waves of whining and complaining and raging and toxicity from their forums. Go to their forums and read posts from ANY POINT in the game's history, and you will quickly get the impression that the game was shit and being flushed down the toilet for the shit it is at every stage of it's like. And yet, it lived and still does today. Funny, isn't it? That their forums don't accurately represent what's actually going on? How could that be? Maybe it's because their forums are full of unsubstantial white noise? Maybe it's because they actually DO listen to legitimate complaints lost in the sea of fabricated bullshit? Because how else could you possibly explain that their forums are so toxic and horrible, and yet they still have survived for more than a decade, with a prehistoric payment system to boot? Obviously Riot is a different company than the makers of World of Warcraft. But my point isn't to compare them as companies. My point is that forums are nonsense. If you are a regular poster on the forums, chances are high that you are full of at least some amount of nonsense and buffoonery. Obviously there are exceptions, but these are contrary to what is mostly likely the truth. The truth that these forums don't accurate reflect a damn thing about League of Legends when examined as a whole. So again, don't presume to lecture a successful company about not listening to people when you are too disillusioned to understand that most of the views represented in the forums are a complete & utter farce. They do listen. Just not to delusions the people on these boards concoct. 1. {{champion:5}}. They wanted him to be swift as a coursing river with the force of a great typhoon and the strength of a raging fire, yet mysterious as the dark side of the moon. They intentionally made his auto crit scale with basic attack landing instead of on-hit activation. They nerfed him afterwards. How is this "not listening"? So they didn't listen to people who presumed without evidence that he was going to be a problem? It doesn't matter if he turned out to actually be a problem, because the fact is that the people who complained beforehand had NO EVIDENCE to suggest that he would become one. So they released his buff. Then they nerfed his buff when evidence suggested he was too strong 2. People complaining on the forums =/= majority of players never wanting DQ. It is inherently a good feature, the only issue is the logistics of matchmaking. This alone does not condemn all of DQ as a concept, let alone suggest that the majority of players dislike it &/or never wanted it. Next. 3. {{champion:82}}. They wanted to make him better, faster, stronger, & moe' funner. They failed in some areas in some people's opinions. They changed his rework significantly when people spoke up after it's release. How is this not listening to people? Again, like 1., there was no evidence before it's release to suggest it was going to be a bad idea just because some people were presuming it to be on the forums. Just because they were ultimately right in some instances does not mean they had legitimate evidence at the time, because they didn't. And after the rework, they made changes favoring what people actually wanted instead of trying to force something that, at that point, was evidently not working well. So even with an agenda in mind, they still turned their backs to it when their players said to stop and had good reason to tell them to stop. If that isn't "listening," then your idea of "listening" is very very peculiar and backwards.
: Me, I want Pool Party Illaoi {{champion:420}} She would summon palm trees with her passive and hold a beach ball or a big coconut in her hand.
I would love to see her perfect, chiseled abs in a swimsuit.
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LankPants (OCE)
: Raise to 420, rename from Ignite to Blaze.
Rename {{champion:63}} passive to Ignite?
