: [Discussion]: How to fix Glacials
Olaf is technically the new Ashe from set 1 but way worse since when he use his ability you can no longer stop him with any form of CC.
: What happens when you have a 2 Star with 3 Complete items and make it into a 3star with an item
Pop off the last item added to the main champion which his the one with the most item. So technically it is the item of the character with one item.
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: It perfectly shows how incredibly trash the rng is in this game.
Can happen like any card game because it is a card game at his base. It happen in poker, magic, hearthstone...
Manxxom (NA)
: This is why Ocean buff and tear of the goddess exists. More mana counters less mana
The problem is that poison is way too easy to spread because of Singed which even if you equip mana item your other champ become useless also.
Brolando (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sire Hippington,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=bAl4uOJN,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-08T13:55:38.074+0000) > > Full tank zed, got warmongs, redemption and dragons claw(last oponent had a mage setup so he needed mr) > He simply wouldn't die and kept makeing shadows that also made shadows > When the last fight ended, i had ~10 Zeds on the field... > also, he had 3electro, 3assasin and 3 summoner boost... That's interesting, I thought Zed might want something like IE but you actually build him as a tank? Do items carry over to his shadow clones? Also are Summoners in general like this? I thought about building damage on them but it doesn't seem very strong, except for Azir, he's really strong with rage blade and Shojin.
You can give frozen heart to your zed to fuck up their attack speed / mana gain since his clone also own any item into his pool
: New champion collection is a bad idea
The first set was horrible, this set have way more options to go which make your choose have an impact.
: Olaf is just soloing at two stars.
Last time I have see this build the olaf just try to kill my tiber and fail doing so. It is more the item which make him stupidly op
: Can be "abused" by harassing your teamates to try to make them quit. Unlikely to work most of the time but some people might do it.
Or by skin or rp trading. Just by the fact there is stuff like time saver which is a form of cheat exist proof that people will be also willing to do it.
: Is it fair that if someone AFKs, everybody that is on the Losing team loses LP?
Fair? No but if they remove it then it will be easy to abuse it which is probally why they keep it.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NaughtyWord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yMxAIE72,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-10-21T10:54:50.366+0000) > > Then make that argument, but the idea that she's somehow more safe than Kai'sa is ludicrous. > > Pros pick {{champion:145}} over {{champion:22}} for many reasons, but primarily because Kai'sa can deliver her damage far more safely than Ashe. This is also why Ezreal is a pro-favorite in spite of the fact of his terrible winrate Diamond+ 75 more base attack range. High range poke with Volley that's near impossible to miss. Frozen mallet on steroids for a passive Free vision through Hawkshot Stun arrow ultimate with a very generous hitbox and very generous base damage.   I fail to see where Kai'Sa is safer, especially in lane. If we're talking pro play here, teams usually draft around their marksman and actually peel for carries.   Riot buffed Ashe simply to boost skin sales. They don't even try to hide it anymore it's sickening.
Still she isnt bursted, her utility is what make her good even if you lose your lane you can still be useful for your team. A good stun for your other lane carry and the map awareness is sometime all your need when you have other player who can diss out dmg.
: TFT Duo
I just got 3 duo team, it wasnt hard to see when you are plat and get silver and bronze into the mix.
: The RNG makes me want to jump out a moving car
Well i guess that what you want is similar to any other trying to run like draven jinx and some knight/brawler or assassin which everyone trying to get right.
: Can people not get 3+ 3-stars while other's get none?
If you go knight/brawler/assassin dont dream too much about getting one of those since everyone roll those and it will happen for the carry of those build. If it all about when you choose to roll your econ, i can get mage without any problem generally
: You can position against it, and there are team comps that can outright dismember the parts of the team that matter. For example, A team with a Draven/Kayle/Kindred generally can ALWAYS guarantee the Akali dies IF they are placed correctly. The build is also HEAVILY reliant on Carousel picking of Gloves/BF swords, so you should be trying to take them. I've also had a team build early proccing Aurelian Sol, which nukes half the team. Glacial has a high ruin potential of said build. Trust me. It's not NEAR as reliable as Noble used to be. It'll get you to the top 3. But after that, sometimes there's just a better comp.
If you are 1v1 against an assassin comp on the last man standing just turn around your full team and put your tank in the backline and profit. Also mage are quite effective against assassin like morgana and support your team with Lulu.
A Goguma (NA)
: I just got done with a game, no lie...all 3 of players went 6 brawlers....multiple 3 star brawlers, 4 voids...WTF is this stupid ass RNG riot? You guys said balancing...that aint balanced....one game 0 brawlers...next game there are 18 brawlers with multiple tier 3s on the map at once....
