: Urgot's ult is lowkey the most UNSATISFYING execute in the game.
I just wish the visual effect was a bit more punchy, kind of like Darius ulti. I also think its absolutely stupid that Tryndamere not only can't die through his ulti (alright, fair, you outplayed me with that sicknasty ult timing), but he can activate it MID PULL. I thought my enemies were supposed to be chained up and stunned, not being leisurely invited over to die?
: New Aa is simultaneously the most infuriating and most rewarding champion I've played.
I just wish they kept his dash as just an AD booster/repositioning tool, and let him move (albeit real slow like, sort of like Pyke's harpoon toss channel) during his Q, other than that I think he feels fine.
: Dark star aatrox riot?
I'm actually a little bit surprised that Aatrox didn't get a new skin with his rework, considering the lore changes to make him semi Shuriman and also sort of Void related, although I guess Justicar Aatrox is supposed to be his original Shuriman style form.
Roamcell (EUW)
: Kayn can ult off of urgot's ult
Trynd can also just ult in the middle of the pull. They really need to make it a hard CC or just make it a pure execute, this shit is ridiculous sometimes. Oh, you thought you won that duel with trynd via using your champion mechanics? Check this one out; *R*. Nothing personal, kid.
Swegmec (NA)
: Buffing towers would fix multiple other gameplay issues
The thing is, at this point, League is supposed to be a fast MOBA. It's not *supposed* to have long, 40~ minute games anymore, its *supposed* to have 25-30 minute games, thats its niche. A MOBA for people who don't want to play for 40 minutes, and is easier to get into and use as a social experience. In DoTA, there's a Turbo mode, which is exactly like League: Tons of gold and XP getting tossed around, weaker towers, and a guaranteed ban for everybody. The matches last 25-30 minutes, and you WILL get 100-0'd at ~20 minutes in. And that's okay, thats the mid-late game of turbo mode. Now I know something like that still won't 100% translate from games with such different mechanics, but it still puts it into perspective. Long story short, if you want slower, methodical games that last over 30 minutes with a higher emphasis on personal skill and not which one of your carries lost lane hardest, play DoTA instead of League.
: What's taken the fun out of league for you?
While its a cliche comment, I hate the botlane influence in games. I also REALLY don't like how even in solo queue, unless you play ranked, you can just get matched with a full five man on the enemy team.
: playing League doesnt feel as rewarding anymore ,and these champion capsuls are useless
I've long since became a DoTArd, I really only play when my friends want to and I get to play an AP Gragas & Blitzcrank botlane.
: Your Skins Aren't Yours
wow... crazy... something you buy digitally from a client isn't actually physically yours................... really activates my almonds.............................................................................................................. Next you're gonna drop the huge bombshell that you don't actually own your Steam games, that'll be the day.
CLG ear (NA)
: Remaking Lore is good and all, but I miss how champions' lore was tied to Summoner's Rift
: When you get the message "A Player you reported has been punished"
the only one i got was like 30 seconds after i exited the lobby i'm pretty sure actually everyone reported him at once
: When Zilean gives his ult and life for his ADC
>ever actually giving your adc your ult I bet you build a support item too you fool
Thilmer (EUW)
: Confessions: skins you want for fanservice reasons.
Pool party {{champion:67}} wearing a high cut swimsuit
: Game Mode Idea: Beast Hunters!
I would love the idea of a MOBA Monster Hunter, and more skins from underused skin lines are always appreciated.
Hibeki (NA)
: Honestly the east coast server route makes this game mostly unplayable for so many people here
I live in east TN and I never have packet problems, sounds just like a you thing tbh
: When all hell breaks lose and you're the last one standing
This is always the worst feeling your team gets quadra killed and the enemy team is aping it down mid and you can't do anything or you're gonna get bodied
: Just tried to pass kindness test
you deserve any pain you get with that mastery score on teemo
: "melees shouldn't go bot lane"
I mean, {{champion:11}} has all the makings of an ADC already * Snowbally * AA based damage * Stale meme YI ADC for 2018 ~~:^)~~
: Champion Concept for Yone ; The forgotten Soul
I really like the combo system and the stance changing passive, I think it would bring some great mechanical difference to league. I doubt Riot would make Yone a champion, the same way they wouldn't make Shen and Zeds master a champion, but its a great idea.
