: Patch 8.2 notes
So, if I want to ward my jungle I have to buy a support item? I know I've been gone a while, came back in 8.1, but I think that sightstone should be a component item to the remnant items. That way I can still have my sightstone and I don't have to buy support items in a non support role. Or maybe things have changed to the point that wards on non supports are a waste of gold... I did hear something about evelyn's stealth being less effective.
: /ALL Chat | Who Do You Ship?
{{champion:89}} X {{champion:111}} King and Queen of CC
Wygol (EUW)
: When people say they ship things vs when I say I ship things.
Anyone have any art for Leona X Nautilus? King and Queen of CC
: What are some of your favorite theme comps?
Pick any 5: {{champion:154}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:14}}
Tup (NA)
: Pick two champions, they produce a baby, how does the baby turn out? [Prize]
The king and queen of CC: {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} Passive: Basic attacks stun the target for .5/1/1.5/2 seconds at levels 1/6/11/16. Can only be applied to a target once every 7 seconds. Q: Line skillshot that stuns all targets hit and causes you to dash to the last champion hit. W: Shield that after a few seconds detonates snaring all targets hit. E: Sends out a shock wave that hits 3 times knocking up all targets hit. R: Applies a debuff to target champion that disables all cleanse effects ({{summoner:1}} , {{item:3140}} , gangplank oranges, etc.).
: What are your Favorite off Meta builds?
{{champion:154}} {{item:3401}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3111}} OR{{item:3047}} {{item:3060}} OR{{item:3190}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3065}} OR{{item:3143}} OR{{item:3083}} {{summoner:3}} +{{summoner:12}} OR{{summoner:14}} OR{{summoner:4}}
: Mandatory Smite in Champ Select
This would make switching roles in champ select impossible. I always queue up as Support/Fill and have been very unpleasantly surprised by the number of times I've been stuck jungle or worse mid. In these situations I will ask if the player who got assigned to support if they are willing to switch w/ me and if not, I'm usually in a premade w/ either my top or ADC who would trade w/ me. In these situations having smite locked would be a disadvantage because if the support switches I'm forced to either give up exhaust in exchange for chilling smite(which has no AS slow or damage reduction) or gray smite(which has no in combat use and just acts as your sightstone) OR have no flash(or other escape spell)... This wouldn't be a majority of games, but it is a problem that must be considered. Now, you load w/ 2 selected summoner spells(usually the ones used in your last game), so making the game always load smite for a jungler and allowing them to opt-out would be acceptable.
: When AP Rengar gets fed
Kanzler (NA)
: From that clip his Q killed a squishy at 50% hp. I wouldnt call that a 1 shot....
agreed, there was the Ez Q, plus protobelt rockets, then the fizz Q came out. That's at least 3 abilities hit
: Your main has founded a company
Zac's tailors: *You should get a suit*
: Urgot Rework Idea
Having differing mechanics based on tapping or holding an ability would be weird. Maybe if the W simply changed form and passively granted a shield based on certain criteria? This would also make Urgot one of the only transforming champion whose tranformation wasn't on their R.(Gnar's is a passive)(See: Nidalee, Elise, Jayce, Shyvana, Quinn, etc)
NiamhNyx (NA)
: No. First off this would remove quite alot from Sona, poke, healing and stun, gone. This would make her a champion that has no potential at all if caught. Sona used to have her auras active the whole time when people were in range, but they removed that quite a while ago. Now, doing the math for this, with out mana regenerating at all, you would need 1500 mana to hold her Q for one minute (max level), 1800 for W and 1620 for E. If you even thought of running three auras that would be 4920 mana over a minute. This would make her completely useless too. Level 1 sona Q Increase ally damage by 5% for about 47 seconds before i run out of mana with my mana/ mana regen runes Level 1 sona W Decrease their damage by 3% for about 30 seconds before no mana Level 1 sona E Increase speed by 10% for 47 seconds Now, if they went the typical sona build, cut those times in half. YES, IN HALF! i dont know about you but thats pretty useless.