Or you could do like me and run Aatrox mage and one shot most of their team comp XD
: Stuck With River Sprite. No Little Legend Egg is There.
You can get 2 egg via twitch prime and if you are lucky enough into your lootbox(chest)
Thilmer (EUW)
: Can we do something about pirates?
The goal of pirate isnt to keep them but gain a small amount of gold but since orb can give gold, it make them more meh unit group. They got good transition unit but that mostly it.
: Has anyone ever got a tier 3 5 cost unit?
Happen to me one time during the initial launch. 3 star Yasuo just destroys everyone without problem.
: Can we please adjust the yordle buff?
The 6 yordle dodge rate is the same than before, they get nerf by 5% the 3 yordle and add the yordle item because of the 9 yordle team.
: Agreed. Kai'sa is really overrated for something that's average in the first place.
Mostly because she have the lcs big game play profile like Lee Sin because she have a overloaded kit.
: Then obviously you have **NEITHER **encountered a proper glacial comp **nor **actually build a proper glacial comp yourself.
People wouldnt run glacial that much if wild/shapeshifter wasn’t there in every freaking game.
: Why are Gunslingers getting a 50% buff to their trait?
It isnt because gunslinger cant perform well the problem is Shapeshifters are freaking everywhere and melt any squishy adc without problem which force people to counter with glacial and glacial force yordle and yordle force wild/shapeshifter.
: > [{quoted}](name=DracosKasu,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=A31F1ZeY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-01T11:24:07.241+0000) > > Not to only that but he got the exile tag on a 2 cost unit which implies he will get a shield from the start like yasuo. master yi, lux and Ezreal has been the most popular champ in league even riot admitted that. i am surprise they werent introduce to league.
Lux will come close to Sol for her ult that probally why, make her didnt use her Lazer wouldnt be Lux. Ezreal could be something like a 3 star unit with tag - Explorer which could be fill your highest synergy but cant count as 2 of the same. Well a jack-of-all-trade unit. For Yi well he totally a blademaster that for sure but I dont see him with the exile tag but could be a new sub-group with Jax for example.
Hamerfal (EUNE)
: Haven't seen neeko's help since the new patch.
I have got neeko help 2 times since the patch but with all the 2 star shyv I see per game, I can tell that people get the item.
Ventira (NA)
: the 7 seconds on yi is way too strong to being immune to stun, as stun is functionally the only cc in TFT. make it 3.
Not to only that but he got the exile tag on a 2 cost unit which implies he will get a shield from the start like yasuo.
psyscho (NA)
: wow a stacked carry that can delete an entire team before a single stun can happen? name them and how you can get that through all the RNG bliss your experiencing and i will gladly concede to you. But since you want to mill over how your wrong and your only point that disproves what i said is delete the character before they have a chance to pull of the BS, im pretty much gonna let you continue with what im assuming is being that one prick who uses this to its full abuse and cant win any way. Its fine I get it why fix something if it means being bad again.
Last time i beat glacial it was with yordle and mage team, still i hate way more Shyv / dragon team since she can delete most of your team by herself and got a over-reduction magic dmg which happen to be most of the ability of every team.
: Petition to have Teemo joining TFT Yordle roster
I kinda wish they have add teemo over Kai’sa as a ranger/assassin since she have way too spotlight.
: Yordles.
Yorgle have been nerf in this patch the only difference is you can get a 9 stack ehich is only possible if you get 3 spatula and 3 glove. If you have trouble with them just build 4 wild and voila they can no longer dodge.
: LOL 1v1's prove nothing btw i killed a garen building mr only as zoe in 1V1 so should zoe be balanced around one shotting juggernauts because of that?
Still you cant compare nid one shot with Zoe mainly because Nid use to 1 shot and have the ability to escape gank. If you catch Zoe off-guard she will die than you have nid which poly then run away by leaping than heal herself back since she can. Let no forget her invisible spear
AlexDrey (NA)
: {{champion:110}}{{champion:25}} {{champion:22}}{{champion:113}}{{champion:201}}{{champion:89}} {{champion:203}}{{champion:82}} {{champion:145}}+ {{item:3022}}
No real reason to run kaisa better run vayne so she will stick with kindred + ult. The reason is simple assassin alway go in the back line so as kai’sa.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: did she have 3 dcaps and 6 sorcs?
You should give her shojin and turn her into a mage, she can just auto ult.
Thilmer (EUW)
: If they wanted a 5 stars ranger, Twitch could be ranger+hextech, or something like that.
You cant add an hextech with a ranger tag because it will be the ultimate lockdown team. I did 4 demon which both ashe and kindred have the demon item just kindred alone could ult 3 time in a round it was kinda funny to see.