: Rune Creation Competition ! (RP REWARD)
A new tree called Warmonger Passive: +90 HP, +7 AD or +9 AP, adaptive Keystones: * **Champions Glory:** After being in combat for 3 seconds, gain 5% extra damage against enemy champions and 3.5% armor pen or magic pen (adaptive) * **Growing Strength:** Gain AD or AP equal to 1.5% of your max health, capping at 2500 hp * **Weakening Strike:** After hitting an enemy champion with an ability, your basic attacks deal 2% extra damage to them for 3 seconds Couldn't think of any secondaries, but the main idea is that its a tree for bruisers.
: Any good single player games for PC?
Zeno Clash (first person Source engine fighting game) Pineapple Smash Crew (top down squad shooter) DEADBOLT (game where you play as undead Death) Salt And Sanctuary (2D game with a souls-like atmosphere, made by the guys who made The Dishwasher) Way of The Samurai 3&4 (equivalent to a samurai choose your own adventure book) Bastion (action game with a cool narrator that narrates what your doing while it happens) Jamestown (shoot em up) LISA (RPG set in a post apocalyptic world without any women) Papers, Please (border control simulator) RONIN (turn based ninja game) Super House of Dead Ninjas (action roguelike)
: ....could you name a few other than jax and maybe elise?
: [Champion Concept] Rha’Zul — The Tortured Soul
The idea of a soul escaped from Thresh's lantern is cool imo, you definitely nailed that part. His Q would be an issue, since we already had a *teleports behind u* "nothin personnel kido" ability on old Talon and that was not a fun thing.
Terukav (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Klaws, the Rearguard of Noxus
I think this concept is fairly strong. I like the double cast system, and a Noxian support champion. I think his ultimate is really neat, but his w seems questionable. Does it make the allies autoattacks blind enemies, or his? Because if it blinds on their attacks, all I can think of his him putting it on a Yi, Udyr, or Jax and then a free penta.
: What champ abilities would you combine?
Passive: {{champion:86}} Q: {{champion:19}} W: {{champion:9}} E:{{champion:6}} R{{champion:36}} lol whats a death
saltran (EUW)
: Dear Boards, which ADC dou you want to be meta?
{{champion:104}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:13}} and{{champion:4}} Yeah I know they aren't really ADC champs but like come on man
: What is the old skin theme that you would most like to see revisited?
Definitely Headhunter. I just love the cyber warrior aesthetics. And while the Eternal/Soaring Sword skin line isn't old, I really hope we get more than Fiora/Yi/Janna, Wuxia is the best.
: If Kim Possible gathers all the Shen Gong Wu, I'm done with Powerpuff Girls.
bwop (NA)
: Have you ever just looked at yourself in the mirror then looked at your main.
Barcid (NA)
: Hey cool, hextech crate! I wonder what I'll get!
I got a chest, and then got two chests in a row and got a Sejuani shard and skin, and ward skin just get better luck **xDDDDDDDDDD**
Rioter Comments
Bultz (NA)
: All I want is a hardcore brawler for a champion.
Vi's only weapons are LITERALLY her fists with some metal gloves on it my man, and also you know, {{champion:64}}. But I see where you're coming from, and I like it.
: We need to make a new holiday skin for Kayn
I cant wait for the new addition to the Definitely Not skinline: Citizen Kayn
: New Summmoner spells (Ideas)
All you really did was take abilities from other champions and make them summoner spells. * **1:** {{champion:35}} * **2:** {{champion:77}} * **3:** {{champion:114}} * **4:** {{item:3056}}
Incompy (NA)
: "Caitlyn" and "Full" get censored when making item sets
Ive never understood why they censor those anyway; you're the only person whose gonna see them, why even bother?
