: Deserved. Move along folks.
Just got off with a 25 game chat restriction. Riot agrees after further inspection
Chermorg (NA)
: >And again, I don't deserve to get off the hook as I did call him a %%%. But a 14 day ban for my first ever offence? You used hate speech which you admit to knowing is unacceptable. Riot takes an extremely strong stance against any forms of hate speech (racist, sexist, homophobic) or telling others to kill themselves. You shouldn't **need** a "warning" chat restriction to know it's unacceptable - hence why you skip directly to 14 day ban.
Just got off with a 25 game chat restriction. Riot agrees with me after further inspection
Xurreal (NA)
: You may not think it, but these logs are rather on the extreme side of toxic. I've memorized the Summoners code. You want to take a look at number nine on your account protection page where it says to lead by example. This was a bad example you set. It was also highly inflammatory. Sorry but it was a just ban. Stay out of chat if this happens again. You are on high alert, and the next step is a permanent ban if you are justifiably reported again. ___ In response to the thread title, you are correct. They are handing out bans like hotcakes and I feel this is a good thing.
Well I do in fact disagree. given the fact that you have no insight other than what I said by my teammates which was far more severe than what I said or did. I get the feeling that you support the idea of being a complete push over. So nowadays in 2017 when someone bullies you you should just let them and say nothing back. If that's how you handle your business keep doing you. However if someone is infringing on me first, I feel that I have every right to talk smack right back to someone instigating a fight. However over the internet, we've all become so sensitive and feelings get hurt without anything extreme being said. Let me ask you this, if someone came up to you and started calling you a dumbass %%%got would you do anything about it?
Taeseuk (NA)
: First of all post your chat logs, while you might be a trustworthy player history tells us that we shouldn't take your word that you weren't bad. Second of all did you have chat restrictions prior to this?
Game 1 Draygen: new champ illumanti af Draygen: dat 666 Draygen: you fuck Draygen: my fucking cat gets on my damn comp and you think you should kill me Draygen: wow Draygen: you missed everything Draygen: ok shit jungler Draygen: next time you gank land 1 ability or auto attack and dont get wrecked again Draygen: didnt need it anyway %%% Draygen: report kayn, already extremely toxic 9 mins in and refuses to gank and calls me a %%%got Draygen: cannot stand kids like him Draygen: yeah ? all you want Draygen: sej top Draygen: mad sona? Draygen: why does support hjave 5 kills Draygen: gg Before y'all say I deserve this 14 day ban let me give you the rest of the context of this game. When I said "you fuck" I was talking to the Zoe who knew I was being sarcastic, and she was a good sport. It was at that time Kayn said I was intenting and telling me how bad of a player I was, then proceeds to blame me for the unsuccessful gank and then continues to flame me. The game was then silent from 9 minutes to about 22 minutes when Sona flames me for getting caught, typing in all caps and just like Kayn was telling me how much of a shitty player I am. And I responded with just a "mad sona?" And again, I don't deserve to get off the hook as I did call him a %%%. But a 14 day ban for my first ever offence? I've never been banned or chat restricted and I've been playing since season 3.
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Draygen (NA)
: Client crashes all the time.
Repaired client multiple times still same problem. It must be a problem from Riot's end. I have a high end computer and this is the only game that gives me any problems. I don't have a virus or anything either.
Draygen (NA)
: Client crashes all the time.
Would like just to add I just uninstalled and reinstalled my client again yesterday and still same problem.
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