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: you think that's hard? Wait till you try getting out of Silver, good luck!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: ***
with that mentality you'd go straight to challengour if the client counted it as a win.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fovere,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vifUTr1f,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-04-19T16:09:18.277+0000) > > Climbing out of bronze/low silver is really all about psychology. You have to accept the caliber and limitations of players surrounding you, and understand the enemy team is just as likely to have them. All you have to do is be persistent and be capable of accepting the situation, whatever it is, and looking for ways to make it work. > > If your persistence in each game gets you even 1 extra win for every 20 games you play, it'll be a steady climb out. The secret to climb is to pick champions the least likely to rely on teamwork to carry. Generally, teamwork is the key to victory, but not on bronze and silver.
So true. Its also one of the reasons why a lot of players struggle with decision making and general map awareness as they climb since people who start in bronze are used to carrying their entire team 90% of the time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dragonlord7137,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nEUnVy2j,comment-id=007f,timestamp=2016-04-02T21:41:23.164+0000) > > After 8 months I am just curious to know: > A) Are you still having fun with mordekaiser? > B) I've tried to pick him up but everywhere I go I find builds that are full of damage with little to no defense, Do you have a season 6 build for someone trying to get back into mord whether mid or top?
Thank you, I finally found out how to play the master of metal.
FrankerX (EUW)
: If you could total overbuff one skill, which one would it be?
{{champion:83}} 's ult to be just revive people continuously and give bonus damage cause why not.
: Aatrox Blood Thirst...every three auto attacks, heals to full health.
: HEXTECH CRAFTING IDEA: If you buy a key or a chest make it so that does not unlock champion shards.
The whole Hextech crafting system is really close to CSGO's loot crate system. The only real differences are that crates are separated into specific items that you can get while league has one universal chest that can give you (almost) anything from the game. In CSGO you can get the same skin every time and yet none complains about it but in league where the odds close to 50/50 of getting a champion or a skin there is a lot of people angry that they got a champion shard instead of a skin.
Nahui (NA)
: I mean, no one's ever counted minions.
well with 2k crits on them super minions fall after 3 shots so it should count right?
JustSeba (EUNE)
: Key fragments
It also depends on the champion rank you earned (D- to S+) and how your party scored. I played about 30 solo games got B's with mostly wins and only received one fragment (my first one ever). Then I queue with 2 of my friends and received 6 in about 12 games where my friends were getting A's and S's. If you want better chances then queue up with as many friends as you can since the entire Hextech crafting system is designed to promote players referring their friends and playing with them.
Nahui (NA)
: I'm not sure where you got 1.6k-2k. 1.2 sounds a lot better lol, maybe even up to 1.5. Anyways, crit was a dedicated build path back then. If you wanted to crit a lot, you built a lot. Now there are LOTS of options to get crit so you'll see lots of ADCs always critting, making Draven seem not as good. Also Draven dodged the ADC update. The good ADCs were mostly given nice utility and damage increase options. Draven has to juggle axes. It's easier to play Cait who can easily proc head shot, shredding through 50% armor and critting from a huge range, or Lucian and stacking Fervor very quickly while having amazing kiting, or Vayne who starts a clock when she fights someone, guarantee killing them in a certain time span, or Jhin who gains massive AD and execution crit damage accompanied with godly mobility come late game. Honestly, it's mostly Jhin in my opinion. Jhin is far superior to Draven doing the same things. Huge, late game nuking damage. Extremely long range support (Ults), better CC though more situational. Draven has more burst but Jhin doesn't require micro to Draven's extent and can get more damage done.
I get 2k as {{champion:51}} but only on minions usually only 700-1k on champions.
: Maokai... How's he doing right now?
well the damage reduction on his ult helps him a lot against people who don't understand how the damage increases. Also he does poorly against any champ that can kite him as his W range was reduced along to dealing % max health damage so he can fight tanks. If he was going up against a adc and support in the skirmish I'm guessing that {{champion:57}} would be dead and the adc would be above 50% health. In general {{champion:57}} does good against melee champions but struggles against ranged champions.
