Seven10 (NA)
: Nerf Lee Sin
What is this, 2013?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v1kfYLkg,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-18T16:51:51.845+0000) > > If Vayne was maxing W I think you'd have a point. > > She's not. She's maxing Q. She's not building to kill tanks, she's building to burst squishies. > > That's a problem. Vayne has always maxed Q.
I'm positive that isn't the case. Back in season 3 or 4 max w was the meta.
: a tank up until last week, lol.
People tried to play him the intended way =P
Elindiir (NA)
: My thoughts are that we haven't had a new full blown assassin since 2012...
What's {{champion:245}}, chopped liver?
Grêysoul (EUW)
: How to counter Yasuo?
: "Stay Positive!"
Ranked is fun.
Kshaway (NA)
: Heimeerdinger Support
Heimer is a bit too item reliant to really be a strong support pick. And, to an extent, it's very hard to really take advantage as an un-gankable pusher in a duo lane for a host of reasons. I've played the majority of champions as support and his was one of the worst.
: When Kled is legendary
Always is in my games. And on the enemy team. {{item:3070}}
D3m37r1 (NA)
: atleast it's allowed there
: Petition to add Cactus to Rammus's related section on his Lore Page
Romeo and Juliet was about a week-long teenage fling that killed like 9 people. Wasn't really romantic.
: I sure hope that it is a Support roster update... perhaps the class that needs it the most since it is the least satisfying and the single biggest reason that the queues are so long.
I mean, I think it was kind of the first, back before it was an official kinda thing. Remember when they added utility scaling? Didn't really do much since supports can't really buy a lot of ap but it was a thing. They do minor things for the class every season or so so it's something.
: Hi guys! I main Yasuo.
Hey! That's cool man. I hate fighting him but I've mained {{champion:16}} for years now so I can't really complain too much.
: God damn the weebs are back with their cringe inducing requests
"I don't know how to explain my opinion so I'm going to use some unrelated insult."
: Can Taric have his ability to duel back now?
Yeah, that shit was funny. I miss that.
: 2000+ Games as Akali. Riot & community, can you read what I have to say about her update?
I hope they listen. Ignored every single player when it came to Soraka for a year now, even when Riot was proven wrong and the players right time and time and time again. #stillsalty
: My friend believes the Jungle Role is worthless, I believe the opposite is true.
Henngest (EUNE)
: How do I prove it to my friends that I deserve my rank?
: I'll go play Overwatch thanks...
I liked the part where you suggested Blizzard wasn't a shit company. Hah.
: Tanks-Support Tanks-Acceptable Tank Supports-Off-tank supports
Nautilus is a little closer to a true tank support, but decidedly he is not as tanky without items compared to specifically Leona, who shares a similar kit and role as kill-tank. However, naut can pull out a bit more damage to a single target and cc, and is significantly better at disrupting a lot of enemies at once. Also, Sion is a very high winrate support ing plat+, so he's certainly effective... Illaoi's real weakness is that she can only prevent damage by zoning or dealing a lot of damage. Having more opponents allows greater ult potential. A perfect fight is when she counter-engages (like Zyra), and the enemy must either stay in the ult too long or back out... It really only works if her adc also has a very firm grasp of Illaoi and, as is always true of Illaoi, the enemy makes a mistake for her to punish. Also, she is very item reliant, and will fall of mid-lategame. Malphite, and to a lesser extent Galio, are a bit too ult-reliant to work in a duo lane unless they're against a passive support like Janna or Soraka.
: @Meddler What are your thoughts on Lulu right now?
I kind of play her a little like Janna. I have been maxing w, then e, then q, and rushing ardent censer. I dunno, works great for me.
Zetto (NA)
: To anyone concerned about akali/fizz/shaco regarding their upcoming preseason changes.
As a Soraka main, my concerns were completely validated. They only made her slightly weaker whilst making the first 10 minutes phenomenally boring for everyone involved by making her ability to fight worse without touching her passive sustain.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: When your teemo top laner goes "gg no tank"
I'd rather everyone play champs they know than try to fill team roles with champs they can't play.
: Oh shit i meant to say draft/ranked not just ranked. I like to do things people dont think is good but work after i test them. This sounds weird but when feral flare came out i picked yi and got told he is bad. I won 14 games in a row with yi in ranked as jungle with feral flare and sent from silver 2 to gold 5 in one day.
