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: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
Wait hold on Conq to over tune because it does 8% of your damage as true damage. Look at Malz who can melt a tank faster than most mages (Looking at you Ryze and Zoe), or maybe take a look at FIORA AND VAYNE (Fiora with her current build and press the attack, does 50+% of your health as true damage, and at 400 ad your whole health bar is true damage) and vayne+Rage blade+press the attack that 20% of your max health as true damage every second. Also Elder is another nail in the coffen for tanks, they hit 15% of their max health, oh look an urgot ult that is global, even trend does not live though it, with his ult. Wind drakes as way to over tune, allowing people to have ZERO, and i mean ZERO second CD on all ults. Ocean allows for way to much sustain in lanes, infernal is weaker then the current infernal and earth drake is going to be anti fun to play against as it makes non tanks sudo tanks, bruisers are now tanks and tanks are maga tanks, and the hand full of Mega tanks (Malp, Sion, Tham, rammus, and Sej) Are now here to stay. Xp is to shifted now to solo lanes (mid and top lane) and jungle, even with the lv 3 on any path side, is going to be ganking into a lv 5 if not 6 mid or top lane by the time they hit lv 4, and bot lane xp is nerfed as well, they are already a lv or 2 behind, or if they are doing bad 3 lv behind. and if any solo lanes loses in the game they are going to be more then likely a 1 to a lv and a half down. Pros of 2020 season -more choices for assassins/leth build paths -game changing terrain from the drakes (People say it rng, but it not you can determain how to get a favorable map changes via dragon control, and dragons to take or not to take.) -Thresh is able to pro relic shield at range now (poor thresh should have been allowed to do that in the first place) -Support now upgrade instead of costing a crap ton. -The coves are a nice touch, though pointless. -More bushes (Not a ranger main, but i do like my bushes) Cons of 2020 season -Drakes as way to over tune -Wind drakes allow for 105% CD on all Ults, (EX here 5 karthus ults in a 15 second span, and he sitting in fountain, and you just respawn), oh and do not forget about lucian who will I do not know, continually dash and double shot everything, or the fact of any other champion with a dash, stealth, global ults (EX draven ult, what enemies it's a draven only game. Ashe, let hell freeze over, Ezereal, you hope it misses, but there 4 more. Jinx, More Rockets, And TF, Hey team here is the enemies, AT ALL TIMES.) -Ocean Soul makes lifesteal, or even mana items pointless (restore health on attacks, so now everyone under the sun is going ot build attack speed if they have ocean dragon soul -Mountain drake allows for you to have a blood thirstier shield that scales with Attack damage AP and Health, that regens when not hit by a champion/turret for 5 seconds, prevents anti burst with the amount of instant burst that is already in the game. also the base makes one armor item/mr item way the hell stronger, though i suppest MR is still not going to be a thing. (Void staff have 40% magic pen) -Infernal drake, Base infernal is a bit of a nerf to numbers, but the scaling ratio on the soul, it might as well be an elder dragon soul at that point for all mages because it scales way to hard and does way to much damage, to the point that any champion, and i mean any champion, can and more likely 1v5 the enemy team, the whole team. -Elder dragon is a almost free win, no ifs ands or buts about it, for the team that gets it is going to be able to just one shot everyone, as damage is way to high. (Combo with infernal soul or wind soul, it just a tactical nuke.) -ADC will move from bot lane to top lane for solo xp and top laners right now will move bot lane because of this. -Jungler will now taxes lanes harder and be way more aggressive on doing so, trying to push for more xp then gold, or just shift from jungle completely after lv 3 and sit in mid lane or top lane, as the xp different will become to much, that it starts to outweigh the gold. Jungle games goes from objective control to a lv 3 support with a lv 5 adc, if adcs move top lane, If the jungler is ahead in gold, they will go to lanes more often to get the xp they are missing to lv up, and if the jungler is behind they have no choices but to farm jungle to try and get a gold lead, but will be starved of xp, in turn makes them weaker on abilites (certain champions really do not get effect by this) -the coves are a bit pointless, with no like mini objective to fight over for them (A mini shop in their would be a good idea, and it only allow you to build like mini versions (half the stats, but half the cost) of, long swords, ruby stones, reju beans, fairy charms, amp tomb, or maybe it provides some sort of mini buff, increase xp, or gives the cull effect of 1 bonus gold per a minion to killer (So support items can not be abused.) or like 10 movespeed/a +4 adapt damage or Increase regen/mana regen. Soemthing that not going to shift the tide to much for having control over it. Something that gives a bit of incentive to use it, because, the escape from death thing, ya right, unless it tp you to the other side of the map that is no saving grace of an addition, that is just a death trap. -Conq is not the reason why tanks are almost no longer part of the meta, most bruisers have armor/mr shread, or just does way to much true damage, and though yes they are taking conq, they are also taking press the attack, here is a list of most top lanes you see. Fiora, Riven, quinn, vayne, darius, rekenton, rumble, and gnar. and only 2 on that list take conq, the rest take press the attack, minus rumble. there to much armor and magic stripage along with true damage, in the top lane, most other top lanes are in the midlane pool at this point or are in the jungler pools. -Kleptomaniac honestly should not be a thing at all, but if you want to keep it, it should not be focus on elixirs, rather the gold bag in general should just be removed from it and all items granted by it can not be sold for anything. 