Thanks for the context on why no. keeping in mind that the auras ramp up, at rank one Q, from 5-20% there is a 15% point difference, divided over 60 seconds, which means .25% increase per second. It would take 12 seconds to get to 8% increase which is the same as a single infernal drake. That's 180 mana which is a little less than half her base mana pool at level 1. You also have to consider that mana regen is a thing in LoL and sona's base is 11.5 per 5 seconds(oops, I was reading that as per second, I might reduce mana costs overall to compensate for this oversight), plus runes and masteries. At 40 seconds the increase would be 15% and you would be running low on mana w/o mana regen. W: 30-3=27/60 is a decrease of .45% per second meaning the reduction at 25 seconds would be 14.25% at rank 1. E: .66667% increase per second means that at 40 seconds the speed boost would be just under 37% The healing and stun are gone completely and the poke is reduced, but the trade potential in a duo lane is still present. The other direction I considered for her W was to give the activation the damage reduction and the aura persistent health and mana regen. At max rank ranging from 3x ocean drake to mundo ult As for mana/mana regen you have to consider the question of what is the best case scenario with runes, masteries and itemization? and how do you balance that w/o forcing it on the player. On this point I admit I haven't done research and don't know what that best case is. I honestly would expect sona to use these for a few seconds at a time in lane for trades, as opposed to constantly trying to maintain max power. I think overall this is a very early concept and all numbers, mana, duration, and scaling are up for change. Also, I really don't expect this to go anywhere, I just wanted to throw an idea at the wall and see if anything at all stuck...
Azteryz (NA)
: top ten most satisfying things to hit in league
{{champion:267}} Q or R with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} E or R with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:54}} R with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:40}} Q with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:31}} Q with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:12}} WQ with or without a {{champion:157}} {{champion:201}} R with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:429}} R(as the support) with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:14}} Q with a {{champion:157}} {{champion:111}} R on whole enemy team. with or without a {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} R with or without teammates
Rioter Comments
: RUN {{champion:33}} RUN!
: {{champion:120}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:2}} I mean...
{{champion:34}} +{{champion:67}} together might get away, maybe...
: I wish Riot implemented ability draft.
I would always attempt to get {{champion:120}} passive, {{champion:103}} Q(increased MS while it's out), {{champion:40}} W(passive MS),{{champion:26}} E , {{champion:11}} R Edit: I want {{champion:86}} Q instead because it scales w/AD and removes slows.
: What champion kits would you swap and why?
{{champion:120}} {{champion:11}} (especially if yi's dance scaling w/ MS isn't part of his "kit")
: Nice! I'm imagining Sivir getting on a giant bird rn... Surprised no one has said Lucian and Thresh.
: The thing is, pretty much all the items in league can work on him, with the exception of some ADC items. His high base damage makes both AD sheen items good, then those go well with Sterak's (getting an AD version of tank), he's strong with attack speed, so on-hit builds aren't bad either, the regular ap tank cho people know, full ap cho etc... Thus, you can't really go wrong with cho unless on purpose
I miss atma's impaler... (item that gave AD based on max health) I tend to play AP bruiser cho'gath, the only unviable build I've found is playing him as support and trying to get enough back from his passive only on {{item:3097}} procs to harass enemies effectively. he's so mana hungry if you aren't killing lots of things frequently and you can't do that in a duo lane w/ your adc...
nami tf (NA)
: When Sejuani get's fed
That looks more like hecarim to be honest
: Let's play a Game: You name a champion and I'll assign them a Metal Song
{{champion:154}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:37}}
: 6 Degrees of Teemo Main
2 degrees whichever champ I look at. I tend to main a role as opposed to a champ and support/tank is my current. Thresh, Braum, zac, cho'gath, nami, morgana are all 2 degrees. Also, I think shaco should be closer to teemo. Shaco has stealth and invisible traps w/ cc and damage. And I think quinn's blind puts her close to teemo.