: Tank Ekko literally has everything you can want from a champion.
part of {{champion:245}}'s stickiness is due to his passive having no cooldown whatsoever unlike {{champion:59}} or {{champion:111}} so getting one Q and a E means that they are permanently slowed by 60% so champs without dashes have no way to escape at all. If only even a 5 second cd was added to it.
: He doesn't have much late game damage and he has no reliable hard cc or sustain in lane (aside from grasp)
well if he gets {{item:3153}} or {{item:3151}} which can both be fit into some of his builds gives him a good amount of all game damage as % current mixed with % missing health is a little absurd. Then mixed with grasp and you have a on-hit healing too.
: Stop trying to force us to play with friends.
Well from Riots perspective the more friends you invite the more money they make (potentially).
: I play {{champion:40}} and {{champion:25}} a lot but it's pretty much just luck. Putting a shield on poop doesn't make it any better, it's still poop.
Well at least you change the color.
: Is Season 6 officially the most unbalanced season?
you forgot supports. I mean they should add some way for them to get xp as long as they are near an ally. At least an item effect or a mastery point.
: What I hate most about the new items is that there's not a single reworked/new item with magic penetration on it. Right now, most mages are able to buy two items if they want magic pen: {{item:3135}} and {{item:3020}} . Of the other magic pen items, {{item:3001}} is only worthwhile on a few specific mages that rely on up-close burst, and {{item:3151}} damage is barely noticable even on tanks. Meanwhile AD champions got several new armor pen options from their item changes, but mages get nothing.
: Its very easy to Win and its very easy to Lose
Very true I find little relation between the enemy team when I 3-5 queue with my friends or when I play solo.
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: Team match making.
Right now if low elo people queue with higher elo friends and continue to win their MMR may ends up surpassing what it should causing them to queue with much higher solo players. Ex: a bronze player plays a lot of normals and wins with his gold friends eventually the bronze players solo MMR will be around the average silver player causing him to queue with much higher skilled people when he plays alone. I know this isn't the only reason but it is the newest factor that dynamic queue brought in.
: Acension had Mastery level gain, why cant TT and ARAM?
I asked for this about a week after champion mastery was released and got the response of "We're working on it.". I know it takes a while to balance but come on its been almost a year now.
: EXP Converted to IP At Level 30
It seems like a solid idea but Riot might question whether they would lose RP sales with more ip going into lvl 30 accounts. It seems like a good idea but league is a freemium game so there does need to be some grinding.
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: More reasonable than everyone asking for Sterak's to be melee only. Alas, still not reasonable. I still don't understand why there are any melee only or ranged only items. Why can't a melee champion build Runaan's? I don't see how having two extra bolts with almost no range is going to break any melee champion. Likewise, why can't any ranged champion build Ravenous Hydra or Titanic Hydra? It's not like it would be any stronger than Runaan's on them (I can see maybe building Ravenous for lifesteal instead, but it doesn't look too strong to me). Outside of the thematic reason (this item doesn't make sense on this kind of damage) it just doesn't make any sense to make items melee or ranged only. Stop limiting our build creativity. And back to the thematic point - that's mute given that I'm building 4 different Swords (e.g. {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}}) and that's somehow making my gun / bow do more damage or attack faster.
I just wish they would change {{item:3053}} to %BONUS health as this way you need to build health to get a reasonable shield.
Shyvivy (NA)
So the dash that clears slows and the ult that scales with attack speed and the W that has a massive ad ratio?
: Removing Spell Vamp=Removing Fun
Did you look at the {{item:3010}} change? It now grants health based on mana spent and health vs mana. The main reason for this is so they can balance spell vamp without having to deal with {{champion:8}} as he is manaless. Although the one flaw is that all manaless champions cannot use "spell vamp" anymore, mostly hits only {{champion:84}} though and riot can probably give her something to compensate for it.
: Garen ult interaction with ekko ult
If the ultimate didn't do damage the first time then yes it is supposed to happen, {{champion:134}} gets her ult reset if the person dies or becomes invulnerable before the first instance of damage hits them.
: Can't wait for the swain, cho'gath, ryze nerfs.
Well to be fair it is supposed to be an alternative for spell vamp that {{champion:8}} can't abuse.