: Kindred is a 4 cost ranger. Not every class has to be represented in 5 cost, or even necessarily should be. And even if you do want a 5 cost ranger, pick an actual ranger champion!
But kindred dmg is bad compare to ashe and varus. Her main use mostly come from phantom buff and her ult to protect your carry ranger which is why I dont see Kai’sa as a main threat since she will jump behind.
: Buff Gankplank
Could be a risky move since he is blademaster and gunslingers but for some reason I will buff is movement speed because he is way slower then any other unit when he move from hex to hex.
: Glacial needs changed or add an item to stop the absurd CC the comp has.
The item is on the pbe, it is crafted with the glove
: My last friend finally quit this game
No wonder there some good game release currently and with borderland 3 it will just get worse. Currently most of my time is on Fire Emblem and Astral Chain and other play wow classic why waste my time on a broken game when i can have actual fiun
: > Late Game: If you've gotten a kayle you've probably won, unless the enemy is play glacials or heavy cc/burst Redbuff gunslingers or aoe with morello counter them. Not as hard as before, but still quite hard. And guardians are weaker now if you don't get 3rd one > -Swain - This one unit will single-handedly win you the game. He's almost guaranteed to get 2 ults off in a round (unless you kill him before his first ult) Without some mana items or demon buff procs he will most probably die first, or will be the last one standing against enemy team. But yeah, stacked with deathcap, yuumi and a tank item he can solo win the fight if he actually ults. Also he sometimes ults when only 1 enemy is in range, which results in wasting the ult > Evelynn I saw her failing to kill her target (Jinx) with her ult. She then picked another target, and 10%hp Jinx survived, got 2 takedowns and wiped the enemy team, that was nice. Same problem with Pyke, but at least he stuns everyone. Anyway, I didn't see even one successfull comp with Eve since demon rework > have any of you actually seen a pantheon die? I had. But yeah, his ult just lasts for so long, and it removes aggro from him, so he usually dies last. > level 2 kayle She takes too much time to charge her ult without items, but if you somehow get yuumi, shojin and rageblade on her, its almost autowin. Of course this requires actually getting lvl2 kayle in the first place. The only time I got lvl2 kayle I got her shojin and rageblade and I lost because zephyr randomly chose her 3 times in a row so she didn't ult fast enough
Zephyr doesn’t pick a random target it generally goes to the opposite area of the item holder. If there no target it will choose the closest one.
Exin0 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GravenFear,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=tEQhIJ0I,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-02T01:18:25.373+0000) > > To quote another user: > > 3. Glacials > -If they have glacials you've probably lost no matter what team you have. One of two things are going to happen: 1. Your team is frozen the whole fight and you get the wonderful (<-sarcasm) experience of sitting back and watching your extremely powerful team do nothing as they die 2. You burst them down and if by some heaven-sent luck your burst champions don't get frozen you need to kill them before the fight drags on or outcome #1 happens. > -This is very poor design since there is no counter to being frozen and it completely takes control away from the player > And dont forget to add that seju, liss and ashe are freezing with abilities on top of freezing from synergy bonus. I dont know who thinks that group with most stunners need passive aa stuns as bonus. Glacial have no weakness they have damage dealers, stunners and quite tough frontline to crack.
I did well vs glacial with a Yorgle team since you have a 60% dodge rate. Sure it isn’t perfect but they have decent synergy. My main issue with Glacial mostly come from Sej AoE stun. Sure ashe is strong but she is mostly the main dmg unit of the team.
: The Jungle
The jungle is trash since the plant have been add, they never been able to make it fun without making it painless to the laner.
: It would be great to be able to surrender from the start, at least in normal.
Just because you queue into normal, it doesn’t make it okay. Leaving a game result to free win round to a player and remove a comeback to someone who need to beat you (if they choose to remove you like a death).
: "derrrr it's so easy to counter. it's so easy that I play vi and jinx every game because hextech not op derrrrr"
Vi is a good brawler overall even without hex bonus. Jinx is one of the hyper carry and a gunslinger you can run her without hex bonus also. If both player run hex and hit the opponent carry the fight will alway resume to which of them have the best synergy.
: I don't know, I don't have a problem with it. I just haven't been stacking all my items on one character as often and it's been fine for me.
Most of the complaint generally come from people who use hyper carry in most of their winning. Sure hex and phantom are high roll potential but it doesn’t make you instant win if you have a good frontline you can generally survive the 8 sec debuff from hex like you can survive a lost unit from phantom debuff.
: I keep seeing people say cheating is rampant but is there proof somewhere because i have yet to see these cheaters or they are doing a bad job of it
You can found some just by looking some gameplay from Toast or Scarra, generally speaking they will use bug item interaction.