Like I said, I personally don't see the problem, especially since if you're not in at least diamond it really doesn't make a damn bit of difference to be completely honest. A bunch of random people who aren't at least that good are not going to be able to take advantage of those weaknesses, and throwing the enemy team off their groove probably has more effect than the actual pick itself. My jungle {{champion:86}} kicks ass too, even though I see why it's not really that good (extremely easy to counterjungle early game being the primary reason, but almost nobody figures that out). If it's just a normal, I honestly don't think it matters whether or not they _are_ upset. As long as you're genuinely trying to win and not flaming people, then they can deal.
Zepper (NA)
: @Meddler When exactly do you plan on removing Plants if it turns out to be a failure?
: Season 7 Botlane
It can _work_ now, but it's difficult. And the itemization isn't getting wildly better in terms of raw power, it's getting better in terms of interesting decisions. Supports probably won't be much stronger after the preseason as before, even with the price drops.
: Riot, Akali mains are speaking, You said you would cater to us, Then listen to us.
If they listen to you after blatantly ignoring us {{champion:16}} mains and Riot being proven clearly wrong, I'd both be upset and hopeful.
: If i queue as "bot" in ranked can I play tanks, bruisers, and mages?
The real question: if you want to play tanks, bruisers, and mages, why not queue literally any other role where those champions are the norm? I personally wouldn't be bothered too much by it, but others would be. I mean, my {{champion:122}} support is awesome, but I'm not gonna do it in ranked because it's far more annoying to people who are trying to climb.
: The passive will NEVER be wasted with how often his Q spam will happen. Heck that's the main reason you buy it vs pantheon.
Oh, I didn't know the passive worked on single-target spells too. Shows how much I play top =P Still, if you're getting poked faster than the meager regen is ticking, it still won't help. Potions will give you the health faster, if you're having a very hard time. If you have some sort of built-in sustain, it might still be enough. If you are grabbing the biscuit mastery, you will get a total of 720 health extra in the 4 other potions. That would take the extra regen on doran's shield 10 minutes to regen. Also, potions are more useful if he or the jungler engages on you, as the ticking will be happening faster when you're taking the damage. Still, if you're fairly sure you've got the sustain and you wanna try to stay in lane a long time and stop him from taking the tower, you may consider the shield. Mundo comes to mind. Then again, Mundo probably doesn't have much of a problem against pantheon in the first place. EDIT: also, rejuvination bead will grant more or better regen on high base champs like Sion, Darius, and Illaoi, and you could buy {{item:1029}} {{item:1006}} {{item:2003}}. I don't think I ever would, but it would pretty much emulate doran's shield on the right champ for the same cost but still build into something later ({{item:2053}} into {{item:3512}} incidentally uses both, if you're considering it as a first item. Not sure if anyone would, but it's an option.
: You won't keep up in terms of regen, you could buy more pots sure but it would really depend on the champ tbh cause blocking some of the damage(Shield passive) with it's free regen can keep up all lane and mid game long compared to extra pots and cloth which his corrupting pot might just out sustain. And once you're out of pots he's back in business. But it really depends on the champ cause some don't even grab armor items making the cloth less favorable.
My main thought was just that the passive would be somewhat wasted. He does USE autos, but it's a small amount of his damage AFAIK. Having {{summoner:12}} can alleviate the problem of running out of pots, since you can back and tp back in when you run out of health and pots.
: How to get out of bronze
Have you been in bronze? You can definitely get out of bronze on a toaster with the school's shitty wifi.
: You're forgetting that players are "human". These "humans" tend to have "emotions". It just so happens that not everyone can control them in the middle of a tight game. Setting the standard at "never rage, never toxic, never feed" is going to lead you to nothing but disappointment. It's best to design a system with human nature in mind, as opposed to forcing people to change their very nature to fit this absurd system. Low Priority queues, loss of seasonal rewards (that you worked hard for and _earned_ through skill), chat restrictions, permanent bans for some measly shit you said in chat, no hextech loot, etc. etc. etc. It's just one shackle after another. And it'll keep on coming, and coming, and coming. And as long as you have that attitude, you'll keep sucking it up and taking it in the ass, one punishment after another. It's time the system was redesigned not to punish toxicity, but to preemptively eliminate it. Give me fucking voice comms so that my teammates feel humanized, so that I can hear their voices and know that they are real people. Give me sandbox mode so I we can all practice our flashes and not throw games over stupid shit. Fix matchmaking so that people with high win streaks don't purposefully get matched on the same team as people with loss streaks. There's lots of shit you can do to fix toxicity that isn't "more bans" or "more restrictions". Telling people to "never be toxic" is not one of them. If anything, it actually makes you seem like an elitist, condescending, pretentious, holier-than-thou fuckwit.