: More Alistar Nerfs, No Core Problems Addressed
I would trade the W>Q combo away in exchange for buffing everything else in his kit. And to be honest, getting rid of the combo wouldn't necessarily make him incapable of engaging. It's just that he'd have to target a minion or champion so he can get in range of the enemy team in order to Q. So he could still do it, just not instantly on the target of his W (& everyone around that target). And you know, I don't see anything wrong with this. Getting rid of the combo doesn't invalidate the theme of the abilities. Headbutt still gives you the feel of a charging bull. Pulverize still gives you the feel of having unimaginable strength. So what if you can't combo them if they aren't fundamentally changed at all? Also, I'm so damn sick of Triumphant Roar hate. What about it "makes no sense"? The point of the ability is to feel as though you are filling your allies with renewed morale in the wake of killing enemies. It's a testament to Alistar's ability to be not only powerful and strong, but also a spirited warrior whom invigorates his allies with courage, restoring their vitality as well as their hope. I honestly agree with you OP. Alistar's primary function these days is to be literally a stunbot that does nothing else but soak damage. W>Q is satisfying to pull off occasionally, but when W>Q is the only interesting thing to do with Alistar, it quickly becomes tiresome. It makes you long to do something else once you reach that frontline. But because W>Q is so strong, Alistar gets less and less alternative play potential in exchange for the power of spamming a chain cc over and over again. I have rank 5 mastery with Alistar. I know that doesn't necessarily make me a massive expert on him, but it gives me a good perspective of what playing Alistar feels like. So what does Alistar feel like to me? He feels so dreadfully predictable and monotonous that the **most fun I have with Alistar is when I do everything I possibly can to be more than just a stunbot**. I take him toplane and build AP assassin or bruiser, because being a damage threat in addition to my cc makes me thrilled. I take him support and rush Ardent Censor and Hourglass (after gold income item) because the mass-healing of my team like I'm a tauren shaman feels equally as satisfying as getting in a good W>Q. So as far as I can see, **Alistar is undoubtedly more fun to play when he has the ability to do more than just engage**. And so, again, I would absolutely trade his combo away for a buff to everything else in his kit. Higher AP ratios, total AD scaling, better heals, better Trample damage, better ANYTHING... anything that makes him more than a stunbot. Fucking. Anything.
: If you're referring about an Extra Terrestrial, I may have an idea...
Please share? And yes a thematic extra terrestrial. A SPACE alien.
: Will we ever get a true Space Alien champion?
I very very clearly said SPACE alien guys. A real SPACE alien as a *theme*! Not an alien by technicality but a *thematic* SPACE alien!
: Isn't khazix inspired by xenomorphs?
Maybe lightly inspired but he very much doesn't look as alien as them. He looks very very bug-like in comparison.
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Xonra (NA)
: Not bothering to argue with your attempt at a response, because you are clearly just looking for a fight.
No, I wasn't, but go ahead and think whatever you like.
Xonra (NA)
: I like how whenever people like you come in and make a point to go against the topic, you try to save face with "yeah but you are just gonna downvote me cause I'm not going with the topic" as if that somehow makes it you in the right or on some moral high ground for "Standing up against the majority". You are getting downvoted because people disagree, not just because randomly you aren't "conforming".
You're assuming I commented with a particular scheme in mind. I didn't know humans had telepathy. Who is "people like you"? You're assuming to know who or what I am. That goes beyond telepathy man, you're probing me here. That's unethical, please desist. I am aware that disagreement is the reason for downvotes, I would not have pointed out what I did if that weren't how downvotes are created. I simply acknowledged the fact that, on these boards, if you disagree with an OP that has many upvotes in agreement, any attempt to disagree tends to end in significant downvotes. Because people who agree with the OP are the ones more likely to congregate in the OP's thread than people who disagree. So when someone who disagrees wants to voice disagreement, they are faced with a wave of people who agree with the OP without question. This isn't even how just this thread works, this is basically every post on these forums. I thought it was obvious. So I was pointing out the obvious inevitable conclusion that my argument would be met with, because it is &/or could be a humorous acknowledgement of the futility inherent in dissenting posts. Because let's be honest, a lot if not most of the threads on these forums that become popular are highly likely to turn into circle-jerks. It's practically analogous to being a force of nature.
: The third option would lower the percentages of both the Dynamic Queue and Solo Queue, so it wouldn't have significant impact, as we are only comparing those two options.
Translation: Ignore the control group so that the stats are as inaccurately represented as possible. Good idea :^)
: Strawpoll soloQ vs DynamicQ (Already 80.000 votes
This would only work based off the premise that the majority of people actually agree with you that dynamic is inferior to solo. Sorry to say, but seeing people complain on the forums isn't evidence that the majority of players hate dynamic. There is no way of knowing what millions of people _actually_ prefer, and the fact of the matter is that the forums do not automatically reflect the actual state of the community & game accurately. You can try and pretend that it does with guesstimations and assumptions and "muh upvotes," but you'd be, forgive the pun, grasping at straws. That's just reality. But this isn't what you want to hear because it doesn't conform to your narrative, so I'm going to get downvoted. I accept that.