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Woook3r (NA)
: I dont know enough about mana to comment on it. I play adc's and buy morellos on every mage i play. I rarely even know my champion has mana, unless its because I run out of mana on draven (he is a gimped champion, you know). I chose to focus on the part of the update that flies in the face of champion diversity.
If you look into it buying a {{item:3070}} with the proposed update means that you basically increasing your total mana pool by 25% and since you get the 1000 mana from the passive its quite a lot. The {{item:3010}} change is an okay replacement for spell vamp but I haven't tested it so I'm not 100% sure yet.
: Honestly, these item changes are just nerfs to mid laners
The {{item:3070}} change is quite nice as this means you using 25% less mana then before so its better then the 25% base regen from before.
Woook3r (NA)
: Riots Solution to Immobile Mages (make them more mobile)
TBH the {{item:3070}} update is a fairly good buff on most champs who have high mana costs as that 100 goes down to 75 and so on. I'm hesitant about hte other changes but the tear and catalyst change look good.
: These Vladimir splashes are absolutely awful...
Vandal looks passable, the others are interesting to say the least.
: This patch seems really laggy.
After around 6pm EST the servers really seem to slow down and I don't know why, it does seem to have gotten worse this patch in particular though.
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Vorazun (OCE)
: Not neccesarily, but melee can't, or at least will minimise the backlash since they will deal 3% more damage, but only take 1.5% increased damage. This at least gives some incentive to take it. For ranged you take as much damage as you deal, so it's is very much a win-more mastery to take.
however if you take bond of stone then you only take 2% reduced damage for ranged and 2.5% reduced damage as melee thus negating the negative effects of double edged sword although you are trading a keystone.
: tank ekko is the most disgusting thing in this game right now.
No {{champion:82}} is much more disgusting. With no cc at all and a whole 325 base movespeed along with no cc means that you can't catch any opponent who bought either {{item:3009}} or {{item:3111}} even with {{item:3116}} . Your shield is constantly expiring down to a 25% so the longer you get kited the less shield you have. Your ult is really unreliable as you need to kill your opponent in a fairly short window or else its just a crappy {{champion:48}}. Basically can be kited for days and has not much of a passive while still retaining a very high snowball potential against stupid enemies just absolutely disgusting. (I'm just joking ekko has too much base damage)
: The bodage between Taric and Kalista is going to be insane
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: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
This is the most outrageous update yet.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
This is the most outrageous update yet.
: I'm a simple man. I've played Morde since his release: Feb 24, 2010. He's all I know.
After 8 months I am just curious to know: A) Are you still having fun with mordekaiser? B) I've tried to pick him up but everywhere I go I find builds that are full of damage with little to no defense, Do you have a season 6 build for someone trying to get back into mord whether mid or top?
: A surprisingly satisfying "achievement".
I've lost count of the amount of times I've run into you on the boards. I mean every time I come on and look around I find you ever since my first post. I must say kudos though to never giving up on {{champion:82}} ever since the roller coaster that was his rework.
Slythion (NA)
: Basics > Skills
I remember way back when I first started playing in the middle of season 2. My friend who introduced me to league showed me the league wiki and told me that if I memorized every champion, item, minion and monster I would be better then at least 50% of the players out there. So I started out with bad internet, a crappy computer and a screen size that is unrivaled by anyone in size (I mean it was tiny this was me at max zoom even with all these things working against me I still managed to go mostly positive and win the majority of my games with only playing free week champions. Anyways my point is that you are absolutely right; game knowledge and the basics are more then half the battle.
: ***
Finally someone gets it. I mean there basically slot machines but you always get a payout.
: Key Fragment drop rates are too skewed compared to Boxes...
In PBE testing the most key fragments they got in one month was 8 so unless anyone has earned more that is the cap. Also me and my friends have been testing it out as well since with a bigger party your drop rate increases but each of us has only earned 7 or 8 fragments since hextech crafting was released. We also usually get 1 to 3 S ranks per game and most of our games are 4 or 5 man queues. To recap as far as I know the cap is 8 key fragments per month.
: Lol they seriously give you champion shards even if you have them all? Thats dumb
Well they did have a future update planned for rolling out the tier 6 and 7 mastery levels where you needed that champions champion shard in order to reach it. the post for all who missed it: the icons themselves:
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