Human behavior is highly changeable, and doing so in the correct manner will improve your winrate and also make the game more fun for yourself and everyone else. So yeah, never be toxic. Few actually achieve "never," but those that stop making excuses for it and actually try to change get a hell of a lot closer. I've played extensively for four years and have not gotten a single punishment of any kind. Hell, I HAVE been toxic on occasion, but it's so rare that I haven't been punished. I mean, if someone said "well people are gonna miss skillshots sometimes and there's nothing you can do so you might as well stop casting spells," that would be weird, wouldn't it?
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Any items I should consider for Sion
{{item:3068}} is killer, but of course redundant in the jungle. If you're support, {{item:3190}} is unfortunately the best item you can buy regardless of champion. I still don't buy it a lot out of rebellion, but I know that failing to do so is sub-optimal. Thankfully, that is probably changing next patch. []( is a great source.
: To be fair, Tibbers would still be effective if they swapped AI. The AoE Nuke and (usually) stun that comes with him is often enough to get the job done.
Which actually makes it more sad, when you think about it.
: People don't want to play Supports
It takes a special kind of person. That said, I tend to get a lot of praise for my games. Then again, maybe it just feels that way because I'm basing it on my other games... which are almost always support.
: from what i under stand we are getting a tank or support class update next. Also i think there is an updated {{champion:12}} on the pbe right now.
Some item changes and the ali rework. Removal of locket aura and reduction of other item costs, so that's nice. More interesting items and more of them.
: ok thanks! Also how do i play if my jungle is negative diamond 5 and doesnt understand what warding is? where do i ward if i know i will not get any other vission as a mid laner?
Pick one side and try to lean towards it. So, if you ward on the left, stay on the left. You will either have vision of them or they will have longer to walk because they have to go all the way through the lane. Also, it's usually better to ward into the river, not the bush, with the exception of junglers who can go over the wall easily (such as {{champion:64}} or {{champion:76}}). Counterpicking is somewhat advanced, but if you know you're fighting a gank-heavy champ like Lee or Voli, long-ranged champs like Lux are good options since you can stay further back and have a shorter run to the tower.
: > [{quoted}](name=HDNW,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MrPVEz66,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-30T20:06:48.068+0000) > > How to stop dying: > -know what your champion can and can't do > > > -> -If enemy is stronger than you, play safe and build defensive. Ping your team when the enemy goes M.I.A and just shove your wave to enemy tower ping your team. Im unranked, pinging my team makes them continue doing crab and not coming to help even when its a 100% free kill. But the enemy can be stronger then me if i feed him right? what do i do to not die at lvl 1-3 as a mage ?
He means to ping MIA so they don't roam and get more kills. NEVER expect your jungler to help you when you're losing, especially if you fall behind. From the jungler's point of view, it's more likely to bring them further back than to bring you up. Try to hold the tower until tower FB is gotten, then let it fall. As a toplaner, {{summoner:12}} is a MUST. Also, _Don't. Play. Tilted._ Tilt is probably the number one reason you will feed, because you start to lose focus while also trying harder to carry - meaning you play really aggressively really poorly. After two losses in a row or one particularly rough game, give it a rest, play an aram or look at dog videos or something. Don't go back into it until you're feeling confident. I personally watch some of my favorite league youtubers - especially Foxdrop - because it both makes me excited to try to carry, puts me back in the right mindset, and gives me something to focus on improving. Foxdrop in particular is an educational channel and he can give a lot of tips for specific issues - [like how to die less.]( I tend to look up something that focuses on what I'm currently having issues with. And remember, the goal is to _improve_ in order to _win_, not _win_ in order to prove that you're improving. You will play poorly some games and carry others. Accept that and try to figure out what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.
: why would you not take your CC at lvl 1?
When most of your power budget is in another ability. Same holds true for {{champion:267}} - [you wanna start W]( {{champion:40}} can actually do some level 1 trades with her shield, since it's a lot of shield and ad rolled into one button. Immediately stops working at level 2, but still.
Roby6969 (EUNE)
: Is it really worth to onetrick?
If you wanna onetrick, make sure you also are good at at least one other very similar champion or hard counter to the first that has very low pick/ban, and preferably a third, and are competent in a safe pick or two for a secondary role. For example, my main is {{champion:16}}, secondary is {{champion:267}} (which is awesome, since Nami has a great winrate against Soraka, isn't as popular, and is extremely similar in playstyle). So, if Soraka's picked or banned, I can still do really well. [That's how I climbed to gold this season with relatively few games.]( It becomes unlikely that BOTH your top two are picked or banned, but it can happen, especially if your a hypercarry kind of player (which is honestly a good idea.) Then you may have to be very good at several champions (so {{champion:238}}, {{champion:157}}, AND {{champion:55}}). If you onetrick a multi-role champ like {{champion:111}}, you can keep playing a champ you're good at in your main and secondary roles. Make sure your champ is both fun and fits your playstyle. Typically, your favorite champ will be your favorite champ _because_ they fit your playstyle, even if you don't consciously think about it.