: Sweet Candy Tristana Splash i made
It looks great, but the bottom half of her face is kind of old Lolly-Poppy tier.
: [Champion Concept] Jimson, the Banished Alchemist
The concept definitely adds a new flair to jungle plants that would make them much more than "I lost a trade, let me just heal up and regain mana", "Sorry, you don't get to chase me any more", and "Hey, free vision! I sure am glad the enemy can't see exactly where I am in my jungle path lol". You could also add these potions: * **Congealing Brew (Scryer's Bloom + Blood):** Applies blind and slows the target by 10/15/20/25/30% for 2 seconds * **Energy Elixer (Blast Cone + Water):** Give yourself 20/22/24/26/28% bonus movement speed and 20/21/22/23/24% slow reduction Numbers might need to be tweaked a bit but I feel the concept is good.
: Shurima Assassin Ta’krul
I think a Shuriman assassin would definitely bring some more visual variety to the game. He could use something akin to a runic shotel or one of these bad boys that he could spin whenever he kicks up sand and could wave in a sweeping motion whenever he creates a sand shroud. EDIT: Since I have no idea on how to actually embed images I'll just link to what I'm talking about when I said "one of these bad boys" https://s9.postimg.org/tsonku6zz/double_axe.jpg
Chawsiku (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept] Leo, The Last Blade Of The Arcane
I think the concept itself is interesting, but I agree that building against him would be an absolute nightmare. I love the idea of a stance champion that does more than just make their autoattacks better _coughUdyrcough_ and think it would definitely bring some variety. I feel that, since he doesn't use mana, should have his cooldowns increased by 1-2 seconds, since his abilities seem so strong, especially when they're buffed or in Mage form.
: More Darkin?
I really like the idea of a support that can either turn into a tank semi-ADC or an enchanter/ADC assist. Although, I feel that there might be a better way to have them switch rather than taking Kayn's mechanic. Maybe he could have unique support items, akin to maybe Relic Shield and an AD version of Spellthiefs. One problem I see is that the dark form of his E is simply better than the savior form in really every way, since you get the same stun, but applied to multiple people AND it deals presumably more damage. I think the concept could be really good with some finer tweaks though, good job!
: Monthly reminder that you can pay real life money to have your graphics 'upgraded' to this in 2018
Friendly reminder this skin is actually broken, as the extra pieces of cloth on his belt and his gloves only appear when he's dead. Riot is trying to get you to buy a BROKEN SKIN.
: POLL: Where do you put your potions?
I had it on 2, but then I played a bunch of Aatrox and would usually end backing, buying tiamat, then buying pots and then it just became habit.
: Random Champion Shard
Nope, it got removed because now you get capsules of champion shards every time you level up. Oh, but you barely get anything above a 450 rp champion.
: What's the 'rarest' skins you got from Hextech Crafting?
: Udyr or Zac?
Udyr is a fairly fun champion imo. The only problem is that his only ranged damage (the 3rd AA effect from pheonix stance) is barely even ranged, and he has no real gapcloser except the burst MS from his E. Riot buffed the DoT effect on his Q a few patches ago, and it made it kind of retarded damage wise honestly. He has really great lane sustain in top and jungle due to his W, and can be built AD, AP, or a tank/bruiser, depending on how the game is going and your team comp. I don't have any Zac experience at all though.
: Is it just me or does Zoe's voice lines sound quieter than all the rest?
I don't know how you could consider it quiet, she practically screams every single voice line.
: What do your top two rows of champion mastery say about you?
[](https://s2.postimg.org/v4xqk4jzd/Capture.png) Both cancer, and the no child left behind initiative.
Wuks (NA)
: Thank you, Boards Community. (& smol giveaway - Concluded!)
843 I'm thankful for getting to go to steak n shake
: PBE Livestream: Kayn, today at 2PM Pacific
What lane is Kayn going to be? Jungle? Or will I finally have a third edgy character for mid besides {{champion:157}} and {{champion:91}} ?


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