: 2 degrees. I could get there with a little determination. I prefer to piss people off playing support though so nah.
You mean a point and click that causes the enemy adc to miss last hits isn't good for a support?
: Start playing ADC
Cait and Ez are really safe. Cait is slightly more of a traditional ADC, where Ez is good w/ a blue build. Sivir and Jinx and tristana do well when taking towers and sivir and trist are fairly safe. Lucian is strong right now.
: My face when. . . .
Don't you know, never run through the jungle if the enemy has a Teemo. I Garentee you hit at least 1 mushroom(2 if you're lucky **and** brought cleanse), get slowed and rengo catches and murders you.
: People need to experiment more!
Zac support has its weaknesses, but overall if you just don't wanna deal w/ mana management and want a good support for a yasuo comp I like it.
: > [{quoted}](name=DrathTurtle314,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZRAQHEiB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-22T01:42:14.572+0000) > {{champion:238}} > > Has too much safety. I'd recommend something similar to LeBlanc, where he has to commit to using his shadow. Maybe give him a window of .75-1.5 seconds after cast to blink, not affecting the duration of the shadow, but make him choose when he activates his shadow if he wants to trade places with it or not... Really don't know how else to change him w/o changing too much of who he is... I just like a little risk w/ my reward when it comes to assassins. > > The rest of the assassin line up fits in the Minor category for me. in case of zed i would simply increase his risk by requireing him to kill his target before he can reactivate his ult. they should add similar kill conditions to a lot of assassins to make them higher risk. its one of the reasons i think kat is actually a better designed assassin. if she fails to kill her target for any reason, shunpo doesnt reset and she doesnt have a way back out of the fight. while leblanc is entirely the opposite with her free return button and the extra distance between her and her opponent due to being ranged.
: Jungle Mains help plz
Not a jungle main anymore, S5 I was but now I'm more into the support role. Play your champion. If you're playing shyvana or nunu, you live in the jungle. There is no enemy jungle there is only your jungle and if the enemy tries to challenge that fact you kill them. in cold blood, you may not gank as much, but the enemy will be forced to facecheck you in your jungle or try a couple lane ganks. If you're playing WW or Malphite, you can get away with some early hard farm, but once you get access to some cc it wouldn't be a bad Idea to start ganking. If you're playing amumu or zac, you can gank as early as lvl 2-3 and probably should because while they clear decently, they've got great early gank potential and should apply pressure whenever possible. Also, adapt your playstyle. If I'm playing fiddlesticks I can choose to lvl my fear or my drain first. Fear first if I plan to gank pre-6 and more frequently post-6 or drain first if I'm going to hard farm and act like nunu. This can change game to game. Some champs are more gankable than others. For example if I see a kassadin on the enemy team he **will** be down 0-5 by the time he hits 6 because you can bet I'm going to pitch a tent and paint it red with his blood. If I see a heimerdinger, I won't touch that lane unless I'm zac and my laner is Yasuo(lvl 6 or higher) and I know I can survive the turrets(I've done this and 9/10 times my passive popped to those damn turrets and 1/10 I died). Lastly, recognize what you can and can't do. If a lane is 0-1 with a 20 CS disadvantage, that is salvageable for most hard farm junglers w/ a lvl 6 spike. if a lane is 0-5 and down 100 CS that laner isn't worth much gold and the most you should be doing is making sure that their inner turret stays up until you start team fighting. **Exceptions apply.**
: Thoughts on if an assassin patch comes.