: Fiddlesticks's New Lore, Abilities, and Voiceover
Lol you made him a viable ADC with that auto attack synergy. Crittlesticks new meta gg
: Whenever I play mid lane Mordekaiser
Last time I spammed mid Morde I didn't really feel any sense of vulnerability. Even if I died, I still always had at least 50% more cs than the opponent from sheer Brazilian agricultural power. So even if they kinda crapped on me, I would still come back with a Crystal Scepter & Trinity Force and one-shot them with a single Q string. :^)
: Comprehensive Summary of the Mid-Year Mage Rework (Brand, Cass, Malz, Vel, Vlad, Zyra)
> [{quoted}](name=Aqua Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=o4gkNRXu,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-20T01:21:59.708+0000) >Malzahar > > AD playstyle will remain. > > More focus on Voidlings. > > AD Malzahar remaining is a huge focus of the update. “[one of my intentions for Malzahar is that AD Malz remains a viable build for players to currently enjoy.]( I'd say it's likely to remain distinct from AP Malz.”
Sohleks (NA)
: Could make that bonus speed from AP for self use only. The ADC gets the flat effect. Come on rocket Lulu is fun and by late it's not so harmful on her (I think) She has special animations zipping on her staff so it makes sense a little. They might bite with this compromise.
Or they could do the opposite, which would tone down solo lane Lulu while not invalidating her primary reasons for going into a solo lane. Her scaling on W is largely irrelevant to her primary laning power, but essential when she starts supporting her team.
: Who doesn't build AP as lulu?..even when support most people go AP because thats what she benefits most from
Unless you run full gold seals & quints, an AP support will never come close to having enough AP to be as meaningful a threat as though they were a solo laner with CS. And if you run gold runes you will have an armor deficit that will let the enemy bot lane wreck you if you get caught even once. It's a massive risk/reward dynamic where the reward for taking the risk isn't even as rewarding as actually cs'ing in a solo lane, and not taking the risk makes you the most irrelevant on your team come late game.
: To all the people arguing saying "Oh lulu lane isnt that bad just leave it alone.", just think about if other supports had enough damage and waveclear to be viable mid lane. Do you know fast people would beg Riot to shut down {{champion:40}} mid if they made her shield give AP, increase her Q and W base damage so she has safe wave clear and unbelievable poke? The same people defending Lulu mid would defend Janna mid because it would be so obnoxious a small child could play that lane, never die, and maybe even get kills due to tilting the hell out of their enemy with an incredibly boring and obnoxious lane. And then of course with all of your utility you just go into teamfights and do Janna things as you chunk 3 people for 30% hp with a Q. It sounds stupid, but thats what Lulu lane does and its unfair to other champions.
Lmao, a support being able to survive in lane and cs if they're skilled apparently means they are OP and should be trashed from solo lanes, "cause reasons". Solo lane supports will never have the same damage as a pure mage or assassin. Having a safe lane means they are unlikely to get kills, and also unlikely to out cs their opponent. But waaaaaaaah, you can't kill them therefore it's toxic even though they'll never kill you in lane and never at any point in the game deal as much damage as you even if you both have 6 items. Cry more and get hit by telegraphed tornadoes, bruh :^) I hope Riot buffs Janna's ratios just to see how many people are incapable of dodging one of the most dodge-able skillshots in the game.
: Riot will you please just delete the AP ratio from Lulu's whimsy and stop messing with support Lulu?
Sick of supports getting nerfed cause of their solo lanes? Well I'm getting really sick supports nerfed into no longer being able solo lane. **Really. Fucking. Sick.** I want to be capable of cs'ing and carrying my team with high-powered utility, which I cannot do when babying an ADC (unless I'm Bard, of course). But no, "waaaaaah! sups in solo lanes r OP! plox nerf lotz!!!" And Riot just complies with it. "Okay fam, we'll nerf em good so they're useless in solo AND bot lane! Whooo!" God damn I am sick of this shit.
: "dont end"
Hubris is deadly.