Neoxxx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=IWrath,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=1GnAGBIP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-15T13:44:38.692+0000) > > It killed diversity? Are you high? Nearly every 9.15 game was essentially just Draven stacked with items and brawlers. > > The addition of Hextech solved the problem of 3 or 4 people in every game building up just a Draven / Cho / Vbear / Gnar / whatever else and requires people to actually be smart on how they use their items, who they put them on, and how they position their team. > > Secondly, the patch just came out. The meta isn't going to drastically shift in a day when people are still experimenting and playing around the shiny new toys and different ways to ultilize them. I can agree with some of your points, but hextech doesnt solve the problem with stacked draven/cho etc, it just kills them (actually, it depends on RNG). And I think you are right. Hextech being new might be the reason for it being so popular right now too.
I dont find hextech that much annoying like many believe. Sure it disable my item sometimes on my carry but I do try to split item around for reduce the chance of mass disable on mu team. It is similar to the phantom debuff when it hit the character which example defend your team. Just be wise and let 1 hexa around item holder.
: Kayle is Literally Game Breaking
Kayle problem isnt her ult, it is more her tag which is noble/knight which is already strong even without her. The bonus def you get from noble is overtune combine it with knight then you get a lot of dmg reduction.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: 1cost units have great value at being 3starred 2cost units as well zed lulu pyke lucian varus have great value for being 3 starred 3 cost units is pretty much only Ashe 4 cost units are extremely hard to get to 3 stars but units like asol and draven scale really well akali too but if you want to go ninjas you are going assassins and by the time you reach akali you already have a very well established carry that you sunk your gold into 5 cost units are near impossible to 3 star so we have this increased 3 cost drop rate that pushes some comps like assassins (due to access of all 6 assassins at 3 cost breakpoint) there are 5 sorcerers at 3 costs breakpoint you can easily spatula your tank into a sorcerer or if you have been tanking all game you have a great chance at the carousel to getting the 6th sorcerer knights have no chance since their 6th knight is a must have (kayle) same for noble the reliance on Kayle is impossible to overcome with a spatula Blademasters are actual dogshit unless you get lucky at the 2nd carousel with aatrox and you still need a strong draven and a yasuo which is an impossible cost to overcome reliably to want to even attempt blademasters so these changes are not better than what we had Yes some people would luck out and get 3stars at lvl 4 but you would still be capable of getting a good enough front line to carry you to your 5cost requirement comps last 2 days it feels awful to 2 star units let alone attempting to 3star them
If you value only ashe as good for a 3 cost then you never use kennen or GP as transition unit which they are good for since kennen is Ninja-Yorgle-Elementalist and GP Pirate-Gunslinger-Blademaster also they provide good AOE vs all in team. 5 cost unit are generally good enough even at late to beat many 2 star champ, still hetting one at 3 star is really rare and only happen once. I do believe there some 2 cost unit which should be move into the 3 cost also.
: I wouldn't buy it for PC in the first place (my laptop is a basic $400 one). I'm more likely to wait until it's free from my Games with Gold subscription for Xbox. That said, I believe Epic Games is being extremely hypocritical with their choices on exclusivity. They say that Steam shouldn't hold a monopoly, yet they're trying to get one themselves via exclusives.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E4h3vTrq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-05T07:56:20.815+0000) > > I wouldn't buy it for PC in the first place (my laptop is a basic $400 one). I'm more likely to wait until it's free from my Games with Gold subscription for Xbox. > > That said, I believe Epic Games is being extremely hypocritical with their choices on exclusivity. They say that Steam shouldn't hold a monopoly, yet they're trying to get one themselves via exclusives. To tell the truth epic store choose their game on, if it gonnat sell well your welcome. Most of theor indie choose are safe one. Also they are quite greedy on AAA exclusive because they know that most of the player will brought those on day one.
: There are different type of mages. We have Battle Mages, Burst Mages, AP Assassins and Artillery Mages. AD assassins are in fact abusing the overkill tha lethality is. However Burst Mages and AP Assassins are also abusing the overkill that is the current poor AP itemization. Stop trying to be a smartass, it only makes you look bad.
AP dont also give you more dmg on your auto except if you get a shen or lichbane unlike an AD item. So most of the AP Burst and Assassin are also on cd when they use their ability unlike any AD item which can also crit and get even more empower from their item.
: My thoughts on 9.6 removing double tear build & Riot lessening item diversity overall
Ezreal is the real culprit in any item nerf. He alway have be the character who found new way to abuse item because of how his kit work.
Saianna (EUNE)
: ARAM gone r%%%%%ed when healing was nerfed, but then Riot allowed warmog and heavy lifesteal items in the mode.
Don’t worry they also add ban, so if a champ is still too strong just ban it. I can already see tear of many aram account player.
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