5 gold is a perfect amount with 2 stacks, but goes on a cd (lets say 15 seconds) after to stop the whole i can q and poke from range all day and get 90-240 gold per a minion wave instead of 50-125 (This is early game, btw) -the new item, though great on paper, may leave to questionable outcomes. have the new item been tested with mf, talon, yi, zix, qyina{{champion:246}} (hate this champion to much to care about how to spell her name, still way to much damage for no items, and way to many dashes on a short cooldown. Also, have her ult been tested with mountain drake, and how it interacts with the terrain, will it jump to another terrain, can it cover the whole side of a jungle.), quinn, lee sin, xin, or even some unintended champions like lucian, xayah, cait, or even malp. How will shen fair with this item in his inventory? I do not want see another duskblade instant again where everyone built one to have a mini zed ult. -Teir three of the support items hurts supports more then helps them, the lost of gold gen hurts way worse in the long run then what given to them immediately. So unless those stats are good (EX, gives like 10 ad and 600hp and maybe some armor and mr, might be good, but if it only like 5ad and 400hp, go back to the drawing board) -NO MR ITEMS, you planning on lowering magic pen here, because the last MR item we got was last season, but we lost not one but 2 mr items for tanks as well with that (Banshies vail went from a tank item to a mage item, and banner of command, which was removed.) here is another reason why tanks do not exist. This is just one person point of view on things, and how i see things going. Yes every preseason is a mess, and i know it takes time to for the dust to clear up before actions are taken, but logic is more key here then anything else. I will play still the preseason, but you need more then just a hand full of players, or employees who like the idea, to get the scope of things.
: This new login screen or whatever it is
i post some images as well in my discussion too. this is every cheaply made.
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: Tryndamere can no longer spin and laugh????
That is because, though it was a bug, it only did it recently allow you to glitch a split second free attack while spinning. it happens when you clip into someone or comes with in about half of trynd AA range. It also gave you an advantage as it cancles the animation of the end spin which is .5seconds. I hope that explains to you why that happen. PS I did report the bug multiple times as i notice the free damage i was taking from it in a few games.
: Account Hacked
Hey, quick thing i had my account hacked, transferred from the Na to EUW. How i got it back was these two steps 1. Contact Riot Live Support 2. Account Name, Original Email, and Recent Transaction made from your bank with transaction number, or a set of recent Transactions. 3. Change your password as soon as you get it. That should help a lot. I do have bad news though, they are more likely trying to sell it off as fast as possible. Also the whole email confirmation thing does not happen, I did not get one, and i found out only hours after my account was transferred. Trust me Turtleking @riot made that very quick after i gave him my transaction numbers, and got my account back in 5 minutes.
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Kaliasta (NA)
: How many Worlds Tokens can you get without RP?
360 without rp, unlimited, if you want to do that far, with the pass.
: Worlds tokens.
after unlocking all my khazix chromo (yes all 29 of them) only 193
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Weedbro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dracovicus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sEKVq4a8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-29T15:34:44.485+0000) > > where my axe i need to kill iverns again. {{champion:427}} is your friend, he gives you extra jungle buffs, hides you with brush, shields you
> [{quoted}](name=Weedbro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sEKVq4a8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-29T15:45:02.986+0000) > > {{champion:427}} is your friend, he gives you extra jungle buffs, hides you with brush, shields you He steals all my camps
: You know ADC and Duskblade is busted when you buy Zhonya's just to not get 2-shot in 0.7 seconds.
you forgot press the attack and the fact it increase her TRUE damage output by 12%, so if you survive 2 hits, you will not survive the 3rd hit.
IndyBoy (NA)
: Zoe Nerf Propositions
Weedbro (NA)
: Finally! the unceasing darkness is pierced by divine redemption! IVERN IS GETTING BUFFED (PBE)
: Minus LP
it means degration, but that is normal right now because u have a singler game shield, so win it, Plats lose 3 lp per a day, diamond i think is 25 and master and challenger is almost 50, someone correct me if i am wrong, but when you hit higher elo you have to play the game daily
: What Aurelion Sol Needs
no the tiny star is 1k with out sleep, it death with sleep, now there the problem and she getting buff too next patch, so only counter play to her now is banning the shit out of her, along with vayne urgot and ez.