: I played against an off-meta lane
I played a lot of Nunu this month & last, and AP Nunu middle is pretty hilariously trolly. People tend to question me on my team like, "Srsly, Nunu mid? ff@20." Then enemy laner thinks I'm a joke, but then reconsiders after being hit with 100+ snowballs while watching me farm between double to tripple their cs. They try to get me in ganks, but either I kill someone and die or get away. I once fought an Ahri that was apparently so mad that she switched lanes with the top laner, and all their top laner did was build full MR, so we couldn't do anything to one another, lul. AP Nunu snowballs during skirmishes are so funny, it's the ultimate catch with 40% CDR perma-slow. Flash -> Ulting into their team after everyone's blown nearly all their abilities is so satisfying. The way they scatter or futilely attempt to kill me before it goes off is breathtaking. And then of course there's the extra smite on Consume to help the jungler secure dragon or baron, lololololol. And even if I'm losing, I still spam laugh. Don't stop believin', hold on to that feelin'.
: When it's 55 min into your last promo game and the ADC gets caught out..
But the ADC survives being caught because they bought {{item:3053}} :^) And you go on to win the game
: Can we please get rid of Quinn top?
Every since they removed her melee-stance ultimate, it never felt satisfying to play her in top lane. I agree that she really shouldn't exist up there anymore. She can't be a fun late-game auto attack bruiser anymore, so... fuck it. Nerf it.
: They should honestly change what the spell does For example Triumphant roar Increases alistar move speed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 3 seconds and speeding his allies up by 50% that value, the move speed bonus is doubled when moving toward an enemy champion
That would be cool. But it still wouldn't proc Ardent Censor or Winspeaker's :(
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CryoGX (NA)
: What Taric's Rework Needs
Fabulousness? Flamboyancy? Yes. Gay? No.
: The only issue I can see with this is, pretty much all AP champions don't really benefit from Lifesteal, but most AD champions will benefit from both Lifesteal and Spellvamp. This would be ridiculous on Jax and such.
Then maybe it should give you Lifesteal & Spellvamp based upon your bonus AD and AP, in addition to the normal increase during intervals of missing health. So then AD champions would only get a little itty bitty spellvamp but primarily lifesteal, and vice versa for AP champions. Hybrid champions (that build both AP & AD, rather than just dealing both physical & magical dmg) would get both lifesteal & spellvamp, but it would be lesser of each than if they had pure AD or AP.
: Can Aurelion Sol's passive NOT be visible when hes in a bush?
As long as he is revealed when the passive deals damage from brush, then hiding it is totally K.
: What I am saying is Corki is better than most Mages, there is no reason to pick a mage instead of Corki because Corki has much better build paths and stronger power spike while doing similar job better.
He has no CC. Therefore if he is nerfed, he will never be viable mid lane over other mages, and his bot lane will be hurt. Other mages should be buffed, rather than another champion getting nerfed.
: Corki is outclassing AP Mid laners
No. There is nothing wrong with an ADC being capable of doing a solo lane. However, mages in general should be buffed on a case-by-case basis if they aren't performing **as well as** Corki and other non-mage midlaners.
GlockHammer (EUNE)
: Suggestion; Keep the players muted ingame muted in post game lobby.
I also use the mute button often. It's kind of sad that this game's playerbase is so toxic that we have to treat it like a single-player game sometime, but meh, oh well.
: The boards confuse me, is it a tank meta, an assassin meta, a sated meta, or an ADC meta?
Yeah I honestly come on the boards and get a bit frustrated as well. I see thread after thread about balance problems, but when I go to ban champions I still don't even know what to ban because it seems like the boards suggest at least 30 different champions to be banned. ADCs in multiple lanes? ADCs must be OP (or maybe some of them are just capable of playing solo lanes without being trashed). Sated junglers are carrying games?! Sated Devourer is OP (or maybe some junglers reliant upon Sated Devourer are capable of not getting trashed if they play smart). Omfg these assassins are snowballing all over the place! Assassins are OP (or maybe their kits are just "toxic" and since they don't automatically get trashed anymore, they can sometimes carry games in a frustrating manner).
Wolfess (NA)
: Sol's Q can infinitely grow to the size of a universe.
I think his appearance on the Rift is an avatar rather than his actual self. Otherwise he would be the size of the entire map, be the announcer, and be able to smote anyone so the game goes however he wants it to go. I mean, he's literally a godlike entity, so it wouldn't make sense otherwise.
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