: I'm not saying you directly altered the app, but do you have any programs that interact with the program or provide overlays or offer additional information not provided by the league client itself?
: In addition to what Jo0o said, you won't get a specific answer from Riot. Riot does not disclose what programs cause these types of bans, or what they specifically caught. They keep these types of bans rather close to their chest so program designers don't know exactly what triggered the ban. Odds are, if you discovered this today, there will be many more today with similar issues as these particular bans are given in waves.
but according my knowledge there is no way to modify any application on Mac OSX without the master key from the developer
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: So the main thing I'm seeing here is that you're a top/jg main, yet about three weeks ago you went on a winning streak with ADC champs, putting up unusually good scores. Consistently high CS, double-digits kills, low deaths, and a massive win percentage. Yet scrolling far in either direction, I see no evidence that you play ADC with any consistency at all, at that high level or otherwise. And while your other sporadic ADC games use heal, these successful games use barrier... and with flash on the opposite key. In other words, your account looks boosted to me. Maybe you never personally scripted, but whoever you had piloting your account in those games probably did, and that's just as bad.
I never payed for boosting before though? I had a friend play with me for a few games as he coached me, I let him set up everything, I myself played those games
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: I was permanently banned for the use of Third Party Software!?!?!?
I will be reposting this in player behavior as well, please help me guys.
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: PROJECT: Xayah and PROJECT: Rakan

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