: Kha Ulti?
an assassin main (Khazix Mainly) and i say no to the increase of stealth time, but i would like to get more than 2 cast of his stealth ult again, because right now just running in a bush out of combat only works on the first attack after that very pointless, also it would bring in every adc main back to scream for him to get Nerf to the ground again because quote on quote, no counterplay to khazix, but vayne ez and urgot, now zoe are completely fine to be busted, which Vayne have a longer stealth time than khazix ult does, Ez does almost 300-400 lv 1 damage, and urgot is an unkillable machine. However he need a bit love i do say to bring him a bit up after the effect of losing leth runes.
: Uhhhhh my Runes stay selected after a game. I.e, if I played an electrocute page it'll still be selected for me in the next lobby. Not sure exactly what you're asking. And we get capsules for champs and skins that have RP value, be appreciative. Every epic skin you get from a chest is ten bucks you get to keep in your pocket.
> [{quoted}](name=BongMage420,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E1YuegWp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-28T11:15:55.717+0000) > > Uhhhhh my Runes stay selected after a game. I.e, if I played an electrocute page it'll still be selected for me in the next lobby. Not sure exactly what you're asking. And we get capsules for champs and skins that have RP value, be appreciative. Every epic skin you get from a chest is ten bucks you get to keep in your pocket. i don't know, but for me the runes page is but bug for me than, does not stay selected after every game. I don't fully mind the BE, already have the champions i want. and i do not mind giving money to riot for skins.,
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: Emotes are live!
I think Riot you need to either remove Emotes or go back to the drawling board because this idea the community have spoke, and not for it either. A lot of people are against emotes being rp.
: Which champion has the most trouble dying?
you forgot {{champion:12}} {{champion:86}} new{{champion:75}} and{{champion:223}} Nas though is my tought, um less than a second q now with ult and have 40%+ lifesteal and a spirit=Big ass raid boss Dog
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: Patch 7.14 notes
so really no point in building more than one leth item now, leth does not stack anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=Charyzard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ug2AAoan,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-11T04:03:25.174+0000) > > Nobody gets lp from your series. > > You get lp from being ranked. > > So you don't actually earn lp until youre ranked. > > > There are people who are in Gold and Plat who get put in Bronze which is 2-3 tiers lower, trust me, it isn't as bad as you think so what am I supposed to do? just accept the fact that I have an 80% winrate but am considered the lowest person in my division because i'm b5 0lp? Grind up from the bottom and feel like shit again? I actually practiced, I stopped playing ranked last season so I could learn different build styles and improve my meta (easier to do in norms when people aren't going all apeshit on everyone for everything) So i practiced and now i'm literally placed in what is called ELO hell I feel like I've already proven that i'm of better success rate than the people of b5, because I won most of my games I'm not even trying to be caustic here, I just dont see why i was even made to go through this other than neglectful hazing. I know i'm bad, it's how i get better, but I just want roughly an accurate representation of how less bad i've become In all honesty the reason i tried so hard was to avoid being placed in the most toxic environment in the game, I just wanted to have an edge because i did well, and it was actually for nothing
Welcome to the club. I legit got 1 teir higher than you and went back a full devision, adn i spent the whole season fighting to get out of bronze last season, so now i have to do it again. and I'm recording this series too for youtube, so it eveident I'm not great, but I'm no bronze either.
Dynikus (NA)
: >Someone Explain how my Shyv mmr went from 1254 to less than 1000 after placement, or my yi which was from 1400 to less than 1000 wut you don't have different mmr for each champion. Currently shows your mmr is around b1, so it makes some sense that you were placed in bronze after your placements.
I looked at the MMR-Elo Chart which lets you see your champions mmr separately , and the last game with shyv i had end up being a bronze mmr, but the rest of the.....
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: Road To Diamond From Silver 5 Episode 3: So Close Yet So far
Episode 4 is also up, but I did not have a link for it, and not making another post for it.
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: Concepts and the lack of any response
Go to Pax and find a riotor, Not really that hard, or Mail it to them. I'm curious Though, what are your concepts.
: League of Legends Road to Diamond From Silver 5
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SkrambL (NA)
: Does anyone know if playing a "vs bots" game counts for this? I only recently reached lvl30 and havent played a normals yet. (i will do one right now for the skin, even if i get rekt.) {{champion:10}} is one of my favorite 450-IP champs so the skin will be a perfect gift. Thank you Rito!
Yes it means a normal game, so get to rekting
: Patch 6.17 notes
BONUS ARMOR 10/15/20/25/30% ⇒ 15/20/35/30/35% Um What Riot you have a typo here........... I think you mean 25% not 35% on rank 3
Hazzy (NA)
: Dear Riot, many things need a change.