Kryptone (EUNE)
: Champions you feel unfair to play against. (1v1)
For me? {{champion:240}}. He's almost never picked and the stats say his winrate is not especially high, but I'm yet to see him lose in my games. I'm not even a toplaner, so it's not like I'm always the one feeding him. Then again, the only time I didn't see him leave lane with something like 7/1 is when I WAS top. As {{champion:92}}. A lane and champ I have practically no idea how to play. He did still leave 3/1, but that's more reasonable. Maybe I just so happen to only get top laners who don't know what to do when behind when I am against him. Small data pool, it could happen. I still think the ability to get almost your _entire health bar_ back by going ham is...
: What support is easy and fun
Depends on your tier, to be honest. In bronze and lower silver, people typically can't dodge. {{champion:53}} is a god. Once you get above that, you actually have to understand the champion a bit to get grabs - though he'll still work. {{champion:89}} is up there. Just get tanky and engage as much as possible (when your team can follow up, of course). Go {{item:2049}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3110}} every game and you'll do dandy. Make sure you grab Bond of Stone. And you feel like a badass because nobody can kill you. {{champion:111}} can be played in exactly the same way, if you prefer. Doubles/triples as a top or jungle once you get decent at him. Slightly harder, I think, but not much. His tankyness is slightly more based on items, but tanks are still tanks. He has more CC to chain with, and he's got a bit more damage, so his kill potential is easier to achieve, but survival is slightly harder. {{champion:1}} is a classic. {{champion:12}} is fun if you really enjoy interrupting people. {{champion:37}} is pretty lategame - gotta pick your fights well in early game or you'll make your adc fall behind (supports don't really fall behind, to be honest.)
: well i hear they all are if you buy them enough drinks
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I know Daisy is just a piece of rock
Daisy's AI is probably the main reason Ivern can't do anything. That, and her stats. I don't know why Tibbers' is so so so much better when they practically do the same thing...
: Top lane is the worst lane to carry from
Crush your lane as hard as you can and either force the jungler to camp (and kill him too{{champion:122}}) and/or start taking towers. Splitpushing has to be timed with the rest of your team getting other objectives, of course - you do have to communicate via pings and probably chat more so than other ways of carrying. Or, you could just play someone like {{champion:68}} or {{champion:62}} with awesome teamfight potential, or even {{champion:41}} who can kinda do both. Also, do not underestimate the power of engage in yoloQ! Many of the best engagers have a home in toplane {{champion:58}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:54}}. And just remember - not all teams are carryable. Just try not to think that way and tilt yourself XD
: Or you can just do the reasonable thing which NOONE does for some dumb reason, start with a doran shield.
Isn't most of his damage spells? I'd think {{item:1029}} {{item:2003}} would be more effective.
: why does support always have to change champ?
Team comp is not important until the highest tiers or in team play. Admittedly, sometimes, if someone asks me to be a tank I sometimes switch to {{champion:89}}, but only if it sounds fun to me. She is one of my best champs, after all. If someone asks me for a specific support I don't wanna play, I don't switch. I figure, if they're gonna be rude because of that, they were gonna be rude anyway; you need to carry even harder then. Just pick your best. Other players that you've never met have _no idea_ what champs you're good with. {{champion:37}} is one of the highest winrate supports ([source]( )) and I've played a ton of games with her - she's my [fourth highest mastery points](, and one of my oldest supports. I'm still pretty darn awful with her. My {{champion:117}} is much much better and I have less than half the points on her.
FormationX (EUNE)
: Make a champion skillset out of existing skills
{{champion:16}} passive {{champion:16}} W {{champion:37}} W {{champion:267}} W {{champion:16}} R What's an "interact?"
: bump, this still hasn't been fixed. just had a veigar kill my adc because of this bug
Rebonack (NA)
: So old AP Kog was 'unhealthy' despite having a nearly zero pick rate
They meant "unhealthy" as in either OP or UP at any given point with no in between. I happen to disagree, but that was the argument.
: First time Syndra players in ranked
Only issue with the system is switching... I don't play most champions, but I can pick then switch. I do it regularly. Also, heck, I've played Syndra about three times and did fine. She's not hard.
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