{{champion:28}} I want them to keep the stealth, punish her for staying in a fight too long, and give her higher burst. As is, she seems to benefit too much from long engagements, being able to land multiple Q's. This is a trait I associate w/ bruisers. {{champion:7}} Currently does a good job of singling out a target and blowing them to hell, which is the definition of assassin. Would like to see a higher risk associated w/ her gameplay. Maybe remove the return on distortion and allow her to reactivate a single spell w/ her ult instead of just reactivating the last spell. This would force her to chose between increased damage via ult+Q or an escape via ult+Distortion or CC via ult+chains. {{champion:107}} I think he's alright in his current spot, maybe some minor update to adjust to the item and meta shifts that inevitably come with a major update {{champion:35}} (and Faco) Obviously I'm keeping the clone. I don't play shaco, and I always fear playing against him. I'd like to see more interaction w/ the clone. Deception has always been shaco and faco's game, so maybe it doesn't matter which you attack because both are the wrong one? I'll leave this one to the people who play shaco and the guys at Riot to figure out. {{champion:56}} This guy was my introduction to the world of squishies after playing zac and cho'gath in the cinderhulk meta. It was a fairly easy transition and he has great survivability. He does well with lifesteal and a hydra, and feels a little more like he's on the squishy end of the bruiser line up as opposed to being a true assassin. I would like to see some of his power shifted to burst damage and away from sustain/survivability in fights. Overall, he could do w/ a minor spot on the update roster, but would be happy to see him get a major spot. {{champion:238}} Has too much safety. I'd recommend something similar to LeBlanc, where he has to commit to using his shadow. Maybe give him a window of .75-1.5 seconds after cast to blink, not affecting the duration of the shadow, but make him choose when he activates his shadow if he wants to trade places with it or not... Really don't know how else to change him w/o changing too much of who he is... I just like a little risk w/ my reward when it comes to assassins. The rest of the assassin line up fits in the Minor category for me.
: What is the sickest team comp/wombo combo you've ever seen, heard, or dreamed of?
Top: {{champion:83}} / {{champion:14}} Jungle: {{champion:154}} / {{champion:266}} Mid: {{champion:143}} / {{champion:34}} ADC: {{champion:96}} Support: {{champion:26}} What is death and why do you humans seem to fear it so?
: > [{quoted}](name=DrathTurtle314,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8P2wJNJ0,comment-id=003a,timestamp=2016-03-15T23:14:24.168+0000) > > Augmented Singed and Heartseeker Ward Skin > > I bought the valentines bundle, so I already had the ward skin... Free singed skin I guess... Do you play singed? also nice skin you now a bat man villian
: So what did everyone get from the hextech chests?
Augmented Singed and Heartseeker Ward Skin I bought the valentines bundle, so I already had the ward skin... Free singed skin I guess...
Eph289 (NA)
: Does anyone else dislike supporting Kalista?
Targons takes priority over sentinel passive. (unless the support attack first)
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:31}} R: No limit to number of stacks
and ult damage scales w/ max HP.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jacknife,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=F2QmqNn5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-18T21:02:19.550+0000) > > Not unless it's from the movie. we dont speak of that live action avatar movie, it remains unremembered just like dragon ball evolution.
Wait, there was a live action avatar movie?!
Pailidin (NA)
: Break a Champion
{{champion:75}} Siphoning Strike passively gains 1 stack every 10 seconds.
Bârd (NA)
: Guys, please stop making teamcomps with no AP
Downvoting for lowered visibility... I like my rammus and I don't want you telling people to take him away from me by running ahri or malz mid. But seriously guyz if you have 3+ AD champs, don't pick yasuo, unless those champs are {{champion:429}} {{champion:62}} and{{champion:92}} with a Nautilus on support.
GreenLore (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DrathTurtle314,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=L9VmApHz,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-02-14T15:36:55.135+0000) > >Also, can anyone think of any other assassins w/ a shield? I can't(unless you count riven, which I don't). > Actually there is {{champion:245}},who can have shield thanks to his W. Also there are {{champion:38}} and {{champion:56}} ,though their shields aren't regular ones(kassas only blocks magic damage and nocs cancels a spell) However I agree with the rest of your post,eves kit can't seem to decide if she is an assassin or a fighter.