Agree and stop matching up with people who are in a different division than you. Bronze should stay with Bronze Silver with Silver Gold with gold and Plat with Plat, Not have a B3 in a silver 3 game, really a long shot there, but 75% of the time they are complete trash and flame you because of their stupidness. Fix the rank system for next year atleast it really needs to be change i have lost at least half of my lost games to trolls, smurfs and straight up bad players. Also do something about the mmr System as well, it is poor at best right now. win a game only gain about 5 mmr lost a game drop by 100.... What.
: Become a League client update alpha tester
Hey riot i think there should be like a special skin for people who helped out with the alpha client. Seems fair, or maybe a special Icon/boarder, showing who help out. Skin Idea Alpha Yi, Alpha WW, Alpha AAtrox, Alpha Nid, or Alpha Sol. Icon or ward Skin AlphaCon/ AlphaWard. Boarder Color First Rank Color inlay ring Red or Orange color.
: ACCESS GRANTED // Gemstones
Wait where the Fifth Crate at, you are missing one from Shop, hello we can't even get any of the icons or boards with out it.
: Patch 6.15 notes
Reads patch Notes. Eyes Narrow about Vayne. Really. Like she need a BUFF. Damn it now i need some pot and a perma ban spot for her now, thanks riot. We now have a Tank/Squishy killer and a Tower killer Vayne now. Some times i just wonder what you guys think that are fair and balance. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Patch 6.13 notes
Rip tahm Kench, you gutted the poor Fish, Just balancing out his damn W and make it so he get movement speed when running away from an enemy team with an ally would have balance him, but no listen to the BRONZE people about how he over powered. I feel really bad for tahm now. to be gutted like that. "Call it at balance they say. Needs a nerf they say." Build a damn qss or some MR, than you had him simple because he was a all in champion. He did not need to be gutted, now you just ruin him. No point in playing him now simple because he is useless now. he no wall, no god, no king, and he could NOT, I Repeat, COULD NOT do a two v one at all, now he can't even one v one now thank you riot.
: RGM, IP, and tons of damage in Ask Riot
So here my idea to spend Ip, and would add an extra feature to the Hextech Crafting, What about mystery Mini/Micro Skin Shards, where you have to combine let say 4 or 5 to get a single skin Shard, roughly about 1k-3k each, based on rared of a skin you are trying to go after. To Explain how this would work would be like Russian Roulette. First you would buy the Mystery Mini/Micro Skin Shard, which would reveal a part of a skin in a form of a broken image and token. You would need the amount of number to just upgrade the Mini/Micro Shard to a full shard, which than you can go ahead and buy with orange essence to unlock the skin as a permanent. this have a limit of only 5 shards per a week so people do not abuse it (People with almost 100k of ip, who have nothing to spend it on. Yes there are people out there with that much ip) Next the %hp is fine by me as long as it physical or magical damage but true damage % gets a bit out of hand and quickly too, even in high elos. Not saying remove true damage but give us a away to reduces it like now you did with crit damage with oman, Like a whole new item all together like a full Raw MR Item that gives us like 80 MR, so it not just going to hinder those AD true damage people like vayne olaf, but some that would also be fresh to the game as well, and the fact we all know we need a little more MR build path in the game to few as it is, against armor, which have way more options to use. Last one, For RGM, is it possible to get a game mode that is a FFA that haves to do with Mountain Targon, I think a game of king of the hill would be very interesting to see once in a while. From your Friend, -Draco8967 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Keyru (NA)
: [Resolved] 4/28 Server Issues - Ranked Disabled/Reconnect Spikes
Um i blame faker. But no really, Who the hell took my ham so i could have done a 1 hour drive to riot so i could help them out.
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
{{champion:267}} and {{champion:53}}. The Air born team, and have won almost all games with it, minus two. Blitz pull, Nami bubble, blitz knock up, Nami ults and blitz ults follow by Nami heal, you have a dead adc or support, or both. Flashing does nothing for you, as you burn all those heals. {{champion:11}} and {{champion:53}}. The bush of death and carnage. You see the pull, and you are no where in range to be saved by your teammate. Either you burn flash and heal, or you are a dead man/girl. And Finally my New off meta team.{{champion:11}} and {{champion:223}}. The Devorer team. Both start with relic and you have the sustain of a life time. Tham builds tanky and yi goes season four meta (Crit Yi) and deletes the adc and Tham eats the support. You best have those flashes up, because you going to need them. Have not came up with anymore that are not already been made, or that have work so far. Maybe i'll make the Frost Queen lane {{champion:22}} and {{champion:127}} Or Traps of the Underworld {{champion:202}} and (Please save my soul) {{champion:17}} Have fun in normals everyone.


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