Okay, I forgot about those guys. Thanks for correcting me. The majority of assassins don't have shields built into their kits. Ekko feels more like an AP bruiser, although he does have the potential to assassinate a single target he also has really strong chase and good teamfight CC. But this thread is about evelyn, so my question is IS eve an assassin? If Where do we want riot to focus eve?
: So Evelynn mains; what do you want to see for her up and coming VGU?
An assassin shouldn't have a damaging ability that CANNOT KILL A TARGET!!! If you don't believe me, go into a custom game w/ a friend have friend get to 1 HP or as close as possible and ult friend as eve, he won't die. Also, can anyone think of any other assassins w/ a shield? I can't(unless you count riven, which I don't). Long story short, if eve is an assassin she needs a new ult. If eve is a fighter that thrives in long engagements, put a base damage on her ult, change her passive to something that works in combat, and maybe make her a little bit less squishy, but otherwise leave her as is. I don't play eve 'cause I can't figure out what she is, but I have played her and I honestly sense an identity crisis, like riot didn't have a direction for eve when they designed her either. I think riot should focus on the assassin and give her an execute somewhere in her kit, keep the stealth, and maybe some changes to Q...
: I feel like that would be a little TOO limiting to be a good game mode, you wouldn't be able to work with your team and make plays and such. the chaos might be funny at first but the novelty would probably wear off extremely fast and leave people irritated with their inability to work together properly.
TF would probably be a pretty consistent pick, Susan doesn't really play w/ the team much anyway, Teemo shrooms Caitlyn traps nidalee traps would all still grant vision(at least to the owner of the trap)... eventually I feel like a meta would develop around champs like these, either those that grant vision or those that focus heavily on there own micro play and split pushing.
fobbyazn (NA)
: Poro Snax Cooldown
wait, poros explode?! what?
: New Gamemode Idea: All Dark
I thought based on the title that it was just permanent nocturne ult. I want a game mode w/out shared vision and wards being useless/not for sale.
: Love’s true test
I feel like Riot missed an opportunity here to support Blitz X Orianna by making these Sweetheart Orianna and Heartseeker Blitzcrank...
: If you had 3 days of creative power to change League of Legends, what would you do?
Day 1: Replace every champions icon, name, and champ select quote with Draaaaaaaven's in champ select. You're still selecting the champion that is in that position in the grid. Day 2: Revert day one change, disable Draaaaaaaaven and have him commentate all games. Day 3: Revert day two change, health regen disabled, all champions gain Zac passive and take 1 true damage per second. End of day, revert all changes and delete Teemo from the game files.
: good thing so few people can actually shaco hopefully my demon clown stays in the cellar
Shaco is a champ that you either try once feed to hell with and give up on, OR you decide to main and master to the point of being able to win a game 2v5 with your clone. I'm in the first category
ExhibitD (NA)
: As someone who mained top lane for a good while, only issue I have with junlgers Taxing is disrupting wave manipulation. Most of the time junglers don't understand what that is or don't care about it. I is incredibly frustrating to have a wave frozen right outside of your tower only to have a jungler gank, successfully or not, and ruin my biggest advantage i had over my lane. I'm not saying you can't tax my lane if you gank get a flash or even a kill, but for the betterment of the team learn how to keep a wave frozen and don't just blindly AA the minions down to collect your tax. Your gank doesn't do me any good if I have to return to lane against a riven or jax and have to farm at their turret now, it just sets me up for my turn to get ganked.
The entire reason I don't tax summed up pretty well. I don't understand wave control, therefore I don't touch wave control.
: he needs a new passive.
I agree, because if you're in your team's backline and die, your options are sit on the tank that engaged the fight or run toward a squishy that has plenty of time to reposition to continue the fight and ignore you before you explode. Kog'Maw is a living artillery weapon with a passive that is useful